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Ron May 2016
Take another puff
Float up to the sky
All I need is another hit
Just one more
And I'll be high
High above the worry
High above the pain
Floating comfortably in peace
Feeling nothing but at ease
This pleasant feeling
I must be dreaming
Not a worry on my mind
Only laughter and red eyes
Maybe I'll be creative?
Write a poem or two
Maybe I'll be lazy
Eat some cereal, then some pie
What is this feeling
I haven't felt in quite some time
I feel it bubbling from inside
Is it hunger?
Is it hate?
It's something different
Not from what I ate
I know this feeling
I've figured it out
No more stress
No more worry
No more anxiety
Yes I know this feeling
I'm feeling happy
Ron Mar 2016
It lifts me up
It eases the pain
It makes everything fun
I can eat again
I just can't understand
It's just a plant
How can it be so
That something can cause such joy
But still breed such hate
The war is a waste
We'll show you the truth
It's not what they say
It's not how it looks
It's about how it feels
And about how it helps
How hard is it to see
That there is nothing wrong with ****.

— The End —