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My sun has faded
Blur everywhere
For now I could not
Ask for more

I'll be
Waiting for you
Last words
Of a distressed man
In bed 7
To the arm chair
Genre: Clinical Observational
Theme: Public Issue
Author's Note: We know it's too late, yet it is paradox to say when the healthcare workers are the only hope. Stay safe. Corona care.
Sophia Aug 18
I spent a lot of time
Trying to fix you,
But I never realized
That you were breaking me.

While I was putting
Your pieces back together,
You were ripping mine apart.
But by the time
I realized it,

It was too late.
Jim Musics Aug 15
The cusp of Spring/Summer is when I already think Autumnal thoughts. Even before a not-green stray Sassafras mitten or two falls, the Black gum lets go a few red-orange leaves.  I see them on the back path. They silently shout to me, “Here come the Fall!”. I'm saddened. It's not just because I used to lament having to go back to school in September, It's more than that. It's only just yet Summer. I didn't finish. 'Didn't go back the live the life that I could have had if I hadn't made those foolish moves. 'Didn't make most of those smart ones. 'Hadn't wasted all that money on beer. I sort of tried to do it right when I got a little older. 'Did some good, coulda done more though. 'Expected my good work to be more rewarded. I didn't, “sell out”, or climb up some ladder stepping on backs. I never gave up, but I just didn't do enough. 'Didn't make them listen. 'Afraid to speak up. That's what this is; the confession of a 70 year old. I'm not unburdened. I don't need forgiveness.
Not a poem. Just some old guy whining about his privilege.
alupa Aug 19
It's too late now
to tell you
"I'm sorry"
You're gone.
And I'll never
see you again.

It's too late now
and it'll be
too late forever
gone forever.

And I'll never
get the chance
to tell you
"I'm sorry"
it's too late.
Nylee Jul 20
Everything is coming to an end.
          I whisper to my self
The tears show up, so unexpected.
          The world goes blurred

In the morning the sirens will be heard
           One more no more
Then deafening silence passes
            Is it a win or a defeat score

Put on a mask, blend in
              Who can tell now who is breathing
No warning, but there were signs
              It is little too late to listen now

How unexpected tables can turn
               it is a sequence of slow burns
Now sour limes turn sweet buns
                "How unexpected indeed"

A picture on the table,
               Not a person on the sidewalk
Found a place in the house now
               it is about time too late.
I’ll just paint a smile on my face, I’ll keep myself busy
I’ll play make believe that I’m okay,
I’m breaking under the weight, of being not okay!
I feel myself fading away.

I feel like I’ve been gone for a long time now,
My body is present, but I seem to be lost inside.
I used to love feeling everything I ever could.
But now I feel like I’m fading away.

It hurts me to say that I am not okay.
Letting everyone down hurts me more than they know.
It’s been tearing me apart,
The fact that I will never be all that they want me to be.

I know that I can’t keep living this way,
I know what will come if I do not make a change.
I’m buried under the weight of all the shame I’ve brought upon myself
And I know there’s no one to blame but me.

I fear I’ve faded away.
ni Feb 28
A heartbeat- loud enough to drown out the sounds.
Gypsy rings- the ones that turn your finger green.
A fire- crackling past the perfectly pitched logs.
A silver chain- tangled and twisted like a drunken memory.
Chipped nail polish- fragmented in the shapes of places you have never been.
The lifeline on your left hand- too short for you to get anywhere that you want to go.
A faded tattoo- the one that you regret like your eleventh drink last night.
The red string around your wrist- the one that looks like trickles of blood when it is wet.
The laminated bookmark- the one you ever so eloquently placed in my heart and walked away.
MSunspoken Feb 21
We caress the heavens together
In a trance

Lost in a sea of souls
I find you hard to miss
I can’t escape your pull

I flow
-not with the wind-
But with you
Bending air as I go

My whole eternity is you
A blue vastness
-too great to ignore-
From my perspective

I live for you
As there is nothing else
Quite as magnetic
-although, I’m trapped for sure-

My naivete may live on
Yet even I ponder
The slight trembling in my heart
Subconscious, or am I over?

There, a world spilling with ants
So small-
Yet visible with their feats of humanity
-I can see it so clearly now-

Where once there were only specs-
Now there lay a myriad of wonders
Right before me
-the haze clearing-

My confidence
often a victim of gravity-
So steady hands always pulled me up
Right on cloud nine

I no longer feel the softness of those palms-
Once my ever-aiding life
I have fallen out of your grasp

The wetness of tears
Staining my existence-
Yet clearing it all the same
I fall as the icy raindrops guide my demise

All hard and true-
I must accept my punishment
For I have lived on far too long
And know much too little

Seeping into reality-
I can feel every texture on my skin
Every imperfection on the ground
-forever taunting me-

Leaving the once continuous cycle-
Venturing into the unknown
Where-for once-
A seed may grow larger than a planter could ever provide

A wild flower-
Thriving in a sea of individuality
Forever smiling at the sky
Despite the abandonment
Although I let myself avoid the truth for years, I had to except it sometime.
Unfortunately, that happened much too late-
right when everything came crumbling down (much like a cloud-drained of it's rain).
Jane Doe Jun 2019
I lie through my teeth
A smile on my face
A quip on my lips
And a plan rushing through my brain

I cast my bait
I stop and wait
So you believe the fake I am
I pull you close and hug you
Only to stab you in the back

I warn you not to cross me
And you think it’s merely an act
Little do you know that
It is too well planned for that

I let you through my walls
So in the end you’re shocked
When I do exactly as I promised
And I walk away still locked

So you take your leave
Quickly and cautiously
Lest I hurt you
Or pretend to be your friend
Try to make you trust me
Just to betray you in the end

At last you finally say
With a grimace upon your face
When someone says they loved me once
‘Oh the game she had you play’

I’m better off without her
That creature who’s insane
The cheat

One without any compassion
One who will never know love
Loyalty or friendship
Something she works with hand in glove
But is beyond her understanding
Frozen like her heart
She will never have it
They will always be kept apart

Little do you know
That my nights and all my days
Are filled with the memories
Of the people I have crazed

It wouldn’t have hurt this monster (wouldn’t it?)
To lock herself away
Away from the few
Who did not condemn her
(openly at least)
To use their words against them
(far too much experience with that)
To keep her soul awake
Running from the demons
That she’s always had to face

The cruel whispers and the voices
That goad her into thinking
That all she’s ever good for
Is her lying and her tricking

And as I perch on the windowsill
Begging for death’s embrace
I stop myself knowing
That the only absolution
My only reprieve
Will come if I am living
Haunted and tortured for all my days
Sophia Nov 2019
Don't wait until it's too late
To tell someone
How much you love,
How much you care.
Because when they're gone,
No matter how loud you shout and cry,
They won't hear you anymore.
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