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MsTruth Sep 2021
Charcoal curls, green grounds
Brown branches, sienna shades
On pale paper of cold cotton
An arousing adventure…
I didn’t think I would get to say this so soon.
I was ready to start getting my life back.
I was gonna slowly start doing stuff each week.
I was gonna start going back to my routines.
I didn’t know last week’s therapy would help.
I didn’t know it would solve this riddle of mine.
I found out what had caused me to be so tired.
I thought it was due to some physical thing.
I thought I would need more tests to be done.
I was gonna ask my doctor to do more tests.
I even said this to my therapist last Thursday.
I said this a few minutes before I got an answer.
I need to switch up these sentences to say this.
What I learned was something I didn’t expect.
The topic had switched to something different.
It has to do with something I haven’t said here.
I’ll make a different post about that a bit later.
For now, I’ll just say that this other thing, is it.
It’s the reason for my constant exhaustion.
Since we found out, I haven’t been tired!
I’ve been able to stay fully awake and alert!
My voice went back to its usual sound.
I spent the last week being cautious, to be sure.
But nothing has changed, and I can’t believe it!
I’m finally free from the exhaustion that had me!
This feels so amazing, and I love it so much!
I just felt the need to write this, as I sat at here.
I’m sitting at one of my outdoor spots today.
I’ll explain what happened in a later post.
For now, just know I intend on coming back.
And, when it comes to the tiredness, I won!
It feels so good to be able to write this! I talk again later. Bye!
Tim Garemore Mar 2019
Crazy crazy crazy

A slideshow or an email can light my life on fire
In a very biblical way
guide me through both night and day
And renew my spirit or its remnant but either way it's okay
because I can smile
I can smile today
I hear a man say, "Oooooooh", and I know exactly what he's talking about

I bob my head to the music and then bend it down in prayer
One motion, one moment
A vignette of my rebirth

Crazy crazy crazy
My mom always says "Crazy crazy crazy" when anything mystifies us. I almost always agree with her
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
Everyone always says to let your regrets go.
To let anger and sadness go.
To let all your feeling go,
But what they don't know
Is that you will never be truly able
to let go.

When they say feelings, do they mean happiness too.
I think that is easier to let it go than to keep it.
But it is always easier to keep sadness inside your box
In your head that seeps through
Leaving anger in your heart.

Then where does that leave you?
Trying to let go of your feelings?
No, No, NO!
That makes you feel embarrassed.
When you snap at someone.
But some how i have managed
To keep me sane and hold on to happiness.
Ron May 2016
Take another puff
Float up to the sky
All I need is another hit
Just one more
And I'll be high
High above the worry
High above the pain
Floating comfortably in peace
Feeling nothing but at ease
This pleasant feeling
I must be dreaming
Not a worry on my mind
Only laughter and red eyes
Maybe I'll be creative?
Write a poem or two
Maybe I'll be lazy
Eat some cereal, then some pie
What is this feeling
I haven't felt in quite some time
I feel it bubbling from inside
Is it hunger?
Is it hate?
It's something different
Not from what I ate
I know this feeling
I've figured it out
No more stress
No more worry
No more anxiety
Yes I know this feeling
I'm feeling happy
Feeling good
in my skin

Like a
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Alex Vice Apr 2014
Busted head , and ****** nose
Covered in dirt from my head to my toes
There's nothing wrong with living like this
All my clothes smell like ****
But I'm ****** up today and nothing's wrong

— The End —