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They say you went peacefully
And i keep thinking
That you wouldn't have
Ended your life
If you had
Even the smallest bit of peace

I miss you so much sometimes
I feel like i can't breathe

And i don't have all the answers
But i know that people die
Long before they stop being alive
Some of us are just
Going through the motions
Some of us are still breathing
But that's all we do

I miss you so much sometimes
I feel like i don't want to breathe
I got this from Makayla Jane btw.

For Justin we miss you baby
i am in love, with a dead boy, he still has my heart even though his don't beat anymore
Levi Windolf Nov 13
Thank you Mr Lee, for helping us see.
There's more in your universes, than we could ever be.
Your imagination, was without limitation. The heroes you gave us, they really did save us.
You started with a dream, that turned into a team.
They are called the avengers, and they'll always be remembered.

Silver Surfer, Iron Man.
Captain Marvel, Spider Man.
Winter Soldier, Black Panther,
Deadpool, Gene and Logan too.
Titans, Red Skulls, Sabertooth.
Stones of power on the loose.
Rocket, Thor, Gamora, Groot.
You made them all and we thank you.
At age 95, the man, the myth, the legend, Stan Lee passed away. 1922 - 2018, Rest in Peace, you've earned it.
km Nov 7
gone too soon—
you have lived all your life
making others happy.

now that I think about it
what a selfless person you are
always putting others needs before yours

you believed in me
more than i ever believed in myself
you pushed me to reach my full potential

i wouldn't be the person i am today
and still be the shy girl I used to be  
if I didn’t have you in my life

i thank you for everything
you’re in a good place now
and you will surely be missed.
rip //092418
JDL Nov 1
Brett was a great person to have around

Always in a cheerful mood, rarely did he frown

He was a great friend of mine and to all he knew

This is a stark reminder that life is too short and can end too soon

Time with loved ones is often taken for granted

While looking through life’s busy lens, time becomes slanted

It’s easy to let the months go by

And before you know it, you don’t get the chance to say good bye

Brett’s name, legacy of kindness, brotherhood, and positivity will be carried on

He may no longer be with us in physical form, but in our hearts, he will never be gone
I wrote this for my friends funeral. He died at the age of 27, far too young.  May he Rest In Peace
Ndumbi Oct 28
Its time.
Here he lies.
On a hardwood raft,
Lazily afloat.
It's harder now than ever to let go,
But its time.
Time to be bold.

Looking around.
Everybody bows.
Then with all my might, I heave
Brother Joey into the sea.
Knee-high, waist-high, now at my neck
It was farthest I could possibly go.
"See you on the other side, boy-o"

Standing there.
Wide-eyed, teary stares.
Looking at the figure, now a tiny speck.
Suddenly realizing we were admiring the horizon,
where we thought our friend had found rest.
Alex Smith Oct 16
You looked up at me,
Expecting some demise.
You just woke up,
I was amazed to see
Your small black and white
Body curled.
Your tummy rising and falling.
You were beautiful.
The way you held on
To me as I picked you up;
My Leo.
I long to hear your bell again:
Sure, it kept me up all night-
In fact, your meows along
Lost me hours of sleep.
You were talkative, yes.
But, I suppress…
I lived for you in that moment.
I miss how you would hide.
Some nights I would cry
If I couldn’t find your hiding spot.
Of course, you didn’t realize how
Much you scared me.
But, surely you knew
The care
I had for you.
I long to nap with you
Again, my friend.
My first cat.
I wanted to spend
A good portion of my life with you.
But, life had other plans.
You were born with some mis-wires.
You had trembles,
Electrical shocks turning to personal
You stopped eating then.
You were unhealthy.
And it became hard
To admit
That with all the love I had,
It could never have prevented
The end.
On my first cat who passed way before his time. His name was Leonardo, Leo for short.
Erin Nicole Oct 9
If I could have a wish come true,
a dream that'd come to pass,
I'd ask to spend the day with you,
and pray that it would last.

I'd run to you and hold you close,
We'd laugh and smile again.
I'd listen so intensely,
As you tell me how you've been.

When time was up I'd hold you close,
Not wanting to let go,
You'd smile and tell me, 'see you soon'
And somehow I would know

That while it's very hard to wait,
One day that time will come,
I'll join you there forevermore,
When I too am called home

My wish may go ungranted,
But it always will be true...
I'd trade many of my tomorrows,
For one yesterday with you.
I ran out to the world
All light and happy
Sharing the happiness
Inside me
Now everyone is joyful
when I went back
I forgotten
How to laugh
Cause I gave it all
Now the joy inside have died.
Dont forget to keep some for yourself , give some but also leave some
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