One beat
Two beats
Three beats

I’m empty
I’m bleeding
I’m carnal
I’m sore

Five beats
Six beats
Seven beats

My sins
Can’t win
But I’m already late
Sometimes I wish I could just put all of my feelings on pause.
A sharp blade cutting into my back
running down slowly and deliberately
blood drips down my body.
Pooling up on the floor, and stinging with pain.
You're trying to make me open up.
Using a knife made of my insecurities.
Ya know...
I'd rather be bleeding out than have given you the satisfaction of "helping me".
You are one of my biggest pains,
and If you think I'll ever talk to you after this...
you'd have to be out of your fucking mind.
Ya know...
I'd rather be eaten by my insecurities than have you know them.
xbdulrxhmxn Jun 26
give me a poem
in my hand
or a bullet
in my head

both will make me bleeding
Julia Jun 25
Failure is only a bruise,
not an open wound.
Don’t let failure to do something or heartbreak throw you to your knees and make you stay there. Get up again and again. You’re built for greatness.
I want to dig my fingers past the muscle
and pull out my heart
so that i don't have to bear
the arrhythmic beating.
the banging on the drums
that cuts at my veins
which stings my wrists
places that I've bled before
fresh wounds
pouring out sweet regret
alternative realities unexplored
I wish I could've loved you.
Written 5/14/18
Serena M Jan 2014
I stood alone in my cold tomb
I wanted to pick everything up
and bleed myself dry with unrequited love,
fix every broken winged bird I set free too soon,
erase these voids, sew myself back together, somehow
my heart had become this open cage where dark beasts
laid their heads to rest, only for a night at a time
tried as I may, nothing ever stayed
but I awoke with the same haunting feeling
love in the past tense; a lingering suspense
dawn brings black coffee, another cigarette
another impeding sense of doom
She said she wasn't
B r o k e n

but her mind is in
P i e c e s

and her heart is
B l e e d i n g

because of the
S h a r p
E d g e s
We think she is fine, but in her eyes it's otherwise
Sage Jan 25
he is so utterly human
heart pumping
mind racing

and he isn't the only one

We are oh
And it is possibly the worst thing for us
Sylvia Fénix May 29
why do i bother trying to love
when all that ever happens
is hurt
for them
for me
and all i want to do is cry
cut until i bleed everything out
bleed until they love me
every fucking time
every time i think i can move on
every time i find that person
who makes me think
"i think i love them,
i could get over him,
if they held me"
but they never do
they never want me
im not good enough
they always want
someone else
im not good enough

i dont want to date someone in canada
i want to date someone in England
someone i can see
someone i can hold
but they all hate me
they dont love me
i just want someone to love me again
please dont make me be alone again
ill do anything for you
ill bleed
do you want me to bleed
i hope so
because bleeding is the only thing
i can do well
and if i do it enough
maybe one of you will fall for me
think im worth dating
since nothing else seems to work
neither L nor J want me
ill take solace in the scars
ill make from the feelings i have
maybe my love will go away
if i associate my stupid love
with my harm
I hibernated for almost 4 days
Stressed to a breakdown
Reminders of what people want
Money lost
What a taunt
Defeat and anger
you wish to show your weakness
Curling into a ball
Dreams flow
Of what you want and miss in your life
You feel as if you lost
the battle of succeeding in your life
Bleeding from the cuts of debt and your artistic words remaining uncounted
Hemorrhaging  to the almost death of your talents was your cost
You try to resurrect your skills and expression to the world
these "bloodsucker" leaches hit you once, again
The fight that's left inside of you
is all that's left to keep this life source from dying out
Now, I'll give back to you what you gave
I refuse to let my love of expression be buried in any grave.
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