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If I stop my own heart,
will it stop loving you?
Will it stop hoping for you?
Will it stop longing for you?
Will it stop missing you?

If I stop my own heart,
will you start loving me too?
Will you start hoping for me?
Will you start longing for me?
Will you start missing me?

I wonder.
kk Jan 13
I’ve kept you in my head so long
That the walls of my mind
Are painted with colors from the day we met:
Clouds scattered against the bluest sky
I had ever seen.

The floor is littered with poetry
Some of the finest I’ve ever written.
On the side is a locked box
With a barely closed lid.
Inside are the words I have yet
Spoken and said.
And they will stay
Unspoken and unsaid.
I  sit across the cold box
With my back pressed against the wall
Reminding myself that it’s time
To let it turn to dust.

Your voice won’t stop echoing
From the record player in the corner.
Dents on its side and
A fire under it
That refuses to engulf
The oil I spread.

The door in the back leads into a room.
Puddles of tears littered across the floor.
The record is barely audible as I approach
The center,
Which despite the pain and memories,
Still beats.
One day, I will be strong enough to paint the walls white.
Eric Jan 12
That feeling I love so much , that feeling of your touch.  Your smell sends me into complete comfort. But you always make me feel like it's my turn . To say something unimaginable , just to hurt you . When all you've said was things to hurt me too . And you've done that , and you'd think that's enough . But no she wants to make everything rough . She takes to my pleading like it's venom to her veins, when all I want her to know is that she causes me so much pain. But she don't care and that's what destorys me , I ask her how could it be . You said you love me . But destory every part of my being . And I let go , like I wasn't enough . You hurt me with your way of love . Forgive me for everything I gave up . Just i make you comfortable when you still thought I wasn't enough.
And I ramble through anything to make things better . They ask me how can I let her . Because love isn't just a one go getter . You felt whole till you got a missing peice . Just disappeared without a trace . Even know you still had a home in the first place . And I'm the disgrace . You family hates me , and will find anyone to replace . Me....I'm not me anymore , you've made me so sore , that even flying doesn't get me happy . I rather have a hundred women slap me . Then have you hate me . But forgive me . I've forgot who I was . But love is no more in me . Like you wanted it to be..... like I forgot how it felt to be yours in time . Eternity isn't the same when , I'm still traveling the world saying I'm fine .
Wolf Dec 2018
When will I finally give up?
But something that is broken
Cannot break again
And yet it is repeated
Like a swirling storm in my head
So I'll keep my eyes up
To see the distant promises
Glittering in the night sky
Jordan Ray Jan 7
I tried looking for love, in a change of my mind.

Listen to my story, let me tell you how it goes
Unlike rags to riches, I started with the gold
I gave her all my time, gave her everything I know
But something deep inside, made me want to let it go
I watched it through my fingers, now she haunts me like a ghost
I gave up chasing pavements for a heartless empty love

There's nobody, nobody no,
Nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody like her.

I tried searching for love, in a strangers eyes.

So I picked myself up, when I hit that cold, hard ground
Made my self seem happy, made my parents feel so proud
Wore my heart under my sleeve, not to let anyone know
That the battle deep inside, hasn't got an end result
I've been fighting for survival, holding onto all the blame
But maybe there is hope, if I show her that I've changed

There's nobody, nobody, no,
Nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody like her.

And I've prayed to ***, even though I don't believe in him.
If my words ever slip and become lost in vain,
And I only seek glory, power and fame.

If my mind ever fades I can't remember my name,
But only speak of things that never remain.

If I'm ever in the sky and I'm falling like a plane,
you'll see me weak and covered in shame.

Cause everyone knows, I can only write when i am in pain.
In case you thought I quit writing.
Jay Co Jan 5
Minahal kita higit pa sa inaakala ko
Minahal kita higit pa sa sarili ko
Minahal kita higit pa sa buhay ko
Minahal kita higit pa sa pamilya ko
Minahal kita higit pa sa oras ko

Lahat nang 'yong minahal kita kasi akala ko mahal mo din ako.
Ibinigay ko ang lahat ng meroon ako.
Subalit, ako'y tila nagkamali.

Tila na pa-isip ako...

Balang araw makakalimotan din kaya kita?
Balang araw makakamove-on na ba ako?
O kaya naman, balang araw mamahalin mo na rin ba ako ?
Hulaan ko, hindi.

Kasi... alam ko naman, sa simula palang talo na ako.
Masaya ka sa mga taong kaya kang pangitiin, patawanin, paligayahin, at higit sa lahat kaya ka nilang mahalin, sapagkat malapit na sila sa puso mo.

Ano nga ba ako sayo ?

Ako lang naman 'yong tao na nag bibigay ng effort para lang makita ka.
Ako lang naman 'yong tao na, pupuntahan ka kasi alam ko nalulungkot ka.
Sa tuwing magtetext ka ng...
"Good am/pm gawa mo ?"
"Tara, Kape tayo ?"
"Tara sa tabing dagat?"

Ako namang itong si engot...
"Sige ***** na ako after 5mins"
"Wait lang paalam lang ako kay mama."

Dali-dali ako pupunta sa bahay niyo, dahil sabik akong makita ka.
Ewan ko ba, hindi ko alam kung anong meroon sayo ?

Kahit anong pilit ko na iwasan ka, pero sadyang mahal talaga kita.
Yan F Dec 2018
We left our prints,
Right on the thick snow last year,
Where we ran around,
Frolic and pranced on the ground,
Jolly and joyful,
All the warm feelings we felt—

Without worry or doubt or fear…

We even forgot that snow can melt.

When the winter breeze,
Would turn tepid,
And your lukewarm embrace,
Would turn cold…

The snow angels fade,
With all your sweet kiss and hugs,
And my world would flood.

Spring came,
Summer came,
And soon everything,
And every day,
Come rain or shine,
It still felt like fall.

And every moment,
And every hour,
‘twas like winter time,
Without Christmas,
All in all lonely,
All in all dull,
All in all listless,
All in all…

Teardrops fly,
Like raindrops,
How I cry,

How I miss,
Your laughter,
And your smile,

Are you there,
Watching me,
From up high?

This time,
Our snow angels,
I make two,
One is for me,
The other,
To make my Christmas wish come true

Because three hundred,
And sixty five days,
None was ever enough,
There was nothing I could ever do.

I can just lay here,
So cold in this wintry white ground,
Awaiting my ice angels,
Hoping they’d take me back to you.
the heart of the advent season is waiting right?
pessimism and hopefulness at the same time...
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