Haleigh 6d
the shards of my shattered blood line
piercing into my lungs
tearing it open

letting me bleed my sadness out.

i bleed slowly;
                       i bleed,
                                    i bleed.

your vibrant persona is too much for me to handle,
it feels choking at times.

but nonetheless i am attracted
like a moth to a flame.
i know it is dangerous,
i know it will only end in my execution,
but i go in anyway
orchestrating my own death.

i plummet into your aura,
i take it in.

and a small part of me believes
that you even had the smallest inch of care for me.

but you don't.
it's someone else it always is.

it's always the 'it's not you it's me' crap;
or the 'i don't feel the same' torture.

nonetheless it breaks me,
and i break in silence.

the saddest part is i thought i had a chance with you.


what a joke.

it can't happen,
it will never happen.
and that is all there is for me.

there is no yes or inbetween.
it is always no,
a resounding no.

but it's not your fault.
i know i am an ogre,
a monster with two minuscule eyes,
with my pores oozing acid,
and my mouth spewing fire.

my fiery temper restricts all suitors,
i know i cannot be tamed.

maybe that is why.

i am boundless and limitless and that may be intimidating.
but i am human,

and every human has that one boundary and
that one

that was meant to be you,
meant to be you for me.

but you have someone else,
someone prettier and better.

so be happy, because that's all i want;

but for now,

i bleed slowly;
i bleed,
i bleed.
Warning: Boys are terrible
austin 7d
is this what it seems like
or is my vision only blurred?
we take a step away from each other
with every painful, stinging word

they say May showers bring April flowers
but there's no sign of life still here
at night I lie awake for hours
the end of us is what I fear

I thought this bleeding heart was invincible
but right now I'm feeling shattered
I think my veins are running empty
you were all that ever mattered
I am a monstrous being
For I have committed many sins,
For the cause of my inner bleeding
Being my lack of making amends,

I'm not seeking forgiveness,
Just the relief of the emotional scaring,
I'm not looking to die missed
But just to die with dignity and meaning,
Kathryn Rose Apr 6
Appearing in the dark,
You wrap around my love,
In greedy form.
A knife in my heart, I'm bleeding.
Frozen, watching you.
Laughing, no one seems to notice you
Sitting with ease, on his lap.
Unknowingly, my legs take me,
out of your sight.
The bathroom mirror reveals
The true reflection of the woman
Living in fear.
Build my confidence, glass.
Erase the flutter in my stomach.
Stitch the wound in my heart.
Strong, beautiful woman -
Saunter back to your seat.
Sit with his friends,
Strangers to you.
Look in his golden eyes.
See his truth,
She disappears.

Imagine the present, reality.
Forget not the honesty.
She does not exist any place,
Other than your fragile mind.
Amanda Mar 28
I always suspected you would get hurt
Attempting to reassemble my shattered heart
Now I have left you cut and bleeding
From each jagged broken part
I don't know why I channel my own pain and inflict the same kind of hurt on someone else. I don't do it in purpose, especially to you, the person I love more than anything in the world.
She unrolled the blueprints
that she had designed.
Building from the wreck that was left behind.

She salvaged the rubble and ruins
and cement of broken promises
granulating and churning it to nothing more than sand;
allowing it to form the foundation of her own future.

She raised one naked agony brick after the other,
cementing it with love and care.

Planting seeds of melancholy,
she watered them with her tears
and watched as the sun's warmth let them bloom
and the moon that let them rest.

She weaved curtains
and plastered the ruins.

She became the gardener,
the architect
and the nurse
of her own self and life.

- Beautiful Sensitive Soul
[ She would not have become the empire if they were to have stayed - Rupi Kaur ]
ML Detwiler Mar 21
Still bleeding.
Except for all the in-betweens
when I forget.

Still bleeding.
In the deep parts we so quickly
learn to wash away.

Still bleeding.

Most of us are.
Some have learned to forget to remember.
But if we did, we would bleed
just like yesterday.
Every one of us.

Time heals no wounds.
Forgetting doesn't stop the flow.
We all bleed red in the darkness.

Some of us just look away.
Let's play make-believe again someday. Maybe then we could forget.
Carter Ginter Mar 15
Things are constantly changing
But these scars on my skin make me feel better
Because even if everything else falls apart
I know they're always there for me
Silverflame Mar 10
You did not want to make me cry
I did not want to say goodbye
oh, I've been a fool for far too long

You did not want to make amends
I did not want to make it end
oh, what can I do to get to you?

I did not get to save your soul
now I'm sitting here alone
bleeding heavily from loving you

And I know that it's way too late
I put my life in your fate
but I'm still smiling here in the dark
TeeCrush Mar 8
Sometimes I do wonder
If you ever think of me
and just how much I loved you
and how you just left me to bleed.
Despite how much I’ve hurt,
even when I’m alone,
when I think of you,
my mind still feels at home.
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