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Penmann Jun 7
I ran crying the last 2 miles.
When i did sports, i always smiled.
My team never made me sad.
When i lost at sports, i'd just quit the game.

It didn't feel bad.

I can't just quit when i run. I have to go on.
Push my limits.
I do it for fun.
Screaming every step i cry,
i can't think of a better way to say what i'm doing the last few days
Planejane2 May 19
You dropped the ball,
yet somehow I picked it up
& handed it to you to shoot your shot again.
You slammed dunked.
How you scored.... but I won the championship & left you.
PMc May 12
There’s no point in trying to become
the best umpire that ever lived.
There’s always someone who’s gonna’ call your game otherwise
no matter how well you play that day, or any other

There’s the time spent practicing with little tykes,
triple A, Grapefruit Leagues and more practice,
there’s never any respite for those who are right
only someone else to refute your best judgement.

There’s no right/wrong regarding calls, strikes/*****
it’s Olympic swimming, diving, ice skating,
There’s no life like it, ‘cept maybe the Army

Betting of all sorts, you know not where or when
you just know it’s going on somewhere with somebody/somewise.
There’s no accounting for mans indiscretion to sport
nor the improprieties of professional sport/entertainment.

There’s no telling if you’re gonna’ call good or bad games
or if your kindness or mean streak will exude on any given day
There’s no telling if you’ll make or break at one call or another.

No telling if your taxi will drive or stop
while you’re in a cab
There’s no telling if it’s your time or not
to face the lost angel of death…or not
   it will happen
   in the taxi on the street
   or the garden you’re tending
   the house league diamond
   or the major league ball park
   it will happen
   but there’s no telling……
1 April 1996, opening day at Riverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH), John McSherry, the National League home plate umpire collapsed and died of a massive heart attack right there in front of fifty thousand people at the game and more watching on television.  A different day and time and the cardiac arrest might have happened in the taxi on the way to the game - or in his hotel room that night - or wherever.   The mightiest of all messengers has an unusual sense of timing.
Putt... ...................
                                  .          ­                                          
                      ­                .  
           ­                              .      
                                     .                                                                ­



The windmill spins;
   The sunshine pours;
The game begins;
   We're keeping scores.

I bank a shot;
   It's on the roll;
And putt-putt-***!
   It's in the hole!

A birdie flies.
   I shoot a hen,
And agonize
   A hole in ten.

I lose the game
   And have a ball.
My only aim
   Was golfing small.
     Go fly a kite!
     i'll fly
     It with yoU!)

     a long-distance throw;
     frizzbee flies
     like a UFO;
     clear blue skies;
     a tic-tac-toe
     of them trails
     called chem trails;
     nano-aliens hatch;
     he makes the catch!
Lynn Scott Mar 12
Breathe in and out
Get to the ball
Breathe out and in
Try not to fall

Breathe in and out
Sprint down the field
Breathe out and in
The strength you wield

Breathe in and out
You hit them first
Breathe out and in
Your shoulder hurts

Breathe in and out
You dribble fast
Breathe out and in
Get hit at last

Breathe in and out
Air born you go
Breathe out and in
Time becomes slow

Eyesight blurry
You hit your head
Eyesight blurry
Your nose bleeds red

Dark tiny spots
Cloud your vision
Dark tiny spots
Hard collision

It all goes dark
The pain's still there
It all goes dark
Blood in your hair

Open your eyes
You're laid in bed
Open your eyes
Holding your head

Try to get up
Think of your name
Try to get up
Wracking your brain

Start to panic
No memory
Start to panic
Eyes that can't see

Wet tears stream down
Leaving their mark
Wet tears stream down
Blind in the dark

You can not see
No one is there
You can not see
Nobody cares

Sitting alone
No memory
Sitting alone
Eyes that can't see
Haylin Mar 12
The yellow ball soars through the air
From whence it came I do not care
And with a great, tremendous whack
I send it soaring, soaring back
The crack of dawn,
Grogginess kicking in,
Struggling to get up for the day,
Everyday just like the rest,

Same routine,
Sleep. Eat. Learn. Study. Sleep.
But one day something changes,
A kink is thrown in the system,
Nothing is the same again,

Going to school different every day,
Trying to adapt to the change,
But it is hard to change,
To this lifestyle that is different,

Not knowing what to do,
Or what to choose,
For life has thrown a curveball,
In my life plan,
And I don’t know what to choose,

Eventually will have to make decisions,
Which I’m not ready to make,
For I’m afraid if I choose,
I will make a wrong choice,

Time is ticking,
And I have to choose soon,
For not being ready is not helpful,
It is coming too fast,

For panicking is what I’m doing
Do I choose sports or school,
Will I make the right choice,
Or suffer my own doom,

These choices will help mold my fate,
And the pressure of the choices is unbearable,
For I can’t decide a choice,
I love all the stuff I do,

But I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye,
To my friends. Sports. School. Or life too.
For life is going by fast,
And I can keep up with it,
I wish I could just stay back and live in the good ol’ days.
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