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Amy Perry Jun 2018
I've found myself on the razor's edge,
Like a figure skater.
I skate through life,
Avoiding hazards with grace,
Holding my head up high,
And spinning out of control
Once in a while,
Only to collect myself
In poised determination
And a flick of the wrist,
Brushing the worries away.
sankavi Apr 2018
i look at my skateboard
down at the ground
i close my eyes
and roll down the hill
getting faster and faster
until i hit flat ground
i open my eyes

when i roll down the hill
i feel free
the breeze hitting my face
my hair blows in the wind
the sun on my skin
its all too good

i feel at home
like a belong
thank you to my
Viseract Apr 2018
My girlfriend, she's getting back into boarding.
And out of boredom, i wanna restart smoking
Cigarettes on my mind,
All the time,
whenever i feel like giving up, my friends asking if im fine and im like...

rhymes aha

Because to her, its seen a crime,
Despite the fact that its what got her hooked on my line....
Projecting a bad boy image, kinda funny innit,
How i sit here spilling words and she off on her wheels like.                                                                                                                                                      

****, i wish i did some **** just like that,
Instead i do boxing; beat myself up bad            

Sitting alone, thinking to myself "where's home?"
Because if i was there, surely I'd feel a little welcome but no...

I dont feel hope...just cold
Instead of being positive i want my brain to choke

Huh, pretty funny isnt it?
Seeing a psych for two years and here I am, like it didnt do ****

You would think that it might, think I'd be alright but                                                                                
I sit here killing myself while y'all say my bars are tight but

Life aint great, never has nor will be.....
When you going up you get cut down, you feel me?

It may be hard to see, through all this fog,
But its made from cigarettes yknow the urge aint quite gone huh

I'm still bringing that back...
Thought i was gunna say something wise, but hell, cut me some slack

Its hard to just speak like, straight from the brain,
When half of you is already smoking, the other goin insane

The circuitry that is me, its not been wired right,
So when you might see just shadows, my day is seen as night

Its probably the rising stress, the anger and the pain
But I'd quite like to smoke a bit, and see those embers again
Been a while but I'm fighting it
Jane Oct 2017
A river frozen deep, a blanket of smooth ice.
Wide and forever in all directions.

I skate.

Wind whispering through the strands of my hair,
a sweet conversation.


I draw with the blades of my skates,
My skirt is flattered by the wind, how flirtatious.


My feet begin to confuse the ice for air and start to float.


I feel the warmth of ice.
david mitchell May 2017
i see saggy cargo pants, marijuana and at least three mall grips.
some pseudo outcast cool kids carving out skidmarks,
painting the concrete waves with wheels and their bloodstains.

hey look at that guy in the corner,
he just bought two burnt spoonfuls of a score.
it doesn't look like he can take any more, though.

or the guy in the playing six tricks roulette,
on a quarterpipe, on a bet,
for a cheap pack of cigarettes.
these are commonplace. hah.
Donielle Apr 2017
You float over the concrete
the way driftwood rides the ocean waves,
smooth and graceful.
Your arms rise to the sky
in sync with your legs
like a puppet,
but you hold your own strings,
you control your own movements
so seamlessly
as if you were born
with a board beneath your feet.
Your eyes hold focus
how a starving man
holds a scrap of bread,
not fully moldy in the garbage.
You spin and swap your body
with the lash of a whip
and how I wish you'd crack me
just once
so I could taste your precision.
How beautiful a sight it is
to see someone so perfectly aligned
with the Earth
that gravity allows you a pass
on the rules.
And when you're finished
the passion that beams from you
is so intoxicating,
I'm too unsteady on my feet
to try to follow.
Ronald J Chapman Jan 2017
Beneath the sunrise of a cold new year,
Standing alone on the banks of an ice-covered river,
My Soul is frozen in time.

Reflecting upon warm memories,
Melting away ice-cold winter days,

Skating alongside you,
Through ripples of time,

I call out to you,
My shining princess,
I love you.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Yuna Kim Montage-Through the eyes of love
Melissa Manchester Ice Castles theme
Ron Nov 2016
It's strange
How much an object can take you away
From the stress and the pain
When I put that board down
It's like everything fades away
All that is left is the wind in my face
And the feeling in my chest
Like a weight has been lifted
A veil pulled from my eyes
On my board I feel confident
Like I'm on top of the world
It's a liberating feeling and it never grows old
I see him on a stoplight...
Hair blowing
On a hot summer day
White Tee
Skateboard in hand
I want to **** everything out of you
Like you've ****** mine.

Boy, you don't seem like a stranger anymore...
But some familiar dream.
I remember that FACE...
Familiarly, friendly, and so ****
I see you still
Wear that button up I sold you
I HOPE I come to mind
I just want to TEAR it off...
I don't want to be a forever reminder anymore...
A Polaroid of something you lost
Something I carelessly let you pass by

I used to think he passed where I was at,
Just like he passed the real facts
He skated all around in my mind
So fast into my mind,
All the way into my bed.
Oh, I remember his smell
That morning,
It's ingrained in my memory.
Now, I'm thinking about the three AM message
I'm thinking how I want to explore the high energy
The worlds of the unknown with him
He would SWAY me
Almost all the way,
Before, I got away.

Right where we left off...
Baby, I want to be forever flowing
With you, and only you
Just like these thoughts
Playing through my head
If I'm at a stoplight,
Don't be a stranger
Be that TOUGH act to follow
I'm still me, and you are still you...
Free spirits with a wildheart
If I'm at a stoplight,
Baby, don't turn away
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