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babygirl45 Jan 24
My memories are what I have left,
and a lesson I will not forget.

The time has come when time is no more
and all that's left was once before.

The memories so dear and true,
those memories of me and you.

Although we fell and stumbled at times,
all those hills were necessary climbs.

All the times when your heart shined through
are the greatest memories I have of you.

I will always remember you, brother of mine.
In my heart I will keep you, so I will be fine.

I will go forward with my head up high.
It might be hard, I cannot lie.

But in my heart you will be,
moving forward, you with me.
Rip Charles Edward Evan you went to soon bro you was only 22 years olds
Jackie Nov 2023
I can’t go to places that remind me of you
Knowing that familiarity is gone
Returning a little wiser
A little sadder
Lingering in a certain spot to get a feel of what’s left
I used to listen to my heart
But I can’t rely on it anymore
So now my mind plays tricks on me
I thought I saw you walking on campus the other day
And in the dining hall
And in the car that passed me
Even in my rear-view mirror
I heard you in my best friend’s laugh
And your criticism in that song you hate
I’ve fallen in love with a ghost
Scenarios burden my conscious
Romanticizing a lie
I make excuses for why you’re gone
Why you ignore me
That it’s my fault
I want to remedy this disconnect
But I don’t want to change
If you’ve given up on me
Someone told me that you see what you want to see
I guess that makes me a masochis t
Because seeing you is pain
And I keep looking for you
I still see you
Knowing you’re not here
ZACK GRAM Oct 2023
They may say there is no God


My friend asked
I said

Thats the queen i bet if u run her over she dies...
I bet him 10 million $

Im not from here

I owe him 10 mill
He ran her over
The queen died

Pray for my sins
Giant land is manhattan
Safety when i sleep
Heaven gates
Please accept me
I begun something no compare
I might die right now
They want me gone....
jǫrð Oct 2023
He died here
And his soul
Says, with the
"Look away
Child, avert
Your eyes,
From these
You are
Powerless to

Look to the
Colors ive
Painted high
Those who
Could, will
Never help"
We admire
The sunset
And search
The astral
The History: I sat where he was hit for a while, they say I shouldn't be upset, I didn't watch him die, I was merely there for the precursors to the event. How is that any better? I look away from the crosswalk, to my left. I see the sky painted the most gorgeous sunset each time I miss him. I weep, because this was all entirely preventable and everyone just looked away when something could have been done months in advance, after I said something. Now nothing can bring him back, and they just don't think about it.
xavier thomas Sep 2023
Dear Father-
Thank you for waking me up this last morning.
Apologies for the delays, times been hard to
void some distractions, dear father.
Not enough time to gather these thoughts, however,
this day, I have to

Dear family- Just missing ya.
Saw the new addition,
it’s another little baby.
Pray this one will succeed through their dreams with no complications.
I think it’s a blessing.
The way you all raise your kids,
new gen, from ignorance
hateful people who were hatin’.
Toxic traits wanting us to fail & fall off
from the village tree we created.
But before it was my time to leave,
I memorized the past for myself.
Flashing moments or two rewinding
between the fun & hectic scenes of life building & laugher.
Too much for one’s mind…
It’s been a-lot going on…
You can read the hidden messages in all of my poems.

Life was doing me wrong…
Humans were doing me wrong…
Final days, life & death, was knocking right at my door.
Wrote letters to encourage others to hold on strong.
Be thankful for the man above, his life, his voice & gift of passionate songs.

Jude 1:20-21 brought out those tears,
Having me grateful each time I read it.
Cause I kept crying
off so much when I accepted God kids.
And I don’t know what it is.
But along the way , I became sensitive
beyond than I imagine.
But never mind that, I’m fine, I’m sending this message with kisses & hugs
In hope you all smile.
Live a better life as I protect you from above.
Less you hurt
The deeper you love
More you show
the full is your cup.
Picture an organic hug
releasing all of the pressure or problems occurring in one’s mind
Sending love waves of energy.

Please hold each other down
Y’all carry the crowns
You ever need me, just pray & I’ll request from above to be present & show up
Until then, I’ll rest in power
I’m gone
Talk to me & I’ll show you my love
RyanMJenkins Jun 2023
Padre day always felt so gray
Typically too clouded for anything uplifting to say on a personal plane
Nor much of anything for me to really celebrate

Many moving pieces, some removed before "too late"
This month wouldve marked year 8 -
Of revolutions and opportunities to be great.  I would've stayed and stumbled into ways to be brave.

Instead again I sit here and isolate

Called upon a necromancer for a family to raise.  He handed me a mirror and said, "Start here today."

I am grateful to be, and honor the planting of seeds from generations prior
But the cold washes over me alone staring at the embers of a life that was a fire.

I wouldn't say that this is all a test
Life is stress when comparing with the rest
Judge self only by your personal progress
Try not to take it personally and trust the process

When this sun sets, there wont be any regrets.  Instead whispers in the wind reminding you to keep steps to the beat in your chest

Ive had my talks with suns, moons, and planets in their many driveways, backyards, and various porches.  Kicking it with night sky, a dark cave, with stars as my torches.  These conversations elevate and ultimately nourish.  Still, I can only fantasize about how we'd all have flourished.  One daydream at a time finding the courage to surface
Caroline Parajo Aug 2020
Oh what a place of hope and of no pain
Perfect skies with no rain
Of endless happiness
No tears or even darkness

For nothing loved is ever lost, broken or sad
I am happy here, knowing that I made you glad
I will still remember in the lifetime we had
Doing life together, embracing both the good and bad

Though I could live and love in many past lives
Yet you were the only one I love and is truly mine
I will hold you dearly not only in our earthly life,
But also here in the afterlife

I’ll be watching you from a distance
Still loving you so relentless
Being with you in every instance
Hoping you’ll feel my love and presence

‘Til I wait for you here in paradise
Seek my shining angel light
Though I may have been taken away from you that night
God brought me home, resting by his side
f May 2022
rest easy sweet soul
i love you, i miss you
you will never ever be forgotten, you are one-of-a-kind
your beautiful face when you’re sleeping
your beautiful voice, singing in the car with you
your humor, and how you made me laugh so hard i cried countless times
you are my brother forever
the tony to my effy
i’m going to miss your aarbear hugs the most
your laugh and your perfect impressions/quotations of our favorite lines from our favorite shows
i will miss the way you get under my skin
so many people loved you buddy..
it’s crazy, because you thought nobody would show up to your funeral, but so many people did
maybe, hopefully, you knew deep down how loved you were
i'm so so sorry for all of my shittiness
but for as hard as we fought, we sure loved just as much and more
i know you would have hated some things about your funeral, but i hope you appreciate the ***** breaking bad and ooof maddon stickers, and tony soprano gold chain and medallion we put on you in your casket. it looked amazing on you
i’ll love meadow and see you in her, and feel close to you when i’m walking her
this wasn’t meant to happen.. i still expect to see a message or tweet or update from you when i wake up
you are forever in my heart ♥️ rip grains
preschool to infinity bruv🖤
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