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Keerthi Kishor Sep 2019
If you want to get into someone’s head,
Have a sneak peek on slices of his life,

Get into his room.
Because personal space don’t lie.
Ickabobroe Mar 2019
I tried to be a secret agent
I smuggled the keys to your heart
Little did I know
You had changed the lock
Haylin Oct 2018
When you see someone you like get asked out, you might be upset.
You would probably do whatever you can to keep them apart.
But if you stop to observe, they might realize that they would rather with their friends than some person.

You just gotta learn to trust your friends.
And cherish the moments you have with your friends.
That part of your life will be gone before you know it.
Don’t grow up quicker than you need to.
mjad May 2018
The back door is unlocked so you can make yourself at home around noon

My parents are out and my friends don't need to know about you

It will just be me and you and exactly whatever you want to do

Grab me hold me kiss me throw me have me love me, see the night through

It's half past noon

Just me and you
Ron May 2018
Always at night
When the thoughts flood my head
Keeping me up
Thinking bad things instead
I try to force them all out
Though they sneak their way in
Night after night
Again and again
mjad Mar 2018
You know. . .
I used to cry about you. . .
But, now I have the sudden urge to thank you.

Because if not for you, I wouldn't be curled up next to the hottest guy I've ever snuck over while my parents are out,

And I wouldn't be having the adrenaline pump through my veins while his hands mess about.

If not for you, I wouldn't be smiling from ear to ear because he mocks how badly you messed up letting me go,

And I wouldn't be in his arms while he swings me around promising to see me tomorrow.

So thank you for messing up so badly that it has allowed me to finally grasp how to live my life so happily
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Demons…by Jessie

Out amongst the unseen, there is a force that lurks

Attempting to disrupt my life and gum up all the works

Hiding underneath the rocks, in shadows cold and black

Waiting for the proper time to engage a sneak attach

These sneaky little demons, vile as they can be

Cut me off before I start, right below the knees

Just as I am lead to think, I’m going to get ahead

They change the course of fortune, and kick me in the head

I’m on to you Oh demon seeds; I know your tricky games

You’ll have me looking stupid, you’ll have me feeling shamed

I know just how to beat you; I’ll flank you from the side

I am after you now demon… run you demon, hide
Elise Jackson May 2017
"pain comes and goes,
leaves and stays.

but he is the one who makes you forget you were ever in pain.

he never goes,
he just stays.

no matter where ever he is,
the feeling of his skin on yours never leaves.

his lips,
his fingers,
his voice

it never leaves."
"Bent" 2017
Elise Jackson May 2017
"if you want angry, blackout drunk fueled fights with strangers,
that's what he'll give you.

if you want nostalgic, sugar-filled summer sunsets,
he'll give it to you.

if you want to sleep into the late afternoon and whisper during breakfast,
that's what he'll give you.

if you want police knocking on the door at 2 am after an assault report,
he'll give it to you.

but if you want him to choke you, shove you, even strike you,
he won't.

because the last thing he'd ever want on this planet is to hurt you.

but he'd definitely hurt anyone that'd try to hurt you."
"Bent" 2017
Mrs Robota Apr 2017
Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
A time out in the corner flashes before my eyes
When my first grade teacher forbade me from going outside
But wouldn’t tell me what I had done wrong
What had I done wrong?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
I snuck out of bed at midnight
A soft carpet welcomed my feet
Promising a silence that wouldn’t disturb sweet lullabies
I was watching with wide eyes, screaming within crowds
Till it was over
Why did it have to be over?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
Loneliness is my greatest tragedy
A malicious motivator
Second place didn’t matter as long as I had a place
You granted me moments
But left me on the swing
I walked home while the emptiness within my chest
Mirrored the gray winter days
Why did you leave me?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
Umbrella abandoned by the ocean
Little children collecting seashells
An elderly batch are playing chess
Until the sun sets
But I’ll be sitting by the ocean
As days like this hold my mind
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