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Jay M 1d
Walls surround
Fabrics enclose
Music fills the space between
Coursing through cold veins

Walking sleep
Leave tea to steep
Warmth into the frigid air

Shaking hands
Cannot catch a running breath
Vision unfocused
Heart gunning

Take a seat
Take in the heat
Wrapped up in a sheet
Alone and ever fearful

- Jay M
October 23rd, 2020
sometimes i just wanna be lonely
i don't want to be happy
whats the matter with that!
mal frost Sep 14
and i play my own music
late night talks and midnight walks
"these days don't end"
and we won't ever let them
luciana Sep 10
the night is fading
taking those memories with it.
this high is persuading
making reality a hypocrite

this fade is a dream-catcher
allowing me to let go.
the 99 problems don't matter
it's just me going solo

it's a new recognition
that i'm willing to live through.
uncover some new ambitions
is what i should do

exhaling out our past
****, you were the best i never had.
which will outlast?
probably this fade just a tad
k e i Sep 4
it’s normal.
to have days where you just watch your thoughts reach and flirt with each other in the ceiling.
where you don’t turn that prompt into the opening lines of a poem.
where you’re left unprepared without your best outfit.

it’s normal to have days for sleeping in ‘til 4pm.
where you only tick off two items off your todo list and calling it a day.
where you take time in the shower to sift through your thoughts.

some days are meant for adoring the sky.
for accepting you’re infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things.
some days are meant to be slow.

“and it’s normal and you’re alright-or will soon be.”
Yesterday I went out of the city
To where the nature lives.
Where silence still exists,
And dogs run free.

In this place full of foreign life.
Me; a mere stranger trying to fit in.
I lay myself in the unmown grass,
reaching till my chin.

Feelings of a mountain range.
Free, strong, wide, calm.
A courageous beetle scouting my slopes,
A fly landing in my palm.

There are so many places to wander to,
So many countries to undress.
But  I would always go back
To being a mountain range in the grass.
Enjoy the small things
J J Jul 11
Fortonuate palms skim the dogeared surface
Of the snakes and ladders without clear direction--

Hot tea and foggy glasses. Familiar lips
That look as young as ever when they smile.

Sun melting in the clouds like mollases
While the breeze lifts and plays with

Our clothes.

Hollow words served as concierge
For this used up body-- orbs and a silhouette,

That's all you get as it's all I was perceived as

And all I've left to give.

But here I don't have any will to offer.

I've gave you everything and how peaceful

It is to be contempt replaying another day.
xavier thomas May 18
We should cook meals together
I know this food will taste good
Let’s experiment up in the kitchen babe
Get the ingredients & turn on the stove babe

We should cook meals together
Turn on the stove
Making breakfast
Pancakes, bacon, eggs, with some french toast.

This is the vibe that I bring
Hungry for more
This is not just a fling, I’m trying to eat with you.
I’m trying to eat with you.
Cooking meals, cuddles in bed
Drinking wine, watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry TV shows.
Tell you “good morning love”
Kissing your cheeks & your forehead.

But tomorrow, let’s redo this again
Where we wake up in the morning
Place you on counter
**** naked, cooking eggs
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
There I was, sound asleep in my bed.
Memories of my wife and I
Danced in my head.
All of a sudden,
I woke up to a chill in the air
And I couldn't help feel
Like someone was there.
As I laid back down,
I heard a knock at the door.
I looked at the clock
And it was half past four (a.m.)
"Who could that be?"
I put on my robe,
And as I crept down the hall,
I checked in on my daughter.
"Wow. She's not even five
And she's already so tall."
The stranger knocked again,
So I hurried my pace.
I was about to scream,
But then I saw his face.
It was snow.
I was so angry, I couldn't speak.
All I could do was glare.
Finally, I said "what do you think you're doing, standing there?"
"Hey! I just wanted to let you know
I was back in town."
He was wearing a smile
But when he saw I was mad,
He replaced it with a frown.
"What's wrong?
Aren't you happy to see me?"
I scoffed. "Happy? To see you?
You killed my wife!
Last year, she was driving home.
That night, you covered her windshield and she got into an accident because she couldn't see.
Snow was horrified.
He looked me in the eye,
Said "I'm so sorry,"
And as he walked away,
He started to cry.
Just then, my daughter snuck out.
"Snow! Don't go!" I heard her shout.
I couldn't believe it, but she hugged him. I knelt down beside her and asked "if you know who this man is, why are you happy to see him?"
She said "because even though it's sad she's not here, snow was the thing mommy looked forward to the most every year."
After a moment, I knew what I needed to do.
"Snow, I will never forget what you did or the pain you put me through.
But in honor of my wife and daughter,
I forgive you.
This was inspired by a prompt to write a poem about snow returning. And I wanted to highlight seasonal depression and forgiveness.
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