A friends death tears out a
piece of your heart
and yet
your heart becomes heavier

can anyone explain that to me.

Micheal Wolf Apr 10

Throughout history the wolves have always been at the door
Always waiting for an opertune moment to strike
Be they wolves disguised, or in plain sight
Always there
Always waiting

But there have always been men and women who step up to face them
without question
Shepherds in another way

A thin blue line stood between all that we cherish and those who would take that away, one attack at a time.

One of that blue line stood and did his duty.
He stood where others ran
He looked into the eyes of the wolves and did not falter
He stood fast to protect his sworn flock
He died in a battle for good.
Keith Palmer
The Good Shepherd

Bongani Moyo Apr 6

What is Good
What is Just
What you were
Remains Eternal in the hearts of those who are left behind.

I'll never forget you.

Rest in Peace to possibly the greatest man I'll ever know
Ashly Kocher Apr 2

We said our final
Goodbye to you today
It was so hard just to walk away
We will
Never forget you and your smile
Even though we're not together, it's only for a little while.

Ashly Kocher Apr 2

The time has come to close your eyes
We said our I love yous and said our goodbyes
It's time to relax and let the feelings go
Don't worry about us, were stronger then you know.

It's time to see the light, and feel gods touch
It's in gods hands now, but please know we will miss you so much.

I wrote this in the final hours of my dads life. Sitting next to his bedside holding his hand for the last time.
Ashly Kocher Apr 2

A little boy taken to soon
As he played near the water at the edge of the lagoon
Standing with his father and having a good time
His father didn't think it would be the last time
The last time to see his sons face light up
And see the happiness of his son growing up
In a split second all had changed
His son was taken right in front of his eyes
The life of a child was taken to soon
As he and his dad played for the last time at the edge of the lagoon

I wrote this when we were on vacation in Disney and the little boy lost his life to an alligator attack.
Tay Mar 30

I miss you I miss you
The raw emotions on there
The kind words commented
The encouragement on there
The friends I made
All lost
Swiped away
I wish you would come back
Or does please only work in real life?
Well please come back
There is a hole in my heart
I'm slowly breaking
I have to let go
Before I too get sucked away
I Miss You

I'm creating a poetry freak collection of poetry freak poems message me if you want to join or want me to add any poems! -Thanks
Zoe M Cripe Mar 27

Dressed in black suits and gowns,
Is a society full of frowns .
Tears tug on make up,
Threatening to take down the masks they put up .
And in a coffin at the front of the room,
Lies the reason for all the gloom .
Happiness lies in the casket
So this is the reason for all the dread ?
Too bad no one knew him that well,
Happiness was murdered but that's a secret no one dares to tell .

I remember hurricane Katrina
And how it ravaged your state, you wanted to wait it out
Sit on the roof and watch the flood water disintegrate all you knew
I wasn't there but I have implanted memories of you and your father
Smoking cigarettes on top of your house
Laughing about the rage of nature
I remember skipping school in elementary
We used to walk down the paths and go into the woods and douse ourselves in creek water
And there was nothing I knew better than your face at this time
You were my brother and my best friend
And I begrudgingly remember you strung out and treating me like shit
But I knew it wasn't you who was getting kicked out of my house
It was the heroin, and whatever else it might've been
I never thought you'd die alone
With not much to say for-
Not much to live for, I guess
But I knew you lived for us, Sam and I
Because when mom went you knew we needed help
And you were the big brother, and we were your precious sisters
There's nothing poetic about the way you left us at young 34 years old
And I will never forgive black tar and needles
I hope the boat you depart on burns to nothing but your ashes
And the sea takes you to a place better than heroin ever could
I never thought I'd see the day your name made it to the papers
Maybe as a success, maybe as a life that was made out to be something beautiful
But instead, I've seen you in the obituaries
Justin Colter Stilling,
That name belongs to death now.
I wish I could see you off on your trip to the other side
But instead I'll be wasting away remembering you for what you were
And it makes me wonder, how and why
We all have to die

Dreaming Liza Mar 21

My paper crown has burned.
My wings have been ripped away.
My faerie godmothers are not real,
Neither is the court of Fae.
So while I sit and wait
For a darling prince to come,
I may as well remember
That there isn't going to be one.

March 21, 2017.
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