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Millie May 5
My own person is healthy and courageous. My own person is self-aware and emotionally intelligent. He is growth-oriented, resourceful and positive.

My own person is supportive, thoughtful, kind and empathetic. My own person is ready to take accountability, communicate and work through things even when the going gets rough.

My own person desires to make me happy, chooses me and shows up for me. He is sure about me and healthily obsessed with me. My own person encourages and lifts me up when I’m at a low point.

My own person does not disappear when I need him. My own person protects me. He knows how to introspect, reflect and has a desire to be better.

My own person does not make me feel small or irrelevant. My own person is a secure place where I can feel at home. My own person is expressive. He is a source of light when I am in a dark place.

My own person is as sure about me as the sun rises and sets without our asking, with certainty; regardless of the weather, timezone or location.
I was thinking about the traits I'd love to have in a partner and put this together.
Ashwin Kumar Apr 20
It has often been said
That true love doesn't exist
But that doesn't stop me from dreaming
After all, I am a romantic
And it's not like I believe in true love
Only because I've read about it in books
Or seen it happen in movies and TV shows
In fact, I've experienced it myself
Not once, but twice
On the first occasion, I was young and naive
Enjoying life to its fullest
And when the love bug bit me
It was one of my happiest moments
I looked forward to every single day
And for the first time in many years
I actually made a concerted effort
To excel in academics
However, to cut a long story short
I missed the bus by a mile
When it came to confessing my feelings
Right, let's come to the second occasion
Technically, it was an arranged marriage
But for me, it was as good as a love marriage
Because, after our engagement
I grew so deeply attached to the girl
That I was blind
To all the red flags thrown at me
Every now and then
Again, to cut a long story short
It eventually ended in a divorce
However, as I've mentioned before
I have not lost hope yet
After all, time is still on my side
However, I need to draw a line somewhere
Firstly, being open and honest
Is an absolute must
I will tell you everything
But I expect the same from you as well
Secondly, I am looking for someone
Who is loyal till the very end
I will be with you
Through thick and thin
But if you cheat on me
Then it's over, once and for all
And finally
You need to accept me as I am
With my pros as well as cons
That includes understanding my autism
And the limitations it places on me
Especially as far as social interaction is concerned
Of course, it works both ways
I am not looking for a perfect person either
After all, if it's perfect
Then it's not true love
And one of the major reasons I still believe in true love
Is that it's full of imperfections
That's what makes it so endearing
And so human
Veronica Moore Dec 2022
From star dust to grass blades,
I'd traverse it all for you.
For you are not just my sun and stars,
You're the whole **** universe.
My love.
Ashwin Kumar Dec 2022
How would I like to be loved?
It is a very difficult question
Because, though I appear, at first glance
To be "The Guy Next Door"
The reality, I assure you, is entirely different
Firstly, every individual is different
Secondly, I am autistic
And finally
There is so much about me
That you will get to know
Only if you are a good friend of mine

How would I like to be loved?
Well, let me tell you
Love is not all about candlelight dinners
Nor is it about *** in the bedroom
It is about being there for each other
No matter what
If I truly love someone
I would be ready to go to jail for her
Of course, not if it is for something ethically wrong
But you get the idea

How would I like to be loved?
If you have seen the Tamil movie "Thiruchitrambalam"
Then you would understand
If I were to say
That I want someone to love me
The way Nithya Menen loved Dhanush
In that amazing movie

How would I like to be loved?
If you've seen me at my worst
One of those days
When I am in one of my rages
And keep shouting and breaking things
Or I lose my focus at work
Due to all my insecurities
Rearing their ugly heads
Or I simply drown myself in my thoughts
Refusing to come out of my bed
Or I cry like a child
Drowning myself in a tidal wave of self-pity
And you still love me the same
As you did when I was at my best
Then it is indeed true love
Enough said

How would I like to be loved?
When I hear one of Harris Jayaraj's romantic melodies
And can instantly relate to it
I know that I am in love
And that love is real, not reel

How would I like to be loved?
If you ask me how was my day
And I go on and on
Droning about the technicalities of my work
Or cribbing about various issues
Such as candidates, clients or my boss
And you never tire of listening to me
Then I know you are truly in love
Also, if I keep asking you how was your day
Every single day after work
And you never once tire of answering such a mundane question
If that is not true love
I don't know what is!
And on that note
It's time to wrap up this little monologue
And return to hard reality
Ashwin Kumar Oct 2022
At the moment, I am fine
I am part of a rich family
But more importantly, a loving family
I have a decent job
And a stable career
Most of all
I have a few close friends
Whom I can count on, anytime
So, you can say
That my life is pretty much sorted
Except, of course, for a bit of work stress
Which is one of the occupational hazards
Of being a recruiter
So, is there anything missing?
Surprisingly, the answer is yes
What wouldn't I give
To fall in love?
My heart yearns for that chance
To meet a special someone
Who has the potential
To change my life
In ways that I would least expect
It can be anyone
A friend
A colleague
Someone in my poetry circle
Or for that matter, comedy circle
A friend of a relative
A friend of a friend
Or even a total stranger
Of course, the last option is rather unlikely
Anyway, the point is
I would love the chance
To share my thoughts and feelings
My beliefs and ideas
My darkest secrets
And most importantly
My love and affection
With that special woman
Of course, only if she is okay with it
Because, true love works both ways
Well, it's not like I haven't fallen in love before
In fact, it has happened to me twice
But on both occasions
My love wasn't reciprocated
Therefore, what wouldn't I give
To fall in love once more?
I am keeping my fingers crossed
That it will turn out to be a case of "third time lucky"
Assuming, of course, that it happens in the first place
Descovia Aug 2022
As I lay here thinking of you
All my thoughts grey and blue
I wish I could see you, I wish I could.
Then maybe my life could be understood
But still I'm down thinking of you

Eye for an eye
Heart for a heart.
Tooth for a tooth
Wondering in consistent circles
I am running and ripping myself apart.
I only want to be part of thoughts
That gave me peace to
live for my truths.
It's all in living color.
Yet, I feel grey and only see blue.
I have a reason to hold my head up
Although I am down in my
feelings, thinking of how much
I am missing you.

Cassandra & Descovia
Never stop pushing for your own happiness.
At the end of every day along with your goals
Nobody else, will root for you without issue
unless it's your own child, sibling or that person is legit.
Honor your aspirations and keep living.
The world needs your story.
Descovia Aug 2022
Hear the silence
Look into my eyes
and hear what I'm not saying
For my eyes speak louder
than my voice ever could

Your eyes speak louder
Than my powerless voice ever could
Emotions and memories resonate
in eyes that I treasure more than riches
Many lifetimes, where I connected ties.
I am surviving, I never felt
as if I've been living
Watched stars fall from heaven skies
You do not need words to
validate your love for me
Calm as the ocean tides
Peaceful as the color blue.
I can hear your love screaming to me
All I have to do, is simply look at you.
You bring many things to life
Together connections are aligned
It's composed by the strength of your presence.
It surrounds your essence
all of this, it makes me stronger than
diamond and gold both combined.
What more is there I can say?
The loudness of your loving heart
can be heard from miles away
I rather dance on landmines
Endure the darkest side of my mine
Massacre and desolation.
Cruelty, blood and rapine.
Before adventuring to any realm
where your soul does not reside
Your joys and anguish embedded in a strong heart
powerful enough to make the strongest cry
I will go through it all.
Determined before dubbed disdainful.
My spells will bind the wicked and
wrongfully make me gainful.
I rather it be this, before I bring harmful
intentions to my beloved earth angel.

Cassandra & Descovia collaboration.
Zywa Jul 2022
True love may be tired,

not capable, not obliged --

just sweet, a sweetheart.
Collection "It takes a lot of tries to make a début"
Louise Jun 2022
I didn't even ask him
what kind of music he digs,
for his voice alone
is my new favorite record.
I didn't bother finding out
his kind of taste in music,
for my newfound orchestra
comes from his lips.

I didn't even ask him
what kind of films he watch,
for even reality feels like a movie
when he came from the side door,
that's a film I've never seen before.
The ****** is when I was falling
and he was there, ever ready,
waiting and willing to catch me.

I didn't even find out
what kind of books he reads,
for his way with words
is already a novel of poetry.
I didn't even dare ask him
what he thinks of the bible,
for his articles and greetings
alone are my homily.

I didn't even find out
if our taste in music, cinema and literature matches and if I should go otherwise.
You only do that in shallow,
short-lived connections.
I didn't even bother finding out
if our taste in things aligns,
for he already spiced up my
underseasoned life.
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