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Cryssi C Jan 14
We fight to stay afloat
Standing in a boat called life
Only able to leave behind a note
Scarred from the cuts of a knife

Once they said to me:
Life will only become harder
Beyond comfort is a never ending sea
Swayed back and forth; pushed out farther

Drowning and then saved
A repetitive vicious cycle
Wanted then no longer craved
But surviving this life is crucially vital

We all try to go with the flow
Pressured but never forced
Just trained to believe we know
Our minds taken never endorsed.
Enjoy! :)
Chris Jan 12
Death likes its coffee the way it likes me: cold.bitter.
As if there weren't enough bitterness in life.
Every minute counts and every step cuts deeper,
In the end the nightfall is as sharp as a knife.

And the days are falling sleepy,slow,
And the leaves are bleeding gray,
Everything that's now, will be long ago,
Everything that blooms will be blown away.

The tables will be occupied by worms.
And the candle fades with the morning light,
And form once white dress a stench so vile returns,
It's the smell of blood for maggot's delight.

Greasy curtains roast in sunlight,
As the day is swallowed by late summer's heat,
It's the only thing remaining to roam in the twilight,
To wallow in the victory of its own defeat.

But my room's as cold as ever.
Eternally shrouded in the coat of dark,
Which eye will soothe forever and ever,
but the foot dare not set, dare not leave a mark.

And so the bones are gathered by the wall ,
Around table surrounded by the pale,
As I await my last and final call,
When the reaper's taxi will be taking me away.

I won't wait much longer, and I'll calmly go,
Let me write a poem and smoke the cigar,
Maybe nail a note to the dusty door,
And sit by the window in the Reaper's car.

I will leave my sadness and sarcasm behind,
and the days I spent in fear and maybe in the end,
The cup of cold coffee that I had to grind,
And grab a glass of whiskey with lady Death instead.
IncholPoem Jan 11
You  can  go
moon  and  Manchester
at  same  time.

   That  does  not  mean
you  are  mad  and
going  top  mad

You can  read  literature
and  literate
elder  non-illiterate
old  woman  and  old  man
at  same  time.

  That  does  not  mean
you are  mad  or
going   to  mad

  You  can  dance  while
in  fasting.
You  can   quarrel  while

That  does  not  mean
you  are  mad  or
going  to  be  mad.
it feels like i'm stuck in
a never ending
night terror.

it's on loop and
won't stop
going and
going and
going and
going and
going and

this is my cry for someone-
anyone to help me escape.
i can't handle it anymore...
Johnny walker Dec 2018
My true love lies some where a long way from here, another life
perhaps I'll admit I like
to think that way about
then her passing doesn't seem quite as final maybe she made to where she was heading the last I
saw her alive I truly hope so
Hope Helen Made To Where She Was Heading The Last Time I Saw Her Alive
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
go crazy how beautiful
going crazy how wonderful
and I'm not lying and there is truth
and not kidding it so beautiful

Anna Dec 2018
whoever you are
wherever you are
i want you to know that
it is okay not to be okay
it is okay to feel salty tears on your cheeks,
traveling down your face.
reaching out can be scary
but it is okay to ask for help
although you may not know now
there are people that care about you

show up and do it.
i love you.
just keep going.
very cliché, but very important.

just keep going. ♡
But what is really going on
Can you really tell me?
Or are you just hoping I'll buy the story's you tell me
Your nonsense makes no sense
So I doubt that you can help me

But go ahead and talk
Tell me you schemes
But I'm not really there
I'm away in my dreams
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