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Sarah Sep 24
love comes to us in many forms
and oftentimes
we question if it even exists
this thing of fairytales
but all I know
is that when I first saw her
time stopped
and the world became brighter
and I would question no longer
I don't know what to do with myself.

My hands are clammy
and my mouth is on rapid fire.

The safety you switched off
with a grin
a hand in the centre of my back
and opening car doors
still standing in the cold
just to take me in...

You can have it all.

I don't know why
even without the safety
the safety that would have held in all those unsolicited puns and awkward moments

Even WITHOUT that safety,

I feel safe

with you.
I want to melt into the seat
from embarrassment
for feeling
so comfortably complete.
Levi Kips Jul 8
When I saw you for the first time I was blinded by you
like staring into a July Sun at 1 O'clock in the afternoon after being stuck in a December darkness all night in a windowless room.I instantly knew that you were the one I've been searching for.
That pearly smile you wear tells me that this feeling is just as reflective as your teeth.
Blinded by your beauty I relied on my sense of sound to listen to you.
What I heard was November 26th our anniversary, I heard my heart constantly saying your name in morse code and each time sounding more like audibled calligraphy, I started hearing a life where I woke up to the most precious sounding alarm clock in existence and it was just the sound of you sleeping.
Deafened by a world I was too hasty for I relied on my sense of touch to survive the first page of this fairytale love we were booked for.
The longer I exist near you the more I entertain learning braille because I want to be able to express to her this Titanic hitting feeling I have whenever your anemic iceberg hands will claspe mine and it's time for true love to write more than poems through me in a way I love you and I do's will never be able to live up to.
When I met you I had a sensory overload,
I couldn't keep my eyes on you like a punch struckened boxer trying to focus on the referee in a 10 count, Every breathe I drew that smelt like you let me know that you were right by side like a siamese twins, The sound of your voice created a happiness that not even the best animator could recreate with the sharpest of pencils, the feeling I got from our first hug reminds me of bench pressing for the first time, it's a feeling that I will never be able to recreate again only crumble under, get used to or make stronger.
The first entry in my soon to be book
WillowWriter7 Jun 10
Eyes that glow,
Voice of gold,
Lips that kiss
My heart and soul.
Wings that shield,
Hands that love,
Is that smile
Trully real?
Touch of warmth,
Heart of truth,
I don't deserve this stranger's thoughts...
GulRukh Dec 2017
See You There In Crowd Of Apaths
My Soul Breaks Down From Your Wrath
That Smile On Your Face
A Mischive In Your Ways
You Were In Light Blue Jeans
Your Eyes Are My Heaven, By All Means
Your Voice Like a Cool Violin Beat
That My Metal Armor Heart Can't Cheat
I Start Liking You Secretly In My Heart
You Left Me Thinking About My Vacant Part
God Knowns And I, What I was Wondering?
Like Mystery Of Universe You Left me Poundering
Are You Too Thinking about Me?
Or Are You a Hovering Bee?
You Are in My Head Spining From That Moment
So Falling For You Is Imminent
My Heart Pounding Crazy Like a Little Child
These Feeling Aren't For First Time
But I Want It To Be The Last Crime
I Want to Be Yours
If It Takes Gravity and All It's Force
Isn't It Too Soon To Say All That?
Cause I Know That it's Delicate
All The Drought Will End With This Rain
One Glance Would Be Enough To Keep Me Sane
When I saw him first time, I can't say anything but this piece says it all
Lori Jun 3
It was a sunny afternoon. The sun was as bright as Stevenson's hair. Despite the piercing heat, there was a tender wind, brushing and kissing the skin of the kids, saving them from feeling overpowered by the sun. The soft wind was helping the waves dance to its rhythm, and with every move the sea seemed to be telling another story. The golden grains of sand shining under the rays intertwined with the kids' skin and now they were a part of the musical. Seeing as the day was so beautiful, violet could not contain herself. Her hands and feet pranced around, and she played with schools of fish passing by every now and then. She was absolutely, entirely engulfed in something so absolute, and that made her just as so. Stevenson was sitting on the golden layer of magic next to his grandma Rose, and they were both watching this crazy girl portraying such innocence and beauty. The wind was crippling and the sounds of the soft waves crashing were heavenly. Even the silence could not silence the underlying beauty of the world. Suddenly grandma rose with such a sweet voice said "Why do you love her Stevenson? Why do you think you'll marry her?" And Steve just smiled. He put his hand on his heart and said, "the way i love her is no ordinary love. People love each other but the way i love her can not fit into labels. With my so limited time all i want and all i need is her. I would die for her. I would live for her. It is not a case of life and death, but it is a case of love. You know someone means something to you when they're on you're mind. Well she isn't just on my mind. I think about her every minute every day. I think of her in times of happiness or sadness. I even think of her when im incapable of forming real thoughts. You know someone means something to you when with your very last dying breathe you manage to call out their name. You manage to cling to the overpowering sensation of not love, but need. I need her. I love her. So just when you ask why i think I'll marry her. She gave me a part of me i so desperately needed to find, she saved me from my sorrow, she gave a new meaning to my life. She is my life. Plus, just look at her, who in the right mind won't fall for a person so angelic."
This isn't exactly a poem, but it still is one of the creations i am very proud of. I hope you enjoy the words I've set together. Thanks :)
Carmen Jane Jun 3
At this small school, with tiny front yard,
Two  small groups were formed, in two circles
Quickly, thoughts were shared,in  cheep words, charred,
There was  that girl, with tiny freckles...

And back to back, the two small circles,
Formed an infinite sign, unbeknownst
And yet, that girl with tiny freckles,
Has heard enough and knew the most.

They just happened to be back to back
And when she bravely state her mind,
That's when he turned around, like that,
And by her beauty he got blind.

He, then uttered that he was on her side,
That's when they looked in each other's eyes
She saw his dare and he saw her pride,
As they should be in each other's lives…

And so happened, this love at first sight,
Many just say that  there's no such thing
Yet they both, had a very long night,
They were both, for each other, longing...
emily Sarker Apr 27
One day
We will meet again.
You will once again look at me with the sparkle in your eyes,
And I'll notice you starring.
I'll give back that smile you fell in love with.
One day we will cross paths again
And you will chase after me
To once again say
"Hello my name is....."
We will fall in love again like the first day we did, and this time it will be the right time
She’s in my field of view.
So what am I to do?
I’ve nothing much to say,
but cannot look away.

This beauty caught my eye.
It’s pointless now to try—
though staring is a sin,
I’ll sin and take her in.

This beauty sits so near,
that my world stopped right here.
Now life’s very essence
is simply her presence.

Perhaps I’ll see her smile
if I sit here a while.
But if she won’t it seems
I’ll see her in my dreams.
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