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Dez Apr 21
If you always wait to be motivated
At least you have the motivation to wait
For if motivation is often found
Not finding

But pay no minding
What do I know
I am not a poet
I am not a painter
I am not a sculptor
I am not a artist and I know it

But I have a little common sense
That has brought me this far
And one bit is that you should stop waiting
For fish are not caught with out bait
Neither do ideas come to mind
When you clear your mind

So stop your waiting to be motivated
Search for ideas
And soon you will write
Some thing far better
Then this tad bit
Of insight
Random thought #126
Brent Apr 8
He who's brave enough to go against the current
Shall find himself in a total foreign land
But only the exceptional finds it
As they're those who know how to take a stand

From birth to death they try to mold us
Into someone who we are truly not
But curiosity will always get the better of us
We'd rather be different than choose to go rot

Decide to not be a puppet of the public
Cut your silver strings and let go
Free yourself from the chains of orthodoxy
Go ahead my dear and put on a show!
I channeled all my frustrations into this piece. Everything is so chaotic rn in my country
Andrew Layman Mar 12
You are exhausting---

The constant hammer
that falls upon my head;
driving me to fulfill a goal,
making me always think,
with ideas that keep me fed.

Years before---

I was feral as a man
wild of tooth and tongue.
Uncaring in my approach
both aimless and blameless,
from the badge of being young.


Out of the faceless crowd
I chose an expression,
imprinted now, only you would do.
To save me from my sickness,
and secret life that only you knew.

That stubborness---

I can not quit because of it
and so I reach to climb;
through thorn and thistle,
moving higher, higher still,
until I reach that azure sky.


Once I'm staring at it
I feel it's just not true.
Thinking ******* the challenge
I dig up through cloud and heaven,
and continue on my way...

Because you taught me to.
EXHAUST ME, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
tmartin Mar 7
the breaking
one wave
could never
the entire
but it did
the shores it swashed
Well, tell me.
Worn and fettered,
Would you still bloom?
Today's thought. A question just for you. Pitch in your energy for today and the days to come.
Are you willing to struggle any further? Or shall there be no life if not with peace?
Parthvi Feb 7
I fancy fear
It challenges me
I like challenges
It takes out the real me
The real me...
It gives me confidence

And then I'm no more limited
I'm no more demure

Then I can even ask fear
A raw piece..tried something new
Isaac Ward Jan 4
Doesn't send shivers down my spine,
When I write it,
If only I could ignite it!

Oh, the only art I've got,
And it chokes me so,
Why can't I just let it go?
These words fall on deaf eyes.

Doesn't it crush your spirit?
Or, do people watch you?
Tell me, how I might strum their heartstrings,
And bring these ones and ohs to life.
shogunzoe Nov 2019
Cast eyes on shadows.
Coward demons in sheep clothes.
Know thy inner foe.
Own worst enemy.
Lack of successes due to
wasted energy.
Satvik gupta Nov 2019
The cause of your death will make you different , not your death.
Please share this if possible
Satvik gupta Nov 2019
People got their brain to think ,
You got brain to do it .
Make that happen
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