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Sky Feb 17
Like a gentle sunshine
sneaking through my curtains at dawn
revealing the scent of my darkness
as you enter
my little universe

Ignoring the caution sign
without any hesitation
You stepped onto the frozen surface of my lake
Not even caring if it’ll collapse
Not even afraid if you’ll drown

Every step was a sip of soda
For I am addicted to your sweetness
Yet still remembered every *****
Step by step
Not stopping til reaching the center
Not stopping til it’s too late
have you ever had that special someone that entered your world and turned it upside down?

I did.

I was once quite satisfied with everything, until I met her.
I still remember the first time we met, we were from completely different universes. Like two independent parallel lines that'll never met. I was like the kinda person she'd never be interested of being friends with, but who knows?
it turned out quite terrifying when we started to say the exact same thing at the same time all the time. We were so in sync, our thoughts were in sync, our minds were in sync. It was kinda crazy.
I was the kinda person that was sensitive with distance, it terrifies me when someone approaches my safety borderline. I tend to push people away when they're getting too close, I guess it's because I'm afraid that I'll be broken when I lose them. And she knew it, yup, she knew it. but she didn't stop, either.
madison Jan 9
i feel weak
everyday another piece of me folds in
im becoming the thing you never wanted to see
im becoming to reach the point you hoped i would never

im the piece of paper in the bottom of your bag
the one you needed
you lost it and spent ages looking for it
but by the time you found it
it was torn to shreds
it was no longer useful
and you groaned and complained
but then you got another
and you were thankful that there were others
to replace the one you forgot about
until it was too late

but i couldn't forget
i laid there in pieces wondering what happened
you cared
but you realized it got bad
and then you realized it was too late
and you moved onto the next person to care about
until it was too late for them too.
Temporal Fugue Dec 2018
Today we fear intelligence
surpassing our own stupidity
we've already surrendered the castle and gate
although we can't understand or see

Stopping at lights for no reason
told by machines what will be
standing and staring at vacant crossings
logic deprived foolishly dumb and silly

The lights are red in all directions
nothing moving and nothing is free
controlled and directing the masses
yes, AI that knows you
and knows me
We should have feared computers much longer ago :(
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
When I wanted flowers from you yesterday,
you didn't bring any.
Yesterday it would've been healthy by today,
and grown by tomorrow.
Well at least I know that I'll get them tomorrow,
but all they'll do is lay above me:
out in the soil with dirt blowing over them
and I will no longer be there to water those flowers
Congratulations if you got it and I am still alive!
Rose Dec 2018
It is too late to know
what it could have been
Like sand slipping through
The gaps between your fingers
Slowly running out

Time doesn’t turn
Actions pave the way
Speaking louder than words
Only thoughts are left
What if?

The unrealistic expectations
That were never fully explored
Create ridges of regret
That cannot be filled
It is too late

Is it faith speaking
Or purely the soothing words
Wanted to be heard
Acting as nothing
But comfort

In all confusion
There is something to be said
Something to be done
And another perspective
Waiting to be explored
Chris Nov 2018
Pull the string
watch me fall apart
The laughing that stings
pulls at my heart
Tear me open
play with the toys
See me coping
with all this noise

Pull my strings
watch my life
Rend all beings
hide the knife
Cuts so deep
no more relief
From skin it seeps
hide your grief
This is for an old friend.
MicMag Nov 2018
Don’t plead like Biebs
Timbaland was right
Too late for "sorry"
Can’t erase the blight
Your apologies
Might seem polite
But all your white lies
Have been brought to light
Selfish transgressions
Brought this plight
Upon your own life
Despite the height
Of your own success
Now it seems so trite
As they kick you out
Into the cold, dark night

Mistakes explode
Like dynamite
As your life ignites
Failures burn so bright
Crashing down in fury
Dead meteorite
You feel the pain
Your enemies delight
Nowhere to hide
Your shame in plain sight

Adrenaline surging
Now it’s fight or flight
So just take a sec
Sit down, rewrite
Reset your future
Set yourself upright
Your values and actions
Gotta reunite
Redemption’s hard
No way to expedite
It’s gonna hurt
But hang in tight
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

"an apologetic poem"
Hannah Sep 2018
All the pain in the world is like an ocean,
A deep tidal wave that's always been in motion.
It started somewhere long ago,
no one claims responsibility or seems to know,
and all the water feels the pull of the wave.
When will we crash and cave in on each other? Maybe it's already too late to save.
I hate you
I could never say
I need you
So please listen
I never said
I loved you

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