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Elizz Apr 10
Weathered round top
And a steady beat
Sometimes that's all you need

A metronome ticks
Reminding me of band
The curve of my French horn

This wasn't supposed to last
Finger printed love poems
Skip the fire stage

Straight to ash
It could've been fixed you weren't wrong
I know that I didn't draw these lines on this map the right way

Crooked and scrambled
I'm not going to say sorry though
Sometimes things aren't supposed to make it

And that's ok
Because it's just the experiences
That have peeked out from behind a rock
Sap covered lessons
That stick to us when we walk away

I'm fine
Happier even

Raven feathers descend
Upon this still pitched mirror
Ridiculously puffy clouds

Reflect back to this cornea
Everything is alright

And I will gladly indulge
In this tranquil water
For however long

It chooses to stay
nadine Mar 15
there was a girl who cried wolf;
it echoes from the hollows of crevices
until it inevitably comes back to her --
it only welcomes her with silence.

and i stand there and watch
as she continues to cry wolf.

the river -
gushing, flowing, full of life -
it stops to listen to her wishes.

the wind -
withdraws from crafting a tempest
and stills.

planted in my own roots,
i sit and hear her howls of desperation.

now, sans woe bellows
from her sunken cheeks,
frail body clad in loneliness.
a ghost of a smile
marrs her rose-colored face.

"liberated," she said, "i wish to be liberated."
silence comes back to greet her.
Phantom Poet Dec 2018
2 and half days I have been high,
Went to an internship interview high,
I woke up that day and smoked,
Told everyone bye,
And walked out feeling stoked,
Walked in the rain all the way home,
I was lost many times,
But then I just wanted to roam,
Bought a bunch of food,
Went climbing Everest,
The experience is just to good,
When it wears off,
It's the scariest,
I feel lost,
Empty and broken,
When high,
I have everything I need in life,
I go on dates in my mind,
Fight bad guys,
Get stabbed,
And I'm just lying on the bed,
I wish I could stay high forever,
I can just get the person I want,
As my wife,
This is reality,
This is the second Life
I ran out of supply and am busy so had to stop the experience
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He lived a perfect life.
He was good, unselfish, affluent.
And they thought he was happy.
He smiled, laughed.
But inside, he always knew.
His life was a lie.
He lived a life good for two.
Yet, he loved truly.
That's the only truth he knew.
And all they had was a note after.
Written were his woe, his joy, his wish, himself.
He was then beside the Moon feeling her warmth,
embracing her beam.
His empty sorrows ended.
He was finally liberated.
I would like to dedicate this entry to our LGBT brothers and sisters who are still persecuted by society because of their preferences. And are still living a life that's expected of them because of these persecutions. I was inspired in writing this after reading a book where the main character's father committed suicide after his daughter discovered who he really was. He didn't want to live a life of lie anymore and wanted to be true to himself but he also didn't want to destroy the family he built. He was torn between his family and himself. He couldn't take it anymore so he decided to end it forever and just left a note for her daughter saying he'd always love her.
Sean Achilleos Oct 2018
The liberation that comes
When learning to say NO
One of the least used words
Yet one of thé most powerful

What will they say you think
Afraid to disappoint
What will they think you wonder

A heavy black cloud to be lifted from your shoulders
When suddenly to utter the word NO
Written by Sean Achilleos 25 October 2018©
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Druzzayne Rika Jan 2018
Get me to be
a soul liberated
from every
it could be.

I want to want
nothing from anywhere
not want to get
by things unnecessary
get myself bound to
what will be my

The soul needs nothing
it is to be free
but my own flaws
have made it
not so
that it could go
as it pleases

What is that one really needs
with no one else be depleted
all the seed, sign of lives
but with greed
everything dies

Devoid of true knowledge
what is I seek
I see myself so very weak
my vision so blinded
my eyes itself closes
that I cannot see

the lies will bite
the anger will burn
my own journey
with karma
it will come back on me
I wait
as I expect them
coming to me

My sins who will wash for me?

my thoughts
why they never sided me
they followed the down path
got me to fuss on things
over all the nothings
never mattered to me

the body detoriates
every day, every second passes

My mind forget
what it remembers
I speak no tales, but riddles
what sense
I try to formulate

This time who will be
the one to get it to decode
the mysteries
the real truths
which could liberate
but to think deeper
what really is
the answer lies very deep within
much closer than
who you are actually really.
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