You'd think by now I'd get it
This devastation thing; I'm a pro
Truth is, I'm a warrior
I always find my get up and go

Before, I was a fighter
I pushed people away
Honestly, they weren't worth it
You've always been worth the stay

I thought I knew love
How could I know what I'd never been shown
With you, it's always been clear
My heart knew you were my home

You showed me a world
That existed; I never dreamed
My past, an empty shell
My heart full now it seemed

I found bravery with you
I could show love, unconditional
Even on those days
You felt that I was unkissable

Your heart; pure and gentle
Everything's more fun when you're around
The only man I've ever respected
My forever had been found

You gave me more than I can express
The best gift; a family
You're my only true love
The only place I've ever fit perfectly

Thank you ❤️

The love of a woman
Is paramount to life, as he breathes it
One must die to oneself
Before rapture takes over in copious amounts
Inside an embittered heart
Where a mind of morbid thoughts rely on
The earth revolving around its axle
As the soul seeps heaven lost to a physical realm
Forgotten are the languid moments
Of perfection not found in this land
Those only held in humankind
The act of freewill
Kills completion of mind, body and soul
Doomed to failure in a world controlled by greed
Supported by power hungry demons
Sent to diminish the goodness
We only find in our visions of Nirvana
We can only dream of such fulfillment
Until we cross over beyond a material world
Where eternal rest seems so inviting
Peace will bring equilibrium
Love will be of a higher quality
O sweetest death...
How I long for you

Is the true love we feel, even possible to live out in this life?

I focus on a destined space -
I see you there -
You shine with that smile on your face
True love - I swear

Whenever I feel low or lost -
I reach for you -
Two people who become star-crossed
The girl I knew -

The longing and sexual desire -
Inflames my soul -
Being with you - takes my life higher -
A divine role -

I have known you from lives gone past -
We are reborn -
Perhaps we will get it right at last -
As we have sworn -

Far beyond the midnight sky of night -
We sing -
Flying into early morning light -
On wing -

you remind me my dear, of a golden meadow stream
where the water moves ethereally like a spirit

with the drizzling sounds of a thousand ripples
on the nape of my neck; can you hear it?

because for me, it is all that i hear
when i wake, when i sleep

a river is what reminds me
of the love that you offer

coursing and


© Mike Mortensen
natalie 6d

he has eyes that change color,
and a smile to match his mood.
he always keeps me company,
he's my sky, my stars, my moon.

he is my moonlight dancing,
in the summer rain.
he is my burning candle,
my happy gentle flame.

when i feel him near me,
my blood begins to rush.
he takes my breath away,
with just a simple touch.

his voice calms my fires,
on a smoky dreary day.
his wisdom soothes my soul,
his kiss is chardonnay.

his glimpse is oh-so-silky,
makes flowers bloom in may.
his love is boiling crimson,
he will forever stay.

i love him like no other,
and at the end of the day
the feelings i have for him,
still will always stay.

im so in love with you.

I was addicted to him.
He was under my skin,
Inside every hair,
Flowing through my blood.
I could taste him
In every breath
And feel his eyes
tickle me in the wind.
I was hooked at first glance,
Never sober again.

@LadyofRavenhill 2017

I am his.
He claimed me and my heart,
Planted his love inside of me,
And I am finally whole.
We belong to him,

@LadyofRavenhill 2017
Victoria Nov 9

Love, how I wish to find you.
We all want to be admired.
What if I told you there is
someone who loves you.

He looks at you from afar.
He does not care about what you've done,
Doesn't care if you are big, scrawny,
Tall or small.

Hispanic, black, or white,
he loves them all.
Red head, brunette, black hair, or blonde.
He loves you for who you are.

We look for love in others, yet
they always fail.
He will love you for you,
and he'll never bail.

He'll look through your girdled veil.
Where is he you ask?
All you have to do is ask,
God are you there?

Said if you were free my love.
We could never be in love.
Looking at the stars above.
Whisper in the breeze my love.

We used to fit like a glove.
We thought that it was truelove.
But now you just let go of.
And sing like a mourning dove.

Every step I take is a step is a step farther from you.
Moving forward is a good thing.
So they say.
But what if your true love was in your past?
Will you ever know? Or will you move on?

But if I move backwards closer to you
The father I get from my goal.
so they say.
But what if my true love in closer to my goal?
Will a power hit me and tell me to move on?

To gain that power you have to broken
You have to be hurt
That power is within yourself which is created by others
who have done you wrong.

This poem is about whether you have meet your true love or its the future, To really know what's bad for you you need to be hurt. So then you can ask yourself whether this is going to hurt or help you.
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