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Eileen Black Dec 2018
Storyteller’s Duty (Cinquain)

What is the value of silver and gold?
Is it enough to buy beauty?
What happens when beauty grows old?
Does her story remain untold?
Isn't telling the storyteller’s duty?
I can't picture my self
Telling you "I love you".
Maybe needing some help,
Showing you what I say is true.

But you know, I can't.
I don't know how.
You're everything that I want.
I hope you see it, somehow.

I just don't understand,
This hid feelings are in my hands.
It's hard to comprehend, that I can't say it.
It's so hard to pretend, that I can never let you know.

I hope you feel the same pray.
I hope I am mean this way.
Sheepish over telling how much I love you!
HoneyPotter Dec 2018
Picking up my favorite pen
words I couldn't have the guts to say
Here I am again making continuous lines
Preten hadthese rhymes will give you sign.
You see it's so funny to me
How we've known each other for so long
Yet I still don't have the courage
to let go of it and make confessions.
Maybe I can but I hate to be awkward
So I guess that's how I  missed every single chance
or maybe I value what we have in present
more than the unknown result of regrets.
We just have a small deep talk with my friends over lunch. They convince me to tell my feelings to him. I appreciate their support  but I cant. I just cant :(
R Dec 2018
This pain ages old
Which follows me everywhere i go
This life full of secrets
Stories untold
The bag full of screams
And memories that I can’t let go
What a journey life is
But now all i wanna do is let it go
To commit a sin
So sinful
That will truely set me free
Free from this bag
Which i am not able to throw
And be free
There are few memories that no matter what you can never let go, they might have occurred when you were a child but they don’t let you go no matter how hard you try
Shariq Jawed Nov 2018
Did you hear about the story untold?
Where naive goes out and gets sold...

Did you hear about those hopeless men?
Counting the numbers down from ten...

Did you see that cheater deceiving others?
Going around screweing over his own brothers...

Did you see that guy walking heart broken?
All his pain and sorrows left unspoken...

Do you know the harsh reality of this world?
No one wants to change, but wants you to mould...
Maria Etre Sep 2018
I am
still writing the
and it seems
to over take
the book

Lynnia Aug 2018
You told me you wanted something of mine
Whispered through the wind, intangible
Negotiations from one side
Never to touch; forever to hold
A thousand asked, but thrice replied
Your smiling lies did grow more bold
The second one was left to die
A thousand secrets—priceless, sold

not lived; alive;
your words did thrive,
and fed like rats
on my Untold.

It’s something you can’t clearly see
The way I clutch these to my chest
And something quite so dear to me
Falls like an egg from Mother’s nest
A jewel I never meant to share—
Snatched in the night from cradle warm
It seems you never really cared
Yet never meant to do me harm

satisfied not
you weren’t who i thought
we just drank the joy
of sweet Alarm.
Raviha Hussain May 2018
You were untold from the circumstances
You were untold from your life

You were untold as apparent
but none can easily decide

Conjecture crimes of untold
supposition to your own

You were untold as you told
to the toddlers of disown
When you are untold from your owns
Ineffable Soul Mar 2018
Uncovering honest words to write
Deep down inside
Far from reach far from sight
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