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Emily Nov 4
Questions rattle round,
Amplified inside my head.
Pacify me, please?
SMS Nov 1
I just want to saw my wrists
Until the answers come pouring out.
Why all this pain?
Why all this hurt?
Why all this hate?
Magic red please tell me
Do you hold all the answers?
someguy Oct 21
Am I dead, or am I alive,
Do I exist, or am I a dream,
Inside someone’s head for just a while

Where do I go, where do I flee,
I do not know, I do not feel

No answers given, only questions,
And through the unbearable longing this pain tortures
Karijinbba Oct 21
What can you hold in your right hand but not in your left?
Answers are apreciated for this riddle..
D Letwixt Oct 19
there are lots of questions that dont seem to have answers

i sometimes think

or answers too awful to endure

so i just let them drift off in the languid water

Shimmering forms fading away
What am I doing in my life?
"You are living it."

Am I where I should be?
"That answer belongs only to you."

Do I matter? Does my life?
"You alone decide."

Where do answers come from?
"An ever-growing heart and mind."

And if I cry uncontrollably?
"Love is eternity in the making."
Isaac Oct 18
Cool answers exist waiting for cool questions to be asked.
Written 19 October 2018
روبرت Oct 15
Her hair is black
Her shirt is purple
Her lips are pursed
Her eyes read confusion and frustration
I see your eyes they read hello
I see your arms they say why
I see your lips they seek answers
My soul thirsts for peace
Tyler Matthew Oct 14
Please don't get upset
when I tell you I've been drinking.
It's the only thing to do
that'll keep my mind from thinking
of the day we split apart
just as the sun had started sinking.
But I think I see it coming up, yet.

And please don't ask me how
I let the passion pass away
when you were always the only one
who could brighten up my day.
These kinds of questions have no answers.
Ain't there something else to say?
Just say it to me, here and now.

I know you think about me
when you lie awake in bed.
But you've got too much pride to call,
you just go to sleep instead.
And that's why when I see you now
it's lightly I must tread.
My whole wide world is hanging by a thread.
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