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Nigdaw Jul 2021
set a scene
to visit when you're alone
lets call it your happy place
it is waiting
somewhere in the trees
among the rushes by a stream
in flowering meadows
permanent summer
caught in warm breeze
where you can rest
your ill at ease
visit as often as you can
feel it, taste it, soak it in
it is your freedom
beyond locked doors
the hatred of man
Zack Ripley Feb 2020
A palace by the sea for you and me.
a palace by the sea where mermaids swim free.
a palace by the sea where I wrap my arms around you tight
as we get lost in a beautiful sunset every night.

What's your happy place?
Swoo Mar 2020
I'm so submissive when it comes to only only her. -Swoo
I'm only happy
Cuz I'm with you.
You're my happy place.
When I think of it,
I find you,
and all my sadness ends.
For: Jenny Thoma
Somewhere beyond the hast of commerce,
where noises sing rather than shout.
I know of a place under a canopy of emerald leaves, haloed in the sun.
Creatures come to crawl and fly, soaking the bounty growing natural.

Moments of stillness blow soft, carrying stresses away.
It's a place owned by the trees, they bend to greet travelers weary of their cage.

A place I long to stroll,
where summer kisses all that lives
and wildness sprouts within
A happy place
Grace May 2019
You bring me joy when all I knew was despair
You give me love and it made me so aware
You prove to me in every way that you care
You make me so desperately wish I was there

You are my life and make me feel bright
You are my calm throughout the night
You are my happiness, make me feel alright
You are my reason to give up my fright

You have me wrapped around your finger
You and your presence will have me linger
You make me excited and so eager
You never make me feel like I’m meager

You remind me that we always have a tomorrow
You reassure me love is exchanged and not borrowed
You have successfully ridden me of my sorrow
You make me feel the opposite of hollow

I will love you forever
I will always endeavor
I feel better than ever
I cannot wait to see you whenever
Angel'Lea Mar 2019
Natural filters
Sunshine and heat waves
Sweat caressing my face
Body reposed upon the sand
Waves kissing my toes
Sun tickling my cheeks
Hugging the warmth of the sun
Birds whispering God’s graces
The wind carrying promises of his mercy
My hair free of gravity’s reign
My strands exchanging words with the breeze
My arms resting weightless
My eye lids submissive to the sun’s rays
My heart syncing to Earth’s rhythm
With every beat I become more connected
My ears deafened to the horrors of your attacks
Only nature’s symphonies whistle through
Forgive my ignorance of your position
I am no longer mentally bound to you
Forgive me for my numbness to your anger
I no longer relinquish energy in this space
I have escaped the torment of this chamber
I have nestled upon the peace in my happy place
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2018
People are here.
I reach out deep within
to the place of various hue and vibrancy
to paint it in the air and on me
but that place is empty.
Skylar Keith May 2018
I'm where I want to be
The happy place
I've returned after two years
Much has changed
Many things have not

The sights of skyscrapers
The scent of green tea and fumes
All seems like home to me as I walk through the city

Yet I cry
Smiling comes from time to time
Fake it until you make it comes into play as I'm asked how I am
Silent screams of loneliness
Tears of yearning
For things just beyond my reach

I'm falling into the darkness while in my happy place
When I return 'home' it will be worse


All this fills my mind as I wave goodbye to Tokyo
Kyoto is to come
A spark of joy and excitement

Yet why am I dying when I'm in my happy place

Tokyo & Kyoto
Thoughts while on the Shikansen from Tokyo to Kyoto
Alexa Mar 2018
The sound of my fears,
choke out my dreams.
Throwing silence of the prism
in a burning city.
I want to stray
& uncover
the wrapped beauty of
the ocean.
And the garments of the moon
wearing silk roses.
& Capture
the soft, unfeathered sun
unchain orange butterflies,
and aqua sequins dancing
far out in the sea,
throwing rainbows
in the sky laid above me.

but for now,  
I will close my eyes
& pray for this  
to paint.
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