Taijitu 23h
Cientos de estrellas contamos juntos cuando era niña
y jamas imagine que un dia te buscaria en cada una de ellas
Tu ausencia hoy me acaricia como la brisa de aquellas noches
en las que llena de historias me dormia junto a ti
Tus memorias son aventuras que se vuelven mi refugio
Tus dulces palabras, la unica melodia que me hace sentir bien
Se que el tiempo jamas podra curar el dolor de tu partida
Pero se que tu sonrisa me dara las fuerzas para continuar
Donde estes, te extraño, te pienso, te amo Papa.
Sunshine Jan 9
A gift from above
Made with love

Life to be had
Too bad it was sad

Hard to deal
Never feeling healed

A messed up head
Thinking alive or dead

Can't do it anymore
**** what life has it store

Not Saying Goodbye
But It's time to fly

Now time for peace
Life treated like a lease

Wait why so many tears
They didn't know about my fears.

They shouldn't feel sad about my leaving
I'm at peace and they are grieving.
A brother of a friend of mine killed himself the pain I've seen this family go threw is heartbreaking and gives someone such as myself who has thought about & also tried doing it, a different way to look at it
Strawberry Jan 3
I hope your new life is free
Cool breezes
No stress
I hope you stretch your legs
With no worries
Your pond full of shrimp
Your heart full
I bet your feathers
Are positively pink
And always fluffed
Admiring your admirers
And I hope you know
While you hangout with your flamingo flock
Forgotten, you are not
I miss you
Strawberry Jan 3
The new year is never happy for me
It marks a new year without you
Another month without a gathering
Another week without a lunch outing
And another day without a phone call

I talk to you still
Less often than when you first left
But every new year I'm sure to catch you up
The kids have gotten so big
My parents have finally matured

I've finally grown up
Can make responsible decisions
Not living purely on my emotions
All of this growth stems from you

It hurts my heart knowing you'll never see any of it
You exist one minute and are nothing the next
Invisible Dec 2018
Goodbye, everyone.
The girl I used to be is gone.
All that's left is her pieces.
Too many left to miss.
Now a dark abyss,
Her mind still exists.
I would say she's better off dead
But she's still stuck in my head.
Now my fears are constantly fed.
There's so much I regret.
She's broken,
Too broken to fix.
She won't come back,
So you're stuck with this.
Rest in peace, old me.
While I rest in pieces.
The pieces you left behind.
The pieces that I never needed.
The old me is gone, but she's still here. In the back of my mind feeding my fear of not being good enough because she was good enough. I changed a lot and I can't go back even if I wanted to. I can't be that person again...I don't how.
Said I’ll see
You tomorrow
For him
Tomorrow never
From my poem August 25
Laura Louise Dec 2018
Im losing my voice calling out to you.
I pray you don't forget me.
I promise there is nothing left to fear.
I'm left with nothing left to say.
Megan Dec 2018
The only thing you understand is...

is that I have talent
that i'm good at drawing
But you say

you say to use it in a different way
Well what is different to you
because I sure don't know

You don't understand why I draw
but here is the thing
I don't see my drawings as dark
as negative
as  gruesome

I see it as apart of me
something that I cannot do

You said:
  rip out the negative

I heard:
tear yourself apart

It may seem silly
"it's just a journal"
But my "it's just a" journal
is so much more

I love it
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