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Nylee Oct 11
Hey brain,
You are empty at this moment in time
Not speaking back is a good thing,
Concentrating on typing out the words
That I am dictating in my mind.

Other times you won't take a moment's rest
To think about every possible scenarios to tear me apart
Is this your favourite hobby
Troubling me?
Oh brain, be patient with me.

Hey brain
You work tirelessly all around the body
Why don't you care about my mental well being too
You are me and I am you
But I am more than just you.

Brain, you know me well
and I know a little of you too, brain
sometimes, I can tell
most times you take me to
deep corners of brain,
I get lost in there, drown myself in.

I'd like to introduce to my soul, oh brain
Learn a thing or two from it
That guy is peaceful indeed
A good company to keep
only true words, it'll speak
Isn't that guy amazing

Brain, you are genius,
untapped to full potential,
I am not that capable,
not now at least,
Give me time, brain,
I need rest, it is twelve past twelve

Hey brain,
The world is out to get you and me
You cannot side with the other side
Be careful, there are traps outside
We'll get ****** in,
and the life will be ****** out
and then morning will knock me out.

Hey brain,
Breathe, let's sleep.

Oh Brain! There?
It shouldn’t be what I expect from you
It’s only what you can expect from me
It’s time I’ve become worth my compliments
But if I take a second to be honest
It only feels like we’re saying words
Like we’re speaking, but never talking
How can I get to your heart,
If you don’t open your mind for me?
I’m sure that’s the point,
But in due time, we’ll figure it out.
Norman Crane Aug 26
I have said all that's to be said,
And you have listened,
And I have listened,
To the end, gaining what?
Our words are co-absurd,
Inexpressive turds of information,
Dung heap of nonsense,
Good will with perfect enunciation,
But crawling with itch, twitch and head-nod,
In place of mutual understanding,
A babelmist of manners and small talk,
In which we are umbrella-less,
Soggy with positivity,
But it's for the best, I guess,
Have a good day, till tomorrow then?
Finally! Until, tomorrow, we say it all over again.
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
As I sit across from you, lost in conversation and coffee
I get an unexpected feeling.
But oh, how my soul knew.
In the middle of spring, and without any warning
Sunlight rushes through.

But outside it was raining.
I was pleasantly confused.

So days and weeks I float through.
And on an ordinary Wednesday,
Lost again in conversation and coffee.
I realized... the Sunlight I feel is you.
©KSS 4/2018
Gabs Aug 12
Beating out of my chest even.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Lips Quivering,
Teeth lightly nibbling the inner lining of my mouth.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Clouded Vision,
Constant tears dripping down my cheek.
Deep breath in, deep breath up.

Hands Trembling,
Objects easily slipping from my grasp.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Unruly Speech,
Unwanted whispers rolling off my tongue.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Limited Oxygen,
Panting heavily in a struggle for air.
Deep breath…




Why must we always take a breath?
Why must we be forced to push away our emotions,
Masking them with the habitual action of meditative respiring?
Why must we always breathe in, breathe out?

But are we really disguising our emotions?

Are we not just calming the soul,
Clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts and anxieties?
Are we not just providing ourselves with healing,
Alleviation from the painful memories engulfing the mind?


Yes, we are.


Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Quiet the pounding of your heart.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Tranquilize the tremulousness of your lips.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Stop the flow of your once never ending stream of tears.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Relax the overactivity of your limbs.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Replace your anxious whispers with peaceful meditations.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Rectify your oxygen flow.

Don’t mask your emotions,
Regulate your responsiveness.
Evaluate your situation.
Intelligently weigh your decisions.
Dominate your way of thinking.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

It works.

I promise.
nom de plume Aug 10
"you're kind of a a *****", he says, kicking a rock with his shoe.

"big talk coming from you," i respond, my shoe scuffling in the dirt, "at least i don't wear stupid t-shirts."

it's all i got. i don't have much in my arsenal toward this kid, no matter how much i want to hate him. he walks a little bit ahead of me on the path. he talks a little bit too loud. the messy brown curls falling down his back need to be brushed.
"you should brush your hair more," i tell him, and he laughs, but it quickly falls into an overly-exaggerated annoyed groan.

"you're gonna hate hearing this," he laughs again, quieter this time, "but you sound exactly like my mom. our mom."

"you should be nicer to her, too," i say.

"you should be nicer to her, actually," he says, rolling his eyes, "because i can already tell you're not much better."

i laugh at that. i wasn't expecting him to be so sassy.

he turns to look at me. my face, a young, chubby face, awkward with buck teeth and pale skin.

"why do i laugh less?" he asks, "in the future, i mean." he's stopped walking, to look fully at me, awaiting an answer, expectant.

"i don't know," i genuinely don't, "you just get sadder. not like, sadder in a bad way, because you know you're not as sad as you used to be, and you know that you're doing great and it's all there and you should just be happy but you can see all the way you have left to go, but you already walked the whole way here, and you're... tired. you're just a lot more tired."

"oh," he says, before frowning and turning back around, "alright."

we emerge from the forest and walk toward the gas station.

the young girl buys a can of arizona tea and walks back to church, where his youth group is.

the young girl pays for his gas and goes back to his car.
It was the end of the day.
the sun was saying its final goodbyes.
All the men were going home to a nice dinner
not me, I went home to a deafening silence.
As I prepared for tomorrow, you messaged me,
asking me how I was doing and how much my muscles ached.
As the conversation continued, I felt the fatigue of the day wash away as we talked into the night.
and when we said our final goodnights, I felt ready to face tomorrow.
this is a little something I whipped up for a tiny writing competition with the theme of friendship. I decided to post it here because it turned out better than expected
Maria Etre Jul 10
Our conversation
turned to quotes
in someone else's
Shayloves Jul 9
I am lost in thought
Some one will have to catch me up later..
Sure, I’ll pretend I was listening with a hmmm mmm here and a nod there..
but really, I’m on a journey...
a retreat for my mind ...
from this mundane conversation...
so I’ll treat myself with this little trip...
just about riiiiight here* in this very one-sided “exchange”
so boring I may as well be elsewhere...
anywhere but here...
you prate on and on...
self-absorbed, as am I...
So preoccupied with your chatter...
you don’t even seem to notice that you’re talking to yourself
For those who have ever found yourself in a boring, one-sided “conversation”
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