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xjf Sep 2023
It was a long bus ride
And the **** plastic sheet seats
Were cracking from abuse and freeze
We all kept warm with conversations
And secrets
And scandals in the back row

The era of shame
My own propaganda
Selling me on the idea
That I should carry everyone's.

That bus was wretched
With the stench
Of frozen sweat
And regret

Despite it all
I could find any single one of you
And we'd exchange
Untouchable moments
Memories of the heart
Strung along that tattered pavement

Here's mine

It was in your eyes
That I saw myself shine
For across that opaque pane
I witnessed your thought
"this guy is interesting"

You and your curly raven rings
Asking about my fixations
Changed the course
Of who I see
when I close my eyes

I've never seen you since that summer
I've never sat behind you again
Can't even recall the name
Can't remember if we won the game
But you're a warm tea I get to sip
When it comes across my mind
No loose ends
No ***** stains
Just the sun breaking the squall
And the summer of ****** football
Anais Vionet Jan 2023
Place your bets, you’re just in time
for the game, the fix is in.

What a thrill. Is it a crime to cash in?
The winners do, and that could be you.

You’ll be a witness, as wise guys smoothly step in
- it’s basic greed - and never a sin, as long as they win.

Mr slick ricky, you’ve got to be bold to win gold -
winners never just fold - betting never gets old.

The winners will add your few spare bucks to their *** -
let’s admit, all that you’ve got - isn’t a lot - it won’t fuel a yacht.

Place your bets, you’re in the front row all the time,
don’t be lame, be part of the game, the greasy bigtime.
I LOVE NFL football, but now every commercial is for some sports book like “Draft Kings.” How can the NFL, increasingly in league with gambling books, not end up mobbed-up and fixed?
It’s ruining NFL football - the illusion that it’s a real sporting competition. I’ll tell you, Once they start calling the NFL “entertainment” and not sports - it’s over - the game I once loved will be just like pro wrestling.
𝙶𝙽𝙶 May 2022
life was a race,
I think it would be . . . . relay.
It's a relay as you shall pass on the baton
Travis Dixon Mar 2022
psst, bet on the game
bet on the game
big bet, big win
come on, bet on the game
(got a problem with
betting on games?)
hey, bet on the game!
hurry up, bet on the game
you know you can
bet on the game
(if you have a problem
with betting on games—)
get in here, we're
betting on the game
betting on the game
(call this number
in case you're having
trouble) it's almost
over, bet on the game
bet on the game
the odds are good
just bet on the game
(we support you)
you can bet on it
xavier thomas Nov 2021
Finally home after a long day of
playing back to back tournament games.
Take a hot sweet shower, eat, then lay
my body down in bed, straight flat.
“Awwwww”- yes feels so good…

Dam_ craps!
Ugh the agony
Goodness gracious!
xavier thomas Feb 2022
i just show out
blessed and grateful
ball is my life
game comes natural

hater said don’t let
talent change you
that’s how i know
“talent” ain’t you

skills, i been had
new deals, i’m so glad
folks just take notes
they just big mad

mouth so sinful
ego so full
they just waste time

humble of my mind
ignore the hype
stay in the gym,
dedicate my life

to the craft life
work hard each night
success’s a struggle
this is my grind

reaching my goals
cash in billions
help out lost souls
give back millions

my style is classic
IQ brilliant
just hit different
one in a million
“When something push you, you push back”
Basketball 🏀
xavier thomas Sep 2021
“D” UP! “D” UP! put them hands up, hands up.
And I’m robbing folks on the pass if they slip up.
Don’t allow nobody to pass by you, move your feet.
Don’t go for every reach, just keep them in front of you my G.

They dealing with a team full of experts.
Juice & I will double-team, so squad be on high alert.
Make them work, cut off those passing lanes and
once they turn the ball over, we’ll be gone in an instant.

Aye, look at these wanna be play makers.
Zay steal that, now pass that.
Cause I’m about to lob that to my boy Doug.
BOOM!!! I see you Doug with the 360 alley-oop dunk!

YOOO! Ball is thrown in, watch for the pass and skip!

No worries I got the ball my guy, don’t trip.
Here Juice! Run 54-hip.

Aww snap! Time to ****!
I’m about to put the boys in their feels!

Cross-over stepper, step-back decker.
I’m a G.O.A.T. getter, nobody does it better.
Weak mismatches and easy pass dishes.
Pick & role to the pocket, they can’t stop this.

Man, we about to hurt these fools on the other end too.
About to get tortured as we break their hearts in shambles.
And when we rock them and stop them at the rim, it’s straight blocking.
Even if they try to shoot, BLOCKA, BLOCKA, BLOCKA!

It is what it is fam, to bad they about to lose.

At the end of the day, what the hell they gonna do?

Now this is epic. We got them looking pathetic.
I said what I said, ain’t no room to be apologetic.
xavier thomas Dec 2021
only good deeds
stay at ease
we’re in control of this destiny
try to make it pro so desperately
get recognize around the world & the big leagues
only one plan there’s nothing else
win multiple rewards to prove one’s self
I know we can make it
this chance we can take it
Lord, Lord, Lord
If the basketball could speak to me one-on-one…
Because it saved my life
xavier thomas Dec 2021
well-defined, bottom line
be victorious all the time
it’s my guy and just me
for all others to see
show our talent is our thing
scoring bucket’s what we bring

I’m your master plan…
I’m your master plan…
I’m your master plan…
If the basketball could speak to me one-on-one…
Because it saved my life
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