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c 1d
When I left
I told myself
I was fine
With being me

But I’m bleeding poetry again,
So am I really myself at all?
i'm sorry but i'm empty
please do not touch me
i swear i was doing fine, honestly
but now my hands keep shaking
my lungs keep aching
my bones keep breaking
my wrists are bleeding
and i can't control my breathing
For a few days, my pen will remain silent.
My mind will be numb and thoughts won't be violent.

For a few days, the writer inside me will hibernate.
I don't know when he'll return but I'm sure it is going to be a bit too late.

For a few days, I am not going to see the rising sun.
Will remain in the state of inactivity with no joy or fun.

For a few days, my face will look like a corpse devoid of any expression.
Expressing it didn't work out so I'll try the other way - supression

For a few more days, my heart will not be dilating just contracting inside my chest.
Hollowing me from inside, eating me up.
For some days, in peace I'll rest.
Hibernation, yeah human does that too..
It's time to take a nap..
The writer inside me wants to sleep..
Anne J Oct 13
Red drops spill from her shivering nose,
Her cheeks are covered with blue, and filled with liquid the color of a decaying rose.
The eyes on her face gleam with sorrow,
And the heart in her goose-bumped body might not make it to tomorrow.
A recent poem about a woman being abused. I can't think of a title so I just named it abused rose sorry :(
Amanda Oct 1
My brain clouded with thoughts of you
Want to make them disappear
Beauty that used to color my world
No longer fills my drab atmosphere

Ears are haunted by words you said
Parts of conversations had
Curse my eardrums suddenly
Assaulting like pop-up ads

Pain we felt is written in
The heavy way limbs move
Lines in folds of my crossed arms
As I wait for you to change, improve

Sleeping in a steely freeze
Promise I won't stay here forever
Stars may light our fragile paths
This is the place we finally sever

Put my toughest armor on
Been crying out for help
Swirling thoughts shouting in an angry tone
Crush my existence, make this world ****

The universe we loved is gone
Our make-believe yet beloved perfection
Walls collapsing, illusions wrecked
Destroyed over and over by deception

The pattern of desperation must cease
Pitiful unexplainable misery repeated
I offer silence as a truce of sorts
Heart beaten, weak, and mistreated

Wish I could forget your name
Memories flood my mind
All the time we spent together was in vain
Crying for what is left behind

What is wrong with my emotions?
The odd ones don't make sense
The beautiful intricacies of my soul
At times are too deep and intense

Drowning in gaping irreperable despair
I think of our unfortunate fate
Cried an ocean of wasted tears
For the person I should hate

I do not know why I'm still in love
Miss days my heart felt free
The vibrant hues giving meaning to life
Your colors have faded from all I see
If you feel discouraged cause there's a lack of color here, please don't worry lover, it's really burtung at the seams
Jordan Ray Sep 28
I need you to look over my body, because I know I'm bleeding somewhere
The wound is deep and pain is bitter, it hurts too much to pretend it's not there
Deepest poem I have ever written.
Benji James Sep 23
My nights consist of falling apart
On a d daily basis
That’s according to my thesis
On my own self evaluations
Keep getting caught in bad situations
This is an invitation
To not feel okay
Sometimes you just need to cry
Let it all out
In a form of sentences
Trying to express your emotion
What’s holding you down promoted
To this cause I am devoted
Left vulnerable and open

Bleeding and broken

©2018 Written By Benji James
Blade Maiden Sep 22
Let me die
in a battle
with sharpened metal
As I put down my weapon of distance
til now a bow has always been my choice of resistance

let me be an animal
tearing flesh from my enemy
with sharpened teeth
the breaking of bones
skin tightens, body crumbles underneath
I'll go back to stick and stones
Bleeding til I'm dry
finally feeling terribly alive
before I end and die

But before
let me run
with wolves across these snowy hills
let me paint in red
in the heat of the midday sun
let me be the whale close to the shore
til the hunters come to get their kills
Bleeding til I'm dry
before I end and die

But until then
let me be courageous
let me be poison and contagious
like a venomous reptile
trying to survive me will be futile
I'll take all those who lay their hands on me
with me into agony
finally understanding the beauty
of life and death
I will show my natural fury
and never again be silent nor deaf
Bleeding til I'm dry
before I end and die

Wild and burning in life's fire
insight will come as my flames grow taller
And I know only in the wilderness
I won't be doomed as a pariah
Only there I can find the truth
and there is none to confess
As I bleed and live another day
far away
from human's self-glorifying mess
Bleeding til I'm dry
before I end
misha Sep 19
i want to clean
How do I dream?
When all I have is fear
Like water running down the stream,
I am bleeding into tears.

What do I say?
When there is nothing left
My soul has been taken away,
And I can't even apprehend anyone for this theft.

Why should I run?
When there is nowhere left to go
In the beginning it was just fun,
Now I don't know who is my friend and who is my foe.

Where does it go and where does it end?
If you know then send me an echo, my friend.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
When life takes a turn,
Melancholy rises and memories burn.

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