Jabin 1d
Cast it aside I…
Can the world be so…
Is anything actually…
Where does it go?

Promises they kept
Lifted from the well.
Hurt me just a little longer…
And I will never tell.

Basically, the chains they…
Craftiness all ensnared…
Turned round to face the…
Was it ever there?

Sever my motives
What does it matter?
Emptiness concepts…
Meaning’s in tatters.

Legs wrapped tight on…
Hardly notice the…
Singes the backside…
Looks so good, huh?

Push me to action.
Call me a fake.
Hurt me with venom.
Lies from the snake.

Nobody knows that…
So much of knowing it…
Is there a knowing such…
Yet, how we commit.

The pain sets it free now.
The blisters remind us.
Sifts through unknowing…
Blood, guts, and puss.

Will it ever be, I…
Where is the voice of…
Searching for aching…

And finding love.
Amanda 1d
Feel the sting every morning
When I wake and check my phone
I see that you still havent called and I
Realize I'm really alone

I am wasting my energy
You obviously do not care
Giving all my love to you
You haven't got any to spare

You are too busy to talk to me
Can't even give a quick reply
Know you have your own life now
It isn't that hard to try

Asked me to change and I will
Would do anything for you
How long do I have to wait?
Tired of being broken in two

Nothing can stop or numb pain
Not THC, music, or alcohol
None of it works, always hurts
I smash my fist into the wall

Need you to take it all away
The heartache and memories
Emotions so overwhelming
Bring me to wounded knees

Are you going to take me back?
Wonder why I'm still holding on
Wish you would give me answers
Am I too late? Are you already gone?
Already gone...
PiLomus 2d
Identifying this domain, naming it life,
Thinking am I the main, just hiding in disguise,
Exploring the world gaining in size,
Singing endless stories to my side,
Working for the day when answer will become one,

Myriad possibilities are there to come,
Questioning will this is the one or someone else has to hum,

The dream becoming reality,
when life will be calling and acceptance will come.
All will fathom one and one will fathom all.
A journey will welcome a journey in rise.
One will start understanding the blunder,
And never will the veracity of a dream be in plunder,
A proliferating uncovering will arise,
And Sapiens will ask Is this world suffice?
Life is full of possibilities if you are possible.  A heartly tribute to Chester Bennington
I hope you hear the things
I can never bring myself to say,
every second of everyday,
the pain of unanswered answers
and unquestioned questions bury
me into myself,
strangling me, suffocating me,
fading me into your silence,
you had me fooled with your manipulation and calculated diligence,
it frightens the soul out of me
to know the truth,
to know why you had to play me,
I guess this is how it will always be,
not knowing, not asking,
things left unsaid,
things left unheard.
JAC 6d
It's okay to
question love

you can't
find answers
without questions

and solutions
don't start
without answers.
Doug Miura Jun 10
Sara rented a trailer
Wanted company pickup
I called
"We don't do that.
The renter has to return it.
"She died." I told him.
"Bill her estate."
"I'm sorry, we'll get it.
Forget the bill."
She never died
It will handle any situation if you're a convincing teller.
When Sara overhead me she could barely contain her laughter!
Johnson Jun 30
You’re lost upon your weakened knees
For who am I but to my own ill reprieve?
For though one knows what is to come
And can never quite be sure
What is often plain as day
So often wishing to ignore

Searching for answers in days left behind
An uncertain question for what it seems you’ll never find
Indeed the solutions are not always in what you obtain
Sometimes it leaves you empty and stained

Though plain as day it is to whom it pertains
Warning signs carved into her bodily shape
You struggle to comprehend for your desire is but just
You seek sweet refuge in what is a heavenly host

For what is so difficult is not always what is to ensue
Often what is so grueling is facing the truth

For uncertainty is a cruel company
Teasing your every thought
Deteriorating under its shadow
Plagued by its every walk

Too jaded to be alone
To cold to sit together
Tying the strings of the mind
In a tragedy which seems forever

As you hold onto the knots she gently ties
Affixed your clench as you desperately try
Futility drives the force
Together you are untied
Aa Harvey Jun 28

I’m not broken, I’m just feeling shattered.
All of my thoughts bring me back to you.
Words left unspoken,
Could never keep you enamored.
When we should feel like we are winning,
We only ever seem to lose.

Looking into pictures, searching for memories;
Needing to find a reason to explain the end.
We ask ourselves questions; what could we have done differently?
We go and seek guidance from family and friends.

But there are no answers; these things just happen.
Life is a journey and we do not have a map.
We must move forward and take our chances.
Accept the sad times with the happy;
They come as a package and there is no turning back.

Beyond the horizon, the rain is still falling.
But we know that tomorrow…
The sun will rise again.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 15
The Mystery of the ‘e’.

What can be caught but never tamed?
What can be attained, but never detained?
What will never cease?
If you could only see; would you still require me?

If you had been shown, what wasn’t normally known,
Would you have believed what you had read?
If you know the answer, you would not have asked the question;
Still you ask with a fear of regret.

What have you found to solve the mystery of the ‘e’?
Have you gained from this experience?  Do you see what I see?
Let it lighten up your heart, with the joy of discovery.
Find your inner child, your inner being, or your split personality.

This is the way, walk into the light.
The police would like you to give them a statement.
Do you know the answer to the mystery of the ‘e’?
Of course I do, it’s obviously (…).

If that is what you have found,
To solve the puzzle of the ‘e’.
Then enlightenment is yours to behold friend;
So enjoy your next mystery.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Danielle Jun 15
There’s a square,

The silence kills me.

In which the okay things go.

Unasked questions,

But I stray sometimes.

I want the answer to.

I don’t mean to hurt you.
Toying with lines that alternate, but still hopefully make a whole poem. Let me know what you guys think.
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