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Ron Feb 2016
Always Better

Who am I?
I've often wondered
While I lay in bed and hope for slumber
Persistent questions
Always pester
Who am I?
I must remember
I've lost myself
But am I better?
I've done so much
I've grown so old
In word and thought
In mind and soul
This world has changed me
Made me think
Use my mind
To stay on my feet
Never give up
But always remember
If life gets you down, things will always get better.
Ron Mar 2016
You're eyes are so beautiful
Like a window to the soul
I try to look in
But the walls are too high
Too many have hurt you
Too many have lied
I'll weather your storm
I'll master your seas
I'd do almost anything
To be in your dreams
Ron Feb 2016
I left you broken and crying
That day that I left
On the inside I'm dying
Because of all I regret
I didn't want to just leave you
I didn't want to just go
But when life is calling
You can't tell her no
You stood there and cried
While I drove away stoically
I'm sorry it ended
I'm sorry I left
Just know if I could take it all back
It wouldn't happen again.
Ron Dec 2019
I think I've run out of things to say.
I'm staring out into pouring rain
Wishing, hoping, it will take the pain
Away, away, away.
Ron Feb 2016
As blue as the ocean
As clear as the night
I study their beauty
Like stars in the sky
There's something about them
Those gorgeous blue eyes
A window to the soul
A way to my heart
As peaceful as a stream
Flowing down a mountain gently
I could stare at them always
Those beautiful blue eyes.
Ron Mar 2017
Please let me sleep.
I shut my eyes.
I count the sheep.
But still I lay here.
And still I think.
1. 2. 3. 4. Sheep.
Keep on counting.
The thoughts are hounding.
It drives me crazy.
So I stay awake.
Ron Nov 2016
I want you
I want you like you wanted me
But the sad truth is
It will never be
Because you're with him
And I just can't compete
Ron Sep 2016
Just a kiss
I knew it was meant to be
Because the last time that we laughed, I could see it in your eyes
It was there
Just a glimpse
And I saw what those beautiful eyes could hide
Something deep
Something pure
Something that goes beyond the mortal soul
You may not know it yet
But believe me, it's there
Hidden behind eyes, a shade of bright blue
It's something inside
Something that shines
It's what makes the cold, rainy days fade away too
It's called love
And I'm feeling it for you
Ron Apr 2017
We all have them.
Yet for some reason some of us hold back
Like we don't have the motivation
Lacking the drive to push ourselves
It's a plague and it's affected our whole nation
It's something that needs to be fixed
Our hearts need healing
And our souls need freeing
It's only a matter of time
So I'll plead with you now
Never hold yourself back
Never tell yourself that you're nothing
Because I guarantee
That you are something to someone
You mean more than you think
Don't give up on your dreams
Because your dream could be the most important of all
It could save you
It could save the world
You never know.
Dreams are important
They should be treated like gold.
Wrote this to a motivational rap beat. So I don't know how well it will translate without a beat.
Ron Apr 2018
I want to drift away
To a place unknown
A place far from here
A place far from home
Ron Mar 2016
I take flight again
High up in the sky
I am
Escaping my own demons
Ron Feb 2017
You broke my heart
I have to admit
I should have seen it from the start
All the signs were there
But for some reason I do not care
My love stays strong
My heart can bare
And at the end of time
I'll meet you there
Ron May 2018
Always at night
When the thoughts flood my head
Keeping me up
Thinking bad things instead
I try to force them all out
Though they sneak their way in
Night after night
Again and again
Ron Nov 2016
A fallen soldier
All in the name of freedom
The ultimate price
Gone, but never forgotten
Dry your teary eyes
Let the memory live on
Forever in time
Carried in our hearts and souls
A heroic death
Ron Apr 2018
I remember blue skies and laying there
Staring at each others faces
You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen
And I knew.
Ron May 2016
Late nights with friends
Drinking, smoking, and hoping for no end
It's the times like this
Video games, beer pong, and hoping you don't miss
The days and nights
Road trips, laughter, and conversation
Making memories
Be it friends, family, or strangers
Embrace life to the fullest
Make the most of it
And follow your bliss.
Ron Jan 2019
Your smile lights the room.
Your laughter fills my heart.
With eyes so warm and loving,
It was love right from the start.
Ron Aug 2018
You've captured my attention
I'm slowly getting lost
Let's make our own adventure
Sit alone and share our thoughts
Enjoying all the laughter
And the chance to see you smile
Ron Feb 2016
Take me away from this place
To a beach somewhere far from here
Take me away from this place
To a place with my favorite beer
It's a place I can go
To escape and be free
It's a place I can go
To relax and just be me
This place is my mind
It's my one true solace
This place is my mind
Sans hate and malice

I think I'll run away soon.
Ron Feb 2017
We hide behind our masks
Never showing our true intentions
Drinking from our golden flasks
Or smoking to ease the tension
Ron May 2016
Take another puff
Float up to the sky
All I need is another hit
Just one more
And I'll be high
High above the worry
High above the pain
Floating comfortably in peace
Feeling nothing but at ease
This pleasant feeling
I must be dreaming
Not a worry on my mind
Only laughter and red eyes
Maybe I'll be creative?
Write a poem or two
Maybe I'll be lazy
Eat some cereal, then some pie
What is this feeling
I haven't felt in quite some time
I feel it bubbling from inside
Is it hunger?
Is it hate?
It's something different
Not from what I ate
I know this feeling
I've figured it out
No more stress
No more worry
No more anxiety
Yes I know this feeling
I'm feeling happy
Ron Feb 2016
Wow, I **** at this
How do I write a haiku?
Oh... Well look at that
Ron Feb 2016
I miss your warm embrace
I miss that look on your face
I miss the scent of your skin
I miss the way we'd sin.
But most importantly
I miss the way we used to be.
Ron Feb 2017
Always counting the hours
Until I have to be awake
Never able to ease my mind
To let me fall asleep in time
So my sleep becomes restless
My days become bleak
Everything is running together
My world is turning grey
All I need is a good nights sleep
Ron Sep 2016
Where am I going?
Is it somewhere I've been?
Will I know when I get there?
Or am I at the end?
Ron Nov 2016
Your smell lingers on my sheets and in my dreams
And it's killing me
I crave your touch, laugh, and smile
And the way we would shut up and kiss for a while
It's killing me
To know that things could have been different
If I never had to leave you that August morning
And it killed me
To just drive away, leave it all behind
With tears in my eyes I stayed stoic
Ron Oct 2016
Life is a labyrinth
And we are all wandering
Searching for ourselves
Ron Dec 2016
If I could have one last conversation with you,
I would tell you how much I love you
I would show you how much you are missed
We'd laugh at terrible jokes
And we'd reminisce
If I could have one last conversation with you...
Ron Mar 2016
If today was your last day, would you still do what you were going to do?
Would you do something you've dreamed?
Or would you stand inside and scream?
If today was your last day, would you still say what you were going to say?
Would you tell your boss how you feel?
Or would you just sit there and deal?
If today was your last day, would you still live the way you live?
Would you take a deep breath and make a change?
Or would you rather stay sad and the same?
Ask yourself these questions
What would your answers be?
In the end it is our decision
To decide if we are happy.
Ron Nov 2017
My lazy Sunday
I spent it all in my bed
It was well worth it
Ron Jan 2017
Where am I going?
When will I die?
These are the questions
I ask myself all the time
What is my purpose?
When should I decide?
So many questions
No answers yet in sight
Ron Nov 2016
I'm looking for a map
One that can show me the way
To a place I've never been, but always wanted to go
Because I'm having trouble on my own
Seems like I've been lost for ages
Walking the same worn path, asking myself questions
What is my purpose?
Why am I here?
Is there a reason why my life has to be this way?
All of the questions
But nobody has the answers
Ron Mar 2016
It lifts me up
It eases the pain
It makes everything fun
I can eat again
I just can't understand
It's just a plant
How can it be so
That something can cause such joy
But still breed such hate
The war is a waste
We'll show you the truth
It's not what they say
It's not how it looks
It's about how it feels
And about how it helps
How hard is it to see
That there is nothing wrong with ****.
Ron Mar 2016
I have nothing left
Nothing but the memories
They will have to do
Ron Sep 2019
I want to spend more time with you.
Doesn't matter how.
I could spend it all with you.
Doesn't matter where
I could spend it anywhere.
I want to spend more time with you.
Ron Nov 2016
It's strange
How much an object can take you away
From the stress and the pain
When I put that board down
It's like everything fades away
All that is left is the wind in my face
And the feeling in my chest
Like a weight has been lifted
A veil pulled from my eyes
On my board I feel confident
Like I'm on top of the world
It's a liberating feeling and it never grows old
Ron Feb 2018
Night after night
I stare blankly at the screen
Night after night
Maybe it's all just a dream?
Night after night
Coming apart at the seams
Night after night
Don't know what to believe
Night after night
I've been hunting down dreams
Night after night
I've been thinking of things
Night after night
I still cannot sleep.
Ron May 2016
I begin this journey
Your hand in mine
Not a fear
Not a care
It's just you and me
Discovering life
Living our dreams
Not a fear
Not a care
Only love
Ron Sep 2016
Pain is inevitable
It cannot be avoided
It can only be eased
Some drink it away
Others may smoke
We all handle pain differently
Who am I to judge?
Ron Feb 3
Tired of nights spent wishing for something different.
It is what it is. This is the result of my decisions.
I hold myself accountable for all of my missed beginnings.
I'm on my knees, looking to the sky for forgiveness.
Ron Aug 2017
I was standing there
Gazing into your blue eyes
When I first realized
Ron Sep 2016
It's pressing on my chest
Like a weight that can't be lifted
I hate the way it feels
As if the world is tilted
I climb and climb
But fall back down
To my place
Here on the ground
I've lost my wings
I've lost my hope
I need a reason to climb back up
Ron Jun 2017
I'm scared.
Scared of life
Scared of death
Scared of things that don't make sense
Like love and loss and how the world ends
Scared to die
Scared to live
Scared to enjoy my life and loosen my grip
On love and loss and how the world ends.
Ron Nov 2016
Late nights
Sitting behind brightly lit screens
Always searching
Never finding the answers
You would try to sleep
But the thoughts wouldn't cease
What is your purpose?
Why are you here?
There are so many questions
So you search and you search
Never looking within
Always looking around
Ron Jul 2018
Always up
Late at night
Smoke alone
Feel alright
Thoughts wander
To the great beyond
Into oblivion
Searching for a brighter Sun
Light another one
Chase away the dark
Searching for another spark
I need a little hope
I've been lacking that
Stuck on contemplating past
Choices, I've been forced to ask
Is this worth it?
Will it pass?
Am I destined or am I ******?
Ron Feb 2017
Can you feel it?
The memory fading
Lost with time and age
Slowly degrading
You try to hold on
With whatever you can
A letter, a song
Every word you've taken in
Memories fade
Share them while you can
Ron Mar 2016
It's crazy to think that I could be so unhappy
While surrounded by friends who love
And family who will always be there for me.
So why do I spend nights wide awake?
Contemplating the time and the place
That I would stage my escape
Is there something wrong with me?
Perhaps I seek a greater meaning?
After all, there has go to be more to see
Life can't be such a meaningless thing
When there is so much to be enjoyed
Yet I find that the darkness is lingering
Always bringing me down
I'm beginning to grow tired
I feel my body has grown weak
What if I just threw in the towel?
Threw it on the ground and said **** it all?
I can be my own person
I can making my own meaning
I am the creator of my destiny
The master chef of my life recipe
But still the question will remain
On the darkest of days
Am I happy?
Or am I insane?
Ron Mar 2017
Do you see?
There is more to this
I know there is
How can I see?
I have not found out
But I will
Ron Mar 2016
Why do we become the people
Other people idolize?
Reminded by commitments
Surrounded by a sea of lies
Heaven or hell
I don't know where I'm going, so
Pray for me and hope that I
Succeed in life
And afterlife
Time to make a sacrifice
Agreement for my soul
Never thought twice
Ron Feb 2016
Smile love and take a deep breath because this forever just you and me. Holding hands and kissing while laughing is showing all the love we have. Your touch is like a spark. Seeing you smile means the world to me. Dreams are sweet when you are next to me. This is what my life is all about. Just you and me.

Just you and me is all I ever wanted. Our memories float like dreams. Keeping us aloft and above the trees. I don't want to let go of your hand. I feel safe when you are near. You erase the pain and all my fears. Just saying I love you can bring me to tears.

Seeing stars in the sky reminds me of hope. I know this from the look on your face together we'll stay. You kiss me lightly but love me hard. This is something everyone has ever wanted.

Wanting is an understatement. No words can possibly describe. The look thats in your eyes sends a chill down my spine. A shiver of excitement and a shake of anticipation. There is something that I have never felt and it keeps me alive tonight. No matter how far I seem to fall, it seems there is always more depth to this hole. A hole that is never-ending and with feelings like this why would I want it to end

Love is something everyone deserves. Finding it with you was something unplanned but very exciting. At the end of each night being here with you I thank god that I have all I need. I couldn't have anything as important to me as you.

Love is amazing, like a bright and starry night. It can make sadness fall away in tears of joy or anger subside in fits of laughter. Love is the purest emotion that one can feel but the hardest emotion to give up on. Love will build you up and make you strong and make the days easy to take on. It is the strongest four letter word ever created and the hardest one to speak unless you mean it

Hate isn't a thought for you or I. This ring from you is nothing but the symbol. We give love a definition and nothing breaks the bond we will spend a lifetime building. It's just you and me together forever babe.

An eternity together and forever in love. Seems like something from a fairy tale. I will  try my best to keep the bond. I will do my best when it comes to our love

Proving love isn'ty needed when it comes to you. I know from the look in your eyes and the smile on you face this is it. I maybe a very big dork but you are always there with me. This is as real as anything could be

It is so real to both you and me but for some reason it feels like this is a dream. If it is then I never want to wake and if it isn't I hope I never go to sleep. To keep you safe in my arms is something I long to do. To keep you close to my heart is something I can't live with out. Some say its like Romeo and Juliet but who are they to judge? We aren't what others wish us to be. We are just... you and me and together I want us to be...forever and eternity

You would only be crazy to call this a dream. But you always do have your head in the clouds. You say I'm beautiful but I never do think so. We are two peas in a pod like rebels in a small town. They said we would never last but here we are in love as ever.

rebel against the views they hold. Tear down the walls they set before us. We will overcome any obstacle and any failure that may come before us. Even if I have to carry you on my back and bear the burden of their criticism alone. I promise you I will never let you go

You are dear to my heart and I pray I'll never lose you. Arguing with you is the funniest thing ever. I couldn't ever be mad at you no matter what. I can't even think of my life without you and though we are only so young planning a future together is something that will only take a lifetime to do. The only thing I hope I do right is that I make you happy.
*This poem was written as a back forth between myself and an old girlfriend through text messages. I finally took the time to write it all on the computer.
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