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Lyra Saros Jul 4
First, you must let yourself be swallowed by her
You must relish the way she digests you
You must watch the cold gear of a tired jaw grind you to sand
You must taste her tastes
And smell her scents
You must become her if you wish to love her

Second, you must navigate her
You must become the cartographer of her hips
You must name every hair
You must know every scar and blemish like a captain knows his shore
Understand all the ways you fit into her arms best
You must memorize her rocky coasts if you wish to love her

Third, you must bleed for her
You must let her pain bruise you instead
You must drown in your own tears just to keep her cheeks dry
You must kneel for her on broken glass
Become her knight
You must be willing to give your soul to know she’ll never have to give hers if you wish to love her

Fourth, you must kiss her
You must taste the salt of her skin between your cheeks with every breath
You must bind her like a captive in your lips
You must make time to just
Kiss her
Kiss her like she’s the last person on earth
You must make her your favorite flavor if you wish to love her

Fifth, you must hear her
You must make your cheeks curl like hers when she recounts her tales
You must welcome her into your ears like your favorite song
You must hum the contours of her voice as you float between her spaces
Feel the bass drum of her heartbeat
You must dance to the sound of her breath if you wish to love her

To write a love poem for her
You must write with the words she taught you
You must speak in tongues
You must spell it out in the colors of her eyes
In the long hugs that mean only themselves
You must be fluent in her if you wish to love her

If you want to write her a love poem
You must first fall in love with her
And by then
You’ll have already done it
Written September 2018
Euphie Dec 2018
Rule 1

Fall in love and get your heart broken.
If you already did, then do it again,
and write about someone new.

Rule 2

Let the cycle continue—
until your heart breaks.

And you can no longer feel.
And you become numb and cold.
Then you begin to wonder…

Why am I doing this to myself?
Why is this happening to me?

Why am I just cycling around like a bicycle...
In the endless pit of despair?

When is someone not going to break my heart?

Rule 3

I wrote this after my first heartbreak.
Emmah Sep 2018
Step one: Never let
Anyone get close to you.
I failed step one.

Step two: Don’t ever
Show anyone that you care.
I failed step two.

Step three: For the love
Of god, don’t hope that they’ll stay.
I failed step three.
Alima Tekeyeva Apr 2018
How to put your emotions in a box and lock it.

First step,
Find directions to the rabbit hole.
Follow it deep into its darkness,
Make a trip out of it.

Second step,
Remember salvation is found,
At the bottom of a bottle.
Spoiler’s not water.

Third step,
Get ****** up,
Look in the mirror,
And question this thing staring back at you.

Fourth and final step,
Repeat until you hit rock bottom.
That’s where you find freedom.
Saddal Diab Feb 2018
I am home writing a poem

Elbow on thigh

Cheek on bended knuckle

Mind on furrowed eyebrows
Mercury Chap Jun 2017
Ask yourself, how are you feeling?
Sad, mad, happy, glad?
Maybe stuck in a hurricane of gloom, Where angry grey skies loom
High up above your head,
Even when they aren't near,
Your heart is filled with fear.

How are you feeling?
Write it all out
Maybe compare it with a simile or a metaphor so the reader feels it too,
You need these devices only for beautification,
So the reader connects with you.

One more tip,
I will make it quick
It is only for the comfort of lips,
That we make it all rhyme,
But it's not necessary,
Since at times we try rhyming it, and it doesn't make sense,
Like celebrating marriage (death) anniversary.

It is all up to you, what you have to write,
It doesn't have to be a structure,
There are no rules, no regulations,
Only you and your heart,
So let the ink flow to its natural tendency
And what will be will be.

So my dear writer, I hope I helped,
I hope you see it clear and bright,
It's your turn to tell me
How are feeling? Is everything alright?
Just write and write and write.
misplacedpens Jul 2016
i. recite their name like it's your favorite poem, sing it like it's your favorite song. let it roll off your tongue and onto your bed; immerse yourself in their entire being until you know the rhythm of their heart better than your own.

ii. how your heart feels when you look at the night sky. how your heart feels when you're dancing alone, how your heart feels when you are Okay, when you are Safe - name that feeling after them.

iii. memorize the color of their eyes. memorize that color and then give in to the knot that forms in your stomach, the wave that comes over you, when you see it. give in to it - every time. soak in it, sink into it. hold your breath.

iv. lean into their touch. tattoo their fingerprints on your skin. let their love, their hurt - every single piece of them - stain you.

v. grow with them. plant yourself beside them and mimic the way they turn towards the sun. become entangled in them; and don't flinch, don't flinch when they get tangled in you. wait for the day when you can't tell which roots are yours.

vi. wait until the day when you don't remember the pain. wait until you have forgotten what it means to be alone.
Ron Feb 2016
Wow, I **** at this
How do I write a haiku?
Oh... Well look at that
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