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Carmen Jane Sep 27
Too late to apologize
It's past midnight
Too late now to agonize
On what could have happened or might

Sorrows are tears without salt
They don't work to wipe off mistakes
You can't just go back to default
Can't pick forgivenesses like they're grapes

You left the time to pass,
Thinking why should you care that much?
You just left me in foggy impasse
Too late you offer, your pleading touch

It ain't soft, your touch is rough
It scratches my soul, your plea is to no avail
I think, I already wasted my time enough
My mercy is locked away, without bail.

But then again, life is too short
Let's get over it and not mention it
I won't carry near you the same comfort
We won't be the same - and you know it.
Tommy Randell Sep 15
there's a few things I'd like to say,
you know in the  honesty of full disclosure
given my moral stance is kind of made that way,
and so you can't say later that I glossed things over.

It'll  only take a minute...

just to set the record straight
so we both can agree I behaved abominably
that is if it's not already too late
and I've ruined our relationship utterly .

Okay, so it's already more than a minute...

but I'll get to the point I promise
I want to get things right if this is my final chance
There'll be no more excuses, honest,
It can all be explained as a circumstance.

One minute? Please, just a minute...

Or some cooling-off time perhaps
I can ring you... yes, maybe that would be best
I can text you with some of the facts
And then call you to fill in the rest.

Half a minute then, let's say a half...

We can't just leave it like this
This is Us ! We've got to be in it to win it !
We could write it all down and make lists
Let's just think things through for a minute...

I really, really... I didn't mean it...
alskawlfe Aug 6
they say you gotta live with the consequences of your actions
but they never tell you how to live with a beating heart that's no longer living
they said time heal all wounds
but they didn't tell about the scars that rings torturous reminder

they say take it one day at a time
they never say time doesn't exist without you
they say there's plenty of fish in the ocean
but they didn't tell you the ocean couldn't drown this sorrow

now I'm paying the price
of loving someone a little much and a little too late
Nina Jul 3
Do you miss me ?
Maybe, he said.

Do you miss us?

Do we miss what we had?

Will you give me another chance?
Ambika Jois Jun 16
There are some
Who age too fast
To keep up
With the trend

There are some
Who say age
is nothing
But numbers

There are some
Who need numbers
To help them
Feel their worth

There are some
Whose numbers
Don't add up
Till the end

There are some
Then there are others...

There are some
Who like to wander
With thoughts
Loose in their minds

There are some
Who spend their lives
Thinking 'bout feelings
Of all kinds

There are some
Who believe that
It's too late to
Trust your heart

There are some
Who'll stand in your way
When they know
You'll make it safe

There are some
Then there are others...

There will always be
The one

There are some
Then there are others...
And there will always be
The one.
Was feeling a little blue a few days ago. Felt like it was too late to reach for my dreams. Felt like I was stuck in the same pickle for all my life. Someone told me it'll be told late. Heck, everyone has told me that. They told me it's too late to pursue to my dreams after a certain age. Something tells me if I'm stuck in this same pickle for all these years, I must still have a chance. If pickles last that long and time doesn't stop for that, then why would there be a limit for my possibilities?
Invisible May 2

Twists and turns,
Soon fade away.
When you find yourself
On a straight road.

Only one car,
Next to you.
A stranger.
Someone you don't know.

The light is coming,
Taking it along.
All that's left is you,
So you're alone.

In the middle
Of nowhere,
Now you don't know
Where to go.

Everything is coming your way.
You're in the wrong lane,
But you try not to let it show.

At a crossroads.
What will you choose?
Forwards, backwards,
Why not just go after your shadow?

You're waiting.
But now you have to let go.

Because of the twists and turns.
They come back slowly.
You had a one-way path,
But you missed your chance.

When life throws you lemons, but you can't catch them in time.
Carmen Jane Apr 19
You unzipped your jacket and out fell a flower,
You tried to repair us in the very last hour,
You said you screamed my name in your head
When you were with her in the bed
I did too, when I was with him
But I didn't tell you, didn't had that whim.
Sky Feb 17
Like a gentle sunshine
sneaking through my curtains at dawn
revealing the scent of my darkness
as you enter
my little universe

Ignoring the caution sign
without any hesitation
You stepped onto the frozen surface of my lake
Not even caring if it’ll collapse
Not even afraid if you’ll drown

Every step was a sip of soda
For I am addicted to your sweetness
Yet still remembered every *****
Step by step
Not stopping til reaching the center
Not stopping til it’s too late
have you ever had that special someone that entered your world and turned it upside down?

I did.

I was once quite satisfied with everything, until I met her.
I still remember the first time we met, we were from completely different universes. Like two independent parallel lines that'll never met. I was like the kinda person she'd never be interested of being friends with, but who knows?
it turned out quite terrifying when we started to say the exact same thing at the same time all the time. We were so in sync, our thoughts were in sync, our minds were in sync. It was kinda crazy.
I was the kinda person that was sensitive with distance, it terrifies me when someone approaches my safety borderline. I tend to push people away when they're getting too close, I guess it's because I'm afraid that I'll be broken when I lose them. And she knew it, yup, she knew it. but she didn't stop, either.
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