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Stories older than kings,
these exist as stories told with old ones,
imaginings of messengers,
seers saying this is the vision, made as plain
as pi, point, plumb, line, and wall,

man, made in the imagination
man imagines, and affirms,
this I die to know, I am made
to be a doer of this,
_  yes, in the wind, give it a year... listen, speak when spoken to... how strange we seem, men of few spoken words... who serve to hold winds in fists once used to hold clubs and swords and guns.
We think we have to know it all,
To know where and how fast to go,
What paths and directions to choose,
What decisions to make and never lose.

But what's wrong in having a mess,
Lots of questions, no answers instead?
What if it's not the time to know,
But it's time to ask and also explore.

What if it's fine not to have it figured out,
Cause we're people, we can't know all the 'what, where and how'
Chapter by chapter, we'll find the next step,
Shouldn't put pressure, there ain't race.
Martin Boško Jun 27
Come forward, traveller, we have what you seek
Just ask your question and listen as we speak
Our riddles are easy for those with bright mind
The clever soon know if their stars are aligned
We offer great wisdom, all futures we see
We know all that once were and all that will be
Apollo sings us his beautiful songs
All He says happens, he's never wrong
So visit our temple, and sooth there your soul
'cause those who know answers are the ones that feel whole
GQ James Jun 26
Is your life important to you?
Are you alive or dead?
Can you feel your inside your chest?
Are you a believer in god?
Do you pray?
Do you sin?
Do you think you're a good person?
Do you find yourself thinking about suicide?
Do you have people in your life that care for you?
Who do you think is your weakness?
What is your weakness?
Do you have a weakness?
Are you strong or weak?
Are you more valuable alive or dead?
It was so abrupt
Like a string being snapped -
Like a door being slammed -
Like a voice being shut -
An unforeseen slap
It was
a ledge too short
a goodbye too soon
a sudden break -
- **** -        
my heart aches.
Being frozen in shock and then frantically looking for answers - that's how it feels when something we care about ends so suddenly.
We all need closu-
chang cosido Apr 23
How do i end this?
How do you get out from something
that rattles your ribs almost every night,
and render your thoughts useless on the bathroom floor?
How far can one fall from grace?
How deep do cuts run?
How do you crawl out of something
that you've carried alone for so long
it almost feels like a second skin?
How many nights should I still spend
on writing letters that burn my hands?
How do you forget ?

- how do you go on?
The more knowledgeable a person is, the more their questions stifle.  Even if the answer is more simple.
SoAverage Mar 25
We all come from the root of one book but each has their own chapter and path

All embarking on a journey to find the true meaning of life

Through the blazing storm concealed with misfortune for most walking the path

Some be trying to numb the idea of being alive cause of the wait of carrying a dead body inside

Celebrating death like its a festive season

Growing up trying to find something our forefathers seems to have lost

Hiding from reality
That life is forever changing and unknown to us

While seeking for a better life that all this pain we feel is a dream most wished  they never had .
I  wrote about how life is not as easy as we think
Natalie Mar 11
"What's it all for?"

The answer's up my sleeve
If I could just reach a little further
Wisdom whispered to me
Or at least I thought that I had heard her

No, I read it in some books
Perhaps something in the writings of Aristotle?
I can't recall the words now
But they were easy, absolute truth in a bottle

If my words carry weight
They'll sputter to the ground
Everything deflates
But as for your query:
For oh for not found
Really rough draft that I'll probably never get around to polishing, but felt like posting it anyway. Sue me. (But not really because I don't have any money)
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