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Isaac Aug 24
But I watch your eyes, as she
Walks by
What a sight for
Sore eyes
Brighter than a
Blue sky
She's got you
While I die
by conan gray and i think it's beautiful
Elf Boy dressed in black
But never in blue ,
He caught my eyes ,
He was something new ;
He had Auburn hair and freckled skin ,
Always wore he's pendant.

I knew from the start ,
God had placed him in my heart
His mind is worth multi-crore;
It's gold.

The stars felt aligned
And truth be told
My heart is captured in this notion ;
Euphoria , fondness
It was immense ;

He felt the same
He understood me too
Also a poet ; loved his words
He gave me two
It is "me" and "you"
Jinkal Jul 11
Until today I have never fallen for anyone,
but today it feels like he is the only one.

I can't stop thinking about the guy I met today,
when I saw him I couldn't take my eyes away.

When I saw him my heart skipped a beat,
and I didn't know when was the next time I am gonna meet.

The moment I looked into his eyes,
it felt like we were surrounded by all butterflies.

Now when i think of him I get distracted,
Don't know if it's love or I'm just attracted.
Luna Jun 8
Crimson Carnations teetering in the porch
Along with the humid air of summertime.

Melodious tweet of cuckoo's at dawn
Stomach filled with hibernated butterflies.

I never believed in love at first sight
Cross my heart and hope to die.

But looking at you for the first time
Your mysterious eyes made me believe all the myths.

And all my hibernated butterflies
You make them wonder
"How it feels to fly!".
Nicole May 3
I've had my eyes on you for some time
I met you at the coffee shop in line
On our first sip it took you back right to
Your favorite diner outside of the town

I can't get enough of your dandelion love
Oh, I can see a sailboat in the sky
So take me out to see all the things that we could be
Oh, we can let the day fly by

You wrote a song for me and sang it
Now in my head it's always playing
And now we're dancing hand in hand together
Late into the night, under the moon.
I saw you for the first time, no words.
Only locked eyes.
For a moment I felt our souls dancing together,
they had known each other for eternity,
But we had just met.
Night Sky Feb 24
I never fell in love with you
I never developed feelings for you
It was never love at first sight

This is not a high school
type of love
At least, I don't think so
This is not an infatuation
This is not a drunken utterance

I think this
Is an everyday type of love
The love my parents had
The type of love that makes you say
"I found the one"
I know that I'm naïve
I know it hasn't been long
But sometimes you hold out hope

I never fell in love with you
My feeling hit me like a wall
That is much different from falling

I never developed feelings for you
Because my feelings for you
developed me into who I am
Only a short four months after meeting

It was never love at first sight
It was love at first word
At first touch
First hug
First kiss
First understanding

But I never fell in love with you
Marri Feb 10
You’re angelic.
Sitting there by the window,
The light hits you, gently.
You’re glowing.

Absentmindedly playing with your fingers,
You’ve captivated my attention.
You smirk, side-eyed cocky,
As if you know what you’re doing to me.

You lean back in your chair,
Be careful not to fall.

As you push toward,
I notice the bracelets on you,
You’re something different.

You’re quiet,
But only I can hear you.
Let the melodious tune ring.
Let me hear you.

You’re shy,
A gem hidden in the rough.

I see you,
Like no one ever has before.

I feel you,
In a way that no one ever could.

This is different.
I’m in love with an angel,
but I can’t fly.
You won’t fall for me,
I can’t reach that high.

I’m in love with an angel--
And God, I wish I could fly.
Ziyanda Funo Dec 2019
Never before ...
Never before have I loved a stranger this much.
Curse turned blessing    through distance faith still
breaths to run another mile

Heart beating fast

Tears tracing a map to a heart that has been misunderstood far many times before

Roots directed to the most inoccent pulse

Beating to the rythm of self doubt

will our love survive ?

Time tells tales of lonely dark nights Cloudy spring days Emotions driven by lust

Kisses done right .

Temptation finding its way through streams of draught

Lips brushing against a velvet Sky as if a frost pocket had settled on a red rose on a sunny day leaving thoughts mortified

Until we meet again dear stranger I hope you doing alright
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