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Nat Lipstadt Sep 2023
~My portrait was painted by Jackson *******~


there are no lines or lies in my writings
there are no definitions and perception is only your truth.
my poems are splats and drips, you make them into paintings that hang in your own private museum,
but signed by me as first passenger


when did I write these words?

can’t recall, though undated,
they seem all too familiar, and thinking that if I didn’t,
I should have…
for the title of this ‘poem painting’ has lain in quietude,
a resident in my file of
“someday writs, awaiting,”
when the itch demands you will
the admixture of words and swords
that will cut a newborn reciprocity of thee and me,
an unbound bind that ties and frees us
from and by our shared senses…

today, an  inadvertent blinding sunlight stumble is demanding a
fulsome scratching


the portrait of each is the irrational intersectional of splats and drips,
each viewer, reader, filters the image through a common
which is as it should be,
for if we are each created in His image,
how glorious is the diversity of our deities,
each of us a tiny drop of paint on a tableau
of a small planet, insignificant but
uniquely beautiful intelligent species of godlike creatures,



the précis of this conundrum conversation bewilders,
a single word drops,
of plaint, paint, blood,
a seconds blush blurred
that is the building blocks of imagery
I state is mine,
but now realizations swiftly fertilize,
the portrait is not of me,
but of me blended into thee,
and this poem,
is our composition

that hangs in each of our primary
newly re-titled,
**A Passenger, Realized
Sept 13, 2023

sunlight direct in a tall building blocks away sneaks into my room,
blinding me into awareness
Marty T Ottman Dec 2021
Sometime acceptance is key to forget about what took the heart's hold.
May of fold, for everything in front of you that you behold.
Cherish what still may accumulate from this cursed concept of time.
Rehearse this mere delusion as it just another illusion illustrated between bonds you may not be fond of, but it will be fine.
Push through and don't miscue.
Remember the solace in the heart but don't take forgranted it's expression.
As it very much may so be your lesson.
Times ran deary, release the fury that no longer serves you.
Don't let the tension of nerves breaththrough.
Rest in a new awake, and don't forsake a new day's break. -marty.
Martin Apr 2020
One day you'll realise what I did for you, what I've done for you, what I went thru. Just to make you happy.
But when you do it might be too late for me to forgive you, but we both know I love you and will take you back just to be hurt all over again.
I dont see what other see. I have tunnel vision when it comes to you.
I dont believe in love but when I met you all that changed.
Please forgive me if I've ever done anything wrong or will do in the future.
I know we wont last but give me a chance to prove I've changed for the better.
Only death has gotten between me and you. I've ended my life just to stop thinking of you.
Akvpoems Dec 2019

1. You fear of spiders but you can carry a snake?
2. You're so good in singing and dancing but I didn't know you're not good in painting abstract, tho I love your confidence. You're proud of your artwork and you said for you, it's a masterpiece.
3. You would rather buy a furniture than build one..(You know the DIY thing).
Anyway, I like you still. You're human, after all. I like you more after I realized this. You're perfectly imperfect and that's what I like most.
why oh why
Akvpoems Nov 2019
I can never draw a picture as perfect as I have drawn it perfectly before. I tried but failed. Now, I realize we can't always make things the same way as before.
There will always be a difference, even in its smallest bit. A difference is still a difference. Nothing stays the same. The world is dramatically changing because we ourselves are too.
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
My mind can not express my amazement of your beauty, the way you break me down to my simplest parts and make me new with feelings of love. The small magical minutes in between memories I once only thought old books and dreams were made of
Finding thing that are shocking to an old mind, realizing my time is short but my love is deeply engaged, I owning only sadness will be made when I am not her to draw her near.
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