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Hammad Oct 11
I have burned
all the boats
to reach to your shore
so my dear!
You can either
take me with you
Or leave me drowned...
Flower C Aug 9
The Sun will falter,
Day turns dark but comes the Moon,
Light shall rise again.
So leave your cuts my dear,
Don't give in to the blades,
Hope for rays of sunlight.
Daa Rajab Jul 5
My heart longs for the memories hanging behind,
It longs for the sights only my insides truly feel.
Far, far away, but truly at my fingertips;
The unity of names attributed to people
Living under the same roof.
Strangers still, at most,
But family at least
And at heart.
It was said that memories allow you to grasp at things that are long gone.
Ken Pepiton Jul 3
Watch this, a wish
I wished that barking squirrel would shush,

not cease to exist,
it did, so far as you may be concerned.
The silence is seeping into all
around me,
far away, I hear machines, mechanisms,

witty inventions formed from fine points
once made,

for the edge to be honed its honest best
sharpest test is
splitting hairs,
as seen on Mighty Mouse, done by Snidely Whiplash,

who lives on in in spirit in Uni-Kitty's Nemesis, to this very day.
enjoying the quiet after losing a boistrous UNO game with Dominic and Delany Pepiton, two of the seven most uncommon grandchildren in their generation.
Amanda Apr 29
Love and care so much
Was going to write "too much"
There is no such thing
There is such thing but it doesn't apply when it comes to you
Pedro Apr 14
I tought
in my utmost deep
that I was not alone
but alas
altough hard to believe
it was all fake
 just a cruel trick
for when I was lost
crying away in the dark
everything I had turned to mist
and then I saw
in the light of a heartbreak
only a desert
full of me
Andrew Rueter Apr 13
For a company, an economy, our species to succeed
everyone must work together
but not literally everyone
just enough to perpetuate sustainability
so some feel free to burn bridges to clear their own road.
Professional wrestlers use the phrase
“Going into business for themself”
when someone has to get all their **** in to display their move set
or no-sells their opponent’s moves to make themselves look tough
like in improv comedy
when one of the performers doesn’t go along with any of the jokes
it can be very funny, just not in a collectively beneficial manner
the audience laughs recognizing the performer as the standout
while the performer steps on their colleagues’ jokes
going into business for themself.
Capitalism indoctrinates us
to go into business for ourselves
like Bill Gates
driving companies out of business through economic hostility
then buying back his soul through economic charity
a tribute to those fallen—it’s a fractional penance
the apex predator keeps the lion’s share
adhering to the jungle mentality ingrained in us
telling us to go into business for ourselves.
Ken Pepiton Mar 5
I found my self
asking the following question, after I got a yes
on is the universe friendly,

what good can I do in it?

This now, is after me, catching me, shooing a fly from the kitchen.

Uncle Toby did that sort of thing,
I heard,
I swear, I would if that were something I know I know how to do,
I would swear not at all,
I never understood either the marbled page or the black one,
and I barely recall Uncle Toby sparing the life
of a certain fly,

which reminds me, I chose to recall all I do know about that,
and share it, by tossing it back.
Tristam Shandy is full of powerful words lain idle now, some time.

-fishing for truth in this realm of words, thereś rules and hereś rules,
keyboard internationale now allows ¿ possible quest reject buttons

but at the price of normal apostrophes, we can live with that ś means
usually a karmic possession of the previous phase phrasing through

your attention span... jest ride on through..

the flaky bits of inimical karmas, make some people sneeze, when they

thatś the better choice, when no real rules are known
but pain is a possible outcome of points
stumbled on unawares,
in far flung plains,
where the act of
polishing diamonds, or any hard thing, leaves the teensiest

shards that jest scrape away the **** of the earth,

collected in yo art trees, happy little trees,

jest put one
here, no, combine the two, to be like man-kind,
body and otherwise,

full and empty, both, in here.

Now, this is how we make a bubble be,
inside out.
You would be inside my mind, one line at atime.
Amanda Mar 3
Go up
Keep going

Never stop flying til reaching the sun
And then get burnt to a crisp I guess haha
Life is like climbing a glacier,
A glacier that always fights back,
Pushing you down,
Beneath the waves at the bottom.
The longer you're under,
The more your affected,
You gotta keep climbing,
Your last breath,
Will be beneath the waves.
We all have our own glaciers to climb, and our own meanings of the waves we climb out of. But one thing is for sure, we all need to keep climbing.
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