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brief and half-silent,
in an empty space,
at a corner of my room.
back against the wall,
arms hugging knees
close to the chest,
eyes mid-air,
Persephone Dec 2021
Someday I will bring this world to its knees for everything that it has done to me.
And while it begs for my forgiveness, I will simply watch as it trembles at the echos of my laugh
LC Apr 2021
the glass broke through my skin,
piercing my heart over and over.
the agony brought me to my knees
as I carefully removed the shards.
the wounds sting, craving relief,
from a soothing, cool, light balm.
I slowly apply it, closing my eyes
as it enters the wounds on my heart,
bringing me comfort as I start to heal.
#escapril day 12!
-elixir- Jun 2020
The ocean ahead of me,
with its beasts,
have my knees shaking,
as I try to dive again,
and tame the fear
of oblivion,
One more time.
Bhill Jun 2020
it's been so long since....
oh, how I long for the those days
swinging in the tree
hanging upside down on that big branch
waiting for the sun to go down so hide and go seek was more challenging
skateboarding with friends and riding our bikes for hours and hours
marbles were the rage and the Boulders were worth some attention
falling down and scraping our knees, shaking it off till we got home
spinning around so fast and furious that you got too dizzy and fell down
oh how I long for those days....
has it really been so looooooong?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 149
How long for you?
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

We need our children to keep us humble
between toast and marmalade;

there is no time for a ticker-tape parade
before bed, no award, no bright statuette

to be delivered for mending skinned knees,
no wild bursts of approval for shoveling snow.

A kiss is the only approval they show;
to leave us—the first great success they achieve.

I wrote this poem after fixing my son Jeremy some toast and getting a kiss in return. Keywords/Tags: children, success, parents, toast, jam, marmalade, skinned, knees, kiss, approval
When at church man is on his knees
to adore the Most High,
he takes the right pride in the rite.

When a prince eyes men gathered like bees
Under his knees, paying respect, eyes towards the sky,
it’s satisfaction of the might.

When the world is put on its knees
by a micro-seen thing, miles smaller than a fly,
the wild creatures find it a knight!

Like a bike without wheels
men lose the move and sigh,
stay agape, and start to fight

the quasi-nil.
And they try,
all on their knees.

It defies, and it makes their lungs its meals!
It defies, personal success becomes a pie in the sky!
It defies, and it continues to bite!

It won’t hide in the hills.
Like their sins, in their hide it does lie
and the challenge calls them to unite.

In the threats there are good fate’s seals
that a good fighter won’t let pass by:
love, humanity and good sight.
This poem aims to reminding people, regardless their social situation, that they need to unite more than ever. We need to love each other and protect each other. Together we will defeat #CoronaVirus and COVID-19.
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