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Ackerrman Aug 8
I guess it is a relief to see you
Again, my old friend. Cloaked, your head of blue,
You wander among the graves like fireflies,
Absolute darkness, jittering night skies.  
It never seems to fail to startle my
Child-like sensation of life passing by.
Orderly rows, rigid cartridge paper,
Ink and tax reports, functions to cater.
Misanthropic, naïve, idealistic
Degenerative and narcissistic,
Paranoid, poisonous, parasitic
Fear giver. Fear receiver. Entropic
Skeleton, dancing in caustic acid,
Looking on. A quiet, forlorn Aphid.
as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Jeanette Jul 30
When on my most desolate path
That needed not just
Sprucing up
But overhauling
Not a sprinkler
But an intensive one
Gentle and Constant

You pruned my thorns
And witheredness
Dug a bit to root out
Skeletons and brokenness
Strew a big chunk of compost
Covering deep depression
Gently soothed with saltless tears
And Oh so Constantly
Compost here stands for compassion affection love
Saltless tears : water. Support to let one grow to fullness again.
Cat Lynn Jul 23
Empty and Full of nothing but dry bones
No senses or feelings left for me to hold

Lifeless and Dead, like the expressions it left me
Every emotion drained like blood. No more breathes left to breathe

It ignores, it is hard, and the dead body is cold
The warmth and love has been stripped away as skin unfolds

But I stay by it still... although it is avoiding the very aspect of living
I know these bones can come alive. Please be forgiving

Laying in broken bony pieces, but yet beautifully organized and created.
Dead inside, but once majestically living and related

Although I have been left behind with the skeleton that remains
I know it can come back to life with the very call of its name

Feelings abandoned, and touches now feeling decayed.
I still have hope... so I will not dig its grave.

You will come back from the dead...
And you will learn to talk... and learn to feel again
I am now left with the Skeleton that remains

Wowwwwww i actually wrote something decent... gees it's late I need to go to bed gosh... also... I'm back yayyyy.. we will see when the next poem comes...

This poem is based on a skeleton dragon someone bought for me XD
Maniac girl Jun 11
Embellished skeleton with roses
And that skeleton is Dancing like it’s possessed
It’s dancing with a man who has a devil smirk, wild eyes and bewitching face,
He’s evil, don’t get obsess.

Don’t play with fire
It’s only a desire
Desires are like weather
You know  both of you can’t be together

It so fascinating that something so sinful will take you to heaven
But it’ll be only his trick playing with your mind which is his new home
Today you can’t go to heaven
Cause death is yet to come

It's not what you think
He's a God who's about to blink
God of lies
Evil you despise

Wild, everything about him is so wild
Child, he says I’m just a stupid child
I said yes when he asked me to stay
But deep down I am sure I’m his prey

I don’t know how he’s going to commit the mürdêr of mine
But I prefer poison in my wine
He says you are mine to torture
I’ll be your cruel lover

I’ll love you to death and wait till you become a beautiful skull
And then I’ll decorate you with roses and pearl
Oh my corpse bride there’s nothing that can divide, no never
We’ll be together forever

I agree that I’m a wicked trickster
But I am your one and only master
Kiss me and end it really faster
And I promise it’ll be happily ever after.
farthest star May 21
Her ribcage woven of wood and climbing roses
in the center nests a family of tiny blue-birds
singing Her soul to sleep
a displaced heart clenched in Her bony fingers

              eager to for-give

eyes bursting with diamonds and rubies
In Her skull, a roaring fire that can never be quenched
wind dusts Her chalky exterior to reveal a skeleton of gold
hair of scarlet silk and tied in a ribbon of promise


She'll outlive the eons to come or her beauty withered in vain
For my friend. May you rest in peace :(
I'm not the holy, I am sinner too.
We all are sinners.
Because we living on the Earth.
The angels shining just in Heaven.
We living in our sins.
And everybody have a skeleton in closet.
But not for show.
Why should we know about it?
It's legal right to have own secrets.
You buried it with your skeletons. Refused to show it. Why’d you hide it?
Bury it deeper, so I keep digging for it. Where’d you hide it?
Why you playing this game with me? Burying me with your skeletons. Cradling me in the grave you made.
Ten feet under. It is hard to move. Air is running low. No where to go.
You said you would take me higher,
To a place where I don’t feel so low.
You promised me you would deliever
But you only take me lower.

You were my angel.
You bought me up to heaven,
Holding me by the hand.
Then you dropped me back down.
Sending me plummenting into the ground.
I fell into a new low,
From the highest place one could go.

I am digging below rock bottom,
Reaching a new low that I didn’t know I could go.
Lower than low.

This is my new low.
The grave I dug for myself to lie in.
I look more dead than these skeletons
It is too deep for light to enter,
There is no love down here,
Only hate.
Renn Powell Mar 18
i was the flesh you needed
to cover your aching bones
but then your skeleton
decided he didn't need a home
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