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Water rushes down from the fall, cool and clear.
I drink my fill, hoping to forget.
Hoping to forget you.
I don’t want to, but I have to.
If I want to make it.
If I want to survive.
I sit down under the water, letting it rush over my skin.
The water pools down and flows across the stream.
My memories of you are already fading,
Your smile. Your laugh. Your eyes.
They simply fade.
I calm down as my mind get clearer and clearer.
I have to do this.
The water pounds against my skull, but the sound is soothing.
It fades more quickly.
From when I first met you, when you spoke to me for the first time.
When I left for a long time, and when I found you there, waiting for me.
“I have to do this.” I told myself.
But the tears running down my face told my brain otherwise.
They blended with the water and surrounded me.
Then, you were gone.
Just like that.
You were gone.
like a fountain of youth, but itstead of extending your mortality, it simply soothes it.
Exhaustion drip the night away,
bleeding the clock of every second.
Drifting on a raft of dimlit dreams,
down a river of wayward thoughts.
Stopping and starting.
A blurry room fades
to backlit black.

sink down with every breath
#14 of my Year One collection, from notes on 1/10
in eve's fading light
the end of day calls of birds
drifted on a breeze
Umi Apr 22
What mess we made by keeping it burning,
Let it consume us, kept us from ever turning,
Abandoned by God, our souls are now but ash,
Dedicated ourselves to its warmth and light,
Turned away from the darkness for it did cause fright,
Yet, in the end, it did not survive another linking,
It started to flicker, then engaged with blinking,
At last, it's dying embers gave away their last heat,
Some of us were torn by this, others simply beat,
For a new age of men would start soon,
An age with neither the shining sun, nor the elusive moon,
The greatest fear for us was of the unknown,
Yet some of us felt love, never before seen or shown,
We had hidden in light for so long,
Blinded by it, we never experienced how beautiful the dark could be.

~ Umi
Invisible Apr 14
Watch me
             Fade away
                       Into nothing.
                      ­      Fading...
                                          3, 2, 1...
                                                      Here I go...
                                                           ­             I'm gone.
I'm tired.
Angel'Lea Apr 12
Inevitably fading

The memories of you

of us

of then

There is no now

But there are memories

Beautiful times

Times when you made me smile

Time when I laughed until I could barely breath

Times when I couldn't see past you

There was only you

I could only see


Times when your smell was comforting



Times when I couldn't share a space with you

without butterflies

without feeling a sense of home

You were my home

You were


Now all we have to share

are memories

Our love

is no longer shared in our union

Or carried in our hearts

The spirit of what was

remains within the memories

that like all things

will eventually


Jennifer West Mar 25
You held me tight
When it was twilight
Kissed away the tears and pain
To let the misery float away

Beneath the stars
You said to me
That our love
Could never be

Hands entwined
Not enough time
And then you left
For the repear knows theft

May your soul travel
Through the night and day
And know that in my heart
You will always stay
Johnny walker Mar 20
Oh the sadness Is fading away to happier days
to now I remember you
my Sweetheart those  lovely days wrapped
In your
Oh the sadness fading away so fast any sorrow soon now
It's only happy times I remember now of the
times we first stepped out together
Sadness Is long gone now and I think of
I remember those times
we made love for sadness as finally left me
Sadness Helen has passed yous think of better days a head
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 19
Brevity, a long word yet it's passing meaning's
A sigh like beauty itself, how saddening,
Like the song who the small nightingale sings,
So neutral, knowing not what is happening.
Johnny walker Mar 19
I keep you here with me my love for I never left
you, In my thought, you'll
always be so I'm not alone no more
For every thought I have of you keeps you near to me such lovely thoughts now I have sadness slowing fading
To now better days that lay ahead for I'm no longer lonely now for still
have you who gave to me so much In
And although your gone you still bring so much happiness to me beautiful
memories our time together that carry through each
And makes me a stronger person much kinder too
so much I owe to you for your love you gave to me
so much happiness along the
Through the twenty years we had and the son you gifted me bless you my darling forever I'll love
forever In my heart you'll be you were the only one for me there will never be
Forever In my thoughts you'll be sadness fading now to happier times we had and of better days to come
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