I have espoused my wisdom, on trips, to the abyss
lucky to escape intact, but I can tell you, this
the claustrophobic journey, exploring the empty darkened rift
my heart, mind, soul, and sanity, as even now, they drift

The darkness, stays with you.
Sometimes short, says it all :)
Wilkes Arnold Jul 15

Drift on drift on but rhythm run
And timber flail with the rolling throng
What little lies in wanting yet waits
for not all waiting want doomed to rot

But wait but wait beasts heart do beat
For tragic fear and demented dreams,
Of drowned minds and blinded crowds
Of crashing hooves and shattered screams

Ribble rabble and squalor squabble
over thoughts that streak between their feet
May one grab hold and its secrets unfold
A world without waiting or babble

Comments and criticism welcome
Zenith Apr 24

Drifting on the wind or water,
they both feel the same.
I drift from mind to mind
and I sit from time to time,
wondering where the days have gone.

Perhaps I am meant to move,
I cannot possibly sit still.
For this isn't my home
and here I am alone.
I must find where I belong.

Onward, into the dark I go,
seeking the truth
and seeking the light.
Hell has plans for me,
but heaven holds my destiny.

originally written 5/24/16
Zan Balmore Mar 28

Felonious bologna spread
sweet meaning lips to air
through air to ear.
Good kids grew up framed
Bad kids grew up changed
Zip burnt bone butts
Sweep the back patio
Procure snap lights
Glow sticks in darkness
Vibration received
One hand on the other's trail
White-blue red-pink
Write names with innate
Shapes in muscle memory


There is a sad song within my heart and
it is echoed in the quiet of yours.
Something about that silence, the lack of
a voice between rushed heartbeats, contains a
strange certainty which makes me completely
uncertain. Your whispering thoughts have drifted
around me like ink swirling through water
and you have somehow swept me off my feet
with the power of the cacophonous
choruses, which I have only before
felt in the winds of the sea. How, my love,
can you make me feel such madness when your
entire vocabulary merges
into only three words when you look at me?

~~ Somehow, I was the haze floating on your horizons. ~~

I get it, you miss me.
I get it, you think I'm a great person.
I know it's the "beauty" in my flaws you see.
You don't know the half of it.
You don't know the start.
I'm not the same as when we drifted apart.

Unfinished business.
Ara Jan 18

I guess I've spoken one too many times
you got a little caught up in your lives
Sorry I'm not who you were proud to know
I'm not anything anymore

It's okay, I understand
I've never done anything all that grand
There are way better things to see
than the nothing that now resides in me

Maybe all I wanted was to talk
but I only seem to piss you off
Or maybe vise-versa, so
Up, up, and away I go

K G Jan 9

You're like a necessary drug
Repeatedly pumping in my veins
Occupying your borrowed space
I embrace, I cage myself within
Vowing never to drift out & in
After the moment with you
Stepping on your toes
My feet are dizzily heaving
Squeaky clean denim jeans
Become filthy wet strings
Even though I aim to please
I just mess up these things

We Are Stories Nov 2016

put an empty hand under water
and watch it waste away, watch it squander-
let it stay and stay the same, let it ponder
and never do a single thing, never wander-
look at the sink as it drips
never drink never sip,
just stare as the the wooden floors
turn to mold and corrode under sudden force-
turn your eyes away
don't you even look
although we want to stay
we know the time that it took
to be a ghost in the day
but then at night we're a rook
i used to beg to go play
but now my life i forsook-

pinch yourself because the blood wont swell
up high enough for you to smell
that armpit sweat from being too nervous to tell
the truth sometimes, so we hide in our shell
from the growing guilt making it hard to not yell
- but swallow it down, ignore the burdens you felt-

the meadows are nonexistent in southern Florida,
when will i see more than dried up sand-
the forests have washed away into suburbia,
when will i feel green moss in my hands-
when all i know is gone
i know i don't have to beg
- you will twirl your hair like those twirling leaves-
when all i know is gone
i know i can rest my head
- i will keep you here, safe inside my memories-

-when i wake up from my dreams,
i will forget we met.
but if i remember a single thing,
there wouldn't be a second to correct-

Nicole Raymond Oct 2016

She drifted through the night,
Feeling nothing and everything all at once.
The music beat deep in her core
Pulsing harder than her own soul.
Her skin was caressed,
But she could only float.
She admired the strangeness of it all,
Arms stretched to the sky.
Her body twisted and shimmered
As she gave her all to the thought of flight.

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