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Maaz Jun 12
The pain one man feels can be felt by another.
When one man suffers, we all suffer.
But the suffering of one does not equate to that of another,
What we go through is nothing compared to our sisters & brothers.

One man may starve & no hands will reach out to feed him,
when You and I scroll through our feed, do we care for him?
In that moment, our hearts may bleed for him, but does that really matter? When a living, breathing man looks more like a cadaver.

We pile the blame on those in power
to allow our conscience to breathe,
And yet, in reality we, the people, are to blame.
For we can move mountains with our actions to help the powerless but instead we choose to lie and deny our own cowardice.
A crime we're all guilty of
I am not a poised person
| Nor am I a delight to hear
| But I am a truth warrior
|a knight for deeper meaning
|and a contender for reality
|So I speak my restless mind
|on the matters that matter most
\ and for this I am sutured.
| my mouth sewn shut
| by the red and yellow tape;
|political correctness
/ diminishing the truth
|until nothing is ever said
|And I weep
. Silent tears
Let the truth be known
What determines my character?

Like loss, it's more than letting go or peace in a gradual process. Our own mind has freedom, call it intelligence or imagination. We all know the truth & falsehood. But our self-realization is a combination of things, lead through experience. Slowly, we learn, call it truth, but it's a painful process of discovery or learning of our personal painful-regret. In not only what we did with our time. but to the time spent thinking about what we did, to those whom we loved too knowing we were only there for them. It's uncanny at times how we're thrown out of our normal life, coming to grips of what we wasted on. Regretting what we cared about, bounded upon on petty concerns or the things we thought we loved & it's not true.

In death or painful transitions, we'll look back & question what we were doing? When in normality or that comfort of an environment we have grown to know, our emotions tend to tell us, death isn't coming. Ideals are made to let us know who we can be, the pain of not putting effort into it will be far Superior to the daily pain of not doing so.

I’m not writing this in support of some doctrine, dogma, religion or philosophy.

The best ever compliment that I’ve ever received, is that I’m good enough

And the worst thing I could ever say to myself, don't ever change.

There’s politics, religion, culture. Things that people, families, communities, states, whoever had gone to war over. But no one ever protests ideas. With what we call truth & lies, there’s nothing to determine that besides our very emotional attachment. At the moment, I render that at the end of learning is absolutes, knowing the minds of gods, the daily lives of cultured masters and secrets of the common people, dead or alive.

Its ideas with a heartbeat and we attach ourselves to attainable actions when it’s exhausted, it’s either mundane or normal, comfortable or even useless, cause we don’t feel it.

This isn’t to make anyone feel bad or even to prove anyone wrong.

But there’s a price to pay when thinking for oneself. Hearing about the world being a totality of things, if one isn’t puzzled about it, life, society, civilization, culture or politics, it’s a possibility one is replica mind of another or it’s under total control. Is it better to work out consciously and critically one's own conception of the world and thus, in connection with the labours of one's own brain, choose one's sphere of activity, take an active part in the creation of the history of the world, be one's own guide, refusing to accept passively and supinely from outside the moulding of one' own personality? People hesitate. People tend not to think when the flow of life is normal. No one ever thinks about their external environment, whether it be peers, family, lovers or their spouse, not even the actions their dictate. What determines quality? It’s hard to come to grips when one’s internal life isn’t reflected in the external outside times of pain and suffering or feeling flat, when we’re starkly reminded of we’re doing the right thing or not?

It’s hard to let go of things that we care about, a community, a lover, a friend or even a daily routine such as coffee in the morning. All things come to an end and I think death is the harshness of reality. I say this stuff in order to think about one's character rather appeasing the external. Our very mind controls so much of it, often, if it feels good, we generally don’t think about it until those painful moments. None of what I’m saying is new, we can admire people on what they do, but despite who they are, example, we can admire someone creating an altruistic company but doing on an external command, like for wages or being a model employee. Fleeing ideas, forgetting what we’re doing. Often we do things in hopes of appeasing the outside or what we do will amount to contentment in the future. I’m not supporting the self-doing something for the selfishness of self-interest, but to develop a character of balance where it’s fulfilling, having the essentials as the bonus is a contribution to reality.

In a way, I am supporting one to develop a personalized individual philosophy. Feeling and knowing can be two completely different things. The now is a letting go of not only the personal past that's lived but of the future one will never experience.

By doing so, you’ll learn a lot, of not only what one is doing with their time, but to our peers, family and lovers. It’s shocking to how much the external is here for only that. And it’s worse to know when one has to gradual learn how to self develop into self-validation.
anotherken Feb 7
"Hurry, my child, dawn is coming clear."
"But mother, the wolves I cannot hear."
Yet I look at her, with a single tear
Feeling the need to be near.

"Do what is must, what is right."
"Save the people that save you might."
I swear to heaven, I tried to be a knight.
Just the thought of it fills me with fright.

Being moral in an amoral state,
Where the just seemed to ****** and ****.
It sickens me, fills me with hate
But what is there, left to save?

What of the leaders?
Apparently, they too are sinners,
Found guilty of being evil's supporters.
All for a greater purpose, I wonder.

What's the point of all the great morals and ethics,
If this immoral world makes it somewhat pathetic?
No symbols in a world seemed symbolic,
No heroes in a world seemed heroic.
Austerity is my abode
Benevolence is my sigil
Amour-propre is my ethos!!
All original content
Please repost with credits:)
Zywa Nov 2018
To understand what is going on
in my belly, the tingling and tickling
of the lashing tails that know blindly
what I am hoping for, I dive down
in the collective unconscious

I juggle with symbols
name the gloss of the cells
soul and the cells an embodiment
of the great soul, the invisible
connection of everything, and between everything

exists the mystery of the angels
who hold our essence
and in their hands, they carry my desire
to the nesting place
in my belly, tingling and tickling

while there are so many questions
from the angels of my mind
who are condemned as devils
by the fear of independence
of others and of yourself

questions, about what is going on
and opinions, pros and cons
angels and devils, sometimes both armed
with deception and threats, denying
that they are part of the great soul
Collection "Short Sermons"

Ethics is something human. It orients people towards a group or a greater whole to which they belong. For example, your family, the city where you live, humanity or the universe. In the context of your family and the city, ethics has a social function, in the context of mankind and the universe, ethics has a religious function.

The world is not rigid. Groups and larger wholes are constantly changing. So the ethical views of people inevitably change. There are always deeds that are both 'good' and 'bad' for the group or the whole. For example, the construction of a motorway; for example, abortion. It is not only about whether there is a conflict between the interest of an individual and the interest of a group or of humanity, but above all, it is important that in such cases there are both pros and cons. The latter means that both options are apparently important for the group or the whole. From tradition and conservatism, one choice can be labeled as 'good' and the other choice as 'bad', but these labels are not helpful for those involved; it is better to name the possibilities rationally with their pros and cons. Ethics is the social and religious search for a good balance. That is functional for an individual. And sometimes you are left with an unsatisfactory mix of pros and cons, which in a given situation does not lead to a decision that is unambiguously the best.
Aladdin Aures H Oct 2018
Something Is Sinking In The Dark
Such A Shiny wisp, As A Question Mark
Thousand Of Questions Gone A Dust
To Leave One Dream To Be The Last
Such A Bird In The Sky Became Blind
His Only Guide On This World, The Wind
He Is Going On The Storm With A Smile
He Will Realise Soon, Won't Take A while
Such Whole Life Sounds Real, But Fake
While When You're Gone It's Just A Blink
I Tell You Something Before You Whine
How Many Before You Took The Same Line?
This Is One Hard Fact We Will Never Like
But Our Deeds Will Stay To Reveal The Mask
Even The Sun Who Give The Light It Will Blast
And The Dark Will Fall To Stop Your Heart

No Matter How Harsh Will Be Your Life
Or How Many People Hit You With A Knife
What Matters Is How Strong You Can Last
And Dear There Is No Futur Without A Past
It's Something Good To Make You Wise
Life Won't Give You Lessons Without A Price
Your Bills Will Be Paid From Your Heart
From Your Feelings, Soul And The Trust
How Much Work You Will Do To Have A Fame
Remember Nothing Lasts Till The End Of Time
How Many Physical Things You Will Gain
Your Soul On This World Won't Remain
Even The Body Will Moulder With Your Brain
You Don't Like My Words?, Are You Fine !
There Is A Diffirence Of The Level In Our Mind
But We Still From The Same Creation And The Kind

Alot Of People Know What I'm Talking About
And You Still Think There Is Alot Like You?, I Doubt!
The First Human Was Living In A Cave!
And Our Last Station Is The Grave!
Then Rise Your Ethics, To Feel Around
In The End This Life Is Our Only Bound
Give Respect To People To Have Your Own
And Those Around You Won't Lay You Down
Ethics On People Are Their Crown
Losing Them Means Losing The Throne

Author : Aladdin Aures H.

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TB Dentz Jul 2018
Wherefore art my purpose in life
I'm filled with passion, love, and fight
Bursting with spirit until I'm overcome
By social anxiety and a long line at the grocery store

I want to be good but I'm without determination
I've been taught leadership, sure
And I don't want to be a follower
But do I want to make others into followers?

Is it possible to do good and not be a hypocrite
To organize people for a purpose
Without taking advantage of them
Without rewarding their efforts fairly?

Verily I remain a thinker, a ponderer
And regrettably not a man of action
It must be a moral quandary that keeps me at home
Because I could never admit that it's only fear of failure
The main reason I'm not the president. Of anything
Avery Glows Jul 2018
There's so much that you could say
to back up an irrational behavior
to cover for it.
A confession or
about a faltered mental state,
amid illusions, sights, incantations
of hearing a voice—
of exorcery
and of being possessed.

The only one thing that you weren't allowed to speak of,
was of you being you
willing the act.
Willing it
out of volition.

To be savage, and unhinged,
is a sin,
is blasphemy.
But why?

The Devil is obscene and real,
so is the savagery within
unleashed where you have wandered
out of reach from the realms of sense and conscience.
into Dionysian.

Dwell with me.
“ Come unto the dark.”
“ Let there be no fear. ”
July 2018
Emmiasky Ojex Jun 2018
Oh! I am in a state
a state of confusion
Where i don’t know which way to go
a state of dilemma

Oh! I am in a state
a state where i don’t know what is right from wrong
Where i see two road;a narrow with few and a wide with many
a state of dilemma

Oh! I am in a state
a state where i start to question my loyalty
Where it’s either to stay put or move on
a state of dilemma

Oh! I am in a state
a state where i get complains from both sides; both good and bad
where i get tempted by the vanits of life
a state of dilemma

Oh! I am in a state
a state where the joy of eternity seems too far ahead
Where i get addicted to the phrase “LIVE FOR NOW”
a state of dilemma

Oh! I am in a state
a state i can only be saved from by HIM
Where only THE POTTER can help
a state of assurance

For, I am now in another stage of the state
a stage of addiction to the narrow
Where i can envisage now that my future now and later is shining bright

A state of SMARTNESS
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