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Don't tell me I'm fine
And feign disappointment
When I decide not to trust you
Tell me, why should I?
I won't sit here and say I don't want fame
Not a word of fake humility meant to draw applause
For tho' I hide away from the spotlight
I won't say I haven't dreamt of the blinding glow
My mind is a blank page
Well, not blank
More like a brainstorm sheet
Things I tried to erase, but the imprint will stay there
Memories of when I didn’t think I was good enough
I may not be bleeding but the scar still remains.
Get up on your feet
Brush off those shoulders and bandage your bruised and bloody knees
Clean off your face and cut your hair
Your smile is a mask to pretend that you care
Everyone knows those jokes
'I want it black like my soul'
'I am so dead inside'
They seem so common nowadays
But I've heard so many from you
Seen the hidden tears through the years
That sometimes I wonder if they're jokes anymore
Some people hate children
They seem too loud and too sensitive
Others have talents
They still have enough childish feeling left in them to identify
To find what they are feeling in their hearts
And voice the opposite
O Aug 29
I said I couldn't
Live without you though I am,
Does that mean I lied?
I miss you dearly. The last shirt you ever wore still smells like you. I remember when they cut it off your chest in attempts to revive your lifeless body. You breath in my dreams, you're warm and you still laugh with me. I can't get you out of my head, I wish I could have one more day with you. I love you.
Freddie Ruiz Aug 23
Beauty is not just a reflection of what she is on the outside,
beauty is much more than what meets the eye.

Beauty is:

Beauty is the doorway to her heart
and the place where her love resides.
Beauty is the caring she lovingly gives
and the passion she shows for the life within.
Written on May 22, 2011
Composition number: 383
Craig Smith Jul 23
He’s a happy guy but riddled with toxicity.
He doesn’t want to die he just wants his life as he knows it to end.
Hooked up to all culture’s most poisonous habits.
An infection.

A boy looking up to a world of lifestyle comparison.
Stone, chemical, claustrophobic habitats.
Freedom chases you in the form of slick car adverts,
you just can’t get away from ultra cool pain.

A boy running through a field of urban misery.
Deep thoughts bore him, he’s only interested in killer one liners of the most escapist variety.
The ones that really know what they’re saying.

Whisky, blood, heavy boots stumbling on wood.
He can’t make it through the day without a drink behind closed doors.
Toxic blood and deep breaths,
never happier than when death closes ever further in.
There’s a breath more chemical than human and a look in your eye, like you’re lost in your own solace.

Everyone has problems, but it’s not bleeding into their lives quite like yours,
blood toxicity is too high to justify.
An intervention.

But smile baby and drink up tonight, you’ll be alright up in the sky.
Craig Smith Jul 22
Those with faux authority, brainwashed to loyalty,
realise that the people fought with honesty, originality, nobility.
More than corrupted power could ever conjure.
Give the medals to the children, who will truly fight for the world.
Their death is their life’s legacy,
their legacy, their legacy.

Their blood bares your cowardice, living by the lie they burned will be your demise.
They fought for freedom,
bludgeoned minds hopeful of overcoming nothing but oppression.

This will finish, though you can’t see the end.
But it will finish,
it will creep up on you and when it finally does,
you’ll be ever closer to eternity.

And they will live forever.

A flutter of happiness under dark skies,
death is in the air.
Vitality is rife above black ground.
Dirt is on your skin but eyes lock, fists rise and rebels unite as soulful as ever,

And their hearts are finally at rest.
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