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Shofi Ahmed Jul 8
Before beauty
God created
beautiful human
is to be seen and sense!
Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
You know the hardest thing I ever had to do,
Was realize no matter what I ever knew
I would never make sense to you,
Now my words are very few
And what else is new?
My time is due,
Social ruse
I will lose,
I am

jacob charles Jun 30
is finger-licking two senses
me, myself and i sit down, consensus
everyone has a different rendition of relentless
what version is this of this, which you, depends it
imaginary penitentiary, locked in myself, one tenant
like i could send a message with only a letter, pen it
see greater with less 3d one eye red it
eye to brain, i blew it
i 9 lives brain dead
brain faculty, mind, not same head
while nothing visual, split cranium and drain head
Zenlcaudell Jun 27
I’m so reckless
I’d do anything to make you want me
Break down my coded moralities
Expelled to the core of my being
A death note that has been left unwritten
Speechless and I feel empty again
Blank canvas
Crtl Alt Delete
Beauty isn’t subjective to me
Renee Jun 3
I can fold your sweatshirt into
a tidy package and send it back
across state lines
but what do I do with the memories?

I long to return the feeling of your arms around me as you sleep.
I can pack away the necklace you gave me
but when rain falls, its music speaks your name

When will the summer air stop tasting of you, too?
I have to say goodbye somehow
flower-color May 22
not everything has to make sense
not everything needs a reason
we need the space in between
where we can just think  
the moment when common sense isn't so common
the middle part of right and wrong

so when u see someone doing something u dont understand
dont ask why - just try it for yourself
Time is punctual.  
    I, not always.
Time is immortal.
      My life awaits.
         Time does not wait
             For anything it creates.
                       Time reminds us
                       Only when it's late.
Time is everything I am not yet.
Tell me if it's true

© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
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