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when it all makes sense
the hunch that leads you to a conclusion
that I had a right to think the way I did
Because the end is clear
and whatever I worried about when I broke, became the truth
and now I’m no longer in the picture
your picture
your experience

but why does it matter right now?
stuck in thought, writing them down and deconstructing the meaning of all it ever was or will be

you are doing you

and so am I

whatever makes you happy

in the end

All is clear

Bad or good

The end is clear

plenty endings sum up a conclusion with an ending as well

and when we die

It’ll be clear
We are always in the middle of something
Lydia 12h
I have been having a lot of dreams lately
about running away from something

but also heading towards somewhere at the same time,
in every dream there is a destination that I never make it to,
before I wake up
maybe that is my subconscious way of telling myself I am looking for something, wanting something, that is unattainable right now,
that all the running I’m doing is clearly a waste of time
and maybe if I stopped trying to get somewhere for a second,
I’d have time to see where I already am
I'm so selfish i'm well aware.
I am going to change.
Scared to say this isn't me.
But it is
Ike Jan 12
Its funny to me because
I tried to write
A poem about how much it hurt
And then there was nothing
I literally stared at a wall in silence while
You became the static between channels
A blank alien whistle coming from
the void
A picture of white flowers with white words on white paper
I hadn't realized how long it had been since it actually hurt
But I couldn't avoid the fact that you changed me
And how I have managed to be happy a few times without you
And that I just wrote a poem about how funny it is
that you killed me inside
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
Your mind make up things
While you're asleep
You wake up
And it actually somehow

I just saw you today
With a mask
I know nothing about you
Not even your face
We didn't even talk
All we did was play pool

In my dream
I saw you
You are in my family somehow
But you're moving away
We didn't have much time
Even in my dream

We fought time
Just to smile at each other
Dreams are seconds in real life
But when we kissed
It stopped
It's not second
Am half asleep
Am aware of our kiss

When i wake up
I can't remember
Your face
Your name
Except what I felt
Christopher Jan 3
A game of chance,
But a game of smarts.
So easy to play but easier to lie.
It's not your first time is it?

Not mine.

So great to see you again.
I know you've seen me even now and then. Yet you act like you're some stranger who's never been around.
Such a card.
I can't tell if you're 1 or 11
Switching back and forth till you've become aware of...

All we see is two.  But she doesn't know I see 4
David Bojay Dec 2018
love I can't deny

letting go of what was "mine"

hopeless cries to a spirit in a sky that doesn't reply

let "it" go by

**** this time in my life

but I must live and experience before I  die
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Strange days for me of
late, distant lost In myself drowning In my own thoughts sinking Into the
very depth of
Desperately trying to seek out to what I need to find
a light that will shine for
show the way where my path now through life now
does lay  It as If I'm sat upon a train that's broken down in tunnel
can't get off, but can see ahead a light I so desperately need to
a light that will free me from all the pains we all endure through
all different stages of our
life's, one day I will make
It to that light I so desperately seek to free
my a very soul, so It can wonder free throughout the remaining days of my
A poem of  strange days distance lost not being
fully.aware of all that's
going on old age It could
be I suppose
jee Dec 2018

hot-rod red, boiling—veins snake, denim—skin throbs.

my eyelids are pounding.

dozens of sparrows, pushing at pale canvas.

thunder gasps at the
of my lungs.

at the fuse.


an Edgar warning;
thumping at wooden chest,

it just echos.

i am not your dictionary.

i am not your dictionary.


hollowly, it

muffled by fire-truck cloth
and sun-starved cotton.


blue trees dance to the
singing up at skylight eyes.





(n) the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Chasing the next realm today
Only a few split seconds away
Only certain barriers and doors
Which are open on multiple floors
The key is within our minds eye
Our way to say its ok to try
To let us know you are there
You are everywhere
Some people need to be aware  
It might be a scare
But once your there
Its ok it reminds me of a fair
My personal experience ask me questions about this one.
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