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pnam 2d
Holding you close  in my arm
See love birds flying in swarm
My heart runs happy and free
With you love comes naturally

My heart will just be a recluse
Shudder to think if I ever loose
Priceless treasured heart of thee
With you love comes naturally

Your heart brimmed in limitless love
Shining bright showering from above
Our connection made  by almighty
With you love comes naturally

From this moment until eternity
Time lived earthly feeling heavenly
Lasting bonds yet flying freely
With you love comes naturally

Never felt true love so clearer
Keep this love blessed forever
Every day in prayers I plea
With you love comes naturally
feeling close yet so free
I want to be with you,
But only if we are enough.
I know that we can conquer the world;
that is of our choosing.

But if in this moment,
You are not entirely enthralled in ecstasy,
With me,
There is no point in us.
I want to experience love
The kind of love that is unconditional
Where the feelings are always mutual
The kind of love that makes you feel hopeless
Constantly craving all of the closeness
The kind of love that you don't have to question
With no insecurities that we have to mention
The kind of love where I don't have to say a word
Without my feelings ever being deferred.

I am not one people typically love
But for once, I want to experience true love.
वो कहते हैं हम छुपाते बहुत हैं
पूँछते हैं वो कुछ हम बताते कुछ और हैं
माना कि हर दिल में कुछ राज़ छुपे होते हैं
मग़र कभी तो कोई राज़ खोलो जब हम साथ होते हैं,,

        मैनें मुस्कुराते हुए फिर उनसे कुछ यूँ कहा..
खोल देती हूँ तेरे सामने सारे राज़ अपने
देखे हैं तेरे साथ मैनें कुछ हसीं सपने
तेरे बिन लगे जैसे अधूरी हूँ मैं
तू मिल जाये तो हो जाऊं पूरी मैं
मेरी हर दुआ में शामिल तेरा नाम हो
मैं तेरी राधा और तू मेरा घनश्याम हो
दिल से जुड़ा ये रिश्ता तेरी रूह से जुड़ जाए
जिस राह पर रखूँ क़दम वो तेरी ओर मुड़ जाए
तेरी खुशियों से ही नहीं तेरे ग़म से भी मेरा रिश्ता हो
मैं बन जाऊं वो लम्हा जिस लम्हे में तू हंसता हो
तेरा मिलना जैसे टूटते तारे से मांगी कोई दुआ है
तू मेरा वो ख्वाब है जो सच में पूरा हुआ है
तूने मुझे खुदसे प्यार करना सिखाया है
प्यार कोई बंधन नहीं आज़ादी है ये बताया है
हर दिन तुम्हे इशारों में यही तो जताने की कोशिश करती हूँ
कहती नहीं हूँ लेकिन तुमसे बहुत प्यार करती हूँ
फ़िर भी तुम्हारी धड़कनें मेरे लफ़्ज़ों को सुनने का इंतज़ार करती हैं
इज़हार-ए-मोहब्बत का मज़ा तो तब है
जब मेरी निगाहें तेरी निगाहों से बात करती हैं
है हुनर तुझमे तो इन निगाहों को पढ़
जो हर रोज़ तुझसे राज़-ए-इश्क़ बयां करती हैं
जो हर रोज़ तुझसे राज़-ए-इश्क़ बयां करती हैं..।।


Ask something we tell something else
Let there be some secret hidden in every heart
If you ever open a secret, when we are together,

I smiled and then said something like this to him ..
I open all the secrets in front of you
I have seen some dreams with you
I am incomplete without you
If you meet then I should be complete
Your name is included in my every prayer
I am your Radha and you are my Ghanshyam
May this heart-related relationship connect with your spirit
Step on which path i turn to you
I have a relationship not only with your happiness
but also with your sorrow
I shall become the moment in which you laugh
Tera milna is like a blessing from a falling star
You are my dream that is truly fulfilled
You have taught me to love myself
Love is not a bond it is freedom
Every day I try to convey this to you in gestures
I do not say but love you very much
However your beats wait to hear my words
Ezhar-e-mohabbat is fun then
When my eyes talk to you
Have your skills, read these eyes
Who says Raaz-e-Ishq to you everyday
Who tells you Raaz-e-Ishq every day….
Friends ..Ab aap meri poems ANCHOR par bhi sun sakte hain
never sated,
forever fated-
It's all true.
Starry eyes,
tearful goodbyes,
loving sighs-
All for you.
And in the middle,
Pleasant dreams
Passion's screams
Strange and silly things-
A love as deep as the ocean blues.
So till tomorrow,
And thru the days
Your lips I'll crave,
Your name I'll praise-
Never a single day I'll rue-
For true love's pairing
Is no red herring,
And deeply caring-
I live for you.
They woke up in another world
Feeling like they were in a daze
Everything around them
Moving a little slower
Their veins dilated
Making their blood flowing quietly
Their muscles light as feathers
Making them wanna float
Their conversations about everything
Yet nothing
Their laughter echoing across the water
The heat of the fire tickling their skin
They were high
On love
An experience
They never ever wanted to end
Their first joint together
You are my perfect dream
You are my final wish .

We don't talk nowadays
You don't even look at me,
I am now out of ways
I don't know how to be

Hence I create you in my dreams
No we're not a couple by the streams
But you just talk to me, have forgiven me,
Just that makes my heart skip a beat .

The thought of you just standing beside me,
Means the world to me .

All of this is not the reality
That's why I see you in my dreams
That's why I don't wanna wake up from my sleep .
Ever happened that when you can't be with someone, you imagine yourself with them in your dreams . You make a whole life with them and never wanna wake up
I still end up with you in my dreams
My heart still calls out to you .

I still hope that one day you will understand,
I still hope that one day you will hold my hand.

I still try to find you in every girl
I still love the way your hair curl
Carina Apr 23
while he was splashing
her with the river water
engulfing them both,
she felt content.
she didn’t know what
it was like to feel
truly happy,
even if it was only
just in that short moment-
as if the water conducted
his happiness directly
onto her,
seeping through her
caressed skin.

when he saw that
look in her eyes,
how they were truly
finally glistening-
he knew.
he wrapped her up with
not only his arms,
but the exaggerated smile
which lingered for what felt
like hours
that’s when she knew
she was going to
finally learn what
happiness is.
-so this is what peace feels like?
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