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Your name wrung
between the lines of
fresher tender cuts.
Brushing a slower finger
over dusty pages,
disturbing untold stories
that was long untouched.

Your name is
the tap-tap of hammer nails
and the crimson consummator.

The barricading name,
of the mesmeric temple of apologies
molded by unequivocal agony and anger
lying in the bleak moor
laced with your remnants.

My mind is left shambled on the floor,
shards of memories
now leaking as exudate
am I being inflamed?

If I were to paint this across the canvas,
it’d be red, blue then purple
a galaxy with mismatched constellations
on a rippled fabric of night skies.

If I were to ink you to paper,
tracing you in black
you’d diffuse, cry and leak
into a pool of red,
dripping at the edge of the paper.

You are the cactus
pricking with every temptation.

The one engrained in my figmentation
wrapped in lessons
coloring the pigmentation of my skin
with various hues.

You are the open wound
with the fabricated scab.

You are the name
that rings inside my head,
echoing through my memories
trembling shakes, tremors
through the cronies
widening the past a little
more within me.
rchrpoet Sep 13
Eyes blink faster than dice
showing the real words in time
chooses to hear nor to fear
escaping from hell my dear
stones, sand, trees and birds
owls knows how to keep the rest
secrets , urges trying to collapse
may you see the light in my arms
demanding again for what's it worth
03:00 am telling an untold oath
writing, living, and feeling
hiding in a poem where im healing
Let me love you right as a friend.
                       Let me hold you tight.
Give a kiss goodnight towards the end.
                      Wake up to that morning light

My female friends said my heart is like gold.
A caring perfection never controlled.
This a story never foretold
Express your problems never untold.
I’m here to help you carry that load.
Take your time as I hold your hand.
Because I’m DatGuy an Understanding Gentleman.
Your conscience is saying “Let him in”.
I’ll give all my won’t hurt.
Take the time to readjust...please insert.
I’m giving you a meal before dessert.
This is or no deal.
Like the game show with Howie.
I know your wondering DatGuy “how is he?”
“Why is he so attractively getting too attached to me.”
I always say I have an old soul so classically.
Like a musical masterpiece.
I’m just here because I had to be.
Your just here because you had to see.
I want you to believe not every male.
Would lie or tell-a-tale towards a female.
There’s only a few very passionate.
This is true no need to imagine it...

I want you to understand me.
As a friend no make believe or pretend.
That I’m here for you until the day we end.
Right now let’s enjoy this Day as it Begins..
There is a secret;
The Secret of secrets
Beyond the imagination of our impure selves
There, lies all my unknown self
For I am a mystery yet untold.

Here, I am
But seen to be there.
There, was I
But not seen nor heard.

I was looked at, but not seen
I did not speak, but I was heard
I was not looked at, but I was seen
I was not heard, but I was listened to

This shadow is not mine but this body's
For I am not this body but this soul

—Jibril Abdulmalik ©2019
anna Mar 28
The more i love
The more i lost
The more i hold
The more let go
I don't know how it's feel.
Eileen Black Dec 2018
Storyteller’s Duty (Cinquain)

What is the value of silver and gold?
Is it enough to buy beauty?
What happens when beauty grows old?
Does her story remain untold?
Isn't telling the storyteller’s duty?
I can't picture my self
Telling you "I love you".
Maybe needing some help,
Showing you what I say is true.

But you know, I can't.
I don't know how.
You're everything that I want.
I hope you see it, somehow.

I just don't understand,
This hid feelings are in my hands.
It's hard to comprehend, that I can't say it.
It's so hard to pretend, that I can never let you know.

I hope you feel the same pray.
I hope I am mean this way.
Sheepish over telling how much I love you!
HoneyPotter Dec 2018
Picking up my favorite pen
words I couldn't have the guts to say
Here I am again making continuous lines
Preten hadthese rhymes will give you sign.
You see it's so funny to me
How we've known each other for so long
Yet I still don't have the courage
to let go of it and make confessions.
Maybe I can but I hate to be awkward
So I guess that's how I  missed every single chance
or maybe I value what we have in present
more than the unknown result of regrets.
We just have a small deep talk with my friends over lunch. They convince me to tell my feelings to him. I appreciate their support  but I cant. I just cant :(
R Dec 2018
This pain ages old
Which follows me everywhere i go
This life full of secrets
Stories untold
The bag full of screams
And memories that I can’t let go
What a journey life is
But now all i wanna do is let it go
To commit a sin
So sinful
That will truely set me free
Free from this bag
Which i am not able to throw away
And be free
There are few memories that no matter what you can never let go, they might have occurred when you were a child but they don’t let you go no matter how hard you try
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