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We both knew you were planning to walk,
From the word your articulated with a sense of loss in your talks..
Cause I wouldn’t trade a life without you
For all the riches in the world.
But somethings weren’t destined to be for ever true,
So you’d packed your bags before I ever returned,

I guess I’m the one lost who never learned
That with out care
      And love with faith
But I through away out happiness to be burned
Forget all those promises You couldn’t keep
I was just trying to tread on your feet
So with a whole heart I’ll say good bye
       I failed you
A final lie
A farewell to happiness
Are like apples
On trees.The best ones
Are at the top of the tree.
The boys don't want to reach
For the good ones because they
Are afraid of falling and gettting hurt.
Instead,they just get the rotten apples
From the ground that aren't as good,
But easy.So the apples at the top think
Something is wrong with them,When in
Reality,they're amazing.They just
Have to wait for the right boy to
Come along,the ones
Brave enough to
climb all
the way
to the top
of the tree
by- sabrina khan
tell me,
tell me how to keep the flame of hope burning
how to let myself know that i'm getting better
tell me how to keep strength
when i can't stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks
tell me how to wake up from this nightmare
when i'm trying so hard to understand why i'm so deeply asleep
tell me how to keep faith
when it has all been burnt in the fire of the blames ahead of me
tell me how to stand up
when i know I'm going to be pushed down in the depths of this weeping Earth
tell me there will be good times
perhaps your words are something that i wanna hear
tell me before i find myself lying half alive on your wet floor
tell me before my soul leaves my body you are so in love with
tell me before you lose me and i lose....
all my feelings
when you feel love, never let it go
hold on tight
until your hearts unite
Fought with my own demons
Entangled thoughts caught with tumultuous wave of emotion;
Fragile I was
Clothed in stain.
Found a solace in your presence
You're the home I run to while I was dealing with pain.
To The One That Got Away.
Yaya 7d
I want to wake with you each day,
until I rise no more,
with every sunrise shared,
more beautiful than the one before.

I want to wake with you each day,
so you’re the first thing that I see,
and hear the first sweet birdsong
with you laying right next to me.

I want to wake with you each day,
with our bodies intertwined,
so that you will know I’m yours,
and I, that you are mine.
ChildofGodyay Nov 30
you aren't helping yourself you know.
you are feeding that feelings that's been clawing your heart.
you're feeding it.
yet you want to be free from it.
yet it made you tired and you want to give-up.
please don't
i can tell you this, you are stronger than you think you are.
stop dwelling in this darkness, in this pain and suffering,
he is willing to help you, guide you, lead you, love you and never leave you.
Jesus loves you.
he is such an amazing *** and he is so real and so personal. At first i actually didn.t care about ***, and cursed and sweared and bullies. And i only went to Church because i HAD to. But then, *** met me in a camp. We were doing worship and his presence just flooded the room like it was so so strong i could like still feel it. its so amazing and so so real. And i could just feel his embrace i could literally feel him embracing me. he is so real!!! He wants a RELATIONSHIP with you.... my testimony :)))
Grey Nov 29
Numerous times staring at your name in my phone
Never thought I'd be afraid to lose someone
Until I met you
Always looking for something to keep me numb
Never thought I'd love someone
Until I met you

Lonely nights in my bed
Thoughts of you and us fill my head
Break me down world
You told me you didn't want me down that road
I'll fight to stay straight and be better
Poems for you I mean every single letter

Empty bottles and jails cells that road no more will I roam
Never thought I'd mean so much to someone
Until I met you
Fight the demons in my head, once again here they come
Never thought I'd care for someone
Until I met you

Punching and screaming at the wall
Believe me for you I'd risk it all
You told me you wanted the old me, silly and happier.
I lost myself in life's maze, now I'm free and stronger

I'd walk a hundred million miles for you, no I'd run
Never thought I'd adore someone
Until I met you
I give you my heart, if you want pull the trigger here's the gun
Never thought I'd fully trust someone
Until I met you
Aa Harvey Nov 25

I need to find a stronger kind of love.
Not a love that could become,
But one that has been destined.
I have no time for mere pretending.

Not a love taken to build it wrong;
Love does not last if it begins undone.
Love must be free for me to find it,
Because I am unlike any other, I truly am gifted.

True love truly believes in the truth,
While all else fails through lack of faith.
I believe in your empty needs, you they suit,
But I am searching for a unique kind of grace.

If I was like you then the whole world would remain wrong.
All the tales you tell are other people’s songs.
Go create and live your life.
Allow me to find the right shape and then I will be gone…

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
BW Nov 22
Have you ever felt love
course through your veins
bite into your heart
Sorry I am late, the traffic was hectic
It's ok, I look so ****. I came straight from work

You smiled at me.
Aquamarine. ***** blonde. green tartan trousers. Hardrock cafe shirt.
I smiled back.

Later of later
I fall asleep in your arms everynight.
And you wouldn't sleep unless I am in bed.
And I lay here and wonder
If this is love, what was I feeling all those years instead?
to Roly x
Deiny Moretta Nov 21
Dear lover:

I never wished upon the stars for an everlasting story, but darling your smile was pure magic, it was freedom.
A connection so strong I could feel shivers through my spine.

My dear angel, I drifted onto you like a paper boat in stormy days.  
You made me burst in laughter, raging my emotions set ablaze.
Like a symphony,  your voice ecos in my head, and the embrace of our bodies the sweetest melody never heard.
How a blissful memoir have you come to be.
You will always be enough.  

Yours always ,
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