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TD Jul 22
A moon in smog
smudged headlights dim
grasping at assurance
uncertainty filters in.

The knotted rope is trimmed.

Our lives short-lived
and then eternity.
Who holds the string
that pulls me free?

Is he charcoal dust
and coughing lung
pillaged hopelessness
creeping among?


The daring stars that trumpet shine
strike a tale that bears more song
triumphs lost are only stalled
dying giants sailing on—

when everything is sighing.

Free, the burdens all gone  
shallow dreams weren’t meant to stay
his wide-eyed glimmer waits
a final day

when pure oxygen moves without restraint
life becomes more  
carefree eyes and scarred moons
the after and their before.

Hello, beginning
I’ll gulp you in.
Keys speak letters but not words
And sentences don’t make paragraphs but full stops end.
Stanzas stall and commas halt, but
Sometimes there’s just nothing to say.
But sometimes nothing blurts everything
And everything sometimes says nothing at all
Because that ampersand always sits there
But never leads to a paragraph
Or a verse
Or anything
Because every time. There’s just nothing to say.
When we dead people awaken it is so late
that cannot call it even delayed  
Asking who those out of grave wandering...
salvation preachers after doomsday
but now bundle of zombies dancing with wind’s hey…hey…
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
when can I go home
when can I see you
cherry blossoms bloom
when I think about
you, friend
I left you behind
when I was afraid
To love
first attempt at a lai (9 line poem with 3 sets of 2 lines of 5 syllables followed by a line with 2 syllables
It can no longer **** me when I'm dead already.  
I'm in love with knowing it killed me.
Taking off my body.
Like an old coat that I smacked on the floor.
Cause I really really don't need it anymore!

Here is the part where it changed me, it changed you.
I feel everything.
Everything coming through.
And I know and I understand.
How it feels to grow and to hold your hand.

My friends, my army and my family.
In me and me in you, you in me.
No longer will I feel heavy.
I am happy.
And in love cause it has killed me.
It can no longer **** me cause I'm dead already.
I'm so happy!
Where Shelter Jun 2015

my shelter,

two arms,
a human lean-to,
a pup tent,
all with a
welcome mat,
for you,

with graceful patience
simpatico smiling,
always avail,
no life clock countdown
prematurely pushing,
come when
there is
no other place

on offer,
shelter places
that become
your home,
if you so
honor them thus,
your choice,
your decision
when to come n' go

shelter you,
no questions asked,
cloak all with human warmth,
easy silences, no pressures

for when my arms 
 bear your load,
now mine,
my load,

Dez Apr 1
When my lids are heavy I do write
For that is when creativity is at it’s hight!

When dreams run wild
And I am as free as a child!

When waking is hard to keep
And all others are asleep.

When the sun is down
And all is quite in the town

When the Moon is up
And I think about my screwups

When the night begins
And my mind spins

When my lids are heavy I do write
For that is when creativity is at it’s hight!
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