I once tasted a love
that could call back the dawn
from the dark side of the moon

©LadyofRavenhill 5/19/17
Jonathan May 5

Strolling the city streets with your heart on my sleeve
I'm demeaned by lies then left to cry

Staggered beauty through archways i watched her go away
without a word to say if we’ll try again

No i’ll never love you again
the same way i did today
No it’ll never be the same again
before they led you astray
astray from me

promises flown by the wind of dreams we hoped to begin
are left to rust as we become the past

without a fight the truth will someday come alight
so go on now! and disappear before the night!

No i’ll never love you again
the same way i did today
No it’ll never be the same again
before they led you astray
astray from me

This is how it ends
This is how it falls apart
with broken hearts
we are now left in shards

Experiences i lived through recently and anyone else can relate i hope
Yozhik May 5

I don’t believe in fairy tales
But if I did, I think that I
Would unfold wings
Of light metal
Learn to fly
With glinting rings
Of gold upon my brow
Writhing ‘round my ankles,
gilded snakes eternal.

I’d imbibe my blood
Which would decree
If good or evil I would be
Watch the fates a circle 3
Weave the thread that makes me, me.

And when I died
I’d have been brave
My ghost would dance
Upon my grave
Before seeking salvation’s solace.  
Never to be soulless.

And maybe with this world of
Witchcraft ingrained in my mind
Would be that feeling others find
So easily; the leap of faith into
An embrace
A rush upon
Seeing a face
Anyone, everyone, true love
for the One--
another Holy Grail...

But it'd take a witch’s brew
To make me “fall in love” with you.
For I haven’t believed in fairy tales
Since once upon a time.
When heroes become monsters
Loving is a crime.

True love is walking in opposite directions to the same destination.

DJColzz Apr 29

I see the pain behind your eyes
Drowning your hopes for tomorrow
Love will wear many a disguise
To find a way through your sorrow
You feel you’re lonely everywhere
The world to you seems so unkind
All this time no one seemed to care
Your heart will show the light, you’ll find

The truth of your soul comes your way
The mind will only deceive you
Just when it seems you’ve gone astray
You know your troubles will leave you
Call my name I’ll be there somehow
Remember the love you found here
Every day when you need me now
Through the spirit, we are bound here

Falling like a star from the sky
Falling like an autumn leaf does
By your side, till the day I die
This is how falling for you was
You can hold me deep in your heart
You will remember true love’s place
When your world seems to fall apart
Think of me just stroking your face
Our true love is deeper than deep
It takes you from the burning pyre
With a little work, you can keep
The truest love you most desire

As the darkness wanes
and dawn softly lights your face
I remember why

©LadyofRavenhill 4.27.17
Haiku #31
DJColzz Apr 25

I see your eyes shining in the sunrise
When I wake up you’re the light to my day
Your soul beyond doubt has been good to me
Not one second of sadness comes my way

I see your face in a bright moonlit sky
I’d follow you beyond the stars above
I’d freely go wherever you take me
So goodbye sorrow, hello soothing love

Oh! how you have come and changed my whole world
Happily, I tell you how you lift me
The fire within you ignites my heart
Such beautiful devotion you gift me

It feels like I am truly coming home
When tears are just a memory I bore
My bride will come as wedding bells ring
Walk hand in hand on eternity's shore

Making eyes in the dark
Sweet desire's breath
Only inches apart
One night without you
Is a fate wore than death

©LadyofRavenhill 4.23.17
Alexa Sangren Apr 23

Quiet lands
Silent waters
Lovers hands
Thus joined together

Stars ablaze
Like hearts on fire
Both amazed
By silent splendor

Unions deep,
Rings of gold
Passion they'll keep
As the moon glows

Strong sometimes
Fading others
Never truly leaving
From the other

Thy only dream
For peace and thee
To find love
Not in a fantasy

DJColzz Apr 23

She walks freely in the night in these dreams
Like a goddess of love who has sailed through
A thousand oceans blue just to find me
My heart has taken flight on the eve of
The second Summer of love known because
The first one barely even set us free
She talks so polite to my tender soul
Like everything that is said and all that
Is ever truly, simply meant to be
Our God given right is to fall in love
To live eternally bound in its plan
With certainty we surely must agree
The art of love should be shown everywhere
And true love will leave no questions to spare

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