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Hannah Oct 7
I have known you three days
and I wish to build you a house.
We are at the foundations now,
our hands pouring cement into the dirt
every time we ask each other
   Your favorite song
   My favorite movie
   Or where we grew up
Did you like where you grew up?
We raise two-by-fours to the sky
   Will our children like it,
   where they grow up?

I have known you four months
and our house has many windows.
The walls are being insulated
   with our parents names
   and playground stories
   and the first time we kissed each other
We drive to the hardware store
   Who will ask first,
   going down on one knee?

I have known you two years
and our house is furnished now.
I am building a crib as you read instructions,
your hand on your belly.
I drive a nail into painted wood
   How did I get so lucky?
malluraeh Oct 7
life's a building
one day,
it'll get demolished
you'll build it higher
and higher
and it'll stand forever
Troy May 29
Is there anyone around me?
Can you hear it in my voice?
I am calling
Calling for a lasting heart

Is it you?
Are you my hope?
Are you the one who'll set me free?
Or are you here to lock me up?

Inner self:
What are you?
Can you answer me?
My vision has gone so dark
I can't see who you are

Where am I now?
Can you see this shining light?
Can you hear me now?
I am shouting on high!

See the colours flow
The ocean waves
Hear the trees breath
And the animals play

See the sunlight shine
The moonlight glow
The wind blow
And the river flow

Who am I?
In the darkest night
Flying high
til the morning light

Inner Self:
Who am I?
In the light of day
Eager to bask
In the yonder bay
Song I'm working on. Already got the melody just coming up with the words right now. It is a duet with your inner self.
Aa Harvey May 23
Building bricks

Brick by brick we build our nation
And stone by stone we build a generation.
The children are the future, the old our voting class;
The young have given up voting because politicians have no class.

Building new laws and building new houses;
Nothing this government does smells of roses.
Leaving the EU seems like it will come back to haunt us.
Rosie is in the hospital, the NHS is seeing closes.

Sack them all because they choose money over patients;
Every generation loses faith but nothing ever changes.
So they plant a tree as they knock down a forest;
Stop with your lies, just give it a rest.

Let the people vote and then try to take the decision back.
Politics, ***** tricks; power of conviction you lack.
Money rules the world and money changes hands;
Ideology and philosophy, but still you have no master plan.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
i take shelter in your grooves
growing stronger in the curves
like whetstones smoothing and sharpening me down
to make a fine point

i wanted you to build with me
to push
up gently.

see if this rust
can turn into something beautiful
to see if rust
can be turned to gold
What does love look like today?

love today looks like mountains that I can’t make move or see over
like breaking and no space to sit down and put the pieces back together
love today looks like rain w/ no peace to lie down and enjoy the falling
like the sun building up its walls in reaction to me
like myself building up walls in reaction to me...
How do you confess your love for someone
How do you let them know when you’re truly ready
How do you apologize for hurting them time and time before
I guess time and faith  as well as trust could cover
When you’ll find the perfect words to fully  dedicate
To recover from past mistakes and climb towards building more
I like my own style of writing i guess. She’s worth the poem.
Amanda Feb 23
Breathing empty air just to pass time
Sometimes scribble on the wall I am stuck behind
I am ready to break through thick bricks
They are a mess of emotions mixed
Prefer to sit idly as they fall one by one
They are stacking up and there's nowhere to run
Each piece of my heart tumbles down
A multitude of building blocks scattered all around
I've built a wall to see if anyone cares enough to break through it
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