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Jaxey May 2022
I was at your funeral
before you had given me a reason
to cry
SquidInk Sep 2021
nobody thinks about you until youre gone
nobody realizes the hole you will leave in their life until youve left it
nobody misses you until they cant have you anymore
nobody apologizes until it doesnt matter anymore
and now you're gone
and its too late
and nobody stopped you.
Is it a conspiracy?
I feel this empathy,
Like a weight bearing down on me,
But I have no power to change.

It seems like we're hurtling at a wall,
No one seems to notice,
Makes me question what it's all for,
But there's nothing I can do.

Too many people,
Too much stuff,
So many things,
Yet never enough.
I wrote this to understand the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness when it comes to all of the world's failings.

All this talk of carbon footprint and saving the planet. We're too late...the damage is done!
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I can see blood scattered in the road,
I can see myself lying there
Whilst covered in red liquid;
Crowds are going crazy everywhere,
I can here their screams,
They talk so loud as they panicked hard;
Tears of bitterness sprout within me,
Why do people cares when it's too late?
Coffin Of Thoughts
Janna B Dec 2020
‘I’ve something to tell you...
I kissed someone else.’
‘You kissed someone else?!
That can’t be true, who?’

‘How could you not notice me,
you had many chances to see...
I don’t know what I want,
but this is honesty.’

He storms away, slamming door
out into the night. Then -

‘I’m sorry, your actions are yours but
it’s my fault you’re there...
please, I’ll get help, be your friend
I’ll get better, I swear...’

‘I love you’ says he
‘Why, truthfully?’
‘You’re so beautiful...
I don’t want to fail..’
But beautiful is a trophy, a conquest
and marriage isn’t a contest.

Actually, I now see
The kissing of someone else
was me, breaking free.
I’d broken long ago
his promises felt hollow
I was clutching at saving me.

My joy, our family, our life
all millstones to him,
burden and strife.
The endless trying, ideas and hope,
Fell on deaf ears - I was just the wife.

Then I stuck around, tried,
grief searing inside.
Let him touch me (excruciatingly)
give flowers and hold me...
but it was gone with old tides.

And simple jealousy tipped him?
Got to be kidding me.
I’m not feeling sorry for myself...just trying to express how deeply it cut. And the feeling of abandonment that just went on for so long.
Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
I wished you leave me alone.
Leave me be and let me wallow in the chaos we caused.
More lies you say as you twist my words.
I always want the last word though.
I have to win, but what am I winning?

I don’t understand why you keep coming back. You just won’t stay away, even when I leave you alone.
Using my poems to see where my heads at.
Knowing I won’t tell you.
And I never will.

I hate that you think we are going to be together when me and my friend know it won’t.
Thinking I’m here for pity.
Never needed it in the first place.

You can go and leave me alone.
I’ll be here, the same girl.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2020
My sun has faded
Blur everywhere
For now I could not
Ask for more

I'll be
Waiting for you
Last words
Of a distressed man
In bed 7
To the arm chair
Genre: Clinical Observational
Theme: Public Issue
Author's Note: We know it's too late, yet it is paradox to say when the healthcare workers are the only hope. Stay safe. Corona care.
SophiaAtlas Aug 2020
I spent a lot of time
Trying to fix you,
But I never realized
That you were breaking me.

While I was putting
Your pieces back together,
You were ripping mine apart.
But by the time
I realized it,

It was too late.
alupa Aug 2020
It's too late now
to tell you
"I'm sorry"
You're gone.
And I'll never
see you again.

It's too late now
and it'll be
too late forever
gone forever.

And I'll never
get the chance
to tell you
"I'm sorry"
it's too late.
Nylee Jul 2020
Everything is coming to an end.
          I whisper to my self
The tears show up, so unexpected.
          The world goes blurred

In the morning the sirens will be heard
           One more no more
Then deafening silence passes
            Is it a win or a defeat score

Put on a mask, blend in
              Who can tell now who is breathing
No warning, but there were signs
              It is little too late to listen now

How unexpected tables can turn
               it is a sequence of slow burns
Now sour limes turn sweet buns
                "How unexpected indeed"

A picture on the table,
               Not a person on the sidewalk
Found a place in the house now
               it is about time too late.
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