We are the lovers

We are the lovers; we are a dying breed.
We trust in love and we truly believe.
We are the lovers and we know what we need;
We need romance to be real, so we can set our hearts free.

Go have your affairs; we will stick to one love.
One heart for one heart, ‘til death do us part.
You are the parasites with poisoned tongues;
Leave love to the lovers, because worthless is all the love you have
And we pity what you are.

Leave the cheaters to be cheated out of an honest kind of love;
Their love is empty of feeling and they deserve nothing less.
We want true love and a relationship that is forward;
They want sex with anyone that they can get.

Their bitter love has a sour taste;
The idea of love has been left disgraced.
Love is pure and adultery is infected,
When wrapped around a ring-finger…

What a waste.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

You are a work of art, a masterpiece.
You are my Sistine chapel art.

For you have become my true beauty Queen.
The one who shines, when all else is dark.

The Queen of my Heart; its bearer, its keeper.
I give you my soul forever, ‘til never.

Until the end of time
And until time is reborn.
I offer you my love…
If you want it, it is yours.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

With the sweetest of voices, she called out my name.
Once again I crave to hear her say;
I love you today and every day.
She will never be forgotten, not even at the end of days.

Once in a lifetime you will find someone who is worth it;
One who deserves love and shows it.
Just once more I crave the moment she says it,
She means it and she really shows it.

Because loving her is so easy to do,
When there is nothing left to lose.
But this is not my choice to choose.
Will you love me like I love you?

I need to know; I need to know;
Will you love me too? I need your touch.
If you hold me I’ll never let you go,
Because if I loved you; I would have enough.

What have I got to do to prove my love to you?
What will it take for you to hear my words?
I’ve been up and down and broken in two
And now all I wish is for my voice to be heard.

(C)2012 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Love shall reign eternal.

You are a ten, because beneath the skin you are beautiful.
You will always be a ten on the inside and the outside too.
Since back when hearts were so wide open and free,
And love was thought to be so truthful; love reigned down from you.

We laughed so much, it seemed like we would never again cry;
I have dreamed of loving someone like her.
She has a lust for life and I have a lust for her love;
We still dream we will love each other always.
Love will allow you to become who you should be;
So never become blasé.

Love shall reign eternal and extinguish all your pain.
If you give love all of your heart and soul, then love shall forever reign.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I cannot believe you would say that you would want me to die and not give me mercy.
I won't believe it.
I couldn't believe you don't love me.
I won't believe it.
I couldn't believe you would not be by my side when I am lost when I am confused and broken.
I won't.
I won't believe it.
God bless and have a great day!
Love true

When my wife and I were young, we had a thousand dreams;
I remember watching the fish swim as I walked alongside a stream.
I have always dreamed of infinity;
Believing in everything…

Then as we got older we searched for love;
So many times we were out of luck,
But eventually we did grow up.
We found each other in the end
And we each had somebody we could always hug…

They say that we are adults now.
We still feel like we are young and don’t know how,
To act our age.
We have only ever acted like clowns; always messing around.
We used to talk about how we were going to leave this town…

We take a job, it’s no career.
We are speaking loud but nobody can hear.
We are sending thoughts out into the atmosphere;
No discovery made, so I guess we will be staying here…

We were singing in a friend’s café;
Just watching memories of people going about their day.
At the end of the night we would spend our pay,
On a drink or two with friends, before we went to work the next day…

When we fell in love we had no money to spare,
But we got married somehow with all our friends and family there.
No fairytale wedding, but we didn’t care,
Because we had true love, so we were walking on air…

Years later as the aeroplane landed on the ground,
We were back to our old life, with the old familiar sounds;
The same old smells, but with new stories to tell.
We were home at last; the honeymoon was over
And we were back to reality in the here and now…

Through a thousand nights we carried on
And then we knew what it was to be loved by our new son;
Our shining sun
And as the years flew by, he soon grew up…

He’s married now with a child of his own;
He always takes the time to pick up the phone.
He tells me that they are all coming home.
It’s Christmas Eve; he asks me “Where else would we want to go?”

As I sit here with the love of my life
And the son we had and his wonderful wife;
I sit and watch them putting more coal onto the fire.
I close my eyes and I feel warm inside, so I smile…

They’re crying now, but I have lived;
I grew old and grey and had a wonderful son and grand kid.
The love of my life, she never did leave.
Death comes for us all, eventually.
But I had my time
And at least I can say,
That I am grateful for everything, that I experienced on the way.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

We should go on a date; I won’t be late.
Then you should go drinking with your mates.
Tell them to meet you at eight.
If that night you meet somebody else,
Then you decide you want to be with me,
We could maybe make it last six months,
If we are very lucky.

But if you get drunk and decide I am the one,
That you truly want to be with;
Then I will love you for a lifetime.
Maybe one day would could raise our kids,
To believe in love, just like we did…this time.

I only need one love;
That is all I am searching for.
There are many doors we could go through,
Many choices to make before,
I decide and you decide if we have found the truth.

I wish you all the best with your search;
I hope you find somebody who makes you feel loved.
I sincerely say I want you to be happy;
You uncertainly say, you would like a family, maybe.
I hope you find whatever you are searching for;
I want to find true love with you, for good.
I want a woman I adore.

If you choose me,
Then I choose you too.
The choice is yours…
My choice is,
I do.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
When did we started to not dare look into ourselves and say we have a problem and maybe we are part of the fault.
We stopped.
We keep on blaming each other for what they have done, have we ever thought that we might have done something wrong.
Where did the care in our speeches go?
Where did the love in our eyes fade away?
Where did the warmth, the light in us go?
What happened to understanding others, and authentic love?
Let's go with them.
To stop blaming other people for what we have done wrong as well.
To bring them back on track.
On the right path.
In the right way.
In authentic true love, the way that God has loved us.
That's the way.
true love and someone who truly cares would really make an impact.
If I was broken.
Would you take the time to fix me back up?
If I made mistakes,
Would you forgive me? Even if I might commit the same mistakes again?
If I changed,
Would you still love me just the same, unchanged?
If I hated you,
Would you continue to love me? Despite the hatred? And love me just the same?
If I avoided you,
Would you chase me down and never give up?
If I got blinded by fame,
Would you help me to clear that dust away?
and will you be the witness of my pain?
Well, I know God knows :)
All I needed

All that I needed, I just couldn’t get it from you;
I gave you all I had to give and you left me feeling used.
All the love that I gave wilted away and it was left to fall through.
It’s such a shame that we ever loved;
I wish our love had never bloomed.

You have rejected all I had to offer,
So who am I to complain?
I deserve someone so much better,
But still I think of yesterday.

Oh so true, that all I needed,
I needed to get from you.
But you have always known what I needed,
So you used me and left me in the distance,
Still searching for a love that is true.

All I needed to get from you,
Was never there in the first place.
So why do I still suffer inside my mind,
Every time I picture your face?

All I needed, I needed from you;
But you never felt the way that I do,
So now the two of us are through.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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