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Annatman Nov 2022
I have been mad, addicted
With conjuring your presence
I'm hopelessly afflicted
With longing for your essence
But I do not seek your attention
For you are but my mind's creation
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
The craving had been
More of a need
As of late

Energy taken
Energy generated
Or one could also say
One cultivated
One gave away
Every little thought
That you think

from the rest of you
With steel walls
And the tallest gates
Barricade myself
In a little
Me sized

Wouldn't be surprised
If I never
                Came Out!
Angela Rose Jul 2021
I don’t know what we are doing
I don’t know what we are calling it
I don’t know what I see months down the road for us
But I do know that when he looks at me he sets every single part of me on fire
And I think that’s a sign.
lucidwaking May 2021
I don't write love poems,
It's just not something I do.
Maybe that's because
I've never been in love.
That is, until I met you.

You monopolize my limbic system,
Leaving me to limbo under my emotions.
Look, you know I had to include some **** like that.
Don't laugh at me, you loveable *******.

I'm staring at the notepad app
On my phone,
Trying to think of how to say what's on my heart.
I type a few words, then I stop,
And realize that I don't know where to start.

Lips sealed shut,
Unable to speak -
I'm a frazzled mess;
An energizer bunny of stress,
With electrifying panic.
For a moment I forgot how to breathe:
Giving my brain some oxygen
May help a little.

"I don't know if you feel the same,
But I wanted to check and see."
I wanted to say so, so much more.
Like how your voice is the most enrapturing melody I've ever heard,
Or how rewarding your laugh is,
Or how intricate the stories you tell are,
Or how you say the most amazing things,
Or how you can make me laugh harder than anyone else can,
Or how you're the most loving person I know,
Or how vivid and lively your writing is,
Or how-

... That's gushy, I know.
I'm not very good at this.
I've never felt like this before.
Sure, I've stood longingly in others' shadows,
Feeling some kind of connection -
A string of fate.
I couldn't ever quite figure out though
If that string was tied to my heart or my prefrontal cortex.

But this is different:
It's not the same,
Not the same.
While it's hard to admit sometimes,
I think I kind of like it.
Samual Hidden Dec 2020
On the darkest of days
You my fae
Guide my way
Like a light
From a torch
You my dear
Scorch the world
With your beauty
Like cleansing fire
cleansing me with desire
Samual Hidden Nov 2020
The perfection of the imperfect
is a hard concept to understand
It involves much introspection
and a little helping hand,
just as black makes white whiter
and dark makes light lighter,

you take my heart,
and you shape with your hands
the iconic little smiley face
that we carve in the sands
of the beach we used to love
on the coast we used to stay,
in another life on another day
im nothing if not a love lorn fool
Samual Hidden Nov 2020
The setting sun and rising moon
Bringing about the next day of noon
On the brisk cusp of tomorrow
Bringing not an ounce of sorrow

To the rising sun and oncoming day
What joys can I fill with your day
The wondrous and sights and sounds
Sitting on the brink of tomorrow

How can one be sad
When one always looks to tomorrow
Thinking about the beauty of the day
And thinking of days clad in plaid

To the long summer days
And brisk winter nights
Thanks to the gorgeous memories
With the promise of more on the morrow

To tomorrow
Full of promise and joy
Full of laughter and the ever beckoning ploy
The gift of tomorrow
The promise of a more promising horizon
= ) Im pretty happy with this one.
Samual Hidden Nov 2020
Oh my love, my life, my soul
Let us run away to the fading of light
Towards all that we have ever wanted
On the brink of tomorrow.

Oh my angel, my fae,
My setting sun and rising moon
My last of march and first of june
Let us run to the hills and be wondrous
Filling our life with laughter loud and thunderous

My Pixi, my Princey
My royalty brought to life
How I long to hold you
How i long to make you my wife
Spending my days with you in my arms
Still struggling with names = )
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Life may be hard
But at least I have you
You make me smile
When skies are grey
The moment we touch
Problems fade away
No matter what you’ll always be
The best thing I’ve ever known
I can’t promise to make it all better
But you won’t have to face it alone
For the one that I love and care for so deeply <3
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