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I’ve got the fire
You got the talent
I’ve got the looks
But soon every man was head over heels for you

I’ve always gotten everything my way
Yet you fought for everything.
I have always lived lavishly
Yet you live hustling for everything you have.

When we met, I knew something was unique about you
I’ve tried to bring you down.
Yet you stood your ground.
I wanted to bring the flames of fire within me
You brought it higher than me.
And now I’m just a fire that’s burning without a flame.
I would be forever known as the Lost Flame.
chang cosido Sep 17
Someday doesn't mean reassurance -
a pocket for small , frail hopes.
Someday means someday will arrive.

Make her a dress.
With your own two hands.
Out of nothing and everything.

When someday comes,
make her beautiful
for yourself.
Lane O Aug 19
Even when I unravel,
hope still hangs on by a
Egø PrOfETa Jul 30
Being pushed to the limits
of being tried and tested,

A journey pass the point of
no return

But there's no turning back
or looking back,

Only slight hesitation because my
vision is blurred

As I try to see what is clearly out there
beyond the clear open..

Fearfully wish'n and hoping that my
fears won't cause me to, crash and burn

But when will I ever learn that I'm
still, far to weak to fly?

I guess I'm far too weak, so I seek to
satisfy a more familiar urge

Which leaves me spent, submerged in guilt, feeling far too weak to cry

So I lie down for many days and
weeks at a time, unable to decide

Should I live?
Should I die?

As the world goes by... I Sigh
Smh.. There's so much old and worn excess baggage for me to unpack and sort through
Rachel Jul 15
For I cannot bear to cut you off
I will live with the open sores
Waiting for a word from you
To be finally restored
I wish I didn't sow the seed to my own destruction
series of questions are tangled in my head
consisting of why and what ifs
heart is breaking into pieces every second of time
but still, here i am, waiting and hoping.
i'm gonna wait for you munggo.
Tryniti Jun 20
I don’t know what it means
But it’s something beautiful for sure
Giving me your all, no in-betweens
A little bruised, a little used, yet so pure

I looked up and saw you grin
A smile that touched my blue heart
Your kindness like a gentle wind
Slowly, tenderly, picking me apart

Soothing my wounds, helping me breathe
Building me up, dismantling my fear
Showing me the way to feel free
It’s so much easier when you’re here

Wondering where you’ve always been
Laughing, talking, touching, flowing
Nurturing the hidden tigress within
Helping, hoping, healing, knowing

A force for good, to which I’ve clung
The power you wield over me is strong and steady
Oh please, let loose your silvery tongue!
I was always here for you, and I now I am ready

To give in, and to let go
Let you color in the black
Watch it heal, let it grow
Show me you, and don’t hold back
Written 4.9.2020
Allesha Eman Jun 10
You anxiously pace the room
As you sit still lost in thought
Caught in a time loop
Running back and forth
Between your ambitions and anxieties
Your heart is constantly racing
As your mind is overthinking
You are lost in the present's darkness
Hoping to find your future
Somewhere in your past mistakes

The moon vanishes
As you surround yourself with anxiety
Whenever you turn your head
Towards a past shaded with regret

So, settle your restless heart
Turn towards the sky
Do you see it waiting?
Like a dim lamp
Waiting for recognition
Like a gift that will illuminate
The night that has fallen
Over your dreams

Destiny will smile at you once again.
The drought that has infected your heart
Will be washed away
With showers that rain down from your ambitions
Jace Joseph Jun 3
Everyone starts to THINK SO BIG
We get [closed] in our [minds]

        ?                            ?
But I wonder dumber things
?                      ?                         ?

              how         clouds
  Like                do          feel
I              they­­      look           fluffy
    mean        just            so

Yet I'm still glued to the

         ­                                              s
                  ­                                 ud
Forever reaching for the c
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