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aneeshans Nov 3
I have an adobe where I run
whenever I want to be in solitude
I call it my one word poem
Between a meadow and a lemon tree
along a grasslands edge.
Where everything in the world
become quite and wither away.

You are the tranquil stillness
after the rumbling of a stormy storm
the forgiving words that fills my sky
and caresses a burned soul

You become a rain
in an endless conversation
Sometimes a road map
to the world unfolds
With a touch
When I leave I leave
A slice of an umbrella  
We hold nothing
But a deep kiss
In your unseen soul
“I have a question.”
“Why is it that the more connected we are, the less connection we have for each other?”
“I...don’t really know.”
“Maybe....because they value phones and social media more than people?”
“I don’t know”
“Or....maybe they place their identity on them too.”
“I Guess.”
“I don’t really know.”
“What If.....the people in this world don’t actually know the ‘friends’ they are sitting beside in during recess or while hanging out.”
“Maybe....i mean, isn’t hanging out supposed to be about spending time with each other, directly, and not i guess, with their phones, or through their phones...is it?”
“I fear about the future.”
“Why is that?”
“Well, what if my children, or other people’s children...”
“Basically the next generation,”
“Ye, the next generation wont actually know what actual friends are, like being trapped in mechanical boxes with those weird things on...what is it called? Oh right, VR headsets. And then they live in those boxes.”
“I don’t know....”
“I just want people to talk to each other, WITHOUT their heads down on the phone and eyes glued to the screen....like the kampong days...”

Hope y’all got something from dis
And so my heart says again to my mind....

Brain I think I ****** up again...

He replies...

Why are we doing this again..

The last time you let these gates down the last person took everything we had..

The bare blueprint of your soul you showed it to her...

And Now she shares that layout with someone else...

820,800 minutes of long days rippling through an endless ricochet of deafening sounds through this lonely room echoing off the walls...

Don’t ****** do it to us again...

And My heart replies “may I speak?”

Because for that time you have silenced me...

Those days gone alone you ignored me..

Remember when I felt that feeling when that song came on you told me to shut up...

But not  now not for her....

She’s different....

She’s better...

**** she’s honestly the best...

Like a home made remedy for my heart and mind she has cured and overfilled the cracked layers of the forcefully removed hole dug into my foundation...

You’re selfish...

You think all about yourself and now that someone has come along you want to ruin it....

She deserves better than us....

Yet she’s here....

Have you not seen her smile or the way she is in deep thought wondering what is on your mind...

Dude she thought of you....

How lucky for you to even be on her mind to ask what my heart is feeling is something I haven’t heard...

The word love is tossed around like rag doll I never even know what people mean anymore....

Bob Marley once said

“You say you love rain, but you use an umbrella to walk under it. You say you love sun, but you seek shelter when it is shining. You say you love wind, but when it comes you close your windows. So that's why I'm scared when you say you love me.”

She’s different....

The amount of reassurance she provides I’ve never felt before...

She doesn’t know this but her smile makes me feel again...

I’m no longer numb from the hurt I felt before....

Like an anesthetic she’s just put me to sleep and all my worries have silenced...

Mind you can’t tell me that you’re not feeling this too....

Because the moment she said “I got you always” you knew you’ll always get her too....
inspired by one of the greatest people I’ve met in life. Kena
Absent Smile Oct 20
The solar system that keeps us in its grasp,
shall never let us go or allow us to meet the past.
I watch through the windows and look to the sky.
But between memories of stars that night collects,
And of gloom that hides in moons;
I have yet to find Saturn whose gases weigh more than my worth,
and dress with diviner rings that I could bear.

But Saturn,
I fear that one day my search for you will end
without us meeting and having a nonsensical conversation.
"How have you come to a place like this?
Your state, your existence, how can it be?
Would you like some tea?
No? That's fine,
everything is perfectly fine with you."

I have watch that moon and seen those stars shine through darkness.
It has been lonely but I now wish for you to be reflected in my eyes,
I promise,
I swear,
I give honor on my words,
I will not let you leave my sight.
Let me find my place in the universe,
one where I can see you.
He wanted to go to the mountains and breathe in peace with a cup of coffee to witness the beautiful sunrise.

She wanted to go far away and drown into the waters for she loved the sea. A place where she can relax and adore the sunset.
You, above all else
are a lesson in fate.
What more evidence do I need than my life with you?
We both took a gamble:
a name,
a notification.
A chat left to chance.
Who could have known you'd be so vital?
You are the air that I breathe,
the quiet whispers in the night time
when everything sleeps but us.
How lucky I am
that the universe brought me you.
My boyfriend and I have known each other for 8 years (dated 2) and have never met. We met on IMVU because I liked his hat. I never realized someone so far away could create in me such feelings.
Stop me if you've heard this before
but I feel this feeling fleeting,
running opposite me
to lands unknown
where lost dreams go to die.
Why are words so fickle? Leaving at the lightest touch,
the barest hint of anything new.
A world, undiscovered,
lies within a place I can reach only when I am most bare.
My purest form of self,
mewling and screaming,
pulls from me this insatiable insanity.
Yet with the slightest digression my sleeves roll themselves down
and it's gone again.
I am lost into reality like some suited being,
honking at the other monkeys in futile attempts to make up for lost time.
Was it worth it?
Is that loss of captivation worth an ounce of conversation?
Bring me back to that place.
I want to feel the pen warming between my fingers again.
That smooth ink feel on dead, life-giving friends.
Is this the closest I can get to holiness?
Emily Sep 27
[How high is it?]

I’m not exactly sure—how tall are you?
[I’m about as tall as I’ll ever be—one day soon, I’ll probably start shrinking. I’ve heard that happens when you get older.]

[Well, you say? How deep is it?]

It’s hard to tell, since I never used it for water.
[Deep wells are best—why I still remember the drought of ‘34 and all the trips we made to the neighbor’s well after ours dried up.]

I’m sure those were quite the days, but how are you today?
[Today? Today I do as I please...so long as I’m pleased to do as I’m suppos’d to.]

That sounds like a good strategy.
[Thanks. You’re welcome to adopt it—I won’t even charge you for it.]

How generous of you. Thanks. You have a good day now, ok?
[I hope to, because every day above ground is a good day.]
Inspired by and compiled from conversations with my Grandpa, who lived with my family during my formative years. He’s the first literalist I ever met and frequently said: “You talk so much, you talk so much, you worry me to death.”
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