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maria Feb 18
I should study
but honestly,
even you, fool,
make more sense than this
trust me, there's no sense in you
Written on Febuary 19, 2021
© ,Maria
Dee Feb 2
When does it all make sense?
Just asking for a friend.
Man Jan 23
there was something i wanted write
some thing i wanted to make right
but in the end, i lost sight
and moved on

there were many things i wished to do
many a thing that would've borne fruit
but nearer the finish, my light grew dimmish
so i moved on

you told me there was never
an answer to the question "forever"
but death knows different
because we move on

and there is no trying now
no sense in staving off the dying, anyhow
a distance merchant comes to pick up his purchase
of a bid you can't out
Bullet Jan 20
The energy it produces
Aisles for looking for a pair
Of eyes to feel the heal
The bandages over the heart
Decorate the office with a ray
The device tells me that sunflowers I should pay for
Save those roses, the pedals will grow in gray

Every eye gives me a side for inside
Each piece divided by parts your senses speak
for now my soul is pulled apart
Different car can drift it apart
Cassette deck just to reverse the tape back
Hood locks just to perpetuate
This steering wheel might roll off at this rate

I stumbled home
Living in gray
Hearts open
A lot of shots to take
But I grab everyone
Of those fragments that break
the soul that pays the drift toll
Told of the stories of a wasted saved soul
But the heart rays can’t bandage the sunflowers that will lay

The air that bounds love is very limited
But the feelings all have no boundaries
Mister J Jan 14
Sometimes I wonder
Why I still stay with you
Even when we go through
The thickest and thinnest
I find myself still beside you

Sometimes I think
What would happen if
We both reach our breaking points
Where everything is total chaos
Would I still go back to you?

Sometimes I worry
Where would we be each day
Would we be fighting?
Or would we be laughing?
Would I still stay with you?

Sometimes I question
How much I really love you
Can I still handle your whims?
Can I still try to understand?
Will I still lay in bed with you?

Sometimes I ask
Who am I gonna be today?
Will I be tolerating you?
Will I confront you?
Will I still be kissing you?

And then I stop..
I realize that this is love
That I am in love with you
That even through the hardest of times
And through the thickest arguments
Through the worst insecurities
And the worst shortcomings
I will still choose you
Because at the end of the day
I decided to be with you
I decided to kiss you
To embrace you
All your beauty
All your faults
All of you
I chose to love

And if it doesn't make sense
Why should it?
The only thing that makes sense to me
Is that love makes no sense
And that even if we don't make sense
I love you
And you love me
And I chose to be
With you
Quick write
Don't expect something polished
Been rusty
It's been a while.

Belated Happy Holidays and New Year
What's up guys?

low poetry Dec 2020
i like to write under high pressure
you make me feel pleasure
sweet precious

i like to transform move to dance
old form can make new sense
or be nonsense

opened myself to feel the rhythm
doesn’t care it’s good or bad time
this moment like a shiny gem
stop playing their silly game

trying new like chef cook
paid for everything I took
reading the next big book
she like the way I look
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Your light will dim if you let it

You will have whiplash from the metaphorical car crash resulting because when that light is turned off you have no way to see the road
No way of making out which direction to go

You will not make it very far

The light will come back on only if you allow it to

And with it sense of control and confidence

You will be seeing clearer again in no time
Mood lighting is okay indoors every once in awhile but when your on life's road having good visibility is essential
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