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My courtship is like autumn chill,
An omen to the nervous trees,
Who hold their warmth by staying still,
Before the comfort of green flees.

The steady chill has no effect,
The leaves resist their urge to fall,
The branches hold ever *****,
Resisting the whistling winds call.

With the first frost there is a change,
The tree becomes vulnerable,
The nakedness of its trunk is strange,
But change is inevitable.

My poetry has worn away,
The leaves you wore for protection,
That frost came when you heard me say,
Magic words of my affection.
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Arianna 5d
This place always reminded me
Of the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Every th  i   n    g

          s     l      o     w       s

  ­                                                       o

                                                         ­    w

                                                         ­         n

As it grows late,
          Then later...

                     But Time loses sight of us
                          Amidst clouds of smoke
                          And grungy lights.

The hours savor themselves,
Swinging between gangster rap
And Arabic pop,
And this is the first opportunity
All week to take a breath,
Even if we are just going
To cough it back up
After we leave.
Johnny walker Jan 14
Fields of golden corn to where I played as a child
to lay on my back feeling the warmth of the
A cooling summer breeze passing through the field of gold making  the corn
sway as If like waves upon a sea
White fluffy clouds that pass on high laid watching as they form pictures In the sky briefly passing over the
Causing sudden chills whilst laid on my back of summer days In beautiful fields if
To Remember fields gold cooling breeze that cause
the corn to sway like waves upon the sea whilst laid on summer days In fields of
I remember you
all too well.
Your beautiful,
dark eyes
that captured me inside.
Your touch against mine
that sent a chill down my spine.
Your words
that caught me off guard.
I fell for you;
you tricked my heart.
Dominique Jan 4
Crackle underfoot
Slide, scrape, shoot
A lover's paper flesh
Like dewey drops on mesh
Ribbons lightly round the boot

Burning in the cold
Push your passion, mold
Carve it into your skin
Nudge the feral within
Listen to your wings unfold

Fly in beaten leather
You and I, together
Never running away
Let the fairytale stay
A romance frozen now forever.
I want to commit to ice skating this year! I'm in love.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Went out last night,
With all friends,
And felt so bright..

So young we are,
Full of smile and hope..
Sleepy at twilight,
So dope at night..
Sahu loves to eat,
And hari can sing.
Baba pays the bill,
When panda only chill.
Pipi fights for food,
While khusbu takes a pic..

The weather was right,
Stars were shining bright.
The warmth of everyone's smile,
Just made my night.

Thanks to all,
I made a good memory,
Of NIT life.
i went out last night with my friends(sahu,hari,panda,baba,pipi,khusbu). I am expressing a memorable night of My NIT college life.
Pretty pink petals
Scatter a path
Through the trees.

Branches reach up,
Grasping at the sky,
Trying to pull themselves up.

The leaves are beginning to turn,
A single leaf dances,
Fighting its fate to fall.

A painter’s brush leaves a trail
Across the dimming sky.
Each colour blending into the next.

A bird chirps,
A river trickles.
Wind rustles,

The chill is biting
But not unwelcome.
It breathes life.

In a calm like this it’s easy to remember  
To breathe in
And out.

And nothing else matters.
Mackenzie Nov 2018
Here I go
I will give you everything that I am
Here I stand
Hoping I would be enough to
Give you warmth
My heart in my hand
You accepted what I had to give but
My body felt the cold front move in
I knew because I felt it before
As if my heart had dropped on the floor
Here I am
Chilled to the bone
My chest is empty
I never knew you could be so cold
Your last kiss left me froze
I wasn't the one that you chose but
There you go
You took my heart w you because
You knew it was made of pure gold
Dor Nov 2018
You are a melody.
A master of words.

Sometimes I wonder…

What worlds have you seen?
What worlds have you known?
What has broken you?
What dreams would you tear your soul for?

What life would you desire...
You could have the world?
Has anyone asked you that?


You’re in space
But not really.
Reaching for the unknown…
Higher and higher
And higher you go…

You have a destination.
You are determined.

Kind of don’t know where you’re going.

"Can i be carefree?
Is it okay to be lost?"

Close your eyes.
Feel the air.
Around you.
You’re on cloud 9.


You start falling.
Into the dangerous depths of
Your own demise.


The thing is...
This time,
YOU can stop it.
And you do.
This poem is inspired by an instrumental/chillstep song by Andreas B. called "floating"...and I also incorporated some of the traits of the person who introduced me to his song/ his "theme". This song is so important to this person. And I just had to include him in my poem.  

I might revise or change it up later tho...but we’ll see! Do checkout Andreas B on soundcloud or youtube! I highly recommend listening to the song whilst reading my words.
Marina Nov 2018
I wanna see you
I think, I can live without someone like you
but i can't, honestly. I feel comfortable around you
with my short hair
you told me you would fly to me,
an that me up like a million Christmas lights

Adoring your commitment
Loving your smile
Craving you 24/7
I just want to love
and appreciate you, in all ways that I can;
I would trace your face with my finger tips.
Would you let me?
Because if I could, I would travel those miles for you.
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