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A wish upon a star,
That does not exist
Only in my head,
I will persist.

A night after day,
I gaze at the sky.
At my wish upon a star,
A star sparkling so high.

I may have my doubts, still
At least I will hope.
That my wish will one day come true
But for now, I will cope.
The very first poem I wrote.
Malatesh Mar 20
I set myself on fire,
crackling skull, made out of the wood with which
they carved the faces of old gods.
Their tears, my oil.
My ember eyes,
sparks in my breath seek your heart
Oh dear friend,
I beg you for only one thing 'today'.
Bury my ashes far from the river,
far from the riches, in the belly of desert,
where they sowed salt
for I will stand there and spread my arms
and hold the nests of sweet singing birds
and whisper through the breeze,
while they carve their faith out of my heart
to keep their dreams warm 'tomorrow'
alisha Mar 12
where do we go from here,
from this broken fort?
who do we fall into,
after bleeding on cupid's court.

don't follow to close,
for you'll catch my sad remorse.
slam your door,
on my aching warmth.

let me dip in Lethe,
to forget my woes.
take a shallow breath,
who are you? only heaven knows.
ImpliedLines Feb 24
To sacrifice for others.
Shows more than selflessness.
More than pain.
But always.
Through dark thunderstorms.
And the unforgiving ocean.
Sacrifice is love ...
This is my first!!
Alxe Feb 3
You once asked me what I wanted to be
A policeman, a baker, whatever called to me
You would let me sing songs out of tune
So that I’d make up stories for when I grew

At first this was incredible and splendid
Broad opportunities to get interested in
I looked around at the world to observe
Yet I found every straight of hope soon curve

I see a falling leaf, green despite the weather
Cut off from the world, no lifeline to tether
I’d think of an astronaut falling through space
And I’d determine: Astronomy? No thanks

I see a bee, buzzing about. Lost from his friends
A wanderer no doubt. His work with pollen came to no end
No matter how much he did, there was always more
Daily worker’s life couldn't be for me, with so much left to explore

I see a glimpse of a squirrel, and then it’s scampering up wood
To hide its berries and acorns, chattering my ear off as it should
And then I hear silence, as the squirrel fled away
Now anything with nature reminds me how lonely I felt that day

So as I became older, I seemed to shoulder
Every fresh idea of a future I had became colder
I wonder, when did my vision become so narrow?
If I’m still young, then why do I feel so harrowed?

My star light of possibility, when did you become a telescope?
That blinding light, when did it shrivel my last rays of hope?
I know some of it is a little wonky but that's due to me wanting every stanza to have the same rhyme scheme soooo                       feedback? please?
Isaac Goff Jan 14
Heaven doesn’t have poison flowing though it’s veins
Heaven doesn’t have poverty
It doesn’t have carpet stains from people scared
scarred with broken hearts
Broken hearts that lead to poison
Broken homes that lead to poison
Broken government that leads to poison
Broken economy that leads to poison
Weak people that are poison
That become poison from blaming
From believing they have it worst
From believing things will never change
From giving up like many others in their state
Their state that everyone sings is great
And maybe it once was
But the wonderful has been lost or broken by time
But wild still stands
Much less stands but runs rampant
Everyone chants about their pride in this place
But so many choose to ignore it’s state
Like a dying flower drowned in water
It’s dead but you keep using tactics you know won’t work
You know it’s gone and yet you oblivious fool carry on drowning and drowning until it’s brown
Visibly dead
Commentary on my home state
you’ve walked this road for so long
you’re head strong, but your will’s weak
your knees begin to buckle
and you back starts to ache
the beginning is so far behind you
but death stands right beside your feet
please, just take another step
put your hand right here, for me
do you feel the heartbeat in your chest?
it means you’ve still got fight in you
so long as it still beats
the mountains tower above you
and anxiety lies within
depression fills the rain clouds
and you think back to where you’ve been
the sunny, grassy meadows
the forests, green and lush with life
now all you know is suffering
pain and sacrifice
but remember you are stronger
you’re the titan of this earth
and the world that wants to **** you
is the same one that gave you birth
you used to call me every night
just the two of us staring at the sky
wishing that we could be just like that
free to watch each other around
Debby Pierre Jan 6
Big and bright red sign
It sits at the end of street
Stops cars all the time
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