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Chelsea Rae Aug 3
Such hot tears, that sizzle and evaporate
as they drip off the sides of hot cheeks.

Mist slowly rising off my shoulders,
out and off my head, and down my arms and legs.

Smokey fog swarming me from the humidity that begins to emit in the room from the heat.

Anger that boils blood
Now secreting through the skin
Through sweat and tears.

I clench my jaw, cemented shut, and squeeze my eyes tight.
Hoping to wring out all the pain and anger through the tear ducts.

Juice it to salty pulp.

Such hot tears pooled on top of burning cheeks.
Turning into hot springs.

One of the warmest things I have felt

In such a long time.
His head supporting a hat
His nose and ears
Supporting blue goggles
And hands blue gloves
His torso and arms covered in blue shirt
And legs in blue pants
Feet fathoming blue shoes
Sitting in style
On the ground
Resting his back against a tree trunk
A blue blooded man
Blessed with divinity
Declares in baritone voice
With his white beard flowing
Human beings
Not suffering life
It's memory and imagination
They suffer

Isn't memory and imagination life?
What's life without
Memory and imagination?
A life in coma?
A life in vegetative state?
Memory and Imagination
Attributes of life
Without memory no time
Without imagination no future
Isn't it salvation?
Good memories we enjoy
Bad memories we may suffer
Fantasizing we enjoy
Fearful imaginations we may suffer
You do not suffer life
Bad memories and fearful imaginations
Originate from nothing!
Sala hum ko kab enlightenment ayega?
(When will enlightenment come to me?)
Inspired by a video on YouTube by a Divine personality. You suffer life. You have bad memories. You have fearful imaginations. Because you suffered life. Pain and sufferings are part of life. You can't avoid them. However, continuance of suffering with bad memories and imaginations can be controlled and curbed by growing spiritually. IT'S ALWAYS LIFE WE SUFFER. WHETHER DUE TO PHYSICAL PAIN OR MISERIES, TRAGEDIES, TRAUMAS, MENTAL DISORDERS, OR MEMORY AND IMAGINATION.
Àŧùl Feb 1
When Love arrives,
Don't be hesitant about it,
Don't be dumb towards it.

Improvise to be expressive,
Improvise your poems & verses,
Be romantic and passionate too.

Learn to be flirtatious & elegant,
Learn to be welcoming & courteous,
Be adventurous and spontaneous.

Receive love with all its grandeur,
Reflect it with twice the splendour,
Witness the magic of love.
My HP Poem #1907
©Atul Kaushal
Selene Nov 2020
never been happy
never been loved by any body
until when I can endure this pain
and act like I'm okay?
TD Jul 2020
A moon in smog
smudged headlights dim
grasping at assurance
uncertainty filters in.

The knotted rope is trimmed.

Our lives short-lived
and then eternity.
Who holds the string
that pulls me free?

Is he charcoal dust
and coughing lung
pillaged hopelessness
creeping among?


The daring stars that trumpet shine
strike a tale that bears more song
triumphs lost are only stalled
dying giants sailing on—

when everything is sighing.

Free, the burdens all gone  
shallow dreams weren’t meant to stay
his wide-eyed glimmer waits
a final day

when pure oxygen moves without restraint
life becomes more  
carefree eyes and scarred moons
the after and their before.

Hello, beginning
I’ll gulp you in.
Maniacal Escape Jun 2020
Keys speak letters but not words
And sentences don’t make paragraphs but full stops end.
Stanzas stall and commas halt, but
Sometimes there’s just nothing to say.
But sometimes nothing blurts everything
And everything sometimes says nothing at all
Because that ampersand always sits there
But never leads to a paragraph
Or a verse
Or anything
Because every time. There’s just nothing to say.
When we dead people awaken it is so late
that cannot call it even delayed  
Asking who those out of grave wandering...
salvation preachers after doomsday
but now bundle of zombies dancing with wind’s hey…hey…
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
when can I go home
when can I see you
cherry blossoms bloom
when I think about
you, friend
I left you behind
when I was afraid
To love
first attempt at a lai (9 line poem with 3 sets of 2 lines of 5 syllables followed by a line with 2 syllables
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