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Sophia Feb 2
There you were.
And there I was.
Two people
Two minds
Two hearts
But connected as one.
Little did I know...
emily Sarker Jan 28
All my life I've been waiting for love to walk into my little world of tragedy.
When you walked in
I felt the presence of love.
You shined so bright with it inside of you.
Your love was such a sight to see
I couldn't look away.
you looked at me
And as you did,
The love in you shined even brighter.
And within me a little light began to brew.
The light I had hidden deep in me,
Deep under the darkness where hurt was present.
love brings out love. never give up on love just because your heart aches a lot and you can't ever imagine it not aching.cause when love walks in, it will take the hurt away.
Ron Jan 21
Your smile lights the room.
Your laughter fills my heart.
With eyes so warm and loving,
It was love right from the start.
Lovely Nobody Dec 2018
I saw him in a K-Vibe store
His sight melted my ice-*******.
He saw me watching and smiled at me.
Walked the short distance, my heart filling with glee.
Our hands brushed,
We both blushed,
And then I noticed the thing that broke the love spell
He was wearing an EXO hoodie
And I a BTS sweat with koya smell
And hence we couldn't be together
for I am an ARMY and he an EXO-L

Lol its just for fun
No hard feelings for EXO-Ls

Thorns Dec 2018
Long ago, once upon a time
On the first day of eighth grade
She walks in the band room
Trips over the tuba
Drops her drumsticks
Her sheet music goes flying
She looks up to see a tall stranger
He had shaggy brown hair
And disappointed look
He wasn't the teacher,
But the first chairmen
The best in percussion
His eyes were like sapphires
His voice was deep and musical
He held out a hand and helped her up
She said, "Thank you..."
"Jacob," he said.
He was her new life
It seems like it happened in another life, but it's only been a couple months...
Daniel H Shulman Nov 2018
Of course I love you, for how could I not?
The beautiful face, I never forgot.
Of course I love you, you are like my queen.
Perfect and graceful, like none I have seen.
Of course I love you, my heart has been bound.
I longed to kiss you, the day you were found.
Of course I love you, I can’t look away.
I dwell in my dreams, to see you all day.
Of course I love you, do you have a doubt?
You’re the precious one, I can’t live without.
Of course I love you, ‘twas love at first sight.
Isn’t it perfect, how it feels so right?
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Alyssa Brianne Nov 2018
On New Year’s Eve I looked at you
And my heart blew up in my chest
It wasn’t love at first sight
You had always been a constant in my life
But that night you laughed
And it was like seeing you for the first time

I haven’t found a way to stop finding you beautiful
It’s been months but you’re still the only thing that I can think of
Everything reminds me of you

I find pieces of you in everyone that I meet
My barista has your hair
A stranger on the street has your smile
Your brother has your eyes
I couldn’t escape you if I wanted to

But while I was lost in you
You found a girl whose voice is honey
A girl that probably fell in love with you the moment she saw you
She makes you radiate sunshine
How can I compete with perfection?

It may not have been love at first sight
But it’s been you ever since
And maybe that’s as close as I’ll get to loving you
Spending nights listening to music in your car
Laughing until we cry as the sun comes up
I wouldn’t trade it for anything
You made my world stop
But without you I don’t know how to make it go again
White Light Oct 2018
... We were surrounded by the blue sky,
by the mountains and the white lights.
... I was looking at you like no one else has ever done,
and that was good enough,
to make me forget were I came from.
... I felt something strange in my heart,
like if someone had pressed the button "Re-Start".
That made me feel different,
as if my ****** had been commited.
I have seen him only once and he is blocked in my mind.
Time has passed since the first time I saw her,
There more I looked, she seemed to look better.
Didn't have the courage to tell her this long,
Mustered all of it and now I'm portraying it in a song.

When I'm with her all I get is good vibes,
She's too beautiful, too much to describe.
To get this girl there's nothing I wouldn't offer,
Days pass by yet I cannot take my eyes of her.
But there's one thing that I still can't see,
Like how I look at you I wish you look at me.

Sleepless nights, meaningless fights, being in spotlights, loveless love bites,
And much more I have done in this world,
But what more do I need to do to get the girl?

Somewhere down the line,
When everything's fine,
I may forget everything,
But I'll always wish you were mine.

I cannot wait for any longer so gotta say this before I realise some other dreams of mine,
Hopefully after this poem every night together we can dine.
I know I ain't even close to perfect, there's every talent that I lack,
But I'll love you for life,
Would you love me back?
All the people in this world who've had a crush and haven't  expressed it, you gotta take courage and speak up because you'll only regret the opportunities you didn't take.
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