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Katinka Jan 11
I am done being run over
I am done being pushed around
done being oppressed
done being invisible

I won´t accept rudeness anymore
I won´t accept no evilness

And while everyone says yes
I am here to scream no

no to every man that approaches me
no to people that don´t appreciate me
no to all the bad in the world

I say no
and I mean it

This is my time to shine
and I won´t be invisible no more
I will rise
I will not be quiet
and scream no into this world
that only knows yes
sitting in the shower,
pellets of rains sculpting despondent
the melting faucet,
the oppressive mist
the calescent tears.
you barely notice the water rising.
eleanor prince Dec 2018
he begets
of a tremor

steals a
then it's lost

dew on blooms


lips pause

kiss of
warm breeze
on still day

more sought

frenzied tension
slowly rising

smiling dance
cells in naïve
Ilaha Nov 2018
Things don't work and fall apart
You knock the door, it's 'nope'
You plant seeds with a hope
Yet no reply, time has stopped

You fear to get off your way
Terrified! For your grail
Is aloof in their scale
Paralyzed! Next step is blear

Back up! Hold on a minute
Sit back, enjoy the ride
Sole value? - inner guide
What they dictate? - not a dime!

Do you see debris yonder?
Shedding bits of your tears
***** is where your love flares
Wreck is where you leave old fears

Trust the wisdom of your cor
For all good in you - soar!
All brave in you will pull
Mutual 'Aloha' next door.

SelinaSharday Nov 2018

Morning  break of dawn.
Morning cold breath of winter air...
morning warm cozy  bed.
Mornin Man of symphony that brings a smile like
Cinnamon flavored coffee.
Morning  new day sent to me..
Morning heaven of glories  
I lift and rise because of thee

By ShardayRose
இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—
wintery mornings
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Rising sun reflects
beaming straight into my eyes
sunglasses missing
Charlie Oct 2018
The Inferno devours the infant,
Blaze towering the callousness,
The envelope of Innocence innate within,
Collapses under the Wrath of ****.

The Son of the Divines fails to rise,
Wobbly and tiny are his limbs,
All alone in the cruel world,
His snivels muffled, by the Hands beneath.

Years into the Netherworld,
The Phoenix reduced to gruesome ashes,
Screaming scars donning the lad,
Made him stronger in spite the cracks.

It was time for the Sun to burn again,
For the ten steps of **** would be torn apart,
The Bloom of the Phoenix from the ashes burnt,
Would quench the Blaze and obliterate the ****.

And so did the Phoenix rise,
Darker than Satan, yet brighter than The Light.
Breaking **** loose on **** itself,
Wrecking the cages of the Living Dead.

He spread his wings, embraced the warmth
Born of The Light, raised by The Dark
But as time passed, people forgot,
The Legend of The Dark Phoenix.
Temporal Fugue Oct 2018
Ahhh poets of an age
words and line so smooth
keeping art the focus and rage
with nothing left, too prove

Wild and free beyond repute
no cares for meanings now in vogue
playing as piper, devout astute
now and then, going pure rogue

The rebels that we know and love
not subscribing to rote or known
hands that guide, in velvet gloves
not what they hide, but shown

Heed the call my friends and scribes
remember why you're here
as each and all imbibes
the pains and scars inscribed
with all the love and yet still
all the fear
We hold the power
sweet and bitter are the lines
every day and every hour
each and every
Sea Oct 2018
How can you remember anything
when you’ve turned off your mind
How can you experience anything
when your heart is silenced?

How can you know who you are
when you’re a people pleaser
Smiling fasley
Averting your eyes to conceal your truth deep within

My words pour through me like clashing symbols
Desperately trying to make a statement
Seeking to grab my attention
But I’m elsewhere
I’m never here
Sometimes I subsist in reveries,
But mostly I suffer through nightmares
with eyes wide open

There is a sickness growing silently within me
But I’m not here to tend to it
I sometimes peel back my armor
and re-enter my body
when I’m with another person
whom I believe might be able to receive me fully,
Someone who could possibly see me and love me
But I’m left stranded
After courageously revealing my tender soul
I guess they were simply too blind to see
My pure, childlike beauty
So I stuff my real self down again,
Down underneath my false representative
Below the surface of my fake identity
Is the only place my real self will ever belong

But I can’t accept that,
It’s not my truth
Maybe social conditioning
tells me I must follow the rules
to fit in
But I don’t want to fit in anymore

I feel something rising within me,
Something latent that I’ve dismissed within me for so long
It is my battlecry,
It is my truest song
I just won’t allow fear to hold me back anymore
I’ve got this one life,
And what is it for?
I may have hit countless rock bottoms
But I’ll always rise,
For with every time I rise
I become stronger,
And wiser
And kinder,
Softer, more weathered
But humbled
With every instance my heart was cracked
It opened
Wider and wider

So you see,
I can’t be what you need me to be
I can’t go back to who I used to be
I must answer to this new life beckoning me
I must rise once again
To invite this process of becoming everything I am meant to be.
To defeat the darkness within me.
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