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PV Mar 2021
It’s Funny, I see you looking, from all the way over there
And I wonder
What are you thinking
And why do I care
But then you lean in
And I listen
Then you pull back
So I watch you
You’ve piqued my curiosity
I think I’ve piqued yours
I watch you watch me
And I wonder
What are you thinking
cassandra Mar 2021
lonely in the sea of people
overwhelmed while being alone
craving you to like me
while praying that you don't

didn't know the colors
seeing in black and white
all the flaws seemed see through
despite hours sacrified to hide

naked between the sheets
pillows soaking the tears
and all this because
mirror was my worst enemy
pradipsingh Mar 2021
hold her tight
never let her fall
for she may be the one
who will hold you tight
when you are falling and drifting apart
First poem
grave Feb 2021
thought enters.
& repeats,
& repeats,
& repeats,
& repeats,
& repeats,
until another comes to take its place,
filling up the cluttered space
inside my mind.
a hoarder's den of memories i don't wish to find,
& others lost to passing time.
i'm not much of a poem writer but i think it could be a good outlet.
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