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AE Sep 9
I sometimes sit on our old couch in the basement
And think about what we left in its recline
The leather is cold and distant
It is coated with the film of time
Stained with tears, laughter, and secrets Nestled in the crevices is all my growth
When I lay my head against it
1 can hear dialogue from the movies we watched
And faint conversations with ghosts
Amy Childers Jul 20
All you had to do was zoom in...
You would have seen that my smiling mask
         was cracking..
My bright eyes
          were dimming..
My very soul
          was fading..
Maybe you could have saved me.
Maybe you could have listened.
           To think...
  All you had to do was zoom in...
AmyKatrinaSmith May 2022
Alone she sits upon her dusty throne.
Her eyes sunken and her long moth bitten gown hung lifeless to her ashen skin.
The unforgiving chime's of time pass her by. Dripping with jewels her boney hand still clung to the broken string of pearls as they roll between the cold stone cracks beneath her feet.
Secrets layed to rest long ago with no voice to tell.
She who has been long forgotten dwells in the silence of her chambers for all eternity.

Lost to the darkness.
AE Mar 2022
These fingers trace dust
that glistens in this fractured light
over old frames
crafted with beads and pink glue
glitter fell onto our laps
as we rattled this earth with our laughs
where did the time go
when we held it so tight?
yet it still disappeared, out of our sight  
now I look for you in bus windows
I listen for you in those youthful laughs
Holding onto these moments
wiping away the ashes
of these burnt recollections
from my shaking hands
Wilbur Mar 2022
I'm fading way, but it's fine.
It's okay, it's alright.
I'll just be gone in the nick of time.
idk how much longer i'll last.
Caosín Mar 2022
oh my dear
oh my darling
oh my sweetie
does it hurt you? to see them like this? to see you like this?
can you feel yourself slipping away, the colour draining from you until you are a cold hard husk of yourself?
does it feel good?
oh my baby
oh I'm so sorry
I never meant to hurt you
but it's ok now, all is well
you can fade and be deaf to the world in my muffling embrace.
I know I'm not who I'm meant to be and it ******* kills me as much as it kills them.
AE Nov 2021
I am lost on these paper boats
Floating somewhere in an old laugh
We once shared
I am lost in these baskets
Made of woven conversations
And now you, right here in front of me
Are someone new, I've yet to meet
I guess my weakness has gotten the better of me
Wishful thinking had me fooled
Things were as they used to be
But here you are, and here am I
A world of differences between us
Born out of the blue, paving our departure
You toward the forest
And I, towards the sea
Naeem Nov 2021
so starts my final journey, a slow decline
first the memories, of that night, of you
memories i have had my entire lifetime, fading
show images of a life i know not of
disconnected from my own thoughts
as if a stranger thought them on my behalf
my voice longer pierces the silence of my mind
instead now i hear a stranger
these sleepless nights, accompany these sun lit blackouts
i fear i am changing, into what i do not know
and hope to never find out
soon i fear my face will haunt me in the mirror,
my eyes will stare back blankly
staring into a face he knows not who
When you lose sense of yourself, who do you become but another version of you?
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