Kenley 5d
"I'm fine."
"And you?"
It's my standard answer

The truth lies inside
Hidden away

No need for you to look
For the answers
I never find

Let's have tea
Or dinner
And pretend
All is well

Because sometimes forgetting
(Just for a while)
Reminds me of a normal
I seldom remember

When I was traveling in the train,
With no strain on my brain,
Only peeping through the window,
To have a look of nature.

The flying birds, the grazing cows,
The race of trees in opposite direction,
The green green fields, the great mountains,
Lovely ponds and walking rivers.

The muddy huts and the children playing,
That was all that I could see,
My soul went somewhere else,
And I was thinking, what is life?

The gift of God, or the curse of devil,
Life is to enjoy or to suffer,
Many answers floated in my mind,
But the journey finished with answers incomplete.

Thereafter, I bombarded this question,
to each and every person I met.
A philosopher told, Life is sorrow,
A Scientist told, it’s an invention.

It’s a game answered the player.
No, it is a play, told the actor.
I went to a sage to get the answer,
Devotion is life, I was told.

Life is an ambition and dream,
Answered rich and cultured youth,
But the other youth not agreed,
Because he believes, it’s struggle.

Life is a chance, said the gambler,
No, its dance of happiness and pain,
Answered the classical dancer,
No, Life is Renovation, told the Archeologist.

Life is knowledge, said the teacher.
Life is thought, said the thinker.
“Life is a matter of self realization”,
It cannot be defined, defined the absent minded professor.

I met a roadside preacher,
That’s poor little creature,
Totally filled with confusion,
Said, ‘Life is an illusion’.

I asked this question to the driver,
Who picks me daily for the school?
He said, Life is like a bus,
Running on the roads of time.

So many answers, all were right,
But all were somewhat incomplete.
So it was difficult to compile,
And get the answer as a whole.

I keep on thinking all the time,
Deriving the answers as solving equations.
At last, I concluded as a whole,
That Life is Hope and Hope is Life.

A School going Child, Simply Exploring What is Life?
Wyatt Mar 14
Got a whole lot to prove,
steadily climbing up stairs.
Inside a headspace always challenging
everything that I do, everything I live with,
everything I keep inside of my head.
Trying to craft something,
something growing inside and I'm just
looking for the best outlet to let out
all of these monsters gnawing away at me,
sitting on my shoulders trying to take over
my name, my thoughts, my face,
my reputation I value more than anything.
A lot more feels at stake,
people coming and going at a steady rate
and I feel someday I won't have the
opportunities that are currently in front of me.
I've always done all I wanted,
giving back now-a-days for all I've taken.
That's why it's irritating that
this other part of me begs to keep waiting.
There's cost and risk in my habit of jumping
from this plane of despair onto an island of paradise.
I can't sleep, I can't keep these things inside.
With if paradise is out of reach?
I'd prefer that honestly because that would mean
work and strife would eventually run dry.
What's a life if your goals are empty?
I've always wore my heart on my sleeve,
I won't tolerate any fake friends reaching my ears.
All these characters in my head culminate
into this one guy who's nothing to no one, full of fear.
It's like I'm on the edge of this airplane with nothing
but death below me and the engine is failing
and a flame or two is growing inside the cockpit.
What does the jury charge me with? Am I truly the culprit?
A fresh face in wake of a bunch of zombies?
Guilty! Better lock 'em up and throw away the key!

It's your choice if you wanna listen,
if you wanna sit down here and look,
if you wanna peer into my soul
constantly treading new land every day.
This is all I've gotta say. Hate me?
That's a lot of waste. Change me?
Hope you got some time to wait
because I am more than a couple lines of code
you can just sit down and manipulate.
Is this the intro to my life or is this a fall from grace?
Speaking out at this rate could leave me with no trace
of peace or solace or honesty, what will happen to this heart?
What's looking for answers in a world ruled by a question mark?
Therapy was never meant for me because not a soul on this planet
no matter the title, no matter the prestige will understand
the complexities behind the mystery of the human man.
Contradictions on contradictions, a mesh of ideologies.
One side of this face is trying to kill the other,
these unfair expectations I create
for this weakness in me I also create,
my differing personalities will smother me one day.
Is this what duality is?
What is this for? Is this for you? Is this for them?
Is this all made for myself? I don't know.
These are just words on a website,
the passion is there but nothing here is practical.
I've done this for years, had plenty of practice.
It's time finally I find something to plug these words into,
but how can it be done when I'm comfortably glued in place?
What are words of motivation when you do the opposite?
I'm far behind the herd, I'm a failure,
I'm just a disgrace with no answers
about what the rest of this short life will be for me.
What's it feel like when every second you live
you think about your death and if this is the
time to quietly go before everything hits the fan?
I'm not proud of this, I'm not proud of this.
This is just imperfect me and all of my empty wishes.
50RR0W Mar 12
Some times I sit here and wonder if I still exist in their mind.
If I'm really there or not.
Or if I'm just a ghost from a past they long want to forget,
If I'll be remembered when they're ready to see me once more.

A year approaches fast and all I can really do is smile and shrug.
Do I not care anymore?
Do I not love them anymore,
Is it because I've accepted things that have come to fruition from these events?

I want to think on these things but I fear I won't find answers.
Well, the Answers to Questions that I am unaware of still existing.
Then again, do I really want to know,
Do I really want to forget?
Mindless blubbering that comes to me before bed time. Haven't been on here in a while. Built a new PC so haven't had time to log into all of my 'normal' sites. Hope to be somewhat more active again.
Does happiness comes from happenings, or happenings come from happiness?
Does it makes your life worth living,
Or you choose to live like worthless?
I wish I have answers to everything,
Coz it's exhausting to be clueless-
At the end of the day, I'm hurting

"But I'll love you, nonetheless."
A jack of all trades and a master of none.
What does this mean to you?
I have my hands in a thousand cookie jars when I should have my hand in one.

A jack of all trades and a master of none.
What does this mean for me?
I need to survive financially, yet I urge to have some fun.

A jack of all trades and a master of none.
What can I mean with my talent?
I don't know where I'll end up or how,
but out of all of the possibilities
for a future... I need...
Written around April, 2017.
Thomas EG Feb 21
I yearn for solidarity,
To know once and for all

To reach into the sky, claim whatever is there, bring it down and ask...
"How do you like it?"

Being down, that is

Feeling lost and confused in an unfamiliar world,
A world that is yours

I cannot find the answers I seek
I cannot find the words to speak

I simply wait (and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait)
Until I no longer can

And then I wait some more

This appears to finally approach an end,
So why won't my doubt?

Alas, the more I question, the less I know
The more it comes, the more it goes

And so, I wait some more
Haven't written anything in a while so here's... something
George Krokos Nov 2010
I wonder what it takes to go full circle
and find my way back home to You?
Although I might be as slow as a turtle
Your love will guide me when I am true.

I’ll finish up then as I began being a child of Yours
having knocked on so many of life’s secret doors.
But even though I have yet to find all the right answers
at this stage of my life there have been some advances.

My feelings towards You now seem to have changed
but this shouldn’t be a reason for us to feel estranged.
Love’s the universal magnet that draws everything close together
we shouldn’t mind too much if we pass through stormy weather.

In a world of constant change there are many upheavals
but love often does get stronger when there’s a retrieval.
It’s something of a realisation by which we come to know
that as love completes a full circle perfection it will show.

How long will it take to go full circle
to find my way back home with You?
It seems I'm just as slow as a turtle
But Love is guiding me as I am true.
Private Collection - written in 1998. Updated 20/2/18 and by adding 5th verse
ShowYouLove Feb 17
I've been asking a lot of questions lately
Trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do
And where I'm supposed to go
I don't think I'm asking too much: just a simple yes or no
That's all I want that's all I really need
I've been asking for so long and wondering whether you can hear me
So I start to doubt and my hope wanes a little
SeaChel Feb 12
I've had people ask before,
"What was that scar from?"
then a,
"Why did you do it?"


That question mulls itself
over and over
in my mind like a mantra,
until my brain becomes dizzy.

Why did I?  
Why am I?

To feel?  
To distract?
To numb?

I have no direct answer,
only a question for their question.

Then, I realize
this might be the only thing
I am completely unsure of
about myself.
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