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Amanda Nov 2018
**** is green
My eyes are red
I can't decide between
The refrigerator or bed
I personally believe it can be a gateway drug but no more than alcohol or prescription pills or any other drug
Ash Apr 2018
she sits in the dark

a **** to her lips

pain forgotten

she blew rings to the wind

with half moon eyelids

she inhaled a philsosphers dream

lost amongst the stars

Clyde Feb 2018
My life starts as a simple seed
but even then I'm hunted and destroyed
but if I'm allowed to grow
allowed to bloom
through caring hands
the most beautiful flowers that
you have ever seen
emerge filled with medicine
to help those in need

My flowers are dried
and cut down to size
they now glow so beutifuly
under the light, as if they're coated
with a sugary, white mist
that slowly cracks and sticks together
between your fingers

Before consumption, my flowers are admired
a small respect to nature is held
then, they're roasted, cooked with or grinded
each having their own unique
smell, taste and texture
each providing their own
unique stimulation

All you need is a little bit
one bite, ****, hit or bowl
let my flowers
fill your soul
remove your pain
still your mind
free you moentarily
from the hassle and bussle
that this stressful life brings

But never fear
cause no matter how far down
within yourself you may go
is only a little sip
and sleep only
comfortable position
Kimberly Jan 2018
Pain begats pain begats mo pain
series, succession. string, sequence
-a chain
I'd like to pretend that I was surprised
but I cannot feign
woven intricately into the fabric that is me
-it courses through my veins

I realize that it sounds inane
maybe even a little insane
but it is what it is
and what it is  
-is a stain

It's so hard to abstain
from feeling and inflicting this pain
this same pain that's been ingrained
from the generations before
-they opened that door and
lacked the knowledge or strength to obtain
the necessary tools to annihilate and decimate
the entrance into things
that would
devastate, level and obliterate
their children and their children and their children and
-my children

On my campaign to feel less pain
I entertain the demons
Mary Jane and *******
In my inebriated state, I was unable to ascertain
the damage that I'd added to my heart and brain

Nothing eased the pain or the shame
All that I had left was the pain
the pain
the pain

So, there I stood
beating my chest and screaming toward heaven
...praying for rain...
Bella Jade Feb 2017


Space cadet

I feel the good vibes
Bre Marie Sep 2016
Oh Mary Jane
  how you whisper my name.
   **** away my pain
  make me feel sane.
   Mary Jane
   Oh Mary Jane..
 Whisper my name.
Bre Marie Aug 2016
My brain was clouded with all of the smoke.

I took another **** laughing at the stupid jokes.

Forgetting the promisees that we had once spoke.

I felt as if something was broke...

So I took another ****.

To forget we ever spoke
I loved her but I loved Mary Jane a bit to much she kept me sane
Ron Mar 2016
It lifts me up
It eases the pain
It makes everything fun
I can eat again
I just can't understand
It's just a plant
How can it be so
That something can cause such joy
But still breed such hate
The war is a waste
We'll show you the truth
It's not what they say
It's not how it looks
It's about how it feels
And about how it helps
How hard is it to see
That there is nothing wrong with ****.
Brent Kincaid Nov 2015
First, let’s talk about some of the lies
Uttered by the nefarious and unwise
Of a peculiar type of mindless insanity
Created and backed by the inanity
Of the Madison Avenue careerists
And hordes of conspiracy theorists
Who have taken the issue of a ****
And buried it in misconduct and greed.

It is important not to fall for the joke
That it is quite all right to smoke
Because smoking anything you pass
A dose of something called cyanic gas
Into your lungs, and perhaps minimal,
It’s the gas they use to execute criminals.
But, other uses for this homegrown stuff
Can help people whose lives are tough.

But the whole shooting match is a dodge
Started out by rich men in their fancy lodge
Fueled by ignorance and false piety
Written into law by a strangers to sobriety
That somehow had no problem with drinking
But thought being ****** was stinking thinking.
So they created movies and legends galore.
But repression is all the lies were ever for.

(There’s an old joke about a boss’s decree
About employees drinking ***** daily.
He issued the rule on the smell-free *****
That was drunk at lunch time by his crews,
Because he didn’t want customers hazy
Thinking his employees were going crazy.
He preferred they know they were inebriated
Rather than a staff full of the grossly pixilated.)

It was that kind of thinking that created
A fervor that up until today has not abated,
That named an easily grown garden plant
Into some kind of major anti-***** rant,
While opiates are endorsed by the AMA.
And hundreds of versions are here today
To cure the same ailments as cannabis
Without the side effects that are a nemesis.

Medical science is finally ignoring
A sacred cow that needed goring;
Suggesting to the country as a whole
That this simple plant can play a role
In helping those who need relief
And are being criminalized by a belief
That, accompanied with such sadness,
Was the true definition of ****** madness.
Sara Jones Aug 2015
Do you even know how hard it was for me?
To put away the liquor and pipes
For the love of Christ I can't even begin to tell you how awful it was before you.
I can't even begin to tell you how many nights I stumbled home.
How many mornings I woke up asking what happened the night before.
How many nights my roommate asked how ****** up I was as I laughed and told her how badly I wanted cookies.

Now I'm not saying **** ****** me up that bad
But I may have taken the things that numb me a little too far:
Drinking till I can't remember,
Smoking until my frowns are smiles,
Puffing on cigarettes until I cough up a lung.
What doesn't **** me makes me stronger, right?

I couldn't continue my preaching higher than cloud nine or drunker than a man with nothing left to lose.
But for some unknown reason you gave me the courage to quit the liquor.
And Im glad you stopped me, otherwise the next year was gonna be brutal because AA is for quitters and momma never raised a quitter.

I may not have alcohol.
I may not have Mary Jane
But I do have you.
So you wanna go smoke a joe?
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