She was a porcelain figurine.
Fitted with big bright angel wings.
The arches of her heel lifted high.
The weight of emotions carried tall upon her back.
In mid flight she collapsed and broke a piece of her side.
Heart broken she feared that no one would look at her the same.
Once held high, looked to, to spread a ease of mind.
The burden of others piled high upon her back.
Not once did she notice the weight of her own.
Heartbroken she tried her best to hide her ceramic scar.
Afraid of what everyone would think.
A stone tear suddenly etched beneath her eye.
She tried her best to put the pieces back together, but no matter how she arranged them they just wouldn't fit.
Her wings now a dull off white, Her arch not as high as it once was.
She hid herself where no one would ever think to look.
Over by the street in the gutter where most leaves collected themselves.
It wasn't until she met a sad clown wearing torn clothes.
A dusty old hat. Sitting along the sidewalk of where she hid herself.
A blue tear painted on his upper cheek.
Soon as he saw the porcelain figurine he fell in love.
Collecting her broken pieces along with her hand. He loved her just the way she was.
The definition of her tear changed. Never before has she experienced such kindness from hands that asked for nothing in return.
Knowing only to give never once did she take the time to receive.
She looked astonished as he brushed the dirt from her wings.
Discarding her broken pieces in his pocket, replacing them with a piece of him

And there I saw the perfect bed.
Just the perfect size, height width everything I could have dreamt.
I imagined the perfect sleep in my perfect bed.
Never quite seeing home the same again.
It came equipped with sheets and blankets even a heated mattress.
This bed was better than anything I could have imagined.
I climbed her leg and slipped myself in her pocket.
I haven't slept this good in a long while

Brooke Benway Sep 2016

love at first sight
as not something
that she could believe in,
being able to fall for someone
just by looking at them
seemed too unlikely,
a ridiculous thought
that people over exaggerated in movies
and some people
were too naive
to buy it

everything changed
when she saw him
for the first time,
it wasn't love,
but there was definitely a spark

Kewayne Wadley May 2016

I was caught off guard by the everlasting effect of your smile.
In all honesty I thought I was prepared for the well placed explosion that took place in my heart.
In actuality, I was not.
Absent minded to the total embodiment that was you.
The coming of your lips,
The taste of your stare.
I did not know the effect your voice would have on me.
There wasn't a prayer that could have prepared me for you.
There was nothing left of what my heart use to be.
The occurrence of everything obliterated; Emptied.
The horizon filled by your silhouette; my hands lost in the light cast
by the radiance of your smile.
I was reduced to nothingness in the blink of an eye by a single look cast from
The stare of your eye.
The total sound of nothingness filled my heart with a peaceful hush
after the destruction you've caused with just a single look.

To the girl I will never see again,

I didn't even get your name, but I feel so certain it was beautiful.
You were tiny and angelic, but in no way fragile.
You had a smile that lit up the entire concert even when the lights were dim.
I am grateful to have met you, if only for one evening.
You barely came up to my shoulder, and I am in no way tall,
But somehow, you still seemed stronger than anyone else there.
Your makeup was perfect, when I was entirely drenched in other people's sweat.
Every time you could tell I was scared, you pulled me out of the pit.
Whenever a guy was getting a little too close to me, you pulled me away instantaneously.
You made sure if anyone had water, that I got a sip.
You cared, but why?
Why in the world would you have picked me of all people to make sure I was safe all night?
This was both of our favorite bands,
But you made sure I did more than survive the night.
You made sure I was happy the whole way through.
The lights reflected on your bright red hair,
Reminding me why we associate red with love.
I don't believe in love at first sight.
But I believe that you cared about me.
And I don't know why.
But I surely care about you too.
I wish you hadn't have gotten lost in a sea of people during the encore.
I wish I had gotten your name.
I wish I had gotten to know you.
May we cross paths again, my "For One Night Only" friend.

she was awesome, i hope she finds so much happiness in life. she really seemed like she deserved it.
BrittneyForever May 2016

I can't help but believe,
that where the first time I'd meet those sparkly eyes,
it would be Inevitable to where we'd be standing now.
I don't know what hurts more,
not having you,
or the memories that taunt me.
Either way,
I was screwed,
knowing you or not knowing you.
© Brittney Hibbert 2016

Isabelle Apr 2016

This morning will be a different one, for he will meet a girl
With an auburn eyes, a winsome smile and a hair that is curl
Strange she is, but in a beautiful kind of strange

The boy will stop and stare, will be lost in her haunting sad eyes
She will not notice, and will never knew, that cupid has
shot the boys young heart

The boy found a reason to go out every morning
To see her again, he was hoping
For her smile becomes the sun that brightens his day

He will sit from afar, and with an admiring eyes, just watch her
She paints, she reads, and sometimes plays with her dog's fur
He will silently watch and enjoy the beautiful scenario

It goes for almost a week
"I must be crazy, why do I stalk this chic?"
But he doesn't know the answer

All he know is, the girl brings peace to his heart
Her eyes and smiles are a piece of a pure art
and her laughs are a song to his ears

He could not explain it, watching her makes him happy
and sends a warm chill to his heart, very fancy
"I need to know her name"

The next day, the boy waited in vain
But the girl never came
"I'll wait again tomorrow"

It's been a week, but she never showed up again
In his chest a sadness and pain
Could not accept, she looked for the girl

He found out that the girl loves to paint
But the smell of the chemical will cause her to faint
That's why she sneaks out and do it once in a while

He found out that the girl loves reading
But her eyes failed her, every letters are dancing
That's why she sneaks out and pretends to read

He also found out that her hair was just a wig
And her red lipstick was to hide her pale lips
And finally he found out her name

With a sound of a breaking heart
He reads her name
On her graveyard

Crysta Gingras Mar 2016

I wake up in the morning and see the sun saying hello
I go downstairs and am stopped by an odd fellow
He wore a green hat and carried a cello
He certainly was an odd little fellow
He stopped me and said “Do you want to follow your dreams?”
A little shy I squeaked “uh well, Sure please”
He led me down the hallway and right out the door
Looked back at me with a display and asked “what are you waiting for?”
I shrugged my shoulders with dismay and followed closely behind
He kept right on running I followed suit in kind
He led me to a castle that stood up straight and bold
He looked at me and pointed at it while demanding “Don’t you now fold;
The answers to all your dreams is up there waiting inside
The place is falling at the seams, no time to swallow pride”
So with a leap and a bound I found myself in the castle
Searching far and wide certainly was a hassle
I walked up to a fireplace and saw a burning stew
I turned around to look and who I saw, was you
You stared at me with a challenge, blue eyes boring holes
I stared right back unable to move from those striking blues
You asked what I had come for
I honestly said, “No clue,
Though if I’d take a guess, I’d say I came for you”
That quip made your eyes lose their stony glare
And if I had the confidence I’d swear I saw a sparkle there
You invited me to sit, and we talked for a long while
I impressed you with my wit and even got a smile
It came time for me to leave, so I made to bid adieu
You reached out and grabbed my arm, “life is far better with two”
I was a little taken aback, had I been too far forward?
This woman knew my inner thoughts, perhaps clear-sighted?
I wanted to agree with you, but I lived far from here
It seemed you knew again and said, “Will you take me there?”
My shock must have shown for you shrunk back like I hurt you
“Did I assume too much?” you asked with hesitation
“That all depends” I said with sly smile “do you like blue?”
You smiled again, glowing with confidence, as you leaned forward and said “of course I do”
This time I smiled back, and linked your arm with mine
We walked out of the castle and passed the fellow, now drinking wine
He looked up with a glance and then jumped back with a dance
Shouting for joy at the sight
He grabbed his cello
Before he could mellow
And sang with all of his might
“oh happy days you found your dream
It has all come true to be
For you found her and she found thee
So happy
So happy to be!”
We danced with the fellow
While playing his cello
And moved about all through the night
My hand in your hand
And your eyes on mine
Nothing has ever felt more right
Like the fellow had sung
So happy to be
Right then and there
Just you and me

A story for my Angel
Vamika Sinha Mar 2016

one glance

and a story starts
on the turntable

your heart -
the needle dropped

'coup de foudre' is the French expression for 'love at first sight'. Its literal meaning is 'strike of lightning'
Kes Long Feb 2016

Dear Thirak,

The very first time we met,

There was a garden full of orchid beds,

not in there, but in my head;

part be of your graceful pace,

part be of your gentle face,

As we talked and clasped our hands,

I felt your warmth, and I knew then,

what I did and what was yet to be,

has no say; clearly.

You took my heart and made me see,

My life with you, was meant to be,

As we join our hearts; in twined.

Please be mine till the end of time.

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