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I feel like I am on a never ending train.
No next stop.
All this precious time I’ve wasted.
God, look how much time I’ve wasted.
I have wrote of you twice before
Once after the first “I Love you”
Again after I knew you.
And now after I’ve known you..
The raging fire once felt now reduced to a flicker.
I can now see you without a glimmer
So many misunderstandings we never planned
No one would ever understand.
Who are you?
Someone I should know but it feels as though you are a stranger
Destined to be two halves
Your noise echos in my ears
Flashing memories of laughter brought
While your betrayal vibrates in my body
Leaving my stomach in knots
Am I to forgive you for wanting to be whole.
Sacrifice myself for you to be whole.
I’ve rebuilt my wall.
Brick by ******* brick
Every piece to so sadly fall
My tears it’s unyielding glue
Leaving no clue
Of the destruction it’s previously been through
Now I know the true lesson in love
To love until it is forevermore
For in hope of another life where may meet again
As lovers with a chance once more.
We will definitely be someone
who is destitute
when it comes to love.
Indonesia, 24th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Jenniff Hill Mar 25
in the bottom of her heart
She knew she would always be in love with him.
their memories will always haunt her
despite how much she tries to erase his memory.
He was her one true love.
Samantha Mar 24
he's the one that i want
he's the one that i need
he makes me happy
he makes me mad
he makes me cry
he makes me laugh
he clears my mind
he opens my heart
through rain or shine
it's him that i love
forever my love
it's him
he's the one
i love you austin
I lost you...

Yet I love you, like fire that burns uncontrollably I want you still.

You,;.  My greatest inspiration
I see greatness in your eyes, so who am I to stand in your way

Who am I to claim what I have not earned.
You my greatest friend, our love story is one for the ages; the heavens and black pits whisper of the wonders we could accomplish and yet...

And yet
Not yet
But when

I found myself asking is it real or is it a moment; for I had been through the stormy weather, slept on the burning floors of hell and now this 300g Cone is ash, blackening the light;

My light
All is clouded
My greatest friend
My love untested

I set you free before you could be caged
And now
   An now
      n now

I lost you
In the end, I have loved and I have been loved and that is enough.

I miss you buddy
When I'm alone, the rain is wet.
Nothing more nothing less.
But when I'm with you the rain is small drops of life that rejuvenate the earth.
Little sparkles that make pitter patter sounds, which unite in a perfect symphony with my fast heart beat.
Just as the beating slows
One glance from you sets my heart ablaze again continuing the sonata.
Only when you kiss me does the beating stop for a moment,
In shock that my greatest hope has finally became true.
To be loved is to be stripped down to your core. Until the truth is exposed and you're an open book.
And then be accepted.
Not for the persona you created, or the fake meaningless words you use to impress, not the clothes you wear, the way you part your hair, or anything of the sort.
But to be accepted in your pure state of self truth.
That is love.
accept me
In your eyes I see it all, in your smile you make me fall.
Fall to the depths of the deepest ocean, when no man has tread ground.
I'm wrapped up, tethered and by your love bound.
It's not pretty clear to me how you're really feeling, but I know from where I'm standing I can see that you could use some healing,
I'm here, my arms are open but I know you have to do it alone, just know I'm one call a way and you know there's no place like home.

Coz when you need me just close your eyes and I'm there, reach out your with your heart and I promise I'll appear.
Feel the wave of energy and my unconditional love and believe and have faith that we're guided by above.

It's destiny that brought us here every life we spent together, you know we're meant to beat the patterns, learn the lessons and handle this stormy weather. None of it can beat us, nobody or nothing, I can't stop my heart yearning from something so deep within.

It's all been divinely guided and I see that now it's crystal, it's about remembering who I was, letting go and discovering the metaphysical. I had to face my shadow do the work and start a new, I feel the fire that burns in me burns bright within you too.

We are forever burning brightly together no matter where we are, you make me feel safe you are my guiding star.
The same cosmic dust, the other half of my soul, when I think of you I can't  help but feel completely whole.

So my dear mirror I thank you for reflecting me so I had to look really close and accept who I'm supposed to be.
I am beautiful, I am powerful I am tough, I learned that no matter what I come across I am enough.
I am creative, I am intelligent, I am so very strong,
I had put myself through so much for  way too long.
I am courageous, I am smart I am so very brave.
I am worth enough for my soul I have to save.

So come to me in this realm we have so much we have left to do, I've travelled so far across the cosmos and I'm being pulled so magnetic to you.
Your lips belong on mine,
Your hand in my hand,
Those shivers down your spine,
Our universe to expand.

I have waited thousands of years and I think you know it too.
To unite and never part again our karma to renew.

My twin I love you.

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