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I sit in my chair
waiting for water to boil
to cook a cool meal.

Married for 4 weeks...
it doesn't seem like that long
every moment's bright.

Time to boil the corn
I already made the cheese
smoky lime queso.

He's watching the end
the show he started last night
the last episode.

In half an hour
I'll tell him dinner's ready
and he'll smile so big!
Not a could in the sky.
Oh why, oh why.
I am as blue as
the sky?
Oh why, oh why.
Is the there no
reason to feel this way?

Must be something deep,
deep in self pity.
Must be something in this world,
Full of self pity.
Or just emptiness is the life
of this city.

Stuck in the patterns
of the day.
Don't stray, don't stray.
Chewing on another broccoli day.
Don't stray, don't stray
It must mean something,
for us to feel this way.

Towns mean frowns.
Pounds mean sighs.
People are just mean.
Hands are stained.
Minds are clean.

I guess life
is meant to be
such a bind.

Stuck in the patterns
of the day.
Don't stray, don't stray.
Chewing on another broccoli day.
Don't stray, don't stray
It must mean something,
for us to feel this way.
Daniel James Sep 1
You get a lot of between times
In this life
Bundled in with
The usual highs and lows
They're like the packaging
You unpack when
The real gift arrives -
Not noticing
That these
These moments
Of unpackaging
These between times
Are life.
Not the holders of life
But life itself -
The stuff we throw away.
SaintMethyl Aug 31
My trust was broken along with my heart,
My lust is no more as I accepted being apart,
My mind longs that I could go back to the start,
I think back to the day that we were done, and I depart.
Time was needed for me to feel whole,
Whereas you moved on quickly just to patch up your soul,
As calm as I acted you could never know,
How much you hurt me alas I could never show,
Bottled it up and my emotions I let float,
For I couldn't shut down I just had to cope,
Despite days I spent thinking of my neck tangled in rope.

I had to be strong and I forced myself through,
And to myself I had to be true,
I could never drop to your level as a cheater and lie,
Therefore creating a barrier that you tried to deny,
I held myself high and I worked out my way,
I created a life and my health was sustained.
My life was worth more than being destroyed by you,
I'm still proud in knowing my soul and love is true.
SaintMethyl Aug 28
I live and breathe no regrets,
Even for the actions for where I hesitate.
Even for the moments a conclusion seems so distant.
I accept no regrets as my actions and my thoughts define me,
For I can only learn by my wrong doings,
For I am only strong by moving past my mistakes.
I accept no regrets as my choices birthed my morality.
And in turn arose my consciousness and with them my identity.
For I am the embodiment of regret,
Not in the sense it consumes me,
On the contrary that I consume regret,
That I can only develop through this sickening sixth sense and awaken in a new light, battered yet learnt.
As damage envisions my strength.
SaintMethyl Aug 28
Silence is an ethereal beauty,
So relinquished and hated upon,
Those who do cannot recognise.
They take no time to understand the joyous warmth.
They cannot accept and allow the time to process their own minds.
For we are not adept to allow ourselves personal reconciliation.
For the silence so many see as an entrapment is in fact such a sanctuary.
To alleviate and grow.
To process and to flow.
To develop and to understand this narrative is a means to progress,
For we should not feel trapped in our own head.
SaintMethyl Aug 26
In humble beginnings I took my first step
As I walked I became a man and therefore felt I was exempt.
How little I really knew and how could I predict that the love I had since gained could die in a single *****.
Lies, deceit, jealousy and greed,
These elements led a few who could not see me succeed.
Fire was held on to me, lies to spread and paint.
Unbeknownst to them, out the fire bred the saint,
In the heart of any man who has been rejected in the eyes of unjust hate,
In the heart of all people wronged when their souls are faint.
Stand tall and let it be known that no one is alone,
We all feel the same and through the unjust pain we have grown.
SaintMethyl Aug 26
For in chaos we found beauty,
Undisturbed by the night,
The essence of adolescence seemed broken by the light,
How mindless and self serving it seems we all must have become,
How loathing of indifference a toleration down to none.
Open minded and sacrificial is what you all claim to be,
All in disguises none of which you ever seem.
The essence of adolescence i suppose was lost in hindsight,
We were fooling ourselves,
Such as flies to the light.
BJFWords Aug 24
I'm part of the exclusion zone.
Of you and them and me.
I'm lost in past, forgotten fast.
Old news, and ceased to be.

All well and good in time to brood.
For memories remained.
I'm outside staring, sightless, glaring.
Forget me not, refrained.

I hope for love's sweet comfort.
In shattered future's loss.
When I'm remembered fondly.
And swept away the moss.

If recall be painless.
Reminded with a smile.
Sit aside my resting place.
And think of us awhile.
Michael Hole Aug 23
Life in short,
You're born, you try.

You smile and Laugh,
You love and cry.

You search your soul
And wonder why.

You figure it out,
And then you die.
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