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You were a faithful friend on many adventures over many thousand miles. Together, we spattered legions of our mosquito foes upon your grille. Within your cab we enjoyed hours uncounted of beloved audiobooks and favorite tunes. But, alas, we were rear-ended and you are totaled. They say, "There's no silver bullet." There was one.
May you ride eternal on the highways of Valhalla, forever shiny and chrome.
hayley Aug 31
anyone else read old chats with
people and realise how much your
relationship with that person
has changed and you're just like...
Anastasia Aug 27
and ******
the glass

to the ground
red jewels

it doesn't hurt
when it rips
into my flesh

it doesn't hurt
but you do
September was a
Porcupine kiss.
My tongue, swollen
And aching to
Spill these words
And thoughts
And feelings
On why it hurts to talk.
My lips, fat and
Speckled in ruby,
September is a jagged
Blade, rusted by
Memory and
"Why did you go?"
September tasted like
Pennies and
Smelled like morning breath.
It sounded like
Grinding teeth and
I couldn’t move for days.
September felt like

Until I saw the color,
And it was like
My eyes were brand new.
Another who could see
Them in his own way
Lifted some of the
He’s a reminder to exhale,
To appreciate the loss
Of the ones we love;
The poster child of
This type of pain.
So I breathe,
And September is here

But now September
Tastes like sweet *** and
L&M, the gemstones
Kissed from my lips.
September smells like
Warm sheets and apples,
And it sounds just
Like your laugh.
September is a
Drunken kiss and
101 "I love you’s",
And even that isn’t
Enough to express
How much it all means.
September feels like
As it should have felt.
In 22 days it’ll be one year since you died.
How is it possible that the world kept turning while the space you existed in disappeared. Grief never leaves you, it catches you off guard. It’s in every photograph, every spot you use to fill, in the eyes of our friends, in my memories of you. It’s the building we worked in, it’s my backyard where you sat, and it’s everytime I see a blue rubber band. How can a wound tear open so many times without ever quite healing? How can it be that your gone but I still feel you in every room. The world kept turning without you, and that breaks my heart.
Angela Rose Aug 3
If you still have the people you love most in your life today-
Hug them
Hug them tighter than you ever have
Call them and tell them you love them
Never ignore their calls
Pick up the phone and call them first
Make sure they know

They have to know
They have to know that when they're gone you won't be able to sleep knowing they've gone away
They have to know that all throughout the day you will cry when they have gone to sleep forever
They have to know your heart will be missing a piece when they leave
They have to know before they're gone

You have to tell them while you can
You have to tell them that they are special to you
You have to tell them that you will forever miss their voice and their laughter
You have to tell them you will miss never seeing their face on the caller ID

My God, please tell your loved ones you love them

I love you, Dad. I love you so much.
My dad died a few weeks ago, July 16th. I don't know if I will ever forgive myself for not calling enough or for being too busy to call back sometimes. I don't think I will ever forgive myself for always saying "I'll call tomorrow"
Johnny walker Jul 28
And when I'm called and Its time for me to go I only hope I've done enough In my time here always tried hard thoughout my life to
do my
So when I'm called my turn to go and leave this life hope
I've done enough leave with no regrets and have left nothing unfinished
So when they call and Its time for me to go I'll leave with dignity and I'll be left
enteral rest only hope I've earned a right to die In
Your life was a fast track
                                got you under attack
The system is hacked
                                       Some sick act
I'd told you I'd come back
                        I'm too late matter of fact
Even though you're gone I'm still coming to say goodbye. I said I'd come back and you can hold me to that. R.I.P. Nissa I miss you so much..
Like lightning striking --
this is how it feels today.

I will see you in my dreams
and always feel your presence.
You are not here anymore
and the pain will not fade

If they say not to cry,
who's to say how to feel.
You were there,
when others were willingly absent.

I hope you knew you were loved.
And you will always be loved.
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