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The bleeding will not cease
The green in my eyes are not peace
The adventure is a lie
I take the noose and tie



The heart cries out for affection
My mind ceases into detention
I want him to love me
I'll take the price and pay the fee



I wrote this a long time ago too and Hoenstly i realize the stuff ive been writong as of late isnt great like i lost my edge almsot like i forgot how to write? I think it's becauae im forcing myself to write because i don't wamt to not do it but im uninspired so it turns out so bad
I’m alone.
In this dark room.
Gasping for air.
Eyes closed.
Tears bleeding.
Sadness screaming.
Soundless agony.
“The darker the night, the brighter the stars, the deeper the grief, the closer is ***!” - Fyodor Dostoevsky
you are nothing but the cause of blood on my fresh wounds.
i am nothing but the cause of your fatal demise on paper.

but you didn't just cause bleeding,
but i didn't just cause your demise on paper.

funny how things come to be, my love.
dab on that wound with alcohol
Did you
figure out how to feel
I've bled
Into all the colors here

To somehow die alone
I still
Don't understand the throne

The summit's height
To capture
Finally fading light

It's all over
Before its begun
It's all over

Wonder why I can't give a ****
Something in the air's got me ******
I don't know, I just woke up
What can I say?
Bryce 6d

finally the winds have subsided
the grasses are no longer golden brown

The world is growing in joy!

I can feel my heart burn, the blood of love leaking upon the planks
But it is safe, it is home
It is the lapping shores of the familiar stones
No violent black rock of dreams to stop me from ascending the cliffs
finding solid ground
growing food and making love to the true beauty of it all

And the islands at the edge of the world
Anatolia, the dreams of a new kingdom
One where I was the man I was
Calyps, though kind,
Was a beautiful temptress and had nothing good to say
Just figments and dreams, illusory
She would never make me king.

So here I am friends!
I, your friend
Your crown and solemn head
Please, I ask with faith--
Give me this place to stay.
vbdulrhman Dec 1
don't judge me
the way i write
that's how it looks inside
So bleeding
Aaryn Nov 30
it's destructive
it's painful
but slicing into my skin
every time I want to write a word down
is the best pain I have ever felt

Maybe this bleeding
isn't bad
and I'm getting rid
of all the pain

But then
I don't know when to stop
The song "Chlorine" by twenty øne piløts is all about how to write this way you have to be in a bad place and sometimes the addictiveness of the sorrow pulls you deeper and deeper and the writing isn't an escape but just another door back to our dark places... I see this in myself all too often...
vbdulrhman Nov 19
they love fairytale ,
and roses
but not the one who once
cuts himself
Heera Nov 17
I once, tore my heart to stop your bleeding

But, nothing ever stops you from leaving.
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