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Pyrrha Apr 29
Some days are ephemeral
A short but sweet memory

Some are longer days
That carry me far away
And I simply drift

The days that are the longest
Are the ones that take me farthest

And I simply drift
Into the abyss of time
Chasms of nothing

The void of desolation
A veil torn to shreds by light

Till I find the path
That leads me back to myself
I will simply drift
A poem I wrote for my friends creative writing class cuz she was too lazy
Indiana Apr 14
When were you going to tell me?
Was it the day, you moved out to a separate room
Saying you need some space of your own
Or the day, you told me not to stay up waiting
And changed password of your phone

But do you know I knew it all?
Even before the day you stopped looking at me
The way you used to, all starry eyed
I already saw it coming, when I started missing you despite you being by my side

You falling out of love
Was like a dried leaf falling off a tree
I knew it's all over
Seeing you living just fine without me.
Greg Jones Apr 4
I gaze upon the cosmic void,
Alone and tired from my journey across the frontier.
I pick my feet up, and drift across the surface.
And all I’m surrounded by is silence.

I reach my hands up towards the stars,
Trying to catch a passing comet by its tail.
Flagging down UFO’s to see if I can catch a ride
Along this space highway to anywhere.

I often think of coming home.
I wonder what I’d look like after all this time?
Would I be familiar, or would you greet me as a stranger?
And all I could think to say is sorry.

I see the hues of where you are.
The planet looks like a giant marble with an azure aura.
I need to say goodbye, and I wish you were coming.
But I desire to float on.
Float on….
Erian Apr 2
I can't help but think
what it would be like
If I had never had the courage
to talk to you
Would we still be friends?
Whatever you think "friends" is..
Would we still talk?
Or would we drift, become strangers again..
You don't know how much it pains
to fall in love
and pretend to fall out of it
You don't see past
the mask that hides the scars
You don't know my smile
Is all a fake
Just to please you
So you can leave me alone
Because it pangs..
Amanda Mar 27
After infinite loneliness
Found a way out through you
Your embrace ended that time
But also started something new

No one expected us
To fall so fast but we clicked
Fate was not in our control
By a higher power picked

On our own battling the world
Lost souls swept up in tragedy
Appearing to be angels sent
To take away misery

I love you, all that you do,
If you go can I be found?
My fear gets in the way
Making me hard to stick around

I miss you when you are gone
But return and I don't treat you right
It becomes too risky
Don't bother putting up a fight

Because I would rather be alone
Than see you leave someday
Slowly drift apart in time
Don't know why I'm this way
Written 11/17/18
helena alexis Mar 17
i felt you exit through my chest,
you were a part of me but i guess
i wasn’t enough
with each weeping breath i felt
fragments of you leave
releasing themselves from my tightly
clenched throat
carbon dioxide flavored lies expelled through my lips
your soul slowly lifted its way out of me
what i fool i was to believe i could keep you
with me no matter what
you were made solely for drifting away
uselace Feb 9
i walked in the snow
watched it drift down
and surround me,
listened to the silence.
as i stood there,
it seemed crazy
that i could ever want to leave
this beautiful world

i know the snow won't last, though
and as it melts
the fantasy will melt away with it
i hope the snow stays for a while,
if only so that i don't have to face real life again.
the snow is so beautiful. i have these moments where i just love life and everything in it. i wish i could make those moments last longer.
Solaces Feb 6
Do you want to drift with me..
Past the snow and stars..
To see the light scare away the darkness..
Inside and outside of my astral song...

Things will not be left unsaid..
Simply discuss you toward me..
Smile the sun to my moon..
Let me shine in darkness and we can see things through..

Might I be your blaze..
Among this dream haze..
Where time has no control..
Now, Forward, or backwords we can soar..
Drift with no direction
CROW Jan 24
Every time I see you ,
I am happy I don't have to be you,
I don't know what you are thinking,
I don' t know why you wont let me stop you from sinking,
I don't know whats in your mind,
I don't know if you are ahead of me or to far behind,
If Love is this,
I will not miss,
The target you set,
Because my heart is the bet,
I put down when we first met,
I love you to much to let you down,
Because the day we met in that bright town,
When the stars hit your eyes,
I knew i would start hating goodbyes,
Because you mean the most to me,
And in your arms is the only place i should be.
~ The Lost Traveler
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