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Lauren Leal Jul 15
My wounds runs deep
Steeped in time
Memories to keep
Into my prime

Testing my virtues
Taking a deep breath
Walking in my earth shoes
Feeling like ego death

I must stay focused
On what I desire
Despite this fire
Thoughts like a swarm of locusts

Time to embrace the new
That being with you
I refuse to be static
Time with you is chromatic

It's a complete headliner

With you it's all about the major and the minor
Overcoming the trials of past wounds
Mark Wanless May 26
you don't get conscious
without a rise from the base
then you are aware
Talia Feb 27
Camouflaged amongst
chaotic crowds
Eyes with a ****** range
Target detected.
Locked in                              
since you weren’t
Locked up.
Heart rate raised. Enraged.
I check my calibre.
explored using ****** terminology
I am cornered by this world I have come to despise
it has wretched the few morsels of contentment
from my soul
being aware is a curse
in this day
and in the time of my childhood
when we lived in blind bliss
those memories have been stained as well
God help these maniacs
feeling a bit grumpy today
Mark Wanless Sep 2021
streaks of white in sky
soft blue green trees empty
space filled with aware
is you
Descovia Aug 2021

Each other. Love thy neighbor and honor him/her them accordingly.

In complete unison
we stand, with stronger chances against the fall of the world.

The only means for survival
depends on the quality of our connections and commitment.

The love you have for understanding, appreciating, learning and growing with others more than on a physical level.

We can rebuild our home through revived hopes and disconnected dreams.
This generation will survive and we will not be slaves to systematic death anymore.
Rachel Rae May 2021
I saw a balloon circling overhead when I awoke
Where am I?
What is this?
Where are my hands?
I gasped in a breath, deep flow
That mixed into my belly
And melted to my soul
Tight and tense
It battled with the shadows
In my heart that had settled
Till I doubled over in agony
with a deep, steam scream
Out like a kettle
And I felt for once
In such a while
The pain begin to *****
Down my spine,
Up my neck
And into my fingertips
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just something to share from my drafts:]

mess me once

mess me twice

split the deeds

then **** the ice

fly if high or die

bought them special in need for a bail

to my depressed longing vail

what if served no more

what if dead the excite I anticipate greedily is sore

not of a notice

not of a presence

brought to numb and sleep till reach of no heavens

return the air

in need of light despair

breaks of laws and mounts of odds and dares

no truth in compare

let the brush do its fair

she knows how to care

no one but her

I do not know yet aware

to you alone I declare

nowhere to be found you are here

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