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Diving in the crowds and the city light,
Upon a gleaming girl gazed my eyesight,
Who looked like a star in this gloomy night,
Standing there to share with me her delight.
  I said: ''Who are you in this paradise?''
  ''***** names. Be a freak like me, too.'' She said.

With looks, her walk, her talk which I admire,
Her eyes were burning with aflame desire,
Who was not a red flame, but blue fire,
Who through times of the night did not tire.
  I said: 'What have they shown or seen those eyes?'
  ''I only show them to a few.'' She said.

Though we stood in the cold, it felt like spring
Every time I saw there her gleaming being,
Being busy with the dancing and singing
With lovely pleasures she was fondly bringing.
  I said: ''From where does your passion arise?''
  ''My love's full of fire and true.'' She said.

We were strangers who held their honeymoon,
Hoping that the sun would not arise soon,
Chanting with our love a sonorous tune,
Like the shining cities under the moon.
  I said: ''This passion, how does it surprise?''
  ''Like scorching flames turn to blue.'' She said.

Like many others in these lit cities,
We were embraced by the sweet summer breeze,
And gambled with kisses in reveries,
And dwelt after them in sweet memories.
  I said: ''Why would it not stay here, this prize?''
  ''Cause I don't own a debt to you.'' She said.

On her lips, a cigarette she held there,
Who exhaled whispers that most would not dare,
Ensorcelling my ears without a care,
Who was for pleasure fine, and not despair.
  I said: ''Like smoke they'll disappear these sighs.''
  ''And leave us at dawn with no clue.'' She said.

And after all the talk and all the play,
I still wanted her sweet presence to stay,
And not keep her for a night nor day,
But to share together our road and way.
  I said: ''Am I the only one who cries?''
  ''Did I not tell that we'd be blue?'' She said.
Fleeting lives, fleeting loves.
M-E 5d
Heart:  Mind, remind him
             to buy a box of chocolate,
             a teddy bear, a postcard
             and remind him of the visit.

Mind: shut up, Heart. He is
            passing by a financial
            breakdown. plus,
            didn't you hear?

Heart: hear what?

Mind:  seriously, Heart. the whole day
            and he is repeating the same CD.
            I am single. I am single..
            no love for the poor guy.

Heart: What The Ba-Dum
             is that all you got, Mind.
             remind him of God. remind him
              of his Mother and dad.
               remind him of his family
                and best friends. remind him
                 of self-love and love for the
                  sake of love. Do your Job or
                   I will throw you from above.

Mind is speechless and so do I, listening to the conversation of Heart and Mind.
Love is not for a day, love is everyday.
I simply don't believe, and I will not obtain anything from nothingness!

Oh, don't be like the fools you decry with ardor!

I believe I am true to myself.

You lie with illusions, feast on your own brain.

Feeding my beliefs in admittedly macabre manners.

Have you lost your sextant, sailor? Where is the lighthouse of your mind? Who has locked your benevolent gate?
The most intimate action
you can have with a woman
is deep conversation
*** is just the resolution
Do you remember
All the roads we’ve walked together,
With hands in hands,
When you used to whisper my name,
In my ears,
Do you remember
The days
When we didn’t need
Any reason to stay together,
We were happy the
Way we were
When we used to sit in coffee shops
For hours and hours,
When we didn’t need
Any words to speak,
Do you remember?
Because I do,
And the worst part,
I think I always will………
Lily Jan 28
~I love how when we talked today, there were no awkward pauses. There was just comfortable silence; can it please be like that everyday?~
I love talking with you
R Jan 23
Please sugget me a book.
I'm tired of reading our old conversation.
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