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My mind can not express my amazement of your beauty, the way you break me down to my simplest parts and make me new with feelings of love. The small magical minutes in between memories I once only thought old books and dreams were made of
Finding thing that are shocking to an old mind, realizing my time is short but my love is deeply engaged, I owning only sadness will be made when I am not her to draw her near.
When apple was fall down on Newton's head.
He saw the light and got a clearly understanding.
He was sitting and realized that head is hurts.
He run to home for more concentration and focus.
To learn his experiment and make a discovery.
He planing, he manage, he work very hard with the science.
He had a high motivation and calmness.
His brain get a flash and deal got a success on time.
And now we know and understand the Newton's Law.
It's easy like a day light. And we remember that like
,,Newton's law of universal gravitation''
If we will throw something, it will fall down on the ground.
Oh, Newton, you are so smart guy. Thank you for the science.
Don't throw nobody on the ground :)))
I finally get realized how manage words for own price.
B Dec 2018
You say you love me, I say you crazy
We're nothing more than friends
You're not my lover, more like a brother

The song you always sang, made me laugh every time.
But I realized, that's us now...
U told me u love me, and everything changed
Xaela San Dec 2018
I realized how painful
it is to let go of the people
I know for a long time
And I'm not ready
to say goodbye
I have no choice
but to accept the fact
that they can live
without me in their life.
Mya Baertlein Aug 2018
I never realized how important time was until
you left me and then i realized
i lost 2 years of my life fighting a one sided fight.
You didnt care. You never fought. Then i wasted another couple months crying for someones love that was never mine.
I never again will stay when i feel like im fighting alone.
I want to spend my time traveling and loving life not crying over a person
Anne Jul 2018
Sorry if I was too blind
Cause I'm hiding from behind
Knowing that you loved me all along
I was scared if you were joking but I was wrong

Now that I already realized that I love you
It was to late
I already lost you
I will find my way to you before it's to late
from my past self
finding him that he liked me back as well before i was so glad
i did make a move of my own the next thing
ya'll would never believe it
he freaking didn't call me, text, or did anything he just ghosted
but now i've moved on and found someone that loved me back and that's makes me happy
AB Jun 2018
I’m not who I was.
I’m not likable.
I’m nothing to anyone.
I’m not special.
I’ve realized,
I just don’t want to be me anymore.
Today I wish I could just disappear
Ronald Jun 2018
Looking back
Images in the archive
Each of one
Has a story of every own
Memories to bliss
Appreciating each of it
Realizing how long
These all been
Smiles at every turn
Good old memories
To be in storage forever more
But, not in my archive
Some things must be let go
Press delete
On every unworthy things
You’ve realized lately
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