JAC 4d

Verse I:

I enjoy the way your hair
Is always kind of everywhere
And the way your mind is like that too
As if everywhere is nowhere for you
The way you explain so nicely
Just what you have to say, precisely
While your smile, beaming like an eclipse
Hides conversations behind your lips
So thoughtful, so understanding
With a prescence simply demanding
That I smile around you
And so, I do.

Verse II:

I miss the way your hair
Was always kind of everywhere
And the way your mind was like that too
As if everywhere was nowhere to you
I miss the way you'd explain so nicely
Just what you had to say, precisely
While your frown, the moon in an eclipse
Kept conversation far beneath your lips
You were thoughtful and understanding
With a presence simply demanding
That I be there for you
But I wasn't.
Aliza Manalac Jun 22

Hello to you,

Thoughtful, caring, and old soul
When the tides were too strong, you carried me in your boat,
your wisdom were like love quotes,
as the sun and moon rises each day,
Heaven will grant you peace and happiness I pray,
people hit and run,
but to us, all we know is fun,
thoughtful, caring, and old soul,
I hope you reach your goal,
to be who you are,
to make your dreams come true,
even if you’re afar,
I will always be here for you,

You will dearly be missed from me,

Wolftrax May 20

In my eyes, you have nothing to prove
Your beauty is both, inside and out
Never be ashamed to be who you are
Your flaws will never push me away
If you could only see it from my side
You would never have to ask me why

Your long brown hair, gorgeous as ever
That smile, it always brings me to my knees
The sound of your voice, it's comforting
Your impact on me, it's more than you know
If only I could get through to you, to make you see
I want you so bad, that I can't stop thinking about you

I keep going through my mind, trying to figure it out
What is it that I'm doing wrong, what is it that I'm saying
I just can't understand this, at times I feel like I'm not enough
It's like you're pushing me away, yet I've done nothing to hurt you
Please understand that I'm fragile, but willing to take a chance
Just know that I'm always there for you, I'll never break that promise

If you could take a little time, to think about all of this and hear me out
Understand just how much I care, how much love I have, respect as well
You might find it in your heart, to give me a chance, and let me get close to you
I would never hurt you, would never run out on you, I would never disrespect you
You have to understand, I'm crazy about you... in a romantic/loving kind of way
Please don't ignore this, please don't let this go without a though, this took a lot

A guy is in love with this girl, she's everything he's always wanted. However, she's too blind to see it, and puts up a wall. The guy tries to be there, and tries to understand, and take things easy and be a friend. The wall is still there, and he cannot understand why she acts this way. He refuses to give up on her, but he does get irritated at times. All he wants, is to show her that she can trust him, and know that whatever she's going through, he will be there for her every step of the way. He tries to make her understand where he's coming from, but wants her to know he will never give up on her.
Amanda May 19

I am more than what the world sees,
More than just the sum of my parts,
I am composed of half-hearted dreams,
and built by misfired starts.

I am more than what you might hear,
If you listen close in the hall,
Rumours have teeth and words can bite,
But they dont really matter at all.

I am more than my mistakes,
More than choices I've made in the past,
The clock just threw on running shoes,
And thats why time flies by so fast.

I am more than imperfections,
Im worth more than all my flaws,
You can try and change the way i am,
But i wont put my life on pause.

I am more than a person,
Im someone worth fighting for,
Im everything I want to be,
I couldnt ask for more.

MU May 4

Spring in the north
Fall in the south

Sky and seas, blue
Brown and green, lands

Sand on the shore,
Beneath the seas

Water on top
And under earth

Same heart that loves
Does also hate

Pain during birth
Release by death

Same child that cries
Shouts when grown up

Different skins
In different shades

Yet beneath them
Flesh, just the same

Different tongues
Different words

Yet all languages
Have ‘I love you

Wondrous world
Wonderful life

Yet we don’t much
Notice and care


Thinking about the seemingly little wonders in life...
ViiHunniD Apr 27

Writing this, in inflammatory sinuous paths,
Maybe, me, I am too ambitious.
Knowledge and awareness are vagues,
Perhaps better called illusions...
Even the strongest of opponents,
Always have blind spots...
But only a blind person can spot those weaknesses.

Is it foolishness to fear what we have been told,
Yet to see, possess and know it?

People never understand the chosen ways
Of perspective persevering life forms.
The ways of uplifting felonious,
I have seeing them malicious fiends,
They considering themselves as idols.
They all took some sacrifices,
Just to get in such positions...
Maybe them, they too religious.

Non-know about our sleepless nights...
There those who do not know no better ways,
They get cold and turn to be nousless.
Safety comes to whoever knows of righteousness...
These corners contain all types of predicaments,
That combine with our treacherous nights,
Into be some sort of amorphous,
Like somebody chose us.

Weeks back I had nightmares,
Stack with fiends in them trenches,
Sinking in them trenches,
Stretching for my dreams,
While dreams are said to be thoughts,
I dare you to think about pandemoniums.
Malevolently they want to see me breathless,
Inevitable for it to occur in any case or cases,
Or to contemporaneous in my dreams...

Solitary thoughts made me piously bias,
With all the words and papers I am pathos,
It is golden, whether it is speech or speechless,
Action acts with expression louder than words,
But words are stronger and meaningful than any type of action, acted,with any type of expressions,
Said in strangest terms..

I had a lot of things I was thinking of...
Oliver Apr 27

One room of three hundred;
music playing,
hallway quiet.
Normal, like any other.
I know I'm not extraordinary,
do my actions show that?
One chance added to the burden of promises,
arms scarred,
legs restless.
Almost begging others for more.
Is that honestly the motive, the reason,
if no-one knows and never will?
One destiny for one simple being.
Possibilities infinite.
Decisions everywhere.
What every person has,
don't they?

Inkveined Apr 21

A mysterious thing
It eludes everyone
We chase and chase time
Only to get further
And further away

Can I give you some advice? Value today.
Elaina Apr 17

Favorite is Haiku
The classic five, seven, five
A thoughtful challenge

Snowy Apr 5

Dark thoughts come flying in like a storm.
The way the wind takes me away.
The way the lightning paralyzes me.
I watch the darkness crawl into my arms,
knowing that they're only here to bring harm.
I wish I can go back to my happiest days,
when I never felt pain or darkness haunt my dreams or my soul.

Where are the stars that used to guide me?
They used to shine through my eyes,
telling me that I'm never alone.
They seem to move on, forgotten me.

I overthink too much,
that it's the end.
I don't know why I let it dig into me.
Small things become big things.
I always hoped that one day someone will embrace me into their loving arms.
Understand every dark thought coursing through my mind.
Feel my heart through their ears.
Face the reality that I'm not perfect.

I'm not a robot built through metal.
I sometimes bottle up myself,
I sometimes smile like I'm okay, but sometimes I'm not.
I can feel weak, but I know I'm strong.
I fought through the storm before,
I know what it feels like to want to give up.
It's such a strong urge, but I don't give in.

Because I have people counting on me, looking up at me, admire me of who I am.
I'm a good person for helping others.
I let them know that their not alone,
They let me know that I'm not alone.
Sticks and stones won't break our bones.
We are headstrong!


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