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Andrew Layman Apr 16
Like a magazine
locked and caged,
in between
sweaty hands
cast away the shells,
the bullets and me
tell it all away
it's just a dream,
just a dream
and hope you're still awake
when the shooting ends.
Delyla Nunez Apr 15
Grey an’ sleek.
Strong an’ at your peak.
This moment is yours!
The first steps taken with man,
All in the palm of your hand!
But no hand you bare,
Instead rough padding and claws that are handle with care.
We gifted this name to the one whom fights our demons,
To overcome any trail and error.
He is..
Hercules Nuñez 4/14/21 RIP pup..
shortweeb Apr 13
Why can't I just have a relationship like Hisoka and Illumi

They love eachother and would die for one another

by the others hands.
This is based on HXH. Yes I know I am stupid as ****.
I want this so bad.
Delyla Nunez Apr 8
Three years my chest tighten when I wake.
Three years my body trembles when I move.
Three years and I hear the echos of my screams, begging for this to be a dream.
Yet I stand, three years later.
Still hoping for you to come back.
arCamm Apr 4
the driving force of will and imagination
with an unique lens of the world
the gifts that reside within these 4 wheels

- a.r. Camm
R.I.P. Grandpa
trf Mar 26
when the curtains are drawn
you just never know what's going on
they say he passed peacefully in his sleep
but that doesn't put our minds at ease

i remember his smile, a contagious face
we should have seen the scale tipping
how heavy it must have weighed

another one gone
from the class of o one
our ride or die boy
may god bless his two sons.
rip my good friend. this one hurts, it hurts real bad. i wish i could hug you, the way you used to pick me up, squeeze me so hard and crack my back. and you always smelled like knock off cheap cologne. i'm gonna miss that awful smell.
Delyla Nunez Mar 16
I’m terrified of thoughts of you,
Believing that I am not worthy of them.
Two days till your birthday,
And I’m still lost.
I accepted the lies that were told,
I wasn’t strong enough to ward their thoughts.
I’m sorry.
I am so sorry. I thought I was strong and I wasn’t. I’m sorry.
Delyla Nunez Mar 10
I write about you,
Writing as if you’ll read them.
Yet we both know I shouldn’t,
After all, it’s my fault you’re dead.
Didn’t want to believe it, but I eventually did.
It just struck me as odd
Since we sleep to regain energy
To do the things we need to
The next time the sun rises

But what do we rest in peace for
I think it’s a different kind of sleep
My matter dissipates in the dirt
And awakes to live in the roots
Of all the trees that gave me shade
And the flowers that defined beauty

The only better place I’m going
Is the world beneath your feet.
14 lines, 313 days left.
a nugget of slide virtuosity
sings clear in the dark
that from the usual velvet hand
somehow has been forgotten

Your brass-burnished touch
has been nothing but felt

Sleep on, whole rest
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