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Zywa Jul 23
Do I prefer to

remember, forget, forgive --

or be forgiven?
Novel "The seven moons of Maali Almeida" (2022, Shehan Karunatilaka)

Collection "Inmost [1]"
Zywa Jun 18
On the bridge before these walls
stood the spears with the heads
of all who were in the way

cut off on the block, with ravels
if the convicted refused
to pay the headsman

for a quick death, the heads
with holes where the blackbirds pick
the holes where the eyes were

The parishioners wore shawls
over their noses and mouths
during the Sunday service

in the church of the chains
because it reeked from the vault
full of beheaded bodies

oh, history lessons
don't make anyone happy
at best our children

if we don't let us be tied down
by complicity in injustice
lifelong guilt and shame

if we dare to count on each other
and rise up against tyranny
Tower of London

Henry VIII

Collection "The drama"
Zywa Jun 7
I just can't help it,

I lie because of the truth --

It's slipping away.
Novel "De andere school - De geschiedenis van een verraad" ("The other school - The history of a betrayal", 1949, Simon Vestdijk), I-5, page 241

Collection "Inmost"
Zywa May 20
Always just joy and happiness
would be boring, but what can I
know about something that doesn't occur?

It would also be unfair, indeed
unbearable, if fairy tales
could be real

I don't begrudge my friends anything
as long as we go well together
and they don't flaunt

their children
being in the clover
or other prosperity

I avoid neighbours and colleagues
who like to brag about
additions and gadgets

I can miss those things
but Gladstone Gander's certainty
that there will always be enough

the blessing of good fortune
I would like to have that
And therein lies the seed

the seed of my envy
my greed, so that I can show
that I am blessed
Evil Fairy: Envy (out of the need to have a blessed life yourself)

About greed: poem "Evil Boss" (see May 21st)

Collection "Mastress"
Zywa May 17
The people here
are not quite grown up
They live past inconveniences

So I'm gonna settle it
Like a parent for their own good
Comment is all in the game

I don't mind, we have to move on
Who does not act, is manipulated
and my own preferences
don't appear out of the blue
I have experience

I chip and wipe away the chips
I am a doer, a maker
No expensive gestures
no desperate remedies
to reassure desperate patients

I know what I'm doing, there are goals
to achieve and worlds to win
with ambition

the seed of my misdeeds
my taunted pride
to want to achieve something
Evill Intent: Misdeed (out of pride, subordinating fellow human beings "for their own good" to an interest that has your preference)

About pride: poem "Evil Eye" (see May 18th)

Collection "Mastress"
Zywa May 17
Just sully your hands

and cover them, draw the veil --

of your black money.
Communist equality and true equality

"Trzy kolory: Bialy" - Równość ("Three Colours: White" [Equality], 1993, Krzysztof Kieślowski), Karol

Collection "Mastress"
Zywa Apr 24
Will people ever

love the earth, their mother, more --

than all their vices?
Hymn "Dies irae, dies illa" ("Day of Wrath, that day") in the requiem mass (2020) by Antjie Krog, performed in the Organpark on April 22nd, 2023 under the direction of Gonny van der Maten

Collection "org anp ark" #285
Zywa Mar 15
I am not as good

as I can be. I'm afraid --

of God. Pray for me.
Ragnar (Ingvar Sigurdsson) in the movie "Vanskabte land" ("Deformed countries"/"Godland", 2022, Hlynur Pálmason)

Collection "Secrets & Believers"
Zywa Mar 12
I do what I can

and the rest is what it is --

really, that is all.
Collection "Secrets & Believers"
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