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Nikki Apr 21
Iemand reikt me een hand
Als ik verstar
verdwijnt de hand opnieuw in de schaduw
Twijfelend blijf ik staan
Ik tast in het duister ..

Net als ik me omdraai
verschijnt de hand opnieuw
Deze keer neem ik ze zonder aarzelen in de mijne
En als de schaduw wegtrekt
kijk ik recht in twee hemelsblauwe ogen
en wil ik nooit meer loslaten
I remember when you used to care
When you used to talk to me
When you would acknowledge my existence
When you used to text me back
When we talked every day
When it would be not long after we saw each other again
When it mattered when I was hurt
When you would defend me
When you didn’t blow my feelings off to the side like blowing out candles on cake without a train of thought
Do you remember that?
I bet you do, but all I have left of those faint memories is photos,items and iMessages reminding me that it could’ve been true
Sarah Delaney Jan 18
I have seen blue Caribbean waters,
Yet nothing compares to your eyes
My cheap thrills
may be different than your cheap thrills

My cheap thrills are looking into someone’s eyes and trying to read into their soul
Into their very existence
But eyes aren’t really windows to anything
Are they?

They are but closed doors;
Trap doors, luring you in
And showing you what you want to see
For it’s not with my eyes but the brain that I see !

But when I see him
I see him

I see him for all his beauty and kindness
He’s my blue eyed boy;

See the pun I’m making here
He actually has blue eyes
Ha ha ha
I know
I know
But he’d laugh at that !
And that’s what makes him so perfect;
Perfect to my imperfect eyes
That are merely simply tools
Trapped in the maps of projections that my brain casts over him

My cheap thrills aren’t cheap,
They require me to buy bandages
In bulk
Every time I see him kiss someone that isn’t me, I swear I know what it feels like to be the hulk!

Yes I know,
Augustus waters said
That “You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world...but you do have some say in who hurts you.”
And if my heart were to look like a ball of elastic bands except covered in band aids
I’d rather have it be this way for you : )
MisfitOfSociety Aug 2019
Eyes that are a shade of blue,
Shriek in the light when pulled into view.
Anastasia May 2019
Hearts tend to break
when they're left all alone.
Although, you can prevent this
if your heart is made of stone.
Your heart won't hurt,
and it will never ache.
Your heart will be yours,
for no one else to take.
Pretty blue eyes,
won't make you cold.
Or make you shiver,
with a love so bold.
Hands won't run,
through soft brown hair.
Laughter won't echo,
through the watermelon air.
Your heart is yours,
and yours alone.
Your heart is yours,
for no one else to hold.
a boy i love
Talor Fulfer Mar 2019
I was blew away by her big, beautiful, blue eyes that are like the sky.

As dark as the deep sea, but as bright as far as I can see; I was blue away.

Those eyes will never dull; when I see them I see you sweet southern soul.

I just want you for life just seeing those blue eyes every morning and night; I'm always blue away.

Our love will never decay; we will never fade, and I will always keep you safe both night and day.

I am blue away.

They were like a blue moon in the night sky.

So dark and lonely lit up only by her eyes.

The blue they held went as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.

I will never hurt you, that is a promise to you from me.

I will never look away because those eyes have so much to say.

I can never stop looking, that gaze has me tooken.

I am so glad that i met you, that you fell my way; Just remember im just a few miles away.

I have so much more to say, but its too much to explain.

I would love to wait and say it on another day.

Just remember, I am here always.
This poem is a poem that is deep in my heart and only touches the brim of the love I have for the person that I love. I hope you all enjoy please comment and let me know what you think or your opinions. Thank you and have a great day
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