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i was the flesh you needed
to cover your aching bones
but then your skeleton
decided he didn't need a home
Details delicate
Skeletal overlay
A cage of roses
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 72
Delaney Feb 2
here stands a skeleton
of a girl who’s heart is all she
has left and in her aching,
that heart’s last beat will
be for a love only found
up above.

-turns out only one person can save me
Shame Jan 28
Spider on the wall in a shower stall

Skeleton to the end, a somber mule
Beast of burden

Each successive time I claim
I'm in a balanced state

Every judgemental word of stone that you cast
Shall ricochet and slap you in the face
When you gossip
Be careful
For a bird might hear you
And tell others what you had said
Don't fire arrows of jealousy
For you shall be put to shame
Don't try to mould someone into what you'd like them to be
Unless you're willing to do something against your own will
Don't accuse others of wrong action
If you are guilty of more
For your skeleton in hiding
Will almost always fall out of the cupboard at the most inopportune time
Be who you are
And people shall respect you more
It's better to deal with a criminal
Than to speak to one who wears a mask
Written by Sean Achilleos 19 January 2019©
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When pretending is what you do to seem alive,
but your actually rotting corpse.
Wearing down to the bone.
My bones don't rest comfortably together.
They cause friction and your the only thing
keeping me from wearing away.
There are no
More parts of me
To give.

You have taken
And locked it
Away where I can’t find it.

I have searched
For myself for
So long
I don’t remember who I used to be.

But that person was
Much more whole than
You’ve left me.
I am a skeleton of who I once was.

So cold and lonely.
Chris Dec 2018
I'm going down

These illustrated roads
Limbed pain no gain
March breeze
on goose skin

Coming out for old time sake
Feelers reaching into
the skeleton
Organs feed the
bleeding hand

Caught up in auras of isolation
Religious Sunday's
This is the working man

Addiction for addictive change
Replacing the untraced
Falling back on blackland hills
Iron creased

Aerosol starched in
Real time sneaking in
Frenzied reality
The fantasy
The fight.....................
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