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xavier thomas Feb 2022
the attitude upon on your face
intense pressure coming my way
lowkey, feeling it too

my heart, I know you want it
battling me on this court for it
trying to get me to see your point of view

maybe it’s the drive
maybe it’s the ambition
burning desire you showcasing within you

this is overwhelming
I see your affection
play against me, show what you can do

we should
compete a little
play a little
bet who wins against who
if you
score a little
defend a little
and win, my heart will belong to you
come play me
Michael A Duff Jul 2020
I could it have been chance, our connection so deep it could be seen by the blind?

Are two souls spilt searching for eternity to be reunited, I can say the moment it felt complete like none other?

Hold too tightly or too loosely jt slips away, eternity is long we will see each other again.

It couldn't have been chance.
I k we I was having fun but what I didnt know in my life was a connection so deep, finding my other half in a fiery painfully obsessed beautiful woman with a past to drown your soul.
Erian Rose Jul 2019
Watch the stars
As they shine for you
Twinkling in the darkened hue
Battles raging against the sky
Heights gazing past our eyes
No matter what they say
You illuminate the world
Brighter than the constellations gleam
After all
The universe can’t compete against you
In a sea of darkness
Engulfed by light
“Remember to reach for the stars, and they won't be able to resist flying into your hands!“
Arlene Corwin Feb 2018
Every 4 years I post this, hoping that the message, although lighthearted, will come forth.

             The Doped Olympics

Why don’t they simply create a new branch
And call it the Doped Olympics?
By the laws of semantics
It soon would come into the language, legitimized:
Youth forgets past.
Soon the word would have lost its original shame,
While the name of the game
Would be guilt-free and blame-free,
And those who would qualify
Could have drug deliverance, muscles defined, bodies divine.
If they dropped dead at forty
At least they’d have entertained millions,
Fulfilled their ambitions,
Made lots of folk rich
And set records untold.
Let those few or many spend hours in training;
Let chemists develop concoctions so new
That the pole-vaulter flies,
The sprinter’s a jaguar,
The shot put is sent into orbits of space,
The long jumper jumps twenty meters
While men become fierce
And the women grow beards,
Which gives all of the chemists new projects to work on.
A yes to the ***** Doped Games.

The Doped Olympics12.2. 2004 revised 1.27.2016re-revised 7.25.2016  Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Corwin
Especially aimed at those who dope themselves, yet want to compete
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