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bri Aug 2022
The bed has never been the comfiest place to sleep in.
Everywhere else is better than sleeping on a bed.
The couch is inviting, soft, weird place to sleep, but acceptable.
Single wooden chairs lined perfectly, not so much.
But still, better than a bed.
The floor too, albeit cold and flat, it stretched my muscles into place, held me to the ground until I was fast asleep,
so still, it is better than a bed.
Sitting while im on my desk supposedly doing my homework is also better than laying in bed.
Why was everywhere else so much better than being where I should be?
I never fell asleep on the bed. It was too stuffy, too suffocating, too boring, too everything.
It was loud, and banging on my mind with quietness and precision as it does every night.
But most especially, it felt too much like a coffin.
I’d rather sleep anywhere else than on the bed.
Rosie Toes May 2022
You fell asleep first tonight
Now here I am

You must know
Melatonin can't even touch you
Suddenly it's 4am
Kelsey Jul 2021
It's 4:30am
I cant sleep
I cant stop thinking about
All the things
I want to write about

Is this passion?
I hope so.
Mishy Kim Sep 2020
while writing my speech for a class, i realized something about myself. i was always stuck in the middle. growing up in the philippines, i was too korean to fit it with the filipinos, but i was too filipino to fit in with the koreans. i was never really thin or fat. i was sure and unsure about everything all the time. i never completely found a middle, comfortable ground to stand on. i thought i had a happy place, but i realized i didn't. i was always too lost in my thoughts to make one. i wanna learn how to be comfortable in some place. some happy place where i can rest my head, because my anxiety is not letting me sleep. i wanna learn to be comfortable in my grey zone. i want that to be my happy place. i just dont know how, which i think is a good thing. not knowing can lead to more, deeper answers. i just wish i know when im going to find it.
i haven't written here in the longest time lel i needed a place to i guess vent (?) my thoughts somewhere
ItxNotTrixh Jul 2020
she's drawing constellations
with the memories in her head
trying to trace them back
back to where it all began
Was it the first star off north ?
or the just right of Sirius ?
or was it the day she stormed out
and hid in the bathroom stall
tears like lava hitting the pale marble floor the way the rain was pounding on the pavement outside
wishing the clouds would go away and the year-long storm would cease ?

or maybe she's just thinking too much ? not thinking enough ? how can she think the right amount when time is endless and she's lost to infinity ?

she tries to line it up but there’s too many threads and she’s split at the end so now
she’s just back where she began
back to the silence
back to the night
back to lining up the constellations of memories
in her head.
not my usual style... trying something different b/c im feeling different today :/
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
thank you for your love.
Thank you for your guiding light.
Thank you for being someone
I could talk to when I couldn't sleep
At night.
Thank you for making me smile.
Thank you for letting me cry
On your shoulder.
And know I'll do the same for you
When I get older.
Angelaabellera Mar 2020
Oh sleep, she is not a friend to me
I come to her kneeling at her feet and beg to give me the gift of rest
She scoffs at me and tells me she does not grant a request from such a guest

Oh sleep, I cry out to you
Asking for your acquaintance
But I have grown accustomed
To your silence and my patience

Oh sleep, you have visited my bedside last again
I have watched the sun rise and the Earth awaken
Please don’t mistaken my desperation
My body grows weary of being a stranger
To the only one who can be my savior

Oh sleep, grant my eyes to be heavy and seal them tight
For I long to be reunited with my dreams tonig
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