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Oh sleep, she is not a friend to me
I come to her kneeling at her feet and beg to give me the gift of rest
She scoffs at me and tells me she does not grant a request from such a guest

Oh sleep, I cry out to you
Asking for your acquaintance
But I have grown accustomed
To your silence and my patience

Oh sleep, you have visited my bedside last again
I have watched the sun rise and the Earth awaken
Please don’t mistaken my desperation
My body grows weary of being a stranger
To the only one who can be my savior

Oh sleep, grant my eyes to be heavy and seal them tight
For I long to be reunited with my dreams tonig
Nat Mar 1
I know I shouldn’t
But I can’t fight the urge
I miss you
My feelings overwhelm me
Im about to send the message
Then erase it all
I know i can’t
But it’s so hard
You’re the only person i feel this way for
My comfort is you
I won’t
But my emotions are drowning me
I need to release
I send the message
I feel Better
But i wonder if it’s the right decision
You don’t respond till later
I couldn’t help it
I needed you
I miss you .

The message You’ll never receive
If you see I need help,
Don’t ask me
Just help me

If you see I’m sad
Don’t ask me
Just hug me

If you see I’m tired
Don’t ask me
Just stay by my side

If you know I love you
Don’t ignore me
Just love me back
Because people shouldn't ask so many questions if they mean to be there for somebody.
Quill Jan 10
Lay me under the night sky and I'll make a home within the stars

I'll find solace in the faint wind-chimes echoing into oblivion

I'll make tunes from the passing cars going 25 through puddles

I'll sing to the rattling of the leaves doing somersaults in the wind

I'll dance to the howling of the wind blowing through the trees and houses

I'll look up into the endless void of the sky and close my eyes

I'll wait for the moon to call me home
I wrote this short poem at 3 am one night when I couldn't sleep.  I let myself listen and feel everything going on.  I let the words just flow through me.  I've changed nothing about it.
Robert D Dec 2019
The colors in my dreams are true to life
So much so that I'd rather not dream
Kelsey Nov 2019
My pillows aren't right
One side too fluffy
The other too flat
Flip it.
Switch it.
Bunch it.
Theres no use to it.
It's time
To change
After all.
The meaning is what you make it
BoF Aug 2019
Do we love pain?
Do we invite sadness into our lives because happiness can become so mundane.
Is the  existence of struggle embedded into our DNA just so we can feed our narcissistic urge to feel validated for our accomplishments as meaningless as they are because in the end we all die..
Sorry for the doom and must be a full moon
Zoe Grace Jul 2019
Both legs under the covers
Nope, it's too hot.

Neither leg under the covers
Nope, it's too cold

One leg out of the covers and hanging over the side of the bed
But the demon
In the shadows hiding,
Will get you
And pull you under
And eat you
دema Mar 2019
Guilt of lack of sleep
makes me decide to go to bed early,

Guilt of lack of accomplishments
makes me unable to sleep thinking about it,

Guilt of sleeping in and time wasted
makes me put 3 alarms at 6:01 am, 6:02 am, and 6:05 am,

Guilt of my emotions eating me up,
makes me unable to get up even when Im wide awake,

It turns out that guilt is the only thing I accomplish, allow to eat my day up, and yet can't decide on lacking.
Arke Mar 2019
Burn the barn with the red wooden doors
Pour gasoline on the warm cedar floors
Your eyes alit against orange smoke skies
You warn me of my own demise

We watch it together, collapse and unbecome
Neither a death nor a beginning and none
A moment witnessed by death and I alone
From the flames, I cast the first stone

I blame death for all done and said
Death reminds me I too will wake dead
So I beg it to leave me to the fire
Plead that it's my time to expire

But death carries me outside once more
Tells me it will soon even the score
Not today nor tomorrow and yet
My heart stopping, a sure-fire bet

Death leaves me to deal with the flames
Find a way to work through the pain
As if heart or home could be rebuilt
As if I could forgive my own guilt

Night after night I sleep under the stars
Watch my old wounds become scars
Slowly I build a new red door and four walls
While listening to death whisper and call

Though I keep living with all these regrets
Waiting for my sun to eventually set
From old barn ashes sprouts emerge
Tiny seedlings through dirt surge

I'll watch poppies and lilies bloom
Keep working by merely light of the moon
Until I'm rebuilt and once again new
Order is brought to what was once askew

And though death seems to always draw near
I decide to abandon my fear
Even in times I'm lonely, sad or asunder
I'll take the rain, and keep the thunder
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