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thesa 1d
i never learnt how to swim
yet here i am
with my head under water
and my clothes soaking wet

that the sea is more honest
with those who are willing to drown
Sa bawat araw nananabik ako
makita ka kahit sandali
di mapigilan ang aking nadarama
sa tuwing hawak ko ang iyong  mga kamay

Pipikit at sasayaw sa mga alala
na tayo lang dalawa ang nakakaalam
mga tawanan ,kulitan at harutan
naiisip ko na sana dito nalang tayo

Dito... sa tabi ko mag kasama ikaw at ako
nakapulupot sa mga yakap ko
sabay bulong na nandito lang ako
pero lahat pala may dulo

dahil sa mundong ito lahat pala ay hiram
na pwede mawala kahit anong oras at panahon
at kung bibigyan ako bumalik sa kahapon
mamahalin kita ulit
  at hinde sasayangin ang pag kakataon....
Still in love with you <3
Kaede Aug 7
Maybe that is the saddest part of your story

He just waited for you to leave, to give up, to lose hope.

But you didn't. You will not.

But he already thought you finally did.
Was it my fault again?
acacia Jul 22
She looked away into the orange clementine space
forgoing her right as a human to smile—and I always hear it: she can express it very elegantly when she wants to;
she never wanted to before; perhaps she's fearful of expressing it,
or, maybe she's fearful of elegance: but she prefers not worrying of it
(always thinking about herself, if she chooses to worry):
I will gladly evaporate into the air, feeling my very limbs coagulate
with the particles in the air, no longer breathing but being breath,
Nevermore fearing the height because I am the length

I don't need to see this landscape, and I don't want to see this scenery:
(I don't belong): let me help with more important matters like
your mindless matter, and your transcending hope:
I am not of this plane with the long lashes, the small noses,
the deep hills and wide valleys:
I flip, turn, and rotate amongst the night clouds
and rise with the afternoon grass: I sit perched like morning dew
I am the thread in the stitching, I am the needle dancing around slim
limbs: I am the absence of light, I am what makes light: I am what shakes.

You can dream there, right there, in her ******, I will have no part.
I will be the mustard grains, I will be the sand grains.
You can dance there, right there, in his ******, I will have no part.
I will be the impact, I will be the gravity.

Let me cry in peace:
leave me alone! I think it's time to go, it's time to fall into
a warm clear sea. Let me be!
I don't want to talk, I don't want to see you! I want to get out of here:
get me out of this atmosphere! Let me roam and hop there.
I don't want to see You or you or anyone.
Let me avoid you all in the sun while the bride closes off:
let the door close on me, lock me out.
I won't be coming back, for I do not care. I cannot care. I detached myself from the third date of July, June, August, May, September, and April. I detach myself.
(Time to leave.)
Your time is almost over, say what you Must now.
You won't get the chance to do this again.
I don't want the feeling or the smell of her or him on you, of you:
I won't have any happiness around the pond. I must bathe in the ground, lift the ground, pull the bottom. I must bury into.
I must vow silence. I must for my heart, for who I am.
I want to look away. I will look away from you all. I don't want
my head full of lies. This makes me feel okay for monopolizing this whole poem. Illusions, software — you're shallow.
She is not an animal! Forget it, your time is up. Go away! Leave me be!

Better day than yesterday: ***** men like you won't infect me: boys, you **** me every day; boys, don't scare me. Girls, they hurt me the most; girls, I look away from you, and yet you still look my way: don't follow me. I forgot how to love myself because of you: there's no need to rely on a useless crutch of a man like you, a shallow stream of a woman like you: you all will make me late for class, again. I will not see what you say, I will not hear what you say. I've allowed this for too long.

I don't need you to tell me how to be:
I don't want you: I will not rely upon imperfect men. I don't want you: I will not rely upon imperfect women.
I am here, I am here, and I will sculpt.

I'm grounded.  I ground myself. I'm here in Earth and I need to be lifted away to space: call me by name one more time before I go, I want to forget you and your memories: let me erase mankind from my aching and brutal heart: the truth is I don't want any of you: you'd never love me, for I want your complete love. I want your whole love: I don't want pieces or fragments. You must really love me, huh? I'm not playing around, no more back and forth. Don't be so cruel, how can you be cruel?
I KNOW IT HURTS! BUT WE ALL MUST DETACH SOME DAY! I WILL DO IT NOW! I must be better myself, I must give to myself first. I must be aware. I must climb up the ladders and see Heaven for myself: I must find Her, I must meet my Soul, I must consult my Higher Self. Complete love I give to myself and I will give to You all. I need to calm down. I need to breathe. And I need to remember what makes us human: I must continue to see the beauty in you. You must really love me, don't you?

Entering Mosaic Law and please leave Me be, I'm tired of your taunts: you always get what you want: Everyone Disgusts me and No one is Satisfied, so I must turn away from all of You: learn self-control: you're ***** and the **** of the Earth —I am ashamed: bad! You make me cry: I don't want to: I don't need anybody: I don't believe you: Running away from you, and from all the **** looks: I'm never going back, never turning back; you'll never make me: I'm Hurt. I'm hurting, you know?
Fatimah W Jul 9
As I’m lying on bed tonight,
Staring blankly at the ceiling,
My thoughts reach you.

I go to the page where we last talk,
It didn’t end well,
I want to do it again.

But I know I won’t be able to bring myself to you again.

I figure you’re happy now.
I figure you have someone by your side.
I figure you don’t speak of me anymore.
Yeah, I already figured that much.

I hope she loves you as much as I do or even more.
I hope she makes you smile at the end of your tiring day.
I hope she is kind to you.
I hope your mom likes her.
Because she doesn’t like me </3

Treat her well,
Listen to her,
Tell her how much she means to you,
Don’t let her go.

I love you, and I shall pray the best for you.
I guess once you really love someone, you cannot un-love them no matter how hard you tried. I really can’t forget him.
I never thought that I would see the world in your eyes.
You filled the vast space of my world with your bright spectrum.
Your smile creeps into my heart, your laughter echoes repeatedly into every nerve of my body.
You've poisoned my very soul with so much happiness, happiness that not even in my wildest dream will warm my frozen heart.
Happiness that calms my chaos.
Happiness that I'm very willing to take under whatever circumstances.
Happiness that I found and will always find in you.
My constant you.
Bhill Jul 1
Waiting for the bus to arrive
Hoping to go away and thrive
Seeing the world in other places
Wanting to be in different spaces

Learning about all kinds of things
Searching around to see what it brings
Having the chance to see life dance
Maybe, just maybe, take a whole new stance

Life has ways to move right along
I want to be there to learn its new song
It's been so long that I could be free
The happy inside just wants to see...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 161
What's next in your life?.
an0nym0us Jun 25
A museum of art
Filled with wonderful crafts
Each present messages
But one left me at awe.

It possess a distinct style
Such beauty, its the heart of the place
I admired its fairness
I know nothing can best it.

But sadly, it couldn't stay for too long
Someone have bought it,
Someone else owns the painting.
I am never able to see it again.

A long time has already passed
But the truth is, I still admire that piece
Still hoping, I am longing to see it
I wish to see it again, Christian.
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