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Going with the flow
To show
That you don’t know

Going with the flow
Do show
When you know

Going with the flow
The right is a right and two steps more
Two left feet, know not anymore

Going with the flow
Preach not
Learn your lessons well
Teach by practice
Someone learns it too
Nina Sep 18
I am still patiently waiting
for the day to come
where I wake up
and smile
kinda sad idk recouvering
If going to the park
At three in the morning to get ******
And talk about what we do and don't know
Is a waste of time
I'll gladly waste away my life

If running barefoot
In the construction lot
Behind the local cemetery
Is no way to make friends
I suppose I'll have to risk it

If loving while I can
With no makeup on
Won't get me anywhere
I guess I'll stay
Right where I am

If dropping out of college
And moving to New Jersey
Because my girlfriend is a wildfire
And I don't mind the burning
Is a stupid way to live my life
I guess

It looks like I
Am set to waste my time
And hang around
With the exactly wrong crowd
And dance in the rain
In the same old parking lot

Perhaps in your eyes
I am a waste of life
Another burned out youth
Old by seventeen and
Tattered in a trailer park

Build your life
Make your connections
Keep waiting for life
To come to you
And when you die
In your socially acceptable town

Me and my friends
Will be long dead
Rotting away
In the very same place
When the gods die
And the world rusts
We will not be remembered as the ones who changed the world
We won't be remembered at all
We will simply be the ones
Who danced while they could
Who ran out in the weather
When everyone else stayed inside
We will be the ones who loved the most
And fell the farthest
We will have learned all there is to know
All the lessons of a cruel world
We will die unspectacularly
We will have raging two person parties
We will die with heads full of memories
From dreams we chased like wrathes
We will be the ones who did not sit and wait
And in the end
We will always be the fortunate ones
I am going to live while I can. I will not wait. If this is a mistake, I am glad I've decided to make it.
If diaries could bleed
This would get ****
I know I need help
But I'd rather be alone
I can go to therapy
And tell all my sob
Stories and tragedies
It wouldn't matter
In the end because
I'm still dead
Abandoned in a coffin
In the back of my head
My best friends
Brought me roses
Instead of tiger lilies
Because they don't
Really know me
I'll be buried in white
When I finally
Rest my mind
Because no one likes
My gothic side
I hope they'll play
My favourite songs
The ones I left on loop
But they won't
No one knows
What it is I do
And with all this
Spare time I'd say
That's probably okay
Aside from watching Ru
I sit in my room
Thinking about things
Life and death
And all that stuff
Pondering the galaxies
Instead of facing
My own reality
Because the truth is
I can only be
So different
So those demons
That you thought left
They're all still here
And they're all my friends
Better than the ones
Who currently hold
That **** claim
Someone's got to leave
It won't be them
And it won't be me
I guess we both
Know what that means
Of the outlet variety, of course.
Osiria Melody Aug 22
Forget about the past
Use this chance to change
Create good over evil
Keep your distance at bay

Yaup in remorse
Open your mind to diversity
Unleash your inner soft side

This **** popped up in head.
Isn't easy to stay yourself in milliards of voices.
But you try, don't stop.
Try, try, try, keep going.
Stay yourself.
JAW Aug 10
Dreaming of you I never want to wake up
Your touch feels real
Tricking me into thinking you’re there
Playing my mind into missing you once again
I’ve been doing fine
Now I can feel your kiss
The same one you gave me 3 years ago
How can I still feel it?
I’m still waiting
Like every other day
I’ll write for you
As I’m waiting on the moon
Lauren I love you
acacia Jul 13
waiting under my blankets with music blaring—you hear me in the music, you see me in the lyrics
how in the world can a girl say no? now it shows
Grand dreams beat boring reality.
May you never run out.
dreams are all I have
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