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Pr nandni Jan 2022
Sometimes it's better to leave the pages BLANK
Sometimes the BEST is to not EXPRESS everything,
Let your emotions be wrapped beneath TRUST
Put your LOVE on the lap of future,
Let it BORN with peace.

Don't sum yourself up in ONE word,
Just LEAVE the pages blank.
Leave it blank
Tøast Nov 2021
I’ve thought about that so many times before,
An itch on my mind like a scratch on the floor.
I’ve seen my face on other peoples memories,
Boxed away in places just out of reach.
It might be my life but it’s just a figure of speech.

A forgotten fallacy, framed through the ages and found in the back room of an old mans house,
Dust blown, leather cracked and spine broken.
Cracked open in two, bent over a knee and followed by the finger.
Put the red ribbon down and let’s talk it over,
Draw a pretty picture and imagine it again.

Where the wind whistles and the dogs howl like stars in the night.
Piercing the black, thick tar in the sky.
Running over clouds and dripping through my mind, thick like treacle but no half as sweet.
I S A A C Aug 2021
what if I have a little too much Bacardi
and I am stumbling around the party
would you take care of me or use me
would you pull my hair back as I spew out my regrets
watch me undress, caress my silhouette
don’t neglect, ******* like a cigarette
knew since we first met, you rev me up like a corvette
what's next, what's next
every since you step into my life its been just blessed
I confess it's been stressful trying to get a handle
or a grip on you and your fit is so cool
you make me want you, so smooth
you want me to want to do things I don’t usually do
give up the flower as you f*ck me in the shower
never thought I would be like this, you are my weakness
smiling during the fall of the tower
Celestial Tales Mar 2021
Lilipad ako
Pero hindi dahil sa apoy
Hindi dahil sa kailangan kong lumisan
Hindi para magliwanag ang kalangitan
Hindi para abutin ang buwan
Hindi rin para abutin ang mga tala
Hindi dahil sa'yo
At lalong lalo na—
Hindi para sa'yo.

Lilipad ako kasi gusto ko.
Kasi matagal nang nakatanim ang mga ugat ko sa lupa
At hindi sapat ang lupa para sa mga paang mapaghanap.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2020
A love buried in the depth of the earth
skipping the grave that can be lit up
and the bottom of the sea
water billows out of this abyss
netting the eyeballs of the sky.
Then the bottom of the night
was skipped likewise.

Taring the shades of black
there the moon rolls out
in the enchanting half-light.
So it had to be tucked away
only at the bottom of the earth.

Everything the all-inclusive pi  
could pop up from that safe womb there
that carries the weight of the matters  
but never shows up an equating pattern!

The nightingale scurries to the red rose
bubbling on the morning tessera
as if it mined out the treasure of the earth!
Oh it doesn't seem to be the only one scorer
upon the rose a mirror is up in the sky
‘Love’ is in the eyes of the sun!
Poetic Eagle Oct 2020
Forever was only a fantasy
Till you came along
Midnight thoughts
Secret Whispers Sep 2020
You had no right to talk to me the way you did. No right to take ownership over me.

No right to tell me how to dress or even how to smile,
no right babe you were so sinister and vile. You crossed the line when you told me who I could talk to or what I could say after we were done. You master manipulator and I your puppeteer.
Said you’d always be here but you were the first to run.

You pulled me by the strings of my own heart and you didn’t even care about the hurting that would cause.
Ileana Amara Aug 2020
poem lines run through my head;
unstructured, barely coherent, contemplative,
they were the words & thoughts left unsaid
this heart bleeds wasted poetries like a thriving captive.

Note well
For this is my time to be who I am
And the danger of looking backward
Is at an end

Don’t harp on about
Alligators, and poisonous lizards
For we are free to be,
Just be

Asterisk, mark my place
And untold stories
Be ******
In the un-telling
I'm trying to capture the essence of a "reminder" as life takes its course, and the danger of forgetting
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