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Her genre,
Her design,
Her character,
Her pages,
Well lettered.
Her story,
Like a book, mesmerising,
And too often judged by her cover.
rig Mar 20
stroke my spine. pick me up
(please, don’t hesitate). feel
my cover. look into
my index. like me. take
me home (fast). breathe me in.
knife my pages open.
The world put to a halt,
In lockdown
Creating this cocoon of ours.

Morning kisses
Conversations on toast
Another coffee for this sleepyhead,

It is in those seconds you do not notice
That it hits me the most.

Who will we be
When this page goes down in history?

Dressing sharp for a burger
Dancing to silence,
I will remember

Feelings on the tip of my tongue
Slowly unlocking  -

Truth lights up the dark

I fell in love
During lockdown.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
If my assumptions about him are right
It is going to take more than friends for him to see the light
Jumped gun without stopping to take a second look
Scared before I had a peek under the cover of his book
All is not what it appears to be
JS Sep 2020
i switch to my jeans
i slick back my hair
i take off my shirt
i show off my abs
i slip on my martens
i put on my glasses
i light up my cig

i also come in paperback
Betty Sep 2020
For migrating birds
Autumn is vacation time
Lucky little birds
Kristina Aug 2020
rolling down my cheeks.

rolling down my chin.

voiceless screams.

colorless blood.

please cover me.

please drown me!
Lulu Sarmiento Aug 2020
Do you think you can handle me?
I can’t even handle myself.
Oh dearie me!
What a shame!
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