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Mar 2016
It's crazy to think that I could be so unhappy
While surrounded by friends who love
And family who will always be there for me.
So why do I spend nights wide awake?
Contemplating the time and the place
That I would stage my escape
Is there something wrong with me?
Perhaps I seek a greater meaning?
After all, there has go to be more to see
Life can't be such a meaningless thing
When there is so much to be enjoyed
Yet I find that the darkness is lingering
Always bringing me down
I'm beginning to grow tired
I feel my body has grown weak
What if I just threw in the towel?
Threw it on the ground and said **** it all?
I can be my own person
I can making my own meaning
I am the creator of my destiny
The master chef of my life recipe
But still the question will remain
On the darkest of days
Am I happy?
Or am I insane?
Written by
Ron  Michigan
   Free Bird
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