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allison 5h
life is like sugar
sweet, delightful, delectable
but sugar can be deceiving
sugar looks like salt
bitter and sour
life can be as indecisive as
a grain of sugar can be
Filip Feb 8
Glorious mind, speak to me,
Offer only the darkest desires
Haunting motives
Raunchy passions
Awful prayers
And murkful ideas.

Allow me not be certain
Of where to locate
Pure ideas and thoughts
We all dream of.

Stifle security
***** out our peace of mind
Refuse entrance to water,
Make room for blood.

As we further this

Humanistic inquiry

Into ourselves.
KingOfHearts Jan 31
All it took was one push to cause me to fall...

But all it took was for me to fall for me to know that I could fly.
Felix Dreams Dec 2018
And it's hard but it seems like the best thing to do.  The past year has been so tough and things has change.  Another man has the prize that she tired to give me every day.  Being too blind to see and appreciate was there but of course we gotta learn the hard way.
And believe me I was too stubborn to realize.

I gotta..

Let her grow and live her life.  No more texting and random snapchat at night.  Changing my routines where I go in my neighborhood so the thoughts of "we" doesn't remind me of what we used to be. To experience life with a person like me.

I gotta let her go

And I never thought it would be so soon.  Maybe things would work out faster than what I expected but it went how I figured and must take it on the chin.  Like a man, respect her wishes and continued on without her.  It ***** but in this situation I gotta let go.

No need to cause a ruckus if she's happy where's she at.  I was that person for her but it was me that held back.

So I'll let her go

For the best and to let her live her life.
I did so much damage, why would she want to come back into my life.  It seems to reasonable and convient to come back this way.  

So I had to let her

Who knows..

Maybe she will come back or stay away.
Elizabeth Dec 2018
My perfect pastel way of life
Smudged by emptiness and strife
Tread on, rained on
Just let me
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