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Hi its me again
Yes the one that hears your pain
Had a tough week?
Minds restless and could not sleep

Maybe music could help
Makes you reflect pieces of yourself
Don't wander into the void
Into the emptiness of a world destroyed

Calm your nerves down
Praying, crying, hoping it will turn around
Now slowly drift away
Into a dream and keep your demons at bay
Demons of the past caught up
It's funny how it always turns out it's always you it's always you
You're the one who captivates my soul makes me hope for more
Staying away has been hard but it's what I've had to do
To see if you really cared if you really wanted more
Now I just don't know I just don't know
Will we ever be more than we were before
I guess I honestly just don't know I just don't know
But here I am wanting you waiting for you
Time has been
passing by
So when will I hear from you I guess I just don't know I just don't know
© Jennifer L DeLong  🦏2/27/2021
karly codr Feb 18
i try not to get my hopes up
for something
that could never happen
but no matter how many times
i tell myself
that i can't get my hopes up
i do
and i end up getting disappointed
every time
there was a possibility that i could get a full ride scholarship to the school that I've been wanting to go to for at least 3 years, but I didn't get it and now i'm disappointed in myself because even though it wasn't my decision, i didn't do good enough to get the scholarship
J Feb 1
hmmm hm hmmm

you've left again,
and truth be told it's best
so don't tell me that you love me still
that you just need to get some things in your head straight

hmm hm hmm

because you had your head on the entire time
you just wanted to rest it for a while
and I was your soft pillow
a punching bag if you must
you flipped me around when I was too hot
you seem to always like me better when I'm cool
my silence will always be reassuring
the heat will make you nervous.

hmm hm hmm

I cope by talking
so let me talk to people that are like you
my ex
girls that have wanted me from the beginning, am I really
that charming?
I have three, four if you're counting the girl i sent nudes to last night
i'm disgusting
I should have kissed her in that bathroom, you know.
i should have took advantage of the situation
I don't like that you're the last person my lips tasted

hmm hm hmmm

running my fingers across the keyboard
they dance in a rhythm only I can figure out
I've got plans, a future, and a pack of cigarettes waiting for me at home
I should have listened when people said to stay away from you
I'm mad because you let me believe you when you said
i love you
because i always meant it
i love you more, most, forever and always, that was the promise, the deal.
I was supposed to be loved by you and you alone.
and you for me.
maybe you left

hmm hm hmmm hm

because you have other people that you want.
but you'll never in your life find someone like me
but maybe that's good because
hell I know that i'm actually very toxic.
i've heard it all before
i'm too sensitive.
these are truths
i'll fix it.
i'll get better.
and you will too

hmm hm hmmm

i shouldn't still be writing about you. i've been broken for a while
but it feels easier now.
i can just pretend that you don't exist, that's easier for me
that is how i have to cope now.
after Justin, i thought i wouldn't love
i should have focused on getting hurt again.
i know that it's possible now.
well sorta.
after him, i went numb.
hell. what am i ever talking about
i guess what i'm meaning to say is
we'll be a lot happier without each other
at least we were long distance.
you don't have to see me or hear me everyday.
I have you blocked on social media for that reason.
but i can't block your number
i like knowing that you'll come back eventually.
and if not knowing, then hoping
when you find out what you've ****** up don't be textin' my phone
i like you better when you leave me alone.

hmm mhm hm
we broke up again, but this time i think that it will actually last.
Double King Dec 2020
You chose me first.
We spent and treasure memories together.

I saw how your eyes sparkled the time we met.
I took care of you.
I offered home to your homeless heart,

We spent hundreds of night together with each other's embrace.
We walked together, watching every footsteps we left on the sand that we walked on.

I care, you don't.
I just realised, I assume.

Your eyes never sparkle that way to her when you saw me.
But her, you do.

I let go of your hand that ties our fate;
I'll let go, but I wish you would feel guilt
And comeback to me.
I hope that's the reality.

I made myself believe that you'll turn around,
Chase me and hug me like you did before,
But you never did.
Chris Dec 2020
Let me write
This is how I live

This is how I fight
This is how I stay alive

This is how I survive the nights

The world is terrifying..

I've no other way to be alright..
G Dec 2020
"Uyyy, it's u"

And that's when I had a bit of a chance on you;
m a k a y l a Dec 2020
it's a desire of mine
to be free from freedom
to be one with everything
to be nothing at all

it's a desire of mine
to run with the wind
to sink into the earth
to stand at the foot of you

it's a desire of mine
to give in to the sun
to feel the air
to be nothing at all
Kathleen Nov 2020
If I could have one moment
Just a second of your time
A smile
If I could just talk to you
For  one second
A smile
If I could hold your hand
For  one second
A smile
I'd have all this for just one second more
For today I have
No smile
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