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Anastasia May 13
Hearts tend to break
when they're left all alone.
Although, you can prevent this
if your heart is made of stone.
Your heart won't hurt,
and it will never ache.
Your heart will be yours,
for no one else to take.
Pretty blue eyes,
won't make you cold.
Or make you shiver,
with a love so bold.
Hands won't run,
through soft brown hair.
Laughter won't echo,
through the watermelon air.
Your heart is yours,
and yours alone.
Your heart is yours,
for no one else to hold.
a boy i love
rhi Apr 17
I’d hate to be the bad guy
but I’ve never seen that color blue
looking into his eyes
If I were you, I’d hate me too
Talor Fulfer Mar 12
I was blew away by her big, beautiful, blue eyes that are like the sky.

As dark as the deep sea, but as bright as far as I can see; I was blue away.

Those eyes will never dull; when I see them I see you sweet southern soul.

I just want you for life just seeing those blue eyes every morning and night; I'm always blue away.

Our love will never decay; we will never fade, and I will always keep you safe both night and day.

I am blue away.

They were like a blue moon in the night sky.

So dark and lonely lit up only by her eyes.

The blue they held went as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.

I will never hurt you, that is a promise to you from me.

I will never look away because those eyes have so much to say.

I can never stop looking, that gaze has me tooken.

I am so glad that i met you, that you fell my way; Just remember im just a few miles away.

I have so much more to say, but its too much to explain.

I would love to wait and say it on another day.

Just remember, I am here always.
This poem is a poem that is deep in my heart and only touches the brim of the love I have for the person that I love. I hope you all enjoy please comment and let me know what you think or your opinions. Thank you and have a great day
Julianna Dec 2018
his icy blue eyes never fail to engage me,
enrage me, or perhaps
tempt me.
but then they melt,
and he slowly evaporates.
MARIO Oct 2018
I always come running
When I catch a glimpse of them
My heart starts drumming
When my eyes meet your gems
Crystal pieces of broken off heaven
How could a guy even resist?
Everyday we'd dress in denim
Meet under the moon and kiss
Listenin' to some John Lennon
And those eyes like the ocean's abyss
Once again, in them I get lost
But that's just how I wanna be
"This feeling has a simple cost -
True love" and your eyes gleamed like the sea
My locked heart found a key
Hunter Green Oct 2018
I could cast my gaze toward anyone,
but connection comes in small moments of understanding:
When we direct our attention long enough to contemplate the colors,
To regard the size of the darkness we see the world from.
Sometimes we only catch a hit-and-run,
But when it sticks, when souls connect, and we see the other for who they really are,
It leaves me with something I can't forget,
My mind has yet to find a greater but just as simple communication in adoration of another creation.
There's something powerful in the one-on-one,
Undeterred by surrounding crowds or events in motion all around,
Eyes still meet and lock, no passing thing can break their talk.
With every burning second the mirrored sensation of optical reception resembles the sweet weariness of a Nordic midnight sun.
And then it breaks as thoughts swirl in passion heated from skylights.
The warmth runs through the whole body, just seconds filling every cold spot.
As the windows close no one knows, but those dark spots and colors burn in the silence.
I think you may understand, relate in some way, but in reality these words aren't for everyone.
Uta May 2018
Blue eyes always realize real lies.

Blue eyes only had hatred towards the world, emotionless and stone cold.

But one day, the blue eyes met the green.

For the Green eyes, they had early rainy forest grass with a mixture of the deep color green like the pine within them.

While the Blue eyes had stormy ocean waves and white foam flying in every direction.

The Green eyes saw the world differently, for they saw kindness in the world, happiness, and success.

The two different colored eyes were a no match, for they cannot be together because sadness and happiness were impossible to combine.

But since the Green eyes were an optimist they believed that it is possible to combine two emotions together.

The Blue eyes thought otherwise, as a pessimist they believed that it is impossible.

The Green eyes knew that they can calm down the Blue eyes, for they together finally combine, sadness with happiness, an optimist with a pessimist, hatred with success.

They together made an emerald-turquoise color.

Finally, at last, the ocean blue stormy eyes became calmer and as it became comfortable even more it became a steady ocean with no stormy waves, no black clouds hovering over and no flying foam, for it all disappeared and only that appeared was peace and quiet.
My first ever poem, if you liked it please tell me your thoughts.
alexa Apr 2018
music’s blasting,
people laughing,
but i feel all alone.
people leer and
you’re not here;
i’m staring at my phone.
“have fun!” they said,
“my friends are dead” says
one particular rapper.
but your absence hurts
from here it gets worse-
i know it shouldn’t matter.
it’s been a week
bad thoughts have leaked
into my own brain.
cause missing you
is like hitting undo
on all the progress i’ve made.
i thought i was through but
now i’m blue
not unlike the color of your eyes.
i’m over mistakes
i’m allowing myself to take
all your empty promises and lies.
so here we are,
i thought i’d gotten far
but it seems we’ve been here before.
i’m tired of being friends
this ******* can end,
boy, i’m ready for more.
kind of a random jumble of thoughts all about the same person
James Piccolino Mar 2018
Her eyes were pale, a blue crystallized moment frozen like an arctic ocean, frozen in a moment in time, and a beautiful one at that.
Her hair, a smooth red, long strands of vanilla scented silk.
Whether put up in a bun or let down, there was something about the way it framed her face.
When let down, her hair complimented her smile in a way that can only be explained as upper class charm though being an every day country girl, but while also being somewhat natural in an animalistic way.
Not in a barbaric sense, but a natural set of waves and curls that when combined with her fierce locking blue eyes seemed to grip my heart and aggressively pull it into her grasp.
A sort of fierce sexuality hidden beneath her pale complexion.
A fire like body, hair, and personality in equal measure. I, of course, found her beyond the definition of irresistible.
I am just drunk enough at the moment to upload this restructured version of one of the intros to one of my short stories
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