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maria 1d
Sorry for the sadness
I'm not trying to
it's just life,
you know,
everyone's playing hide and seek
Some people need answers you don't really have or are too clear, they just don't want to hear

Written on October 20, 2019
Kiss me
                           Take me to bed

                                    punch me in the nose
                            ****** my mind with your rage

                                                                   and forgive me nothing
Hold me tenderly
                       as your friend
                                                        and      keep      my secrets
                          Interlock your fingers         into mine

show me your eyes
                                  allow me the depth of your soul
                            the chance to kindle
                                              your intricate loveliness

Feel something         &
     allow yourself to feel it first
                                                        before tearing it apart for answers
Carl D'Souza Aug 1
When we ask questions
about how to be
optimally joyful and happy,
we have a chance
of discovering
some answers.
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
I am optimistic
that Destiny
will reveal to my mind
the answers and solutions
as I continue to ask Destiny
about how I can achieve
joy and happiness
within the situations
Destiny is bringing me.
San-Pei Lee Jul 25
The moment you touched my heart
I stopped searching for answers
For you were the center
Of the only universe
I ever desired to know
sometimes I just hold my heart
because there are no answers
Hlengiwe Jul 9
I want to know myself
I want to explore myself
I want to search my heart
Exploring every curve,
invading every room's privacy
I want answers to unasked questions
I want accurate answers to rhetorical questions
I want to have conversations about topics that are ignored and hidden
I want to drink coffee with the Lord
and let him fill my empty mind
with wisdom to understand life.
I want to know what is pain, hate, depression, and discrimination.
I want to understand their origin
I want to fight bad guys
I want to succeed
But how can I
when fear is all that I know.
I want...
Amanda Noel Jul 6
There are answers
To questions
We scream in the rain,
Then bottle inside
To watch float downstream.

There are treasures
Holding extinct memories,
Thoughts and ideas
Not part of history.
There are lessons
Where language is no barrier,
Through crystal waters
One thing's clear,
Anything can be a predator.

Will you ever find the object of your search,
With your bird's-eye-view from such a low perch?
You know you can't see the whole picture,
And you're exhausted down to your last conjecture.
Is this whole ordeal just a big misadventure?
The difficulty of life is poorly portrayed by literature.
We live confused on the outside, we sit and watch,
Our fervent and frantic prayers we rapidly dispatch.
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