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grace 4d
This is a questionable poem written because I have a whole bunch of curiosities.
I was sitting in my Arizona home like I do on cold days like today
when it occurred to me that
people today are severely lacking in pure curiosity.
I mean, sure, people are curious about some things;
What will happen if I mix drugs with alcohol? What will happen if I eat this Tide Pod?
I wonder if I'll die if I point this gun at my head and pull the trigger.

Sure, all those things are intriguing thoughts, but,
what about thoughts on pollution and world hunger? I feel like that's more important to wonder about.
Or, perhaps people could be more curious about who they really are.
What do they like? Do they know what they want from life? Why are they so mainstream?
These days I find that so many people are in it for the aesthetic.
That they're not being who they are.
Every person I have met has two faces; they remind me of the infamous Greek theatre masks.
I don't think anybody really know who they are, and I find that curious,
in a sad, peculiar, disappointing way.
It's curiously comical.
I hate people. They're just so phony.
David Bojay Nov 27
flowers left unseen
even if my prescense is unseen
i wonder for the reasons to bleed
to think of all there is to see
to know the unlimitedness of it all

back here again
before work
to write in skeptical delight
to know and hold my ground tight
the grip doesn't soften

awaiting for my shift to start
gather myself in my car
reflecting on today and the hw left undone
i dont' get this **** for ****

one day, it'll come together
without the people of today

and the thoughts that followed

out of my way
you ponder in my doubts to portray
a side of me that never wins a game
David Bojay Nov 27
around the space there’s fragility
If I break will I

come to my senses?

to seek for love is to seek for denial in the obvious of wrong times

used to share our lives and now it’s just too unsettling
Should of thought of me when I was trembling
To foresee what we didn’t know
Like we should to begin with
In the terrors of my mind I hear shrieks to add some tension
David Bojay Nov 27
the mess has been swept
the tears have been wept
i no longer long for greater length of our days together
to sleep, to be alive
to breathe, to attend today
moving my body
in and out the store
in and out the gym
in and out my room
in and out your life
only to have memory of all places and minds i've been
the doors are shutting, and I'm waiting for somebody to come out the "other" side
but they are clueless
the imagination is broken
and the train tracks have rusted
the destination is blocked
thank all of your thoughts
Taylor Nov 25
Why do we taint such a beautiful color with our sinful emotions?
Sadness, overwhelming feelings of despair all of which this color has to bear
"The most human color"
Humans are creatures of red
The harsh words of anger or fiery fits of passion
It would be more fitting to **** such a brutal color to this fate
Blue is nothing more than an innocent child, caught in the clashing crosshairs of the human mind
As we desparately try to identify
Define ourselves
How can you describe you?
Why blue?
What of black?
The emptiness fits. The dark scribbles in circles of rage that could go on for days
It would be a perfect human color
Then again black isn't really a color
But lackthereof
Sort of like the true definition of us
Void of anything concrete, eluding us to yet more questions
No answer
So I guess blue it is, for the simple reason of just because
Blue lips
Blue veins
The colors of our planet from far far away
David Bojay Nov 25
to oversee

to "feel" neglect on some kind of truth

the one that makes you go crazy

whatever it is

it's beautiful with you

but i shook hands with an end i couldn't accept

on to the next i guess

i can't bare with the unknown regarding you

another sip
to numb my lips

imagining the possiblity of us

desiring trust from myself

can't dwell in the **** i've created for my health

living to overcome the previous days

a transit to a better tomorrow

a mentality to try and follow

for no reason but satisfation with ones self

why would i ever want to satisfy my "SELF"?

"i" shouldn't need you, this longing is at war with my being
David Bojay Nov 25
various traits to become alligned with

to make up who we are and what we want to be

in time

ways of patience


in the stream of dedication
initiation is tricky
a little iffy
David Bojay Nov 25
everything we used to be has ended

left my side 2b free

my mind aches so ******* much
i know it's easier to simply "be"
the story started to end when I thought this love wouldn't fade

no hope from the start

for the next person, there's no love to spare

time away

it'll just fly

like the 3 years i'll deny ever happened

pour myself away

to observe all that I "am"

the memories of you aren't "now"

it's a hard thing to accept
David Bojay Nov 24
gone with the love we both portrayed

until it fades and decays

in time we'll heal and say
          we've learned from the tragedies

      fall for oppositions

that's the first sign...

we were blind.... in denial
or is that just how I see right now?

achieve the moment of being alone

only to know, that's what I always was

to think you were the only one

the fights just leave us in distress

to know I'm no longer harming you

vice versa

the happier I seem to be

undenianiably memorable segment of our lives

to look back and still feel and know love... or what it could


the unlimitedness of it

to know I do, doesn't matter if you do
is enough for

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