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Rich 2d
Time slows down as per my humble request
Pure water drips from a foreign planet's geyser
Onto thirsty lips

Three moons rise
At that rare moment when a sun sits paralell
Peaceful dawn
Feet on greener lawns
My broken mind breaks the silence
When I tell you I love you more than a mountain loves to peak
More than flames love to destroy
More than a body loves an R E M state
We sit and mourn the darker days for a second or two
For their bright shards meant something too
Went to just as many funerals as weddings
I've seen families reunite on the same days a genocide makes headlines
For every breakdown, the next day was a resolution
For every ellipsis you read on my face
Another day I won't shut up
. . .
I'll stay here a while
I'll stay for another century
Not coming back to Earth
When the only thing waiting is a nuclear cavalry
And touch screens leaking dopamine
I know perfection is a myth
But when you tell its story
I believe
And sleep in a hammock hanging between the letters of your
"World'__'peace, one day."
Quote turned to decibels turned to hope
I taste it when we kiss

You reach out a hand when I drift
But I'm coming back
Even when coming apart
I'm always coming back.
Creator Sun Oct 6
You probably won't see this,
But what I want to say is that I.
I hate you.

You're stupid.
There isn't enough words to describe your awfulnesses.

So why does it hurt?
Why does it hurt when I push you away?
Why does it hurt when you chase someone else?
Why does it hurt so much?

As much as I want to say 'I hate you!',
I realise that I.
I love you.

It's stupid, isn't it?
If I told you this, you'll laugh at me.
Reject me. Pity me.
I just know you will.

And that's why I never told you.
That's why I kept pushing you away.
That's why I'm drifting away, drifting away
From my light. You.

But absence makes the heart fonder,
Doesn't it?
It hurts so much, it feels like I've
Left my heart behind. With you.
I'm salty that my poem got lost due to a connection error. Anyways, do you think this letter fits a Tsundere or Utsudere better? I'm experimenting with letter formats in an attempt to raise my motivation for my scenario writing which is where I've been focusing most of my attention onto. I have a lit exam tomorrow too, so extra practice in analysing my own poem for me!
Bailey Sep 26
I look up
My blue sky
Turns gray
Look down
My green grass
Goes gray
Look forward
As my soul
Drifts away
And my world
Turns gray
mads Sep 25
just when I think I have you
you're gone
one day you're right there
I can feel it
the next you're so distant
I forget the feeling
just come stay
Junior year, stop signs on the road, walking across town, back to the county line, passed go.
Ten years in a petri dish, the psychiatrist asks me why I think I care.

"Well friends are forever, aren't they?"
We never talk anymore, high school proximity was the only thing that kept us all together. You could have all very well been someone else in someone else's life.
But one day it won't matter, right?
The entire class will no longer be recollected as to ever have happened.
We all drift apart in the end, and we all will be forgotten by someone.
Its sad to think
That when we drifted apart
It was because you let me go
You stoped thinking about me
You stopped "wasting time"
Many emotions
Lack of solutions
The hurt and pain
Caused by you or to you
Shrouded in mystery
The pain never alone
Whom to please
Yourself or others?
What’s understood
And not
It’s no more important
Leaf out of the crowd
To the lake, a breath of fresh air
Is all it takes
To ease out the nerves
Drift  to a place of calm
peace and solitude
And around
Just writing away
Quinn Adaire Sep 2
Drift away
Watching the sunset
Feeling the wind blowing on our backs.
Move to the vibrancy,
Of a ripple from a raindrop.
Feel the current shift infinitely,
As they touch the water top.
Drifting with waves that crash and change.
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