Aa Harvey 11h
A tear for your love

Love will end, as it begins.
If the passion of arguing is what originally drew you in,
Then so it will be, as love explodes…in the end.
You will lose your will, to keep on trying…to pretend.

If the lure of adultery,
Was your first thought, so wrong for me,
Then an affair is how your love will end;
All that which could have been, never to be again.

If you were friends at first and eventually love bloomed,
Then you will part with such sweet sorrow;
You will not be consumed,
With jealousy, or hateful words.
You will each realise you have reached the stop sign
And you will each go your own way with true feelings heard.

What will be, will be and what feels wrong will go wrong.
Have you never listened to the billions of love songs?
We are all beginners, until we become winners
And when you see the checkered shirt flag waving,
You will either have found your way,
Or you will be left lost for words,
As you each sit in silence, eating your dinner.

We all ask for direction in our search for love,
But nobody can tell you, which love will guarantee you feel good.
Only you can decide which love feels right…
I will still believe in true love,
No matter how many times,
Love leaves me to cry.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Grey 12h
I don't understand why I long for you
You are the ghost that lurks behind every memory
My beautiful dark soul with a poetic rhyme
We have both moved towards our separate lives.
The feelings I have for you have not gone away
Maybe they have for you.
My heart will break every time I hear your name.
My soul will long when the memories come
I fell for the Girl who played with Satan
I can only hope time will be kind.
Searching for love in an endless vacuum.

The female heart is complicated.
Love comes and goes and we are left deflated.
When all that we want is to always be loved,
Sometimes we are,
Sometimes we are not…enough.

The heart of this man is not to be trusted,
According to the mistakes I have made; those days I have wasted.
The reality of love does not compare to the idea.
People are forever passing through relationships, like they are years.

The wonders of love are so rarely seen,
That some people truly believe that romance is all just a dream;
Some would say that romance has become extinct.
Those are the people who have never seen,
The heart that beats inside of me.

If I believe, then there must be others.
If I keep the faith
And do not measure my self-worth by the quantity of lovers,
But rather by their qualities.
Maybe one day I will find the true love that I seek…

Maybe this is all stupidity,
But I believe in love.
So you go ahead and do as you please;
I will remain as one, alone,
While you are all left searching for love,
In the depths of your phone.

I may be lost, but I am better off,
If all you have is a profile.
I want a love that is worthwhile.
I want to be loved, not just loved for a while.

Feelings change, that I understand,
But can you please tell me,
What is the point of a one night stand!?
Go ahead and feed your ego…ego…go.
I will happily watch you go away with so-and-so.

You do not even remember their names,
Because in the end they are just a name
And nothing remains of that night but a memory.
Are all your memories not just the same?

Getting drunk, having fun,
Mistakes made, but we have no shame!
You are not to blame for generation change,
But I am living a different way.
Real love, real feelings.
Real stories on every page.

You see me lie
And still you smile,
“Oh what about the little green men that you wrote about!”
I had no doubt that you would mention them,
But they were only ever spoken of in jest,
Lest ye forget,
The contradictions that I swear I never said.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Love, marriage, birth, death

I want a lover for life, not just a lover for tonight.
I want someone, who takes away my breath.
I want love, marriage, birth and death.

While you’re out there, looking for some excitement;
I’ll have someone, who is committed,
To making this work, whatever comes our way.
Someone who will be at my side, until I am old and grey.

For I now know what makes this work,
For I am no longer a jerk.
So go ahead; come over to me and flirt,
But you’re wasting your time,
For I need woman and not a girl.

You’re a solar eclipse, that has covered my heart,
You make all other women, fade into the dark.
For the light you shine, is simply blinding.
You’re the only woman, I need to be seeing.

I have now found what I’ve been looking for.
So if you feel the same way, my love is yours;
But never say I love you, unless you’re speaking from your soul.
For I don’t need any love, that isn’t sacred and pure.

For love is not simply a word, it’s like taking an oath;
A promise to me, that I’m the only one who can have your love.
But if you’re just after, an easy lay,
Then turn around and leave me and don’t come back again.

For I have become a runaway train,
Who is speeding down the railway line,
On a collision course with you.

Angel of mine, come and bring me sunshine,
Or steal Cupid’s bow and help me find love again.
For I don’t wish to live another day,
Until I get a girlfriend and I can show the world my happy face.

I speak from my heart, to share with you my feelings;
I tell you my thoughts, to show you what I’ve been thinking.
As the sun shines down upon you
And the water glistens on your skin,
You’re watching me thinking, as I’m watching you swim
And we both share a smile, for we both think the same thing.
Oh my God, I’m in love…
And each of us knows what the other is thinking.

So you run out of the water and I get to my feet,
Then somewhere in the middle, we share an embrace
And each of us wish, to never let go;
But we will never forget today though.
For today was the day, we both fell in love;
Every loving word spoken, with a simple hug.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Messages written on paper planes.

I've been sat here thinking;
Thinking about drinking.  
I've been sat here drinking;
Drinking my life to the stars.  

I think that I have fallen.
I feel like I have fallen to the ground.
The people they are all calling,
But I cannot answer right now.  

My head's in pieces;
No memories.
My hair’s receding;
I guess that's just the way it is.
My heart has been aching for a million years!
I'm through with waiting;
Waiting for true love to cure all my tears.  

These pictures I show you,
They just ain't what they used to be.
These stories I am creating,
I hope they allow you to see the real me,
But until that time I will carry my torch.
Until that time I will be searching for love.
Until that time,
I will crawl on all fours to kneel at your door;
Until you find me and I see your hands raising me up.  

The books that I am writing, the lies I have told;
The truth I've been hiding, to protect my soul.
The visions I had, before I grew old.
The memories I made…where did they all go?  

If love is out there somewhere, send her running to me.
If there's nothing out there for me,
Then I'll say goodbye and leave.
If all there is to find, is yet another lie,
Then let them all begone.
Put Lauryn’s Miseducation on and just leave me alone with her songs.

It's written down on paper, but it's a paper plane.
It's carved into the stone face, but it's hidden away.
It's written in the stars!  But the time is midday.
If all I need is really out there…
Then please send your message my way.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 17

My new life has begun…
My history is manuscript pages thrown away never to return.
A romance has begun…
I am once more in love with love;
Watch my heart glow as it once more gets burnt.
This fire inside, will not go out once lit;
There is no off switch.
There will be times when I hold my doubt,
Like it is a tattoo that I cannot itch.

Upon my soul it has been written,
True love or nothing else.
Until the day I release a dove,
I will be eternally in-waiting and forever, so in love,
With a wife I haven’t met yet;
Who I know, loves me as-well.
It is already written; so it will be said.

We have not yet had the pleasure,
So I will just slow my pace for now;
I will be crawling, begging, searching for a love of my own!
But this journey has only just begun
And one day she will find me,
I have no doubt.

The ruins of a love story or two have crumbled into dust,
But I have only just begun to love.
The love I love is just love.
If I am righteous and trust my heart,
All my feelings will not fade away one day.
I will be with my Queen.  I will find my bride.
The two of us shall find a way,
To find each other under the stars,
As asteroid’s collide.
A thousand sparks will be my guide
And she will be my life-wife.

All other thoughts will testify,
That all I want is a single wife.
A wife that I can call my own;
Neither borrowed, stolen, nor temporarily on loan.
I want a permanent smile emblazoned on my heart,
A heart upon my sleeve, a name across my chest,
A bold statement of my intent to act upon my commitment,
To never need another lover.

I want ‘somebody’ to love me;
Surely there must be somebody.
If your love for me is true, then find my heart beacon;
I hold it high for all to see.
I cannot reason a future without a reason;
I believe in our destiny.

If we are bound to be together, then there can be no falsehood.
If you are planning a motherhood with me,
Then you have to remain good
And kind and heartfelt and faithful always…
If you cannot, then please allow me to leave,
To go in search of love.
If you cannot be happy with me during the night
And throughout the day,
Then you should leave, so I can too;
I will find my better half and she will be sent from the Heaven’s above.

I have no car, so watch the stars and if they twinkle just for you,
Then I am waiting, searching, thinking about a love that is true.
It is so sad, to be without your soulmate;
In the sky you will see ‘I love you’,
Written by sky-soaring planes.

I am not your Superman,
My pants are on the inside,
But if you hold onto me really tightly,
If you truly, truly love me…

We could fly together forever;
We could be a light in the sky.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aaron LA Lux Apr 16
here we are again,
you’d think we’d have it figured out already,
especially after so many lifetimes,

why would anyone in their right mind,
put themselves through this life after life time after time,
we both want the same thing eventually that’s for sure,
we just can’t agree on the timeline,

and honestly I’m ready now,
so please don’t make me wait another lifetime,

so we separate once again and go on our way,
always running away,
and never finding the time to make a home,
just finding different places to stay,


we’ve waited too long,
and I’m ready now,
I know I screwed up but you screwed up too,
well to build a house it takes a few screws,

so come back,
build this house with me,
let’s pour the foundation,
and leave our past buried in that concrete,

and yeah it’ll be hard work,
but anything that’s worth it always is,
and I’m tired of finding reasons to die,
I want to find some reasons to live,

live with me,
I mean really,
live with me,
in this reality,

and I want to explain this all to you,
but you’d probably think it’s a bit too heavy,

plus you’ve got your own baggage,
so why would you want mine,
I mean we both travel so much,
that we know there’s a 2 bag limit on most airlines,

but I don’t mind,
I’ll let you lay your luggage upon me,
I’m stronger now a can take the wait,
tell me all your troubles above ground under palm trees,

on our own island,
safely harbored from that sea of troubles,
we’ve been blown off and popped to many times,
but we don’t need them anymore we have our own bubble,

and I love it in here,
in this world we created,
but just when I start to feel safe,
and think that we’ve finally made it,

we both go ahead and break it,

all those lines we wrote down as vows get forgotten,
and the same pencil we used to write that page we use to erase it,

and you ran away like you always have,
because you’d rather turn your back on your reflection than face it,

and that’s okay I guess,
if you’re gonna go you’re gonna go no matter what I’m saying,

and if you love them,
set them free,
so I let you go without saying a word,
and watched you walk away again for another eternity,

and now I’m left alone again,
and everything reminds me of you,
the beach the sun my breathe,
even the classes I take in Jiu Jitsu,

can’t sleep,
because when I lay in bed you’re not there,
and that gives me that pain in my stomach,
and that desperate feeling of despair,

can’t eat,
because all food reminds me of our meals together,
can’t go out,
because even when the sky is clear it feels like stormy weather,

and I know this sounds corny but whatever,
this is our Love Story and no one is going to write it for us,
and we’ve been apart for too long,
and we deserve to explore us,

and I’m ready,
finally after all these years,
but as soon as I think I’m ready,
instead of standing strong I break down into tears,

and I don’t want you to see me cry,
because it’s embarrassing,
I’m a man men don’t cry,
and I want to speak up but I say nothing,

I’m all out of words,
and can barely breathe,
feels like my soul is being crushed,
so how do you expect me to speak,

it’s a challenge just to breathe,
can’t sleep nor do I want to wake up,
just want to find a way somehow,
to get back through to you so hopefully we can make up,

but it’s not up to me,
it’s up to you,
I just hope,
you realize soon,

before it’s too late,
and we’re both gone for good,
back into the world from which we came,
back above the clouds but still misunderstood,

can’t return to Heaven,
until we earn back our wings,
and we’re not going to find our reception,
until we learn a few more things,

and we’re not going to learn,
until we grow up and face each other,
not only as friends and soul mates,
but also as fellow beings and eternal lovers,

there’s work to do,
and I’m ready if you’re willing,
and there’s no time to lose,
because time is constantly ticking,

can’t get back a single moment once it’s gone,
and the moment is now so let’s not hesitate,
because we are timeless anyways,
so we are never late,

we measure time by lifetimes,
and I’ve waited a few to see you again,
and just when I finally think we’ve finally made it,
you go ahead get up and just run away again,

here we are again,
you’d think we’d have it figured out already,
especially after so many lifetimes,

why would anyone in their right mind,
put themselves through this life after life time after time,
we both want the same thing eventually that’s for sure,
we just can’t agree on the timeline,

and honestly I’m ready now,
so please don’t make me wait another lifetime…

∆ LaLux ∆
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Love is reaching where
The sunset touches the trees
Only you keep falling
On your raw skinned knees
Unfazed by the pain or cuts
Or the rising bruise
Nothing will keep you
From your true loves muse

Though their absence aches
With the deepest pain
You feel no fear and climb
The treacherous trunk again
Scaling with bloody knuckles
Into the leaves once more
For where the sky meets the trees,
Free hearts may truly soar
@LadyofRavenhill 2018
Aa Harvey Apr 16
Cut me and I bleed you.

I’ve been thinking about you whilst running through the fire of life,
As I’m drinking in your nectar and dying inside.
This sacrificed soul, so soulfully rejected so many times,
Is still thoughtfully asking itself why I must cry,
Tears of fire through blinded eyes.

So heart-shatteringly cast aside by the Gothic bride,
With pale green eyes, now forever entwined with death, I smile
And in a short while I have walked a mile,
In someone else’s shoes and I see the light on the grail.
I’ve kissed the rose and my hope has set sail;
It is because of you I prevail.

If you cut me I will bleed you;
You are inside me, with me and all around me.
If you cut me I will bleed you,
Because my love for you is the only thing I need.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 16
Liquid Poetry

Pure liquid poetry pours out of my head,
Leaving my will and wishes for dead.
Just cannot stop this crazy mind,
From spitting out another rhyme.

Give it a rest!
Brain please hibernate.
Wake up in the morning, if you’re not too late;
But please!  For the sake of sanity!  
Please give me a break.
I’m wearing away in my dying days,
Just waiting for a future…

Where is she True Love?
You promised me.
It’s time for me to meet her.

This Wife you promised,
In exchange for me being honest.
Where is she?  Who is she?
Come on; you promised.

I pledged my destiny to True Love.  Remember?  
Well?  Who is my True Love?  What have you done with her?

Is it you?  Is it you?  This is getting boring…
Or is it just another story?
A tale to tell your kids at night.
Oh yes it’s real; believe in True Love.  Goodnight.

It’s real for everyone but me it seems;
For my True Love is still only The Woman of My Dreams.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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