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Carlo C Gomez Sep 10
Alone here
In dark, impenetrable power

I'm named after my faces

"White light into seven colours"

Written directly on this
Prism wall

It follows a rhythm of my heartbeat

And yet I feel
I don't know me at all
Everything I try I have lost faith in me
it is the story written of my destiny
there is a lot to what could be
but the pages of my thoughts are left empty
I owe lot to the belief of my family
They're still wishing the best for me
but I want to check the exitdoor
I just have no self belief like before.
FrannyFoo May 16
I felt it last night
That feeling of empty.
When you blindly throw trust,
And hungry hands choke it to death.
I couldn't breath.
Skin raw and stung,
You burnt me with a fiery poker,
Branding me a fool.
Calling me out for my desperate need
To be longed for.
I felt numb as you held me.
Yet too hot.
Walls closed in.
I stared at your ceiling,
Wondering when it was okay to leave.
Collect my pride from the floor and go.
I am just a piece of meat
I forgot,
Thank you for reminding me of who I am.

Those moments you left me to my thoughts,
I felt a familiar warmth.
Slightly comforting being alone next to someone

(Slightly messed up is what it is)

I felt slightly nothing.

When I left, your back was turned.
And I could breathe again.
As if I had been holding my breath for 14 hours.
(You had me for 14 hours)
That's how long it takes to learn.
I found money on my way out,
I stole it.
I felt I deserved it.
You wasted me
My time
My body
You insulted my intelligence.
I stole cigarettes as well.
To pull the life back into my lungs.
Funny how something so intimate and personal,
Can become a power grab.
That's when I tune out.
Go limp, numb, turn off my brain.
I wish you had paid me...
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I felt scared.
Ursula Wolf Apr 18
Humid breeze fell
Hard upon

From there I heard
How descended

Sonorous footprints
rushing towards

From there I knew,
That for her came

Mass-hurtled inquirers.
Before long said

'Cannot be taken

Over crown-blasted blaze

To the moist

The eyes of

The world against

Reached they for
In my arms laying

Thereupon I felt,
the groundbreaking

From envying

Hurled out
Itself in

From there I knew
That hasten must

Behind circumference,
Under immensity,
Before evocation.

And then revealed

The wings for the

Flashing eyes reborned
Plumes hurtled the
Skin-flares illumed the
Goldening-hair had

And then ran
Just against
A Alexander Nov 2019
They come in unannounced,
united, and uninvited,
demanding my attention
my hands and body are in pose with contention
at the fault of being self aware
I let these thoughts linger,
letting them leave their mark
streaks, smudges and smears
leaving when they please, only to soon return
Tears down my face,
Lord where is the grace?
A curse at times of the mindful
Writing about my first experience with meditation and the struggles that came
Michael Nov 2019
What we are and what we will be
Whether as individuals
Or all together collectively
Can be defined, But only momentarily
Our definition is fluid
Our destination undefined
All we are on this journey,
Is along for the ride
Dallas Jul 2019
I dont care about certain things anymore.
Am I growing up?
Maybe I'm just closing off.
When a person is dying the deemed less important organs shut down first. Last being heart and lungs, our heart strings singing their parting song.
Tell me, what is worse, unexpected tragedy or seeing the cliff and marching toward it anyways. Pretending I have a relation to our dear Icarus. I walk towards the pit, leaving a trail of feathers and candle wax...

I do want to come out of this.
I can come out of this.
Happiness is achievable-- but not if I keep pulling back.
I want nothing to do with anyone. I dont even want anyone to know my real name.
To be seen and discarded but yet worshipped.
But all I have is this grave indifference.
I refuse to bury myself.
Hannah Jones Apr 2019
Cut the pretense.
We both know
--we as in me
and myself
looking in the "I" of the beholder--
that you're scared.

Every fiber
of my being
fights against this pen
this hand
these thoughts

What to think?
Maybe forcing thought
is my form of rebellion
You can't invade
if thoughts are
my barricade
so I build
piling high rhymes
pseudanymes for good times
--words that are not my own.

What do I own?
I borrow my words,
my thoughts,
my emotions.

Do I go through the motions?
Or have I learned how to respond
as anything besides a pawn
in a game I don't even
know how to play?

Just stay.
If you're in quicksand,
If you're thirsty,

And  t h i n k.
Think for yourself.
Your mind is your weapon
as is your heart
so play your part
with courage
for you were cast for a reason.

Embrace your season.
Bear the cross
and let it be messy.
Nobody believes that it's easy
so stop resisting
and start lifting
Let yourself be strong
Let yourself be weak
Let yourself  b e.

Your strength is your presence.
Your weakness, your solitude.

"Yourself to yourself--"
too near, or too far?
Can you even determine
when reality and reverie
blend more often than not?

Be at peace.
Stop resisting.
Know where you stand,
and have a seat.

We've been waiting for you.
Prompt: resistance
Result: unnamed inner demons coming to light
mjad Feb 2019
This is a soul that cares more about itself than the expectations for the vessel that hosts it
do __ understand ?
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