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Jules 3d
You're gone
You left me
Now I'm standing here
You don't own me
But you showed me
How to be
A little happy
I'm sorry
For being sappy
But you moved on
To someone sadly

I tried twice
And again nothing
A blank stare
In silent suffering
Not left to die
But surely rotting
Away my mind
My heart unloving

You're gone
You left me
D L Smith Aug 29
I hate when you start a conversation, because all I want is to talk to you for hours.

I hate when you say goodbye, because my heart immediately begins to turn sour.

I hate when you look my way, because my soul itself is held within your gaze.

I hate when you laugh out loud, because I’ve never heard a sweeter sound.

I hate when you call me, because I’ll push aside everything that I’m doing.

I hate when you walk away, because my heart tells me to follow after you.

I hate when you let go of my hand, because it feels like part of me is broken.

And most of all I hate you...

Because if you die, then I’m the only half that is left.
Mr Quiet Aug 2
You make me happy everytime we're together
You are the reason why I smile everyday
You shine like a star eventhough I feel so dark

You light my way

I don't know what should I do without you
You are my song and melody
I'm scared you're going to leave me
I don't want to live without you

I know you'll never know how I feel cuz we're not more than friends
I would like to say "I love you" but I can't.
kate Aug 1
I never understood when people would tell me,
“You are just like your mother.”
Always with a tone in their voice I didn’t quite comprehend.
I run back to my dad at the grocery store
After wandering through the aisles alone and he rolls his eyes.
“You are just like your mother.”
I thought he meant always getting lost and I wonder how
Many times he had to lap around the store to find her sniffing candles
With someone she hasn’t seen in five years,
Laughing like a joke shes told over and over.
See, I always thought I was like just like my dad.
We have the same eyes, and we don’t like to approach people
The way she can so easily catch an audience.
But when I make a joke a little too loud at a family reunion
My cousins laugh,
“You are just like your mother.”
I wonder what arguments she has invoked with her words.
How she has said what
No one wants to hear, but always like she picks it out
Of the middle of the air it was sitting in.
When I get upset and my ears start ringing, and I hold onto
My stubbornness like it is my last breath, my older sister tells me,
“You are just like our mother.” I figure she has better eyes to see
How shes grown,
How shes learned patience at my hands and taught to extend
Love in all directions as a choice.
Love is not always a choice, but loving yourself enough to see that you’re wasting it
Looks like my mom picking me up from my worst day and standing in
Line to buy me a milkshake as I cry in a chick-fil-a.
She told me about a story of a time she held on too tight to someone even though
She knew it was the wrong thing to do.
“I think you’re a lot like me. You always want to see the love.”
Just like my mother, I learn the hard way. And sometimes I do it more than once;
The way she will teach a nine year old how to read over and over again
Until he stops sounding it out and it rolls off of the tongue.
I know that I’m capable of sharing, of teaching, of patience,
Of honesty and love because my mother
Taught those things to me.
I think of everything I love most about myself, and all of the possibilities
For what I can become in the reflection of my mother helping me curl my hair for the prom I’m not going to.
When she needs to remind me I am quick witted, I am eloquent, I am smart, I am beautiful, I grin and say
“I am just like my mother.”
happy birthday
Mr Quiet May 2
It's been too long
I long for you when I'm alone
And even if I'm not
I know it's not that easy to move on

It's been too long
I was so slow and now you're cold
You pretend like I don't exist
You act like we've never met at all

You win, I miss you.

Can't take it anymore
I know you hate me for all I know
You don't want to see me
Can't stand to see me at all

It's been a year and we're still playing games
Ignoring each other as we pass by the hallways
Now I think of the days where we chat all day, all night and still had our ways
Our jokes, our laughs, our nights at Sundays.

You win, I miss you.

I'm moving on
But it takes so long
I'm moving on
Yet I still play our songs
******* why am i like this
Mr Quiet Apr 1
I found myself sleeping on my life,
A reluctant and dependent soul was I,
I need to learn how to be by my side,
Inside my mind is a beast that's dying to be on the spotlight,
Inside me is more than what you have yet to see with your eyes,
A flower blooming so high it can reach up above the skies.

It took me months just to figure out what I have to decide,
I need to let our memories go because I don't want to live a lie,
Don't want to be anchored down with your voice and your smile,
I need to realize you don't want me anymore and I'm just in denial.

I've got to stop crying and I don't want to whine,
I don't need to drink wine just to get you off my mind,
I can no longer see you in sight,
I now just see the past I have once left behind.

I'm more than a romantic with no other purpose deep inside,
I want to break free and find what I have put aside,
My ambitions and my passions and my goals in my life,
I'll show you my other side.

Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
Inspired by The Truman Show
Mr Quiet Mar 25
Your life hurts and I can't save you,
And I feel like hell for promising better days,
You're depressed and I'd I hate to hate you,
I know my love won't fix you so I prayed.

I tried, I tried and I tried.
But you still cry, cry, cry and cry.

I feel so selfish for leaving you,
I knew you were hurt and broken.
I knew you had family issues,
And then I made you not believe in love again.

Promises were broken,
We were going down,
We knew where we're going,
I guess we're both criminals,
And victims at the same time,
We were both too young,
But deep inside I know it was my fault all along.

Please forget me.
Mr Quiet Mar 4

**** you beautiful *****
Mr Quiet Mar 4
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