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The black net catches me
Then it sends me to space
For a moment I'm weightless
The look on my face
The gravity pulls me
Then I bounce back up high
Such a simple invention
Watch, I can fly
I'm up in the clouds
Near you again
I come here to see you
I miss you my friend
If life was a career then,
We were at our height
From the hallowed high school hallways
To the Hollywood nights.
Acting like it’s our birthright
Called ourselves “mid flight”.
Destination unknown
It never mattered where we landed
Because Saturday night was our own.

Link up at the skate rink,
I see Teresa, I fake wink
There’s some drama starting in the parking lot
But it’s mostly dudes who just talk a lot.
****, we would show off our fashion,
Posted up on the wall for all the see
They all wanted to show love, stand next to you and me.
But that was never our scene.
Yeah, we had different passions.

Aw yeah, picking up girls to be romantic.
They swore they saw through our antics.
We laughed it off, then trashed the mall,
Then drove to the Atlantic.

Aw, the OC waves.
Those were some good days.
Then it happened in a flash.
Your reign ended in a car crash.
Now I’m smokin’, thinking of the ordeal.
I love you, my soul for real.
The feet are the
soul of the shoes.
And without the
feet, the shoes are
an empty body,
vacant vessels that
sit in the corner,
quiet as a tombstone,
forgotten, and curled at
the toes, flowers and
grass smashed into
the tread.
The tan leather is
baked brown from the
sun, tired and cracked from
the long lonely
miles of wandering.
Finally, the journey
is done.
Red 1975-2020  One of the best, A true Friend.
it arrives
when you least expected it
a violent rush of adrenalin, throws
me of guard, I hit the ground
slowly, I rise.
sitting down, back pressed
hard against a wall,
slowly, I adjust.
a tear, forced into the back
of an eyelid, black don’t cry
black woman don’t cry
it’s just wrong.
So, I didn’t cry, that day
when you departed
my love,
I let fear in,
when it arrive.
it gather at the pit
of my stomach
my love,
these days,
i’ve built a home
with no doors,
only a shoe

poem by #LizzyKuoth
#tomygrandma #2020
Feeling missing.
دema Apr 13
i thank the hardships
that life made you go through
for the roughness
of the skin that lies
on the palm of
your hands,

because that's the only
part of you i can still
in my dreams
dear grandpa, i miss you
I allow winter to
Kiss me goodbye, and I
Feel its icy grip
Loosen from my flesh.

I never liked the cold,
But deem it necessary;
To remember how to feel,
To remember you.

Your name still tastes
Rusty and raw.
Remembering your life
Still brings rain.

Yearly, before I get
****** into the storm,
Spring welcomes me home,
Bright and warm.

And flowers still bloom on
Your birthday, blue speckling
Umber and orange, standing
Out in a world of autumn
Chelsea Mar 31
Goodnight Nana
My heart broke this morning,
You was alone and without family near you.
I hope you're now at peace.
When I first met you all those years ago you told me to always call you Nana, and I never stopped.
I'll raise a glass in your name, when all of this is over and celebrate your life just like you would have wanted
I love how your mother asked both sons and daughters to the kitchen

I love how your mother told you not to hurt me even we do not end up together

I love how your mother was too  my mother
thank you for telling me to your mother
stop crying now
There was a girl who loved to read
She would read the faces of other people
Those tiny, hidden, subtle expressions
That were passive but she was capable

She could read the voices of others
Those who aged within the pages
Who stayed immortal in written words
Immune to the outside life changes

She would read atmospheres and moods
In order to know what to portray
She became a character who was dependent
On what the readers wanted her to play

She treated each new encounter
Like a newly rewritten page
Good ones filled with laughter
Bad ones became a cage

Stuck between the same pages
Trapped under the same words
Desperately wanting to flip to the next
A new page or at least the next verse

She was imprisoned inside a book
That gathered dust and was rarely opened
Trapped inside a story that wasn't hers
Only made her feel more broken

She was irrelevant, a side character
In a world that was not written for her
She was only a minor character
Who would not be cared for if she died first

She was a reader, not a storyteller
Her mind consumed people's stories
Lost and confused on an unwritten path
Consumed more of her prematurely

New character roles and labels
Became etched into her skin
All of what was expected of her
To survive the story she was in

With every word written on her
Strayed further from who she was
Every dialogue from which she spoke
Only strengthened her facade

But everyone is a storyteller
Anyone who has a life
She ventured off from the narrative
And created her own story line

She twisted the story's plot
To carve in a new script
To tell the story that is her
In memory of a misfit
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