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J-Long Aug 6
Oh my brother!
Bringer of light
Made from the fire
Oh what a sight
Why anger father?
Why try to fight?
It doesn't matter
You will have my might

You called to us
We answered your call
But we had no chance
Though we gave it our all
We tried to run
Some tried to crawl
But in the end
We caused our fall

Oh the fall
Oh it was heated
Curse the ground
By whom we were greeted
On earth's throne
You were seated
But no compensation
For how we were treated

Our brothers love you
Talk of your greatness
Follow every command
Oh what blindness
As for me
I'm filled with sadness
I should have known
Should have seen your madness
I smiled
And you smiled back
At times
We laughed hard

As Usual
But hope this feeling is mutual

We chatted
Like we used to
Seem acted
You're in the movie too

But hope this feeling is mutual

You speak
With your eyes in silence
While I breath
Yet my heart is quiet

But hope this feeling is mutual

You loved
In privy
I love to be loved
More lively

To be factual
Hoping this feeling is mutual
Common is uncommon nowadays
#mutual or #one-sided
abhinav Apr 10
I got a Voldemort filled
inside my brain
a world exist where
door ain't remain.
A world governed by
testo and dopemine
everyday feel like making it rain
sleepless nights feel like jerking
aside the thoughts inside barking
futile because already gave in
flesh and bone
where sins cave in.

Feel like fly in Venus
ain't working out with Jesus
so lemme call out to star
bruh lend me few Winnie
to fetch me some honey
as i rather have pitch up deep than to sow and let it reap
thinking and thinking till it leads
to ******* scar that feeds
grooving epidermis making it bleed
it's like god handing out seeds
and I ain't getting one because of my deeds

Landline, laziness the line
bed's the mine
set foot there goes the crying
all i do is sit back and rhyme
hiding sorrows in these lines
hoping you'd save the day
like the Dre
back when shady was stray
Pray, I pray none's listening
is my existence so grey
pillow talking all night
only time i get to voice my say.
I wrote this back when I was in a bad place... Well never opening this door ever again... i hope :(((
Rob-bigfoot Dec 2021
The sword of courage
Not always beaten from steel
Forged in our heart

© Robert Porteus
Courage takes many forms
MuseumofSoph Nov 2021
Awake at night
Despite the early hours

I watch the sun rise
Before I climb into my tomb

Or is just my room?
Early morning thoughts
Brett Oct 2021
Set your sights out west, my friend
And know that on your back
Will always rest the dawn. Follow not
These golden roads paved by fools
Where every toll asks payment from
The only treasure one would hate to lose.
Pull the reigns on your hurried pace, and
Sing to silence when it calls your name.
Spike Harper Aug 2021
Things come and go.
Like people I suppose.
We play games to pass the time.
Roll dice on gambles.
Take chances with our lives.
Only there is no collecting when coming full circle.
That's called a mistake.
So we jump to other boards.
Hoping we aren't sorry.
Realizing there is no perfection.
Trying to balance every risk.
Like we ever had a clue.
Some try so hard.
While others scoff at effort.
What is the right combo that will lead to the end game.
It's like an ever changing rubix cube.
So many patterns to memorize.
But doing the same thing.
And over.
Is that living.
Or insanity.
Whatever it's called.
One thing is certain.
We shall never get bored.
Playing with our demons.
Hex Jul 2021
Cycle, cycle, cycle.

Heart a flourish, mind ablaze,
Up-and-comes a tainted gaze,
Wander into Des' maze,
Living hours, counting days,
Everlasting, fleeting phase?
Watch and wonder who you praise,
When consort becomes disciple,
Cycle, cycle, cycle.

Apathy, our fragile doll,
All we seek is all we stall,
Rather wait, or rather bawl?
Yet I sit, and here I scrawl,
Watching me, fly on the wall,
Watching me, apathy's thrall,
When idle becomes idol,
Cycle, cycle, cycle.

No, no, it cannot be,
Through my eyes, you cannot see,
No, no, you mustn't flee,
I still wish yet to be free,
No, no, hide the key,
Keep "out there" away from me,
When denial becomes recital,
Cycle, cycle, cycle.

Circle, circle, spin, and stop,
Stop—to reach towards the top,
Don't repair, just reap your crop,
Stop—downward you may drop,
Water falling, wet blacktop,
Stop—Lest your mind is prop,
When a spiral becomes spinal,
Cycle, cycle, cycle.

Don't deny the heart the mind,
With repentance comes the bind,
Ears are muted, eyes turned blind,
Connect the eternally twined,
Don't embrace—forgive your grind,
Lest you put your past behind,
When survival becomes revival,
Cycle, cycle, cycle.

Cycle, cycle, cycle.
AKA Exolvuntur In Aeternum -- Read three times for full effect.
Hex May 2021
Slipping free from yester's time,
A Feather trapses yond the way,
On wind it floats, a step, sublime,
Dipping and ducking flakes of grey,
Those forged by winter, the sun's decay,
Plates of ivory, why must they hack?
Torn soil, a relic of why you turn away,
Soar away, O Feather, and don't float back.

O Sea, so fair, shimmering as a chime,
As the wind you switch, and you sway,
And your blues shine like a dime,
But if he drifts beyond the bay,
Will waters claim him, as they say?
Or shall he wash back, with the wrack?
To you, O Sea, he mustn't stray,
Soar away, O Feather, and don't float back.

O Mount, your peak, the rigorous climb,
At your summit, scores kneel and pray,
Your caps glow white, with a grass bed of lime,
If you were where the feather must stay,
Shall your perils bring him fray?
Must he lie in caves of black?
Nay, a feather must fly, and outward he must splay,
Soar away, O Feather, and don't float back.

O Feather, O Feather, where will you spend your days?
Here I must halt on the trail of your track,
Seize the wind, O Feather, the world is your prey,
Soar away, O Feather, and don't float back.
A tale of independence.
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