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Ron May 2018
Wanna sit on beach somewhere
Cold drink, without a care
Not a thought in my mind
About stress or self doubt
Just alone with some time
Enough to clear my head out
Gotta sort through the mess
Sort the trash from the treasure
Ron Feb 2017
There is a spark
Deep inside
Hidden away
And if it's found
You will shine
Ron Oct 2018
I've been struggling lately
Fighting with myself
A war inside my own head
I'm in need of help.
Ron Mar 2016
I don't know if this is reality
Or am I dreaming
Can't make sense of the world
My mind is in a whirl
Lost on the path I've made
Stumbling as I make my way
To the end of the maze
Ron Mar 2016
Like a warm summer rain
Just before it gets dark
I'll kiss you with passion
Against the side of my car
We'll laugh and we'll smile
Holding each other real close
In that moment we'll know
We love each other the most
Ron May 2016
Take a moment and think
At all of the beautiful scenes
To all of the wonderful sounds
Take a deep breath and let it all in
Life is just an adventure, let it begin
Ron Aug 2018
Please listen close
I'm only gone for the moment
But I'll be close
I'm in your heart
Be stoic
I know you're strong
So show it
Because death is not the end
It is only the beginning
And though I might be gone
My spirit lives on
In my friends
And in my family
Ron Mar 2016
There is a voice deep inside
It screams at night
and festers during day
It speaks to me
Makes me feel shame
It plays with me
And all my insecurities
A trap that only I can feel
A trap that's slowly draining me
Stealing my happiness
Stealing it away from me
Someone set me free
From my anxiety
Ron Feb 2018
Locked away
Deep in my mind
There is a voice
It whispers
Ron Aug 2017
Trapped in my mind
No escape in sight
Controlled by these thoughts
Another sleepless night
Ron Sep 2016
I'm riding the waves
Enjoying the sensations
When I lose my mind
Ron May 2017
I can see it.
It's ahead of me
The future seems so bright
I can still feel it
It's deep inside of me
The darkness lurks inside
Ron Feb 2017
Empty faces
Plastic smiles
Shallow minds
Follow thoughtless
Through the crowd
Ron Jan 2017
A constant war inside my head
It rages on, I see no end.
It keeps me awake
It drives me mad
I hate this war inside my head...
Ron Mar 2016
Nervous laughter
Trembling hands
Lustful kisses
Between smiles of joy
In the rush of the moment
In the hush of the night
I'll whisper I love you
While I stare into your eyes
Ron Dec 2016
You're gone
And you left us all here
You're gone
And there is nothing I can do
Ron May 2018
I'm hooked
I'll admit it
The way your eyes light up the room
It makes everything else diminish
I can't look away
I'm captivated
Ron Mar 2018
I can still hear your voice
Even though you've gone away
It brings a tear to my eye
Feels like only yesterday

— The End —