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The girl was running down the road,
her pigtails were indeed a mess.
The boy was playing with a plastic sword,
his mouth was covered with chocolate mousse.
They were laughing so hard,
but I was astounded when they asked.
"What is truth?"
There are instances when children ask you a difficult question that seemed so easy to answer but takes a lifetime to provide one.
ibkreator Oct 15
Be the feeling
of an answer

the urgency
of a question
misha Oct 13
do we live for the sake of ourselves
or do we live for the sake of eachother?
hi, haven’t been super active but im going to remedy that!

M i N d

Is  S c R e A m I n G

f O r  A n

A n S w E r.

W i L l

It  E v E r

E n D ?
many pills
does it take,
For pain to be
numbed? That's
a simple answer,
Simply take

many pills
does one need,
To be able to fall
asleep? That's a
simple answer,
Try take

many pills
will I require,To
be able to control
my thoughts? For lately
they've grown into dark
desires. Maybe I
should try take

many pills
should I swallow,
To be able to see the light?
Lately I've been in darkness,
and in it I just wallow...
Maybe to escape
I'll take

many pills
must I consume,
To feel as if these
demons are now out?
I don't feel well, and the
feeling will resume, Unless
I bump up consumption,
maybe take
ten now.

many pills,
will save me,
From the terror I
now face? I feel too
sick to get up, So
maybe I should
take another

many pills
will I need this
time, To cure me
from the demise
of taking a


A pill cannot
cure life, So the
only way to end my
sickness is
...because we're always told pills will cure our pain, but are never told that life will eventually be full of it
Learn to say No
Don’t give an explanation.
They don’t deserve one.
Stop saying it’s okay when it isn’t.

If they grab your arm, push them away, kick their shins.
If they get angry and yell at you, yell louder.
You are a powerful Woman,
You don’t deserve to be trampled on.

Use your Voice!
You have the force of a Typhoon in your voice.
Drown out the misogyny and wash them out of your life.
Tell them that the answer is NO.
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When life gives you lemons
What do you say?
Do you keep them for yourself?
Or give them away?

Will they be sour if you eat them?
Or sweet if you leave them?
You’ll never really know
If you never receive them 🍋
rachel martin Aug 10
I play the fool for something more sinister,

There is no compass arrow or

answers in tarot

or time.
Sometimes thing happen and there is no reason
Giovanna Aug 9
You asked what am I?
I am just a bunch of unanswered questions which you always ignore and sideline!
Just a face to your questions,
from which you want to escape!
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