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Doug Miura Sep 12
Experience is the toughest teacher
First it gives the test
Then the lesson
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No matter what level you're at you'll find relevancy. "It's just like it was written for me!" an amazed reader said. Experience joy and relief as you find solutions to your problems.  I've been respected in every venue from penthouse to crack house and can address every situation. I was a trauma counselor with a 250% better than average rate of getting my clients peace.
"Your book helped my heal so I'll do artwork for it!" Thanks, Sandra.
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Doug Miura
Indra Sep 9
Stand and deliver,
Declare what it is that penetrates the vibration of the world
Shatter what you believe to be real of the universe.
Sink into the depths,
Drown beneath such travesty,
Emerge through the flames with ferocious atonement.
Sun kisses upon the face of evil,
The optical illusion that is deception,
Deceit from fellow man,
Betrayal from our own souls,
A search for healing,
Scavenging for the answers,
A treasure hunt around the realm,
Only to return with empty hands.
What is it we’re searching for?
Hunter Green Sep 4
Have all the instigations of my heart issues
dawned insinuations of my used tissues,
Or am I the one to blame?
Can I trust a mind that never stays the same?
How are there no answers,
in the windows of your eyes?
Why aren’t my instincts strong enough to overcome these lies
I make up in my mind,
the ones that bring peace,
but only for a time in between my insanity?
For the very next moment I’m wise enough, I wish I was always wise enough, to come back to reality.
Simple Sep 4
- 5
I live in my head
behind close doors
where I talk to my
wont leave till im dead
Amanda Sep 2
I was hoping time would extend a little longer
Feel it sliding out of my grasp
What do you believe will happen now?
A question I am anxious to ask.

I am scared silence will be your reply
Give my own answer to the sun
It is not until the moon ascends
I realize you also are afraid there are none.
I hate my own thoughts.. Why am constantly torn up by doubt and indecision? I ruin everything good I have by overthinking it.
Shaun Durwin Aug 30
We hear,
                We look,
                                Does it have to be written in a book?
We see,
              We smell,
                                How on earth can you tell?
We do,
              We say,
                             Does it have to be this way?

We walk,
                 We run,
                                Are we sure we’ve just begun?
We trip,
               We fall,
                             Are we meant to feel this small?
We nod,
                We bow,
                                 Can you teach me how?

We smile,
                  We wave,
                                    Can this be how to behave?
We meet,
                 We greet,
                                   Is this set to repeat?
We talk,
               We chat,
                               Is this a matter of fact?

We like,
               We lust,
                              You sure this is a must?
We sleep,
                 We dream,
                                     How does this seem?
We struggle,
                       We strive,
                                          You want me to be alive?

                           We breath,
                                              We don’t……
A little something I came up with while chatting to friends.
Freddie Ruiz Aug 28
For some time, I’ve been doubting my faith,
not sure if it is where I belong and if I should stay.
I’ve been searching for an answer
in hopes I could find a way to get me through the day.

I almost had forgotten what it was like to dream,
but I found strength in me and now I’m dreaming again.
I guess it was just a matter of when.
Maybe we all lose our way, every now and then.

When I was falling
you heard me calling.
You believed in me
and gave my life a new meaning.
Written on September 10, 1999
Composition number: 72
veritas Aug 18
red stains, fading, cracked, scented

     if i kissed your prints, would they kiss me back?

sighs, thoughts, spaces between prints

     spaces between words, between parted lips and floating thoughts the WORLD! is so crowded with space but yours is the one i want to fill .

     but where are the lines? lines of loss, lines of lawns, lines of ink and rips and more stains and letters, in the hands and on the pavement

where are the lines?

why won't you go there?

why do you hover in these foul, indomitable spaces? why do you seek that which you should not?

     if the shadow of lines slinks in your quiet expression, then why are you still here?

     if the echo of your soft face lingers in my hands, if the whisper of your breath and the heat of your skin still singes my own, then why do you disappear?

lovely wraith, lovely memory of a thing that once was, why do you sit so alone?

because i am coming to your space, and if you can see me, of shadow and fog, then i will meet you there,

     on a line of our own.

>because it's a death premeditated and i can see it unfolding,

     sharp wounding painful

and the discourse in the sky is telling me so, yet why do i keep walking west?
lots of questions (this isn't a poem of answers. don't look for one). once again, i really really need italics to make this work!
Bird Aug 17
too early
too late
“are you sure this is what
i’m supposed to do”
didn’t sleep
can’t eat
“you overthink”
Bird Aug 17
the waves whispered
“come play
and leave the horrible
of all you carry behind”

so i did
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