Saw him at the counter
Before my first sip
Instantly caffeinated
When he smiled at me

©LadyofRavenhill 2017

The feel of brown skin swirled around the cup of hands.

With lips soft and full.
I too melt in a passionate place.
With taste of something warm and comforting.
It's hard to rearrange something as divine as touch.
The groove of lips stir such emotion in body and mind.
Setting it priority, forgetting to stand in a moment of euphoric proportion.
An eclipse follows in steady motion.
Without use of sugar or cream.
I stood in a flood of on going cries.
Stained by the rise of steam bold enough to claim where we've stood.
Stained in our essence, her essence.
The depth of her eyes.
A constant motion of sights sitting still.
It's unfortunate, the people whom stand in line.
Their misuse of foam cups, soy blend extracts.
Love shouldn't be diluted with sweetness readily made available.
But instead in consistency.

Rising like steam

Where do I go from here
So many thoughts leave me numb to this
I can feel my hand giving out its the bruised wrists
Do you think you could begin to forgive
Cause there's no love sweeter than
Than the one you're trying to forget.

To say you are my everything is something deeper than it appears to be..

Thank you for having me.
I'm not disappointed, just a little unstable.

The sweet September Moon
May try to hide behind
Some crooked iron picots
Or two twisted evergreens
While twilight's veil whispers
The poems of fall
Amongst trembling lemon leaves
But she cannot hide
Such a heavenly body from
The his golden, love stuck eyes
Two astral souls fated to be one
In the autumn's Honey-Moon

©LadyofRavenhill 2017
kai Sep 8

and im no longer afraid to admit that i am a fool for you. my old guidance counselor used to tell me that she hopes to die before her husband so she doesnt have to spend a single day without him and i used to think it was so silly but now, i get it. i get it. one day without you is twenty four hours of empty meals, twenty four hours of a dead phone with no will to be charged, a thermostat set to fifty because maybe ill freeze over. twenty four hours of love lost, twenty four hours of an endless what if what if what if what if you had pulled through just a little bit longer what if i was better at wording the jumble of thoughts in my head all the time what if i could kiss you one last time what if what if. what if i had gone first. it pains me to say that i think about this a lot, you see, a world without you is a world i hope i never have to live in.  the sun rises and sets in you, and i was taught this by none other than you the moment that you took me in and made me a part of you, you pushed me into your soul and i used to wonder what would happen if i couldnt get out but i dont want out anymore. i would rather stay hidden beside you than ever have to experience the harshness of reality alone. because the reality is, one day, i will be gone, you will be gone, everything i have ever touched will be gone, no one will know you or me or the last text i sent you or the fourteen hour video call, but it's nice to think we have infinity. forever with you isnt long enough and im sorry that im so wishy washy when it comes to speaking and i know im small and im not very loud but i would write it in the sky for you if i could, let the world know just how mine you are, how much of my soul loves yours, how much of my heart beats for you. my whole heart beats for you.

Your gentle caress
renders me hopeless, stirs up
a squall in my heart.

C531 Aug 31

was lost I begain to heal. Tears subsided and a black heart began to heal. Whispers of a love lost past crept softly and you appeared again. Hiding in the darkness for so long. My scorpion lover.

I hear your words from a distance and they shake and stir towards me. But they do not penetrate my soul. They dissolve as soon as they touch me, like ash from fire. Theyre empty. No truth can be seen when theres no effort presented.

I still feel the sting from your scorpion tail. The scars are still visible. In the end you stung me over and over again paralyzing me. I loved you so I took it. I let your venom run deep within my veins and I let you consume me. It wasent until I ripped your scorpion tail from my bleeding heart, that I realized love could not exsist with you or maybe never did.

You pretend with others fake smiles, fake memories made but your heart still yearns for me. You search for me in others but know deep down no real truth holds ground when no such a person exsists.

I fear im guilty of this too but this truth you'll never know. Locked away deep within my heart. Sealed from full lips and a heart so true. Ill hold in this secret till my last day with my last breath. I know you'll never come to me or a confess a love so true. I've accepted my fate without you. I know you... But if anyone asks ill whisper I finally loved someone true and someone at last. For a love so deep only comes around once in a life time. I miss you and I always will... my crazy scorpion beast.

Remember my lips and the way they tasted. Remember my legs wrapped around you. Remember my love and the way it felt to be tangled up in me.....remember me the way it used to be.

Ryan Holden Aug 25

Her smile caught my eyes,
Whilst her dreams alone captured
Every piece of me.

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