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Ron Apr 2018
I want to drift away
To a place unknown
A place far from here
A place far from home
Srijani Sarkar Jan 2018
Staying there

I was

Time's captive

abandoned in

Change's shore.
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
And that's one good thing I can say,
If nothing else and probably the best quality.
It numbs the pain, leaving you open to a world of awe.
It presents a comfort zone, of being at ease. At anytime, any place.
Such a wonder thing. Your voice.
Becoming a remedy to all sorts of aches and pain.
That one helping hand that seemingly comes out of nowhere, your voice.
That warm invitation that gets you out of the house.
Often taking you to a place you've always passed but never thought to go in.
If only for a minute, your always glad you indulged in such invite.
Finding remedy to all sorts of pain and ache you forgot existed.
Your voice, becoming that feeling you get in your chest when everything just feels right.
That utter happiness that leaves you dimwitted and goofy as hell forgetting that anyone is watching.
It's brilliant. 
Often doing something you'd otherwise never do,
Being taken somewhere you never thought to go.
Even if it's a passing glance on the way there.
What's even better, is that it's your voice that takes me there
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
I stand here
Awaiting your touch
Free me forever
From my crutch
Take me away
I’ll join you in your freedom
From days so achromatic
Preserved in an arboretum.
Rhiannon Grace Aug 2014
my hands are numb
my blood;
like ice in my veins
skies are grey
rain falls
the pain running through me
stops any warmth from coming in
the words i hear
poison my mind
giving me reason after reason
to swallow the pills
tighten the rope
slit my wrists.

everything i say
"take me away"

— The End —