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Mr Quiet Oct 12
I'm questioning everything and I got something to say,
Being heartbroken, secluded has made me completely insane,
But overall I felt dumb and then it all suddenly hit my brain,
Why did I let me break me when I know in the beginning you won't stay?

Hurting myself with doubt, always making me down, you didn't tear me down, I did it all by myself.
"But maybe I could've done something"
Maybe I should shut up and just be on my way,
You're done with me,
And I'm moving on,
End of the debate,
Yet I'm not done with this song.

I'm questioning everything that exists in my brain so it can exit and I can be me again.
Can I be me again from the time I was ten and so careless without me breaking hearts and losing friends?
Can you forgive me after all those bad events and hopefully we can talk about it using past tense?
But nevermind, I guess we are those past tenses.

Thinking about all the times we had fun and had a good laugh and had a good run,
Reminiscing times that ended our hearts,
From beating for one other,
'Cause now we're apart.

And now I am done,
Breaking myself 'cause now you're having fun with all your friends,
It's time for me to stop,
It's time for me to stop.

On and on again.
why do i keep thinking she'll come back, it gotta stop tbh
Mr Quiet Oct 6
Minds have made up and the decisions are clear,
The universe said "no" and now we are here,
Regrets have filled your mind and our memories gives me fear.
Never again, no.
Never again.

Your absence is a warning that you don't want me near,
So my heart had let you go so I could wipe away my tears,
And turn it into art,
To make use of how I feel,
Even though all I wanted was for it to dissappear.

My empathetic-self has shut down to spare my soul from another pain,
Another heartbreak that I know I will soon obtain,
And now I realized the epiphany I should've knew back in our earlier days.
This zemblanity that was blinded by our ******, childish ways.
Thinking our problems would just all go away and thinking it was the universe that put us together was to blame,
But in the end it was just our mistake,
It just wasn't our fate.

But hey,
It's not your fault,
In fact I should be the one to blame,
And I know I should've stopped it but now it's already too late,
And I wish that I could just go back to those times just for one day,
I could've made a change for the both of us,
To take back all the pain.
All the pain.
All the darkness that was brought to us that lead you and I to shame,
And made us look pathetic and took our only hope away.
But now times have changed.
We suffered the consequences and hated the pain and hated each other and now you hate hearing my name,
But hey,
That's okay,
That's okay.
Because now I have moved on, and I hope you too,
This zemblanity we embraced together was an experience for you,
Now I hope you know what you should and shouldn't pursue,
And don't let anyone blind you like what you know I'd do,
My dlut,
But please know that I will always love you.
people change, people move on. but the feelings we had back then were real and we shouldn't deny it. Yes, i have moved on, for real this time, but she'll always have a place in my heart.
Mr Quiet Sep 30
Can't you see me in the darkness?
Dancing hollowly to strive for a desperate happiness.
I can see you're being ruthless,
But I hope that you're also feeling this,
As you hide it through your bitterness.

This is the start of a heartbreak.
Feeling this guilt because of my mistake.
This is the start of my intoxicating mess.
Hopefully you'll get over me,
And you'll forget me just like the rest.
mixed emotions got me like
Mr Quiet Sep 28
Brought my soul to paradise,
Also made me feel like I want to die,

Are like an angel when you smile,
Too bad we fell apart,
Can we go back to the start for awhile?

Are always in my head.
Don't let go, don't lose hope.
Stay with me instead.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 8/14
Mr Quiet Sep 28
You are,
The joy in my life,
I feel,
Only comfort & delight,
With you.

You are,
Like a blanket,
That keeps me warm in my,
Cold room.

Please let me have this feeling longer,
Even though I know,
We're gone soon.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 7/14
Mr Quiet Sep 28
You and I,
Need to make you realize,
The worth in your life.

You are loved,
And I love you.

Trust me,
You don't want to die.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 6/14
Mr Quiet Sep 28
Been walking with you lately in the dark,
It seems as though we're gonna have another start.
Yet this time without each other, yes,
I'm very self aware that we're gonna be apart.

And I know that you notice how you made me worried,
'Cause I want you to know,
How much I genuinely care about you.
'Cause your loss of hope is beating me down,
So I'm sorry that I keep trying to move that frown upside-down.

At least that temporary smile will still come around,
And when it happens I hope you enjoy it as,
As much as I have now.
Depression feels eternal again,
Now nothing bothers you anymore.
People say "Only you can save yourself.",
But you lift my soul when we talk just because we're "bored."

'Cause when you say you're "fine" I just want to hug you tight,
Until my heartbeat reaches your spine,
Until it makes you smile.
Now I lie awake until 4 AM,
Because now everything reminds me of you again.

And I know you don't want me to care so much,
But I just want to let you know,
You deserve the love you've given to me too.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 5/14
Mr Quiet Sep 28
I don't want to be sad when I look at you,
But the fact that the world just wants us to be two,
It gives me gloom,
And I know it makes you depressed too.
I just want to lay on the grass,
While we look into the moon.

We can't change our fate,
A day will come where you won't have me.
A day where we say our goodbyes and be,
Drama queens.
Please don't cry on that day,
Because it hurts just as much,
As when I see you leave.

Oh, please don't cry...

Just cheer up,
Oh, please cheer up for me.
Oh, please don't cry,
Don't cry when you see me leave.

I'll always be there when you look into the moon,
Because by then,
You'll just be....

Looking at me too.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 4/8
Mr Quiet Sep 27
And if I lied one day,
About how I feel for you,
Please know that moods can change,
But my love for you remains the same.

Crossed my heart and pinky promised,
I hope to *** you stay awake,
And yes, I know promises won't last that long,
And yes, hearts can fail.

But I know that my heart is yours,
So please take it for it beats for you,
Till the end.
"When You Used To Call Me Mine"
Part 1/14
Mr Quiet Sep 27
And at your last smile,
Nobody will replace you,
You are my paradise,
My love,
You are my whole life.

And you will be drunk by my love for you.
Even at night or at the scorching sun,
I will walk along aslong as you're with me.

You are holding this heart of mine,
Be cautious with it.
My brain said, you will just drop it.
Can you say that he is wrong?
this is just the english version of "Sinta" incase you wanna know what it means hehe
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 2/14
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