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A moment of the universe,
Your blue eyes.
A kiss through the universe,
Connected together,
I share with you forever.
- Bethany Collery -
@poetry.bethanycollery on IG
basil Mar 28
the knives that slit the dandelions from your fingers
cut into my sleep and burn the insides of my eyelids black
i know it isn't the same hurt, but that hurts more
all i wanted was to paint your fingertips gold
but they bleed red rose petals in my nightmares and
wake me too late

the memories draping over your face like a bridal veil
don't hide your tears from me
please let me take them from your head
your past has an ugly face
full of broken promises that made a little girl grow old too fast
don't keep your pain in your pockets in place of your dandelions

i know this is why i learned how to sew
at the time i thought it was so i could quilt my thoughts together
in a way that made sense
but seeing your bleeding fingers in my dreams made me realize
that my needle wasn't for the fabric i bought
it was for skin and bone and bleeding hearts that mean more to me than gold
i'll fight your demons with my fists as long as you promise to wear the flower crown i made you <3
Payton Feb 24
He sat at the edge of the Earth, and night after night, the moon told
secrets to his mocking blue eyes, secrets that no one else could ever, ever begin to understand.
This isn't really a poem. It's more of a pretty thought or piece of pretty prose. It was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
Was it longing in is sad, blue eyes, or was it lust?
Maybe it was a beautiful combination of the two.
She always left him wanting more.
So he gave up the sunlight for her.
He promised to spend the rest of his days  in darkness, between silk sheets and, hushed tones.
He never asked anything of her.
Seeing her body covered in nothing but moonlight was more than
his soul could ever dream of.
This poem was written in 2016.
I will always smile
When my thoughts run to you
Your soft touch
Your honey filled smile
Those handsome blue eyes
Your gentle laugh
Your hopeful eyes
The way you protect me
I'm glad our paths crossed
You make my heart flutter
You kiss me
In a way
I will always
remember this ad me when you feel down i will miss you most of all
SM Nov 2020
I said brown eyes were my favorite,
but the hottest fires burn blue,
and her eyes were no exception.
Eyes like hers can burn a heart to ashes
and turn a universe upside down.
Eyes like hers can make a soul fall in love
and never turn back.
Jenn Oct 2020
i can't stop staring into your eyes
you're so tall
so blue
so deep
like an ocean im being swept away in
thank god
for those swimming lessons as a kid
you want me to be your bae
how come im not at peace?
like when you're sitting there
staring at the stars
the same twinkle in your eyes
when you look at me
im drowning
save me
Sakura Oct 2020
When we first met
When i looked into your eyes
Your eyes...
Your bright blue eyes...
They were like ocean
I felt so mesmerized when i saw my reflection in your eyes
It felt like i was floating in the Pacific Ocean
I keep imagining...
About your blue eyes...
Your eyes deeper than Pacific Ocean
When our eyes first met
It felt like the waves of the ocean touching the shore
Your smile was like the cool breeze over the ocean
Someday i wanna meet you like the Baltic sea and the north sea meet in the gulf of the Alaska
I wanna stare into your bright blue eyes all day long
Your eyes...
Your bright blue eyes...
I can see the whole sky in your eyes
I can see the stars , the moon , and the sun reflecting into your eyes
The bright blue eyes.
basil Aug 2020
i call myself a poet
but i've deceived them all
i'm really just sad
and waiting for you to call

not a poem
nuanced at night Jul 2020
how funny, your blue eyes

they hold so much power and conviction

they entice and they beckon

but how funny, your blue eyes

they make a mockery of themselves

for there is nothing behind your sapphire disguise

besides a man far more blue than his funny blue eyes
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