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Lost inside my mind can’t you through the dark.
Black whole physics keeping light within my parts.
Watch events rise passed horizons when we start,
flood our minds full of thoughts think we really need an arch.
Think about the times we took drugs just stop it.
Think about the times we sold time just for profit.
Think about the times we did things without a conscience.


State of mind switching on the daily,
love beyond hate,
I mean look at all the babies.
Kind wonder why I’m distracted by fables, all projected on the tv screen.
Where everything is superficial
Plus it’s really lacking substance like the drugs that you are into.
Fear does not exist, it’s an illusion that is mental.
Fear does not exist, it’s an illusion that is mental.
Flynn Nov 7
Soft footsteps echo through a starlit night
Leaves rustle underfoot, where a lone rabbit watches
Is the dark freedom born or chances few?
A cricket considers the melancholy.
Or neither? Something new?

An engine rumbles on a road a distance away,
Brittle twigs crunch under four slow wheels.
Waving goodbye, or merry greetings,
or something else, in between?
There! The golden arm of beech leaves dance in a breeze

an appreciation of the moment,
as moments, come to be.
a collection of seconds and fragments
from so many eyes
strung together,  as priceless as pearls
or an unknown prize.

will you see what the world offers in true solitude?
when it thinks you won't see what it can offer to you?
or will you pause, like the deer
to truly observe?
quiet nights, moonbeams,  and lone beech trees.
all that the universe believes we deserve.
The first Apple seed
I planted
inside hu(wo)man's (h)earth

There is just one of me,
I'm not like t(w)oo many farmers
Whom after the first
Plants every second

Let's say,
I have been grooming
the same t(h)ree ye(ar)s!
And I'm like
Still here (air)
In the third base hot spo(r)t;
Well, my last!

Let's make the quality
of my muse quantitative
and my verbal

Decode this mirror mirage
not seeing from a mirage mirror

If A P P L E
is a four letter code
Starting with the fourth

And ended with the fifth.
Complicated right?

You know what, just take five
And start again from "the first"

Musing on the muse and how long we've been musing
I set you up with the fire
And as well give the *******
Can you decode? Let Me know
Summer Oct 16
distant is the faerie light and bar music,
quiet is the soft thrumming of your heart
against my fingertips —
speaking a language of old dreams
and poignant powder scent
sweet is the viscaria tinted in innocent pink,
twirling in the cup of my palm, asking —
"would you dance with me?"
I am posting poems with pictures to better conjure the imagination in my poetic instagram account! You can find me in @xsummerblues if any of you are interested :)))
leah Oct 14
Sometimes it’s not that I want to be alone, it’s that I need to be.

I need to hear nothing but my own thoughts, to hear my body breathing to remind myself that there is blood flowing through these veins.

To be able to sink back into my mind and have a conversation that doesn’t exhaust me because it’s only with myself.


I just need to be me.

- L.W
eris Oct 5
Lovers babbling over miniscule things
A little boy wondering how to get out of work
The suns setting
Darkness is swallowing the sky
Everything is coming to a close
All loose thoughts disappearing from my overactive mind
As I drift into another world
A world only I can see
Desiree Sep 18
Oh how you speak to me through the music of others,
I then practice this pattern and continue
to preach,
how I am feeling in this way, and on this day,
when I'm at a loss for words or thought
and cannot figure out what to say,
you beseech me to begin healing,
I begin peeling, no
pulling back the surface of my soul,
hoping it will be the start of getting rid of this toll,
as painful as it is to look inside your own mind,
your broken and beaten down spirit,
desperately just trying to find guidance in
hopes that maybe one day you'll be loved
and seen as more than just,
Just another body walking amongst the
rest of mankind,
because you allow yourself to feel that
you are different,
Yet your mind continues to stay ignorant
and blind,
to your already keen eye,
for you are special, it's only a matter of
time before you realize
you're the one you've been wanting to feel
loved by,
Something that can only be seen beyond the surface of
others eyes,
And past these creatures terribly,
beautiful minds.
Norman Crane Aug 30
The art of finding within
What you cannot live without
Victoria Aug 28
The smoke climbs the air
It climbs the green
It climbs his cheeks.
Like ink in water it dances, weightless
Absorbing my thoughts
It races up to the skies
Dispersed in the stars,
it kisses the black cloak and sighs as the darkness envelops it.
It passes through the thin film to another world
It becomes a whisper.
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