dewdrop 15h
august has hurt and stung and burned
like you
but it’s also been exciting and loving and taught me more and more how to love
like you
august in you
Freedom is being free in spirit body and mind

Born in a free country
I have my freedom to express my thoughts
Freedom to persue my dreams
Freedom to visit the places I desire
Freedom to do whatever I like
And be a law abiding citizen

My Independence has come for a price
Paid by the many freedom fighters of my country
Who fought till their last breath
I cannot fathom their struggle

It only brings me tears
When I listen to the patriotic songs
Watch movies
Read the story
The truth , the history of the struggles

We had many rulers
We allowed

But today
I enjoy my freedom

With deep gratitude and respect
I salute
To the many freedom fighters
To The Armed forces of my country
For protecting and safeguarding me
When I enjoy my freedom , my life
I salute them all
And Recite , The Pledge

And promise that I will never bring dishonour to my country .

Happy Independence Day to my Country

Love Peace and Harmony to the World !
Some thoughts on Independence Day
My eyes blink at the sight
of a pack of snarling wolves
chasing my candied dreams
into a swarm of bees.

My heart breaks at the thought
of my life after you
and the searing pain
of a one-time trillion
stings finds its long-term

until forever

maybe more.
About death.
ML Aug 8
we're both running
from our haunting pasts
we both stayed
even though we knew it'll never last

this time together
let's try again
let's run away from everything
but with our hands intertwined
you held my hand, you held my heart
An evensong was sung last night
     In parting by July;—
Was sung through fading sound and light
     A charming lullaby.

As August, crowning, lifts his fire
     Unto the eyes that wake,
I think of her, and die with desire
     From heartburn and heartbreak.  

Elizabeth Jul 26
There is something about happiness that comes and goes so quickly. It’s like that box of chocolates from your favorite candy store, it’s great; until it’s gone. I want to appreciate fresh flowers and perfectly cracked eggs. I want to soak in warm tea and my mother’s laughter. I used to be just fine. I used to love the sound of chirping birds and the waves rushing up against the sand on trips to the shore. Now I want nothing but empty fulfillment’s; I want nothing to do with my reality. When will it be that I smile at the white, daisies that grow outside my window? When will it be that I welcome the August heat past my hollow bedroom door? I want to be free like an uncaged bird but, there is something about my reality that’s holding me back. There is something about August that I don’t want to remember.
August heat waves
4 | Heartbreak in Hatfield

I had you constantly coming down a few minutes after breaking down.
In the presence of clumsy hands, fragile hearts break like porcelain does.
It is summer time somewhere but it is currently autumn right here in Pretoria.
Sometimes I wish that you’d never ask about my love life because I could never love or be loved right.
Love is the highest vibration and that’s why I always feel tremors every time I step out of my comfort zone.
You remind me of the month of August, you always remind me of the calmness of the colour blue.
Like a painter admiring the presence of his exquisite muse, I can’t stop looking at every colour of you.
Love is the highest vibration and that’s why I always feel tremors every time I step out of my comfort zone.
We cannot survive in the world with all these secrets that we have if all that we have is a lie.
Love is the result of all the vibrations of tremors that shook a long time ago.
Daisy Marrow Jun 8
I've always thought the stars shined brighter
when I was watching them with you.
It was our last night together
so we spent it outside.
Under this August sky,
the stars fell that night.
This was an ode to us
because it was the end of an era.
Allee Barker Apr 8
embers burning wildly among these old, familiar trees
wind whispers softly, and so do you
intense, slow-burning passion
unexpectedly beautiful, like speeding southbound on an open, mountainous highway, lightly adorned with trees;
every day kissed gently by the sunrise, and zealously by the sunset
Menna grace Apr 3
my heaven
my eden
my paradise
and every single place a human had dreamt of
my baby
my girl
and the only love I have ever known
I will be there with you
you will find me there
anytime, anywhere
I promise you love
that not a single creature can turn us apart
not even monsters
not even god
so hold on tightly to me
because I will be there
I will stay
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