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B D Caissie Oct 6
To knowingly deprive someone of their happiness is a form of cruelty that not even the hardest of men could endure.

Nina Sep 9
I'm not sure how long more
I can pretend to be happy
How long more
I'd be able to put this fake smile on my face
Endure my panic attacks
Living the day hiding the pain

Everything is going down hill
Nothing is getting better

I dont know
How long more
I'd be able to endure
Before i do something bad
Once again
A M Ryder Aug 16
The arrow endures
The bow string's tension
So that in the release
It can become
More than itself
They say time heals all
But I still feel the pain

The clock ticks
Each second wasted without you

Even if you’re gone
Time marches on

I must do what is right
And endure the pain
Cameron Jul 24
The brightest flame in my life dimmed before my eyes
The light went out, she disappeared into the night.
To another, her flame begins  to glow,
To another, her heart begins its show.

The warmth hidden in her glow kept my fires burning.
Now it’s gone, the fire quenched, my heart cold.
But deep cold feels warm when filled with yearning.
And with this tragic warmth, I preserve your warmth for another.

The purest of affections are yours to share.
You choose to share it with whom you care.
Although my fire is but a remnant of the past,
I choose to share it with you, that your fire may last.

When the one I loved didn’t love me back
My fire burned cold it needed love back
As you share your flame with another,
I will endure in my cold dark slumber.
The glow in the one I loved kept my heart's fire lit. Now it's gone, and all I want is for her to be happy. Though that kind of happiness is forbidden to me, it brings me joy to know that at least somebody else gets to experience it.
shamamama May 12
-----------I weave my grand                     mother's spirit to life--------
             when I paint with my             words what she dreamed
             in her life.  My grandmother's kimono sat in the dark never
            worn; so needs a     dusting--I lift it up      into this light to be
           seen, to be heard,      to be felt, fabric of          loving  heart
          dreams to be.  It's     not perfectly shaped   or tattered or torn,
         rather fermented       beyond her time  to      take form.  My
       Grandma loved  to        eat her white rice          she ate thirty
      seven million grains      of rice by the time         she reached her
      104-- Born on a             sugarcane plant'tion         on the coast of
     Oahu, a child in               the tropics then a       teen in Japan. Her
    family returned to          their roots to learn,    & grow, reenter the
   cultural force. She                discovered her              new talent as
                                  ­              K  I   M   O  N  O          
                                               ­     A R T I S T
                                       Kikuyo  Yamamoto became
                                     liberated as an artist and then
                                     her life changed as her family
                                    demanded she leave her position
                                   and marry away to a Japanese man
                                    who lives in California (my Grand
                                    father).  The matchmaker said it
                                     would work really well....She
                                   endured life as an American farm
                                     wife, then life in Japanese intern-
                                    ment camps. Five  children, nine
                                    grandchildren...Dear Grandmother
                                     I know you had lots to surrender-
                                           I honor your life as mother,
                                           grandmother, and artist --I
                                          wove this poem in the form
                                       of  a kimono for you  May your
                                         spirit rest in peace. I love you.
This poem is woven with rememberence on the eve of mother's day, to honor and love the enduring nature of my grandmother. Long ago she shared with me, her possibility of a career in sewing kimonos when she was a 20 year old in Japan, and how it was not a choice within her family. Marriage was the way. She was born in 1909, and lived till 104---she loved her bowls of rice; I have heard each grain of rice is a god, so may she be empowered 7 million times over with the god of rice in her spirit belly.
Desire Apr 15
There is purpose for your pain,
and progression after perseverance.
You need only to be patient and
keep pushing through the process...

endure | persevere | conquer

"you are more than a conqueror"
I grasp it
and discern it's gonna blow out
Yet I never bemoan the moment enduring it
For the smile, it sells upon me
is the remembrance that will never wilt.
chitragupta Mar 7
I say,
if you have hate in your gut
Set it free
Make me the outlet
for I have the depths
of the sea
And the little drops
of venom
won't matter to me
A drop more, a drop less - all the same in the sea.
So unleash your negativity on me.
she called out as she passed on by
in that transient light faded and glorious
that her caring enriched every single glance
simple and endearing
forever lingering in her most loving eyes
that held me in my moving gracefully away
into the warm nights unspoken mystery
into the tale once so carefully crafted...

she called out as she passed on by
it wasn't the words that captured me
it was all the loves my life has known
laid out before me like playing cards
forever hoping for that lavish reward
just a chance to turn it all in one simple motion
back to the enduring light i once found
so quick yet so fleeting that i only
had time to embrace
before the song ended...

she called out as she passed on by
it wasn't the words that stirred me
it was her hand holding mine
that connection that i have always cherished
simple and beautiful and oh so true...
making my heart younger in its true warmth...
making my days all run together into
a sweet symphony of images of time shared
a sweet melody of moments enshrined forever
in my loving eyes

she called out as she passed on by
but it wasn't her words that were music to me
it was all the loves my heart has known
framed in the reflection of her eyes
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