ViiHunniD 3d

Writing this, in inflammatory sinuous paths,
Maybe, me, I am too ambitious.
Knowledge and awareness are vagues,
Perhaps better called illusions...
Even the strongest of opponents,
Always have blind spots...
But only a blind person can spot those weaknesses.

Is it foolishness to fear what we have been told,
Yet to see, possess and know it?

People never understand the chosen ways
Of perspective persevering life forms.
The ways of uplifting felonious,
I have seeing them malicious fiends,
They considering themselves as idols.
They all took some sacrifices,
Just to get in such positions...
Maybe them, they too religious.

Non-know about our sleepless nights...
There those who do not know no better ways,
They get cold and turn to be nousless.
Safety comes to whoever knows of righteousness...
These corners contain all types of predicaments,
That combine with our treacherous nights,
Into be some sort of amorphous,
Like somebody chose us.

Weeks back I had nightmares,
Stack with fiends in them trenches,
Sinking in them trenches,
Stretching for my dreams,
While dreams are said to be thoughts,
I dare you to think about pandemoniums.
Malevolently they want to see me breathless,
Inevitable for it to occur in any case or cases,
Or to contemporaneous in my dreams...

Solitary thoughts made me piously bias,
With all the words and papers I am pathos,
It is golden, whether it is speech or speechless,
Action acts with expression louder than words,
But words are stronger and meaningful than any type of action, acted,with any type of expressions,
Said in strangest terms..

I had a lot of things I was thinking of...
Oliver 3d

One room of three hundred;
music playing,
hallway quiet.
Normal, like any other.
I know I'm not extraordinary,
do my actions show that?
One chance added to the burden of promises,
arms scarred,
legs restless.
Almost begging others for more.
Is that honestly the motive, the reason,
if no-one knows and never will?
One destiny for one simple being.
Possibilities infinite.
Decisions everywhere.
What every person has,
don't they?

Inkveined Apr 21

A mysterious thing
It eludes everyone
We chase and chase time
Only to get further
And further away

Can I give you some advice? Value today.
Elaina Apr 17

Favorite is Haiku
The classic five, seven, five
A thoughtful challenge

Snowy Apr 5

Dark thoughts come flying in like a storm.
The way the wind takes me away.
The way the lightning paralyzes me.
I watch the darkness crawl into my arms,
knowing that they're only here to bring harm.
I wish I can go back to my happiest days,
when I never felt pain or darkness haunt my dreams or my soul.

Where are the stars that used to guide me?
They used to shine through my eyes,
telling me that I'm never alone.
They seem to move on, forgotten me.

I overthink too much,
that it's the end.
I don't know why I let it dig into me.
Small things become big things.
I always hoped that one day someone will embrace me into their loving arms.
Understand every dark thought coursing through my mind.
Feel my heart through their ears.
Face the reality that I'm not perfect.

I'm not a robot built through metal.
I sometimes bottle up myself,
I sometimes smile like I'm okay, but sometimes I'm not.
I can feel weak, but I know I'm strong.
I fought through the storm before,
I know what it feels like to want to give up.
It's such a strong urge, but I don't give in.

Because I have people counting on me, looking up at me, admire me of who I am.
I'm a good person for helping others.
I let them know that their not alone,
They let me know that I'm not alone.
Sticks and stones won't break our bones.
We are headstrong!


Tony Pellagra Mar 28

So I've been told,
I'm nothing but an ape
Waiting to get old.
So I lie and I kill and I rape
And the world keeps turning.
Strangers 'round me do not see
That Paris is burning.

When I was told this, I wish I chose to care--
"It's not 'life is meaningless' that men come to fear."
No--but rather, Every single decision matters,
And will save us from extinction, or let the world unravel.

"Life is meaningless," I was once told.
So I ripped the wing off a butterfly,
And watched as it twirled.
Now this old ape waits alone in the cold,
For I ripped the wing off a butterfly,
And have destroyed the world.

ViiHunniD Mar 11

This is that remarkable shish,
Extra ordinary type of writing,
That makes me feel some type away,
With my thoughts, solitary.

Befuddled by my own mindset conspiracy
Contradicting predicaments.
No Coachella for me,
My thoughts on parole,
Lost in a pandemonium with pious fiends
Blunted thinking of the known, unknown,
Unknown of the known, unknowns.
Things that we know we don't really know about.
At that time I felt like somebody chose me,
Feeling amorphous as a "POET"should be.

As it is written,
I am gifted,
I know it's fugazi
Come learn something...

Cate Mar 1

My tongue flicks
Absent mindedly
Discovering and rediscovering
The new sensation
Of a missing tooth
Or a kernel of food
wedged in my gums
Or a bloody cheek
Bit ferociously while chewing.

In my same manor
My thoughts stroke
the idea of you,
Feeling for any new details
i may have missed
My first time
across your surface.

a mark, wrinkling
beneath your eye
a small  tattoo
above your elbow
a delicate crease
where your head
meets your neck.

Subtleties of self
are everything to me.
you hold your cigarette
between hits,
bent backwards between
thumb and middle finger
as if subconsciously,
you know
you’re damning yourself.

You hold your elbows
When you cross your arms
As though you are afraid,
Should you relax your grip
The contents of your chest
Will spill out before you
Like a toppled canister
Of produce remnants,
Juicy, sloppy, and sopping

But you speak quietly,
like a discarded bag
of shredded documents.
Rustling with partial importance
I try to piece together
your comments
almost as though your words
hang beneath the weight
of your breath
as an afterthought
of your exhalation.

I watch you
watch me,
calmly calculating
baiting conversations
with tactful insinuation
and later,

in deep rumination
they replay.
I select the moments
That fit the narrative
I've created,
rummaging through
until what I want
you to mean
is all I hear you say.

Inkveined Feb 6

I was just listening to a song featuring a band we both like.

Funny, I wanted to take my mind off of everything that's happened but it only took my mind on an thorough tour of the turbulent past few weeks.

Wandering through my own mind, I saw how things were, how they are, and how they might be.

My heart is hopeful and my mind is eager to learn both in and outside of the classrooms at my college.

I have a feeling I will learn and discover a lot this year. I hope you do too.

I hope we discover a few things together.

To the future.
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