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If I would whisper you
I could melt your soul
The words that I can see
Are connected through feelings
And if we stare for to long
More of south than north
But, I will dream about you
Dress with full lust
As equal as we are
420 as flowers
Lets stalk about the sun, while we watch it under
a blanket.
Mental heart at rest,
At rest...

At best,
I must arrest my restless mind to slog through the rest of today.

At Rest.
At rest,
Birds nest of anxieties...
Come to rest.


insolent mind.

Be, at rest.
Kai Jul 23
a sweet dewy afternoon
fills with looming clouds
and the dark grey skies
that settle over my eyes

My thoughts on the cloudy day.
Sweet air melting on my skin.
Under my skin fall asleep adrenalin.
Like magma sleeping betwen the mountain.
The cold snow on the top of the hills.
The coolness feels so good on my radiant skin.
The coolness bring me patiens.
The coolness will cool down the heat inside my brain.
Fresh air, chill, cold mind.
I'll find my salvation near the lagune.
Cold wather wash away my worries and sorrow.
Cold wather will wash my feet.
Deep breath of wather.
Deep breath of air.
Deep breath of morning moisture.
It's bring so simple joy in this moment.
btp May 27
I want me to be yours
I want you to be mine
I'd run on all fours
With a chill down my spine
I'd knock down all doors
And show you my rhymes

I'd like you to feel free
I'd like you to like me

Be mine, even just for a day
Follow me no matter how far we stray
Stroke your hair, stars gaze
Feel your body, hearts ablaze

Be mine, just for a week
Together on each path we seek
Be there for the goods
And be there for the bads
Be there for every memory we share

Be mine, just for a while
Because time is now showing its smile
Come with me while the sun bleeds
Following the unspoken creeds
Come with me into the scorching sun
Burning our hearts while we run

I'd like you to like me
I'd like you to feel free
Aa Harvey May 23
Water monkeys

Monkeys jump on all the rocks
And as the water flows, neither can stop
Because like water, the monkey knows,
That if it stops, it will be gone.
The water would evaporate
And if the monkey slips, it would be too late.

The water monkey is clean at heart.
In deepest rivers it would fall so far,
That it would never see life again;
But in the stream it can happily play all day.

So without fear the monkey leaps!
And into the stream it splashes with a scream.
A yell of delight, under scorching sunlight;
A place to relax, just like,
The hot spring Snow Monkeys do,
Under the moonlight.

Their sauna home in a place so cold,
Is Pleasantville, to the monkey mind.
A place to go and chill,
When you want a place to hide; or you need a place to go.
The hot spring pools over which there falls endless flakes of snow.
It falls down onto their heads and their ears,
But the monkey does not mind,
For they are relaxing in the hot pools,
Like they have done for many a year.

No enemies in this place of peace,
But the river monkey does not know of a peace like this,
So as he splashes in his streams,
He keeps his head above the water,
Listening out for any enemies.

This is a tale about some water monkeys…
The water monkeys I have seen, on my T.V.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Lyndsey May 20
Flint cracks and flame errupts.
Crisp green turns to charred black.
Each inhale pulls clouded plumes into my lungs.
The taste rolls along my tongue.
In fragrant wisps my anxiety melts away.
Burning bad days from my mind. Releasing tension in my muscles,
like a lover caressing the pain away. Glazed and glossy eyes
see the silver lining through the haze.
Lucía Apr 29
chill out
it's OK
not to be
the best
Jenna Apr 16
Wind brushes my hair
combing through with its cool fingers
tugging with airy emotion
twisting into knots
pecking my cheeks swiftly
clear blue eyes tear up
making me feel chilled
and a little less lonely
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