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A W 1d
Casted over me is a loom of doom.

Chained to the negativity it becomes hard to bare.

Crushed by my despair I drag it around and wear it as my armour.

Cursing at myself for the dark emotions, I shrike alone.

Covered by love I still reject.

Cannot receive when there's no respect for myself.

Chasing away the ones I hold dear is the only way I can endure.

Carrying memories that hold me back, I relive alone.

Costs I pay for my depression.
Faces covered with
All shades of

Yet, her sweaty face after the dance was the most radiant.
Wolf Dec 2018
Laughter is like makeup
Proper use
Enables youth and joy
But just as simply
Great amounts
Cover sights for no one's eyes
Concealing a blemish
Disguising deep despair
Fake fools shall be found out
As I have already failed
Makeup run dry
Laughter deemed empty
Bartholomew Dec 2018
to suppress my sadness
I drive myself into madness
and disguise it
into anger

I try and bestow laughter onto others
to substitute my depression with joy.
I only smile when others
around me smile but in reality im stuck in a void

I’m dying inside... crying inside... hiding inside
Trapped in my mind.... fighting inside

Searching for myself ina rage
Only to find myself ina cell, locked away in a cage
To tame....
This animal, this beast, this serpent
So I masquerade around pretending to be perfect
I mask my emotions and hide my feelings on the surface,

To lock away my emotions, to lock away the hurting
Throw away the key and pray no one ever goes searching

What’s my purpose?
Skin is thick on the surface
Maxim Keyfman Nov 2018
blue curtains blue curtains
o send me your hello
blue curtains blue bedspreads
o send o give me your covenant

like night curtains like sunset covers
like night curtains which are stars
like day runners like day hares
o send o give me your hello

Brynn S Nov 2018
Beneath the air I breath
I find you
A soldier of youth
Catching stars to bring to earth
For me a present
For you a future

Rosemary covers overhead
Reaching for the words you’ve said
Past revelations
They brought us our now
Clear head
Words unread
Elizabeth Zenk Nov 2018
Little white lies paint the clouds in the sky.
Turning the sunset into cloud cover.
Turning the melting colors into a blank, empty canvas.
And in that blank canvas
you are left to only wonder what is behind
your little white lies
I could not wait for the rain to stop
Eager I was to feel its dampness
I stepped out and swiftly walked
Towards the thick mango-grove
Wanting those trees to drape me
With their strong and sweet aroma
But by the time I reached them
The scent of the earth sticking to me
Had all washed away from my skin
The downpour was indeed heavy

Tethered to the edge of existence
The boat meant for me to tide over
All forms of pain and joy stood still
Beyond the pithiness of vacant words
The darkness that exposed my cause
Laid bare my brittle bones deadly white
Blurred were my vision and the sense of touch
And I could not properly see or feel
Once again I had to seek refuge
I had to seek the dampness of rain
Cat Lynn Oct 2018
Well, guess what?
I'm really completely broken apart inside
thrown and shattered into tiny pieces that lie
This is just am outside cover...
Show me your five closest friends and I will tell you, your past,
They hang like stiches to cover what life has taken from you,

You were born with eyes rotating 180’
Then the death started to walk on your back demons hunting you,
So you evolved upright, 90’ no look back.

We make friends based on what we need or what we have lost.

Show me your friends, show me your scars,
Now look at my friends, can’t you see I’m in pain.
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