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Oct 2023 · 286
Common light
Marla Oct 2023
You & I, united by
              the common light
                    of our fair moon,

          Yearn for more
      than a life ill-spent
   chasing gold doubloons.
Mar 2023 · 926
Peace is made of…
Marla Mar 2023
heart to heart connections,
warm embraces in cold moments,
reconciling our perspectives
& realigning each other’s focus.
tactful conversations,
with intentional devotion,
healing the deepest of wounds
& building bridges over oceans.
Peace & silence find harmony once wounds feel at home in hearts that listen.
Jan 2023 · 893
Silent Miracles
Marla Jan 2023
When the impossible
becomes inevitable
& all else seems to fail,
obstacles that once burdened
paths fall to the wayside,
making way for silent miracles.
Don’t ever give up hope, no matter how hopeless things get.
Nov 2021 · 1.8k
Skydiving in the Seychelles
Marla Nov 2021
Polyrhythms & sunny synths
rippling across the surface
of a blue lagoon as we are guided
to ascend by an enlightened
soul with the force of a typhoon.

Tinkling melodies & shining stars
gracing through the galaxies
within our hearts, pacing
in circles as it all continues
to lovingly fall apart.

Good vibes & joyous moments
take us all on a mystical journey
through the folds of time
as we flow through the waters
of golden beaches so divine.

What wonderful luck to be alive,
coexisting with the beauty
of a land touched by starlight.
An uplifting sea of memories
surfaces as nostalgia subtly sways
through the summer leaves,
floating upon a gentle breeze
giving way to an easy night.
A tribute to Masayoshi Takanaka & his wonderful music. Thank you for all of the good times!
Oct 2021 · 2.2k
Living In Paradise
Marla Oct 2021
Paradise is a state of mind
In a place where there is plenty-
A place where on your down time
Things look more than just pretty.

Paradise can mean a lot of things,
It can be multiple places.
The coming & going of years
Passing over different faces.

Paradise can bring you fortune-
Her smile may even give some fame,
But she levees a heavy tax
For all who stand to gain.

Paradise takes your heart & soul
Just to make you feel at home,
Not knowing whether you’ll get to leave
Feeling broken or as a new whole.

Paradise is a vacation-
Paradise is a job.
Paradise is exploitation-
Paradise is a massage.

Paradise is a place to enjoy
As others are made to suffer,
With money standing in between
To play the role of buffer.

Paradise is a cup of coffee
Paradise is a broken promise
Paradise is a rolled up leaf
Paradise is a stolen profit

Paradise is whatever you
want it to be,
As long as you make it yourself
& don’t steal it like a thief.
The choices that you make in paradise still play a part in defining you.
Choose wisely.
Sep 2021 · 4.7k
The Ocean Within
Marla Sep 2021
Obsidian wind chimes
welcome the crashing waves
as another day exits, slowly
sinking beneath the bay.

Cool waters drenched in
an almost amethyst hue
offer mental reverberations
as I ponder what I am next to do.

Though the sea is but a tide
that ebbs & flows-
repletes & recedes-
her words of wisdom forgo
past the banks of her beaches
& spread a breeze to every corner
of night.

She beckons me within myself;
her deep abyss but a mirror.
Her waters shine in a glimmering splendor
as she makes the path ever clearer.

To leave this shore that raised me
is not a sign of disrespect, but a show
of honor. My broken levees have her
to thank & for that, I call her mother.
May 2021 · 3.1k
Where are the poets?
Marla May 2021
In a world with
pain sorrow suffering
grief corruption mourning
angst yearning loving fighting,
where are the poets who bring us
joy through their delightful writings?
Nov 2019 · 1.3k
Silver Rope
Marla Nov 2019
Little dreams with big appeal
strike a chord like a record reel.                                
The feeling's there and we all get chills                                                        
but it's nothing like being there for real.
Sep 2019 · 1.4k
Happiness is a french press
Marla Sep 2019
If all life meant for me to do was smile,
I'd spend the rest of mine making coffee.
Sep 2019 · 1.0k
A Desert Twilight
Marla Sep 2019
Picture you and me, alone in our blue GT, as we ride out
towards the ends of our suns looking for peace and prosperity.
The winds we make seal our tracks closed
and their fiery chill keeps all actions predisposed.
Our hair sways free as your hand takes mine,
my feet on the pedals and yours to the leather hide.
I wish this now could be our infinity
and that our hearts should be together for now and eternity.
The stars swirl above us as we swerve into darkness,
drunk on our emotions and feeling more than endorphins.
You say you love me and I say it back too,
there's no one on earth I'd rather be with than you.
Jun 2019 · 1.3k
They're all Dead
Marla Jun 2019
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
Jun 2019 · 2.0k
Same as it ever was
Marla Jun 2019
Love and confusion confounding the illusion of trust in a systematic regime which they deny ever existed but constantly promise to improve upon. The hat's shape and color may change, but our inability to exchange their deranged platforms for a stabler form of expression exposes our disillusion with dispossession and our embracing being complacent in the face of our rulers' all-encompassing corruption.
If the truth hurts, revel in its burn.
Jun 2019 · 1.3k
The Dilemma of our age
Marla Jun 2019
Is building Paradise
worth sacrificing
the world
and its humanity?
Jun 2019 · 1.3k
Go Fall in Love
Marla Jun 2019
You can't live a beautiful life
Without getting a few scars.
Jun 2019 · 2.2k
In the Dojo...
Marla Jun 2019
formalities were always a must,
you'd have to be crazy to forget your manners.
Shoes off, Gi on, Belt ready;
forget that and the push ups would **** you.
As soon as anyone crossed that threshold,
their mind, body, and spirit tuned into an ancient frequency.
We were raw potential energy encased in flesh,
the trespasses we'd endured throughout the week
our sole source of fuel.

Sifu would shout, We would listen.
Our partners would punch us
And we'd block; no thought required.
With every belt, we moved up in the art;
Educated furthermore in climbing ladders.
That was the first time I had ever been disciplined
And not solely abused,
My first real encounter with tough love.

After those classes, I guess I felt safer around my parents,
But that didn't make them good people.
I almost had to fight them once,
Yet I couldn't bring myself to defend the dignity
Already taken from me.

Maybe I should have let my instincts and not my sense
Guide my hand that night,
Maybe then I'd be a hero to myself as well as everyone's villain.
Jun 2019 · 2.9k
Marla Jun 2019
I am so very broke, I can’t afford to pay it thought.
Fettered in a cage by poverty, left only to pray and rot.
The feathers of my soul have been tarred and stained by life.
So much so, I'm not sure if they'll ever again shine bright.
This Bird in my heart used to sing for my hopes and dreams;
Mourning every tragedy with requiems that gleamed.
A little Canary to be all mine until the very end of time,
Staving off this cold world and reminding me I'm fine.

This poverty starved her slow and deep, down to the very core.
Melodies that once remedied despair gone forevermore.
Nowadays, all I can ever do is reminisce about that yellow bird;
How she'd bring warmth to my life's cold hell of a blur.
The way our voices would harmonize on little notes;
Prophecies of a better future foretold from our nook.
That's why I still cling to the distant sound of their words,
Because they ramble on in me until nothing seems absurd.
I like to think she still sings sometimes, though no sound is heard.
That music of hope rings in my mind still, all thanks to Bird.
Jun 2019 · 2.5k
The "Good" People
Marla Jun 2019
Many people feel fear
When you speak of Evil,
Their Bibles clutched dear
As their hot hearts chill.
A great deal think of Satan
With his foul demonic band.
Show them a pentagram
And most fear their bodies
Will be possessed at once
By some demonic heathen
Looking for his lunch.

But I, having lived a hard life,
Fear not Satan’s treachery
Or his delivery of strife,
Nor the fabled imagery
The church once did write.
I seldom fear going to Hell
And basking in flames for eternity
Or not getting a farewell  
Into a kingdom of just divinity.

Oh no, my mind is quite filled
With the brimstone inferno
Caused by the wickedly free-willed.
Those very individuals
Who say they renounce Evil
Have beaten me to a pulp
For asking to be their equal.

So don’t be naive and let thy name be trod
By those who yell "Satan"
Only to betray God.
A personal favorite of mine.
Jun 2019 · 2.1k
Puddles in an Ocean
Marla Jun 2019
Every morning I wake up to puddles at my feet,
Storm clouds swamping me and making it impossible to breathe.

The downpour only grows more as the days progress,
A dying glow fading distant in my empty chest.

It's hard to find the storm's eye when it seems to have died,
The tar and ashes from a bonfire burn lowly outside.

But me and my life, I suppose we are just fine...
The rising tide drowning us in it's icy cold brine.

Perhaps one day, it will all come to an abrupt end.
Until that day, I'll drown myself with an ocean of gin.
Jun 2019 · 2.0k
Our Silent Keeper
Marla Jun 2019
The moon changes subtly
Whenever we gaze away,
As our worries evolve swiftly
And our joys stay the same.

Perhaps she is a beacon
Baring light for our souls,
Enticing us into her depths
With glimpses of the heart's gold.

Blessed enchantress,
Affixed in a gentle way,
Dragging all from ached misery
And harboring us in her supple bay.

Reject ye thy sun's beating rays
& dispel lightning's spiteful bright tase,
Look only to the night sky as it glistens
If you seek to bask in nature's grace.
The Heart's Gold is more a subject of the soul than it is of heart.
May 2019 · 2.0k
Help is Help
Marla May 2019
A lot of people in life will say
You owe them everything
You have because they helped
You get to where
You are.
Those are the kind of people
that have never been put in check.

So always make it clear,
Never get it twisted:
Help should always be charitable.
Help comes from the heart
of a humanitarian
and not that of a businessman.
Help is Help,
not a bartering tool.
May 2019 · 4.0k
Marla May 2019
Sometimes being real means putting the G in you aside.
May 2019 · 1.4k
The Royal 'We'
May 2019 · 3.1k
Pressure Vessel
Marla May 2019
I live for pleasure
And it bores me.
Out of measure,
I live deplorably.
In all frankness,
I always tell lies.
Reality is a mess
I lately despise.
Why not let go?
Why not fritter away?
Because I may never grow
Lest I see the end of the day.
May 2019 · 2.0k
Our first night together
Marla May 2019
We met at a park by your place,
A hill overlooking a lakeshore vista.
The sunset hung over the horizon
As did our words, awaiting conversation.
The nerves got to me and so I flung my phone,
Your laughter a cacophony which my heart still adores.
We had pizza on a bench that night,
Or at least we tried;
Nights at the park have more bugs than we'd like.
But after all the talking and laughing and grinning,
It's our departing hug that sent me spinning.
I'd give everything to have that time again with you.
But alas, I needn't give anything,
For our nights are still this rich and full of youth.
May 2019 · 1.8k
Viva la Fiesta
Marla May 2019
Flores amarillas
Con un flan de coco,
Una botella de ron boricua
Y la taza de cafe cubano.
Las palmas tropicales
Por arriba sobre todo.
Te lo digo ahora,
Va ser una noche muy buena.

No te vayas temprano.
Si te vas,
Olvídate del chocolate.
Tenemos mucho para darte,
Pero eres tu que le hace falta

Siéntate en la playa
Y con nosotros pasaras el rato.
Cálmate por esta noche,
Que las que vienen van hacer
Del carajo.
For the love of god, don't google translate this.
May 2019 · 3.1k
I live where you vacation
Marla May 2019
A beautiful sun shines through a palm's canopy
And casts a shadow over your beach retreat.
Sitting in a lounge chair with a rumrunner in hand,
It's easy to pretend people don't get murdered here.

Now it's nighttime and the city shines alive with neon
As countless youth hop from club to club looking for fun.
Walking down the boulevard while you take in the sights,
It's easy to forget the projects you passed to get here.

The next morning starts with a hefty hangover
And ends with a delicious bandeja paisa.
You've never had such exotically good food in your life,
Yet it's easy to ignore the famished begging on the streets here.

So the next time you visit
And feel all of your problems leave you,
Remember that your tourist dollars help keep our paradise
One fit for a fool.
May 2019 · 2.3k
The Light
Marla May 2019
People are like dense shafts of light
That shine from the heavens 
Down to our mortal plane.
Each individual a different collage
Made up of varied strands and colors,
All based upon their character and spirit.
Those who do good shine brightest
While the powerful boast flames
And the dying flicker.
Don't think your light can be changed?
All it takes is the will to shift the power 
With a deep well of might into the light
You want to be.

Then, let the rest be history.
May 2019 · 1.8k
Marla May 2019
Former trier turned friar
Storming rage behind fryers
World of potential in the inner mental
Work ethic impeccable
Work conditions unethical
Nine hours no lunch or break
Better pump the brakes and pull stake
Time to get a slice of thine own pie
Reach nirvana prime and let the soul fly
Soar above money traps and get the bag
Lest your future gets clicky clacked
And your happiness capped
Spinning poverty’s vicious cycle
Grinning sharks made me their disciple
Life is trifling when your blood leaves
Heat stifling as the done deed
Has you on your knees begging
Lord have mercy please
Escape away from hate
And let love into your heart
Then and only then will you start
To understand the holy ghost
That is you
And the apostles that are your friends
Ride or die to the end
This ain’t no game of let’s pretend
It’s real life
Your one shot to drip and ball
So don’t let it slip by
Or you’ll fall before you walk, y'all.
May 2019 · 1.8k
Space Punk
Marla May 2019
Speeding away from gravitational orbit
The moon ablaze as gazes glare from the cockpit
A jacket of jet leather with patches abound
The Dead Kennedys and Franz Ferdinand
Keeping political war on Earth's ground
Flying away into the plains of space
As the plane of time gives hearty chase
Hollow youth filled with snippets of old age
As their battlecry channels an inner rage
Death to all earthly matters that muddle our future
The neon glow hums as the last remnant of a culture
So make way for this warrior who shall bring us all closure
Rebelling like a banshee set ablaze over Orion's shoulder
Ensuring the enemy's final haze destroys their dying composure
May 2019 · 4.3k
Wonder Woman
Marla May 2019
A brazen face of might
With eyes that shine
Like neon lights at night,
Her body veiled in armor
As the world attacks
And she fights back,
With words of wisdom
As well as her fists.
Choose your words, Pick your Battles, Leave no one behind, & Eviscerate your opposition when necessary.
May 2019 · 2.2k
Tony Montana
Marla May 2019
The Land of Opportunity
Should not be
The Land of Indignity.
Work for you,
Not for anybody else.
They'll point their fingers
And call you the "Bad Guy"
For being the only "guy"
With a spine.
A job is a job is a job,
But your life,
Your self-respect,
Your happiness-
They're worth more
Than the world.

So make it yours.
May 2019 · 1.4k
The Miracle of Poetry
Marla May 2019
This is the only time we'll ever meet.
You could be in a cafe
Or a bus as you read this.

My words travel to your eyes
Like light into an event horizon.
Whether you remember me or not
Will never matter.

My name is not important,
But don't let that fool you,
Our meeting is as grandiose
As the creation of life itself.
For my light may flash
A heavenly bright torch

So long as your mind
Can make the right choice.
Whoever you are and wherever you may be, thank you for letting me cross the threshold of space and time into your life, even if for a moment.
May 2019 · 1.4k
Time's Cinema
Marla May 2019
To linger in the stillness
Of Time's infinite wake
Is to stifle a lifetime
For loss' sake.
Take grasp of Your being,
Brief as it may seem,
For the rest is darkness,
And the silence:
Apr 2019 · 1.4k
Strike thy Tyrant
Marla Apr 2019
Humility escapes
The proud
So that it can
The meek
Like a small child
With a pencil
The Temple
Is weak.
Apr 2019 · 2.1k
American Woman '19
Marla Apr 2019
Not unlike the monster for which it was named,
With debaucherous whims that divide foreign lands;
Here at the briny, gilded portal to our home now stands
A hollow woman with a torch, whose warmth
Has become faded and disheartening, and her name
Mother of Philistines. From her once guiding hand
Emerges world-wide distaste; deranged eyes ransack
The smog-filled harbor that dystopias fame.
“Keep, other lands, your progressive pomp!” shrieks she
With welded lips. “Take our tired, our poor,
Our huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of our teeming shore.
Take these, the homeless, tempest-tost from me,
Lift your lamp as a guide and take them all!”
An adaptation of "A New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, the poem inscribed at the base of America's Statue of Liberty.
Apr 2019 · 1.7k
Honey to the soul
Marla Apr 2019
Be kind
Every time
Your reflection
Meets the eye-

Who you see
May just be
The person
To set you free.
Self-Love is like honey to the soul.
Apr 2019 · 1000
Reality v. Wisdom
Marla Apr 2019
You can't stay young forever

Life will try to leave you behind anyways
Apr 2019 · 2.3k
Death by Rabbit Hole
Marla Apr 2019
Get a tourniquet
For your bleeding heart
'fore passion's flames
Give death a start
Apr 2019 · 2.0k
Marla Apr 2019
I was in jail the night we met.
The dues I paid still don't explain
How 'twas for you I was meant.

After you stole me away
And showed my mind sweet surrender,
I learned to keep the demons at bay-
They made me a cheap pretender.

In a clairvoyant haze,
I let the light of love hold me tender.
The paths I walk are now paths I raze,
You led me to the root of splendor
And with that I'll do okay.
Apr 2019 · 5.8k
Pink Flames
Marla Apr 2019
This flame grows higher
As the days march on,
It shan't ever tire
For it rages much too strong.
In my heart, yes, in my heart
The immortal heat yearns,
Bring thy kiss and start
A sensational sweet burn.
Apr 2019 · 1.9k
Matchstick Politics
Marla Apr 2019
Building bridges
Out of fallen trees
Only brings fire
To the village
Apr 2019 · 1.9k
The Rat Race
Marla Apr 2019
Rise and shine, time to cruise away
Rushing out in the dollar's name
As your life is used in vane
For poor commerce's sake
It doesn't matter if you're baked
Or if tragedy gives you a teary shake
You better not be late
Or you’ll eat from an empty plate
And starve until heaven's gate
Apr 2019 · 1.5k
Marla Apr 2019
Meadows of loving emotion
Jostle us kindly away
From cascades of swollen ire
That guide our desires astray.
Apr 2019 · 1.4k
Ninety-Nine to One
Marla Apr 2019
To live life sat atop a plush throne,
You must release your inner pain.
Sweat fluidly and gather a flush tone-
No burdened toil shall fester in vane.
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
Moonlit Palm
Marla Apr 2019
Sitting on a beach as the wind sways gently,
A slender palm tree moves as in a dance.
Reminiscing about each moment lived happily
As the panorama of dusk takes the ocean's lamp.
My senses, though numbed, are primed
To receive the night's embrace.
This evening, though young, burns sublime
Energy into our enlightened grace.
Apr 2019 · 1.7k
Chance of Flying/Dying
Marla Apr 2019
This path on which I've come so far,
It has neglected my condition and left me tired.
The fire within is fleeting like a dim star
As these legs move like thinned wires.
Premonitions of the precognitive sort
Project into my dearest slumbers
To lend a communicative report
Concerning the sweetest of encounters.
But that future seems so far away
And my will to move forward
May waver towards the end of days.

Yet happenstance will show me my way,
She hardly leads the lost astray.
Apr 2019 · 1.6k
A New Age
Marla Apr 2019
My existence weighs heavy today,
Heavier than any moment to precede it.
I must decide now what will be my way,
If I shall rise to victory or remain defeated.
But in all truth, I feel not afraid.
Other challenges, I have vanquished
Lacking that languished hand of aid.
Yes, life is my special stage.
I shall revel in it's light,
As well as that of my new age.
Apr 2019 · 2.5k
Coffee Dipped Love
Marla Apr 2019
Tinkling rhythms engulfed us
As we sat in a cuban bistro,
Surrounded by the populace
And having nary a place to go.

We spoke of many things
That curried the other's favor,
Then I noticed her silver rings
And decided I'd wait no later.

This stranger that sat before me,
Blue curls atop her pretty head,
Observed my hand steadily
As it dropped off the table's end.

I reached into my bag and withdrew a rock,
It's complexion of gold and plaque shining silver.
Her reaction was that of pleasant shock
As I wished her congrats on turning a year older.

Now, a year and some days later,
We've both reached a special place.
Day to day I get to face her
And feel my lover's warm embrace.
Apr 2019 · 2.1k
Missing Innocence
Marla Apr 2019
Peering upside down
Hanging from a monkey bar
As laughter rings all around,
Both near and far.
I can't seem to stop missing that innocent bliss
That followed me everywhere before I turned six.
Now I'm kind of sad that all I have are memories,
But I guess that's to remind me happiness is still a possibility.
Apr 2019 · 970
Marla Apr 2019

(Repeat ad nauseam)
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