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Mark Rohlf Sep 16
scanning from my perch
staring out the window pane

imaging my path, a quiet place
visioned the trail
i have followed in vain

i to the right
as the herd left

did i hold back
or stand in judgement
above the rest

still hunting a clue
while guarding the line

what is there that i might find

survey from my grave
peering out the window pane

could i have seen
beat, circumspect

the window a mirror
and i my reflect
First draft. I might tweak this some more. I have been accused of over analyzing. This may be a reflection of that propensity
Apoetisonly Sep 9
Let’s start off defenseless

I believe human beings are the greatest  annoyance  existing within this planet
I am no exception

Ending with self awareness
What if stars were
Giants so large we couldn't see them walking
And voices so loud we can't even hear them talking
Beings so high we only see them spin
Yet we only find the truth within
Breathing in the spectrum while waves pulsate in tempo
To the patterns heaven plays with the weather and its reflection
I could contemplate the motion of the sky
But it wouldn't take the ache away that wakes the soul inside
A moment in desire will wake the egos fire
And the way this system was designed if we temper we’ll burn higher
I try to Stay away from gains that make us consumed by currency
Because it only makes everything feel like a sudden sense of urgency
May a Blade be sharpened by the still and patient warrior
Complacent expectations makes the act laborious
So practice makes perfect, its been said a thousand times
Yet somehow we only remember after opportunities arise
You can say you know
Have you felt it in your bones?
That pure electric feeling coming from experience alone
Step back and observe the trails walked before you
Maybe the path you seek has already been laid out for you
Or maybe it was never there, no steps to see no sea to fare
Perhaps your destiny is to create it and bear the duty to share
All too often the view is bleak,
generations under scrutiny and constant critique.

When all that lies within is misery,
all it might take is a tweak.

A new perspective.

A new technique.

To open the mind and think.

All too often we're blind to the beauty surrounding,
it can enlighten and be astounding.

Your spirit begins grounding.

A different view that seems to be organically compounding,
and tears fall as life's true nature becomes clear and resounding.
Mari Jul 7
Anacondas and vipers
are the serious biters.
Cobras and mambas
can create deadly dramas.
Garden snakes and kingsnakes
tooth marks still ache.
Be cautious
or else you'll end up being nauseous.
Just wrote a quick poem to create awareness about how deadly snakes could be.
Acina Joy May 23
The sour of the metal spoon
clings to the roof of my mouth.
My eyes water, lips pucker,
as my hands tremble underneath
the low light of the humid room.

The movement of time grates on
my frozen nerves, thrumming
within heated flesh. Death sits across
from where I am, as I feast upon the
offering that life gives.

The food is cold. It is ash in my mouth.
For I have stuck to the same food for so long, I have found, I am not content
with the serving I have chosen. But Death waits patiently, in his alcove
of mystery.

It is time, and I know.

I dine with death, with spoon and fork in hand, and this is the food I have chosen.

This is the life I have lived. My choice that I ponder, and we concede. It doesn't matter what food we eat, with what we eat, and how we eat it. But by the end, I know.

I have chosen something terrible, and Death will hold me by the hand alone, as we leave, side by side, to the door outside.
Acina Joy May 23
Here, I face towards the indiscriminate darkness, and before I say I am nothing, I say, "I am one".
Marcella Faye May 20
Blood is
What we are
Made of,
But drowning
In its fear.

That so much,
We are mound
Like a wound
On the canvas
Of a flesh.

Losing ourselves
To comprehend,
And making a slave
To our emotions
And feelings.

Making us
But it truly
Makes us
Quite aware.
You are beautiful when you sleep,
The softened lines around your eyes,
The relaxed muscles in your arms.
You are beautiful when you are awake,
Bright green eyes with hints of blue mad brown,
A laugh that could warm me even on the coldest days,
A voice that calms me when I’m not in my greatest mood.
You are beautiful when you’re angry,
The way your voice hinges after you yell,
The way your body tenses with rage,
The way you look at me all the while softening when you keep me tucked into your embrace.
You are beautiful when you don’t know,
When you aren’t aware of showing it,
When the world seems against you and I am your soft spot.
Thank you for letting me be your soft spot.
I am so lucky.
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