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Dhimas Sep 11
august was in a drought
a literal burden to my thoughts
i thought i was gonna die out
but here standing on my way out

add my name to your medal tray
i was your eleventh or twelfth prey
once your gold in the bay
then only a ghost in your days

has come the september
i hope no more sobber
that person could’ve been better
but then proven to be disaster

and time is ticking
here i'm hoping
it will erase every single thing
cause i won’t hold on to nothing

and i might live with the pain
but it will heal under the rain
it's foolish to believe you were a saint
but one day what you plant is what you gain
that person would never understand this.
Nylee Aug 31
All that was August
Breezed through just like
                  Wind gust.
Inspired by Taylor Swift song 'August'.
the acorns tumble, the dried leaves slip slowly sideways,
each a slow motion death, almost balletic, or acrobatic,
the decedents, like bodies on the Field of Hastings, their
skeletons to be consumed by a history ******* earthy soil

this more than any thing, as much as covid deaths of known
older brothers more than the messages on the answering
machine from robotic nurses and truly concerned doctors,
impatiently waiting to discuss test results with still alive patients

four lines in each stanza was unplanned like sets of decades,
that the man’s life can be retrospectively be divisibly assayed,
each titled, consistent of games and sets, until the last match
not on center court, is finale tie-broken, the faults too numerous

he writes this unshaken, but stirred, for the hours spent observing,
of each trajectory of every fallen leaf is distinctly connected to losses,
oh! how the losses multiplied; loves, children, unspoken words of
affection and forgiveness, mounted, moats, barriers to fulfillment,

a lawn of dead shriveled things, mounting, dear mother of god, all

préludes that hasten(ed) the shedding of lives every August!
Paul Idiaghe Aug 25
The sun must have reached low to prepare
our paths, as we walked those grandeur
streets, how it simmered the wind mild
and warm, to embrace the moment as its child;

how it forged halos around your cheeks
as you smiled, painting heaven on those peaks
& august bloomed in the lake, where my hand
kissed your fluttering feet—I felt it expand

till it was too leaden for my palms, and it drained
away into a moment in time, but you remained,
steeped in memories & my deliquesced heart
whose tides would fail to let you sail apart.
Inspired by the song “August” by Taylor Swift
der kuss Aug 20
4th of august,
the darkest day
of your life,
and i am here to sympathize

you came to your man to speak,
what a dashing man he was once,
but his heart was cold now
and it was no longer yours,

you wanted to save
yourself from the misery,
your friends were there
but you're alone in this, dream girl,
and heart broke

you came home with the last pennies
in the pocket, and nobody's home, and you're weary,
and under the pillow, again,
you found her name

you're thinking of the escalators humming,
the bars, the beds, the red dress,
and sadness an abyss
and where you went wrong and who anna was,

and i got your heart shattered,
and i wished i was happy
unfortunately, i wasn't
J Aug 19
white spider
black cotton
we’re in your home now

grey squirrel
heather polyester
we’re under your home now

blue bird
blue jeans
we’re just visiting
August, my friend, how are you?
Our time together often seems so short.
You always hold new beginnings,
New stages of life, real chapter turns.
I’m sorry I never quite noticed before
The adventure that you bring, all you have in store.
Looking back to see when it was that things became hard,
It seems it’s always August where the growth really starts.
So busy changing I never looked up to see the progress
Or to notice the timeline tracing faithfully back to August.
Without fail you’ve always pushed me.
This year it is no different.
August do I really have to wait a whole year
Before I see you again?
Ashley Kaye Aug 13
husks of air pass
the shelled yellow left in fields
lake water like a bath that once
washed worries away.

this dry that takes my throat,
I ask it to tickle my cheek,
caress my soul,
embody the years passing me by.

Be my keeper of gone days;
I will carry you in whims yet-to-be.
August 12, 2020
Caro Aug 11
Bless the earth underfoot
the breeze on my neck
the still dawn
the open sky
the feather fall
the beetle climb
the crow call
the swift fly
the cloud drift
the rising sun
the golden field
the river run
the grass seed
the ripe plum

Bless this breath
this body
this good earth
this new day
the pitter patter of the August rain
heard through the wet window
as it strikes the garden patio
flows into my here and now
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