Dev Singh Mar 18

Soar high above the clouds,
And reach up for the sky;
Where dreams are everything,
And everything is you and I.

Johnnyqu33r Mar 1

A part of me is ready,
To find a great adventure,
And live fully in the 'now'.
But I can't do that right now,
And it gives me anxiety.

To think too far ahead,
I get lost and uncomfortable,
And I don't return the same.
The 'now' is here and present,
And I'm so scared of change.

Tomorrow doesn't often come,
Because I never let go of today,
And yesterday is just repeating,
and 'now' is not okay,
I can't plan that far ahead...

A part of me is ready.

K Balachandran Jan 31

One tiny fiery ant
with a tiny wand,
deftly conducted
a grand orchestra of
ants with varied talents,
resulting in a musical storm,
unheard of in the
craggy ant world before.

The ants with diaphanous wings
smug, complacent dandies
that counted themselves
nothing less than regal
buzzing above unaware
of  this magic electrifying
the land of ordinary ants below,
but had a hunch somehow
"Are we missing out
on some fine thing
ants like us should aspire for
or is it just a feeling
without any basis?"

You just have to remember it's not time to run away,
And not because you know you don't want to,
But because no one will let you.
This is how reality works:
It forces you to do painful things you swear you cannot.
You know you have accomplished things,
You pushed for them hard enough.
Now you have to keep going,
Because you didn't get this far to just give up.
You may feel like you have no willpower to try,
But you have to get through this again.
You need to at least try to get good grades,
Or to yourself you'll be good as dead.
I know you don't have the aspiration, you feel you don't have the strength;
You need to ace this all again to get to where you've planned.
You feel like nothing will work and you'll be stuck in destruction all your life,
My dear, if you go through hard patches,
Then you have to put up a good fight.
So tell them that you'll try,
Because they don't want you to.
Tell them up inside your head that you will have that aspiration again.
You tell them girl,
That you will do more than the best they thought you could,
Because I know this women is a whole lot stronger than she looks.

hfallahpour May 2016

Follow thy aspiration
Without an iota of consternation
hopes and aspirations
are crushed by desperation
and that's the severe invasion

Rachna Beegun Feb 2016

Replace fear with aspiration.
Now, climb.

solEmn oaSis Dec 2015

" the  spectator "

i am not  writing for 5k
i'm not preparing for compilation
i am not trying to set new record
i'm not trying to impress you,,i was just saving my life

the thing is.... I feel like dizzy because i am lack of sleep
doing alone all the laundries
then i need to wake up early to hang those over
even though i am too sleepy!yet 12 hours of driving is await for me

i am telling  you this because my privacy
is just like a book on the library
you can read me all over again,if you want to pick me up
but then again,,there is a policy beyond my legacy...


starting from then on
boost my self to face more aspiration
and i do believe that " a day after " is our comprehension

such as my own motto in life and it goes something like this...
" Tomorrow will never be the same beautiful as you unless you keep
yesterday seems to be precious,, for you to surprisingly
survive the essence of today's challenges! "

the question is---
---mirror is my visible answer ;)
MonkeyZazu Sep 2015

Moonlit late night
clear mind and insights,
realizations had.

As I ponder on my love for her
lost in the wonder of being her lover
I understand what she means to me
I realize what I want to be

Not an "object" of her affection
No, not an uncontrollable obsession
but a nice cool refreshment
for her being.

Ideally she'll come, dip into me
I'll engage and wash away
all her misfortunes and worries.

Not being stagnant like a pond,
but more like a river that continues to flow on
washing over her
with new experiences.  

A catalyst for her greatest
keeping her vibration high
and her spirit weightless.

Evolving and growing,
not controlling,
but easygoing.

Ultimately I want to be
myself and uphold honesty.
Continue to adore her geometry,
and impress her with my poetry.

TMN <3
Meg Howell Jul 2015

I've lost my mind
in a sea of dreams
It's floating around with my hopes and things
The only time I can see to reach it,
is when the tide comes in,
and my creativity subsides,
If that's the cost for a normal mind,
I'd rather be mad

Clockwork May 2015

I saw an ember
Drifting gently across the sky
Like a star that's lost its way
Or can't remember
Exactly why
The others are so far away

I wonder how far
It is from its mother, the fire,
This bright spark
Of hope that scars
My vision with line like wire
So strong is its point of light in the dark

Does it wish to be a sun?
Giving life to planets and warmth
To this dead Earth
Or will too soon its light be done
Its temporary glow that wanders forth
From some unknown hearth?

I wish it all the best
And it rides on this slow breath
As the gentle cool winds are
Washing over its burning chest
Imagine a heart within, death
Too quick to turn it to a cinder

A wingless firefly
That searches for the gold
Nectar of the constellations,
Against a silent sky
Despite its fire still cold
And time impatient

It goes out.

I'm left staring into the dark,
How far did it make it? I ask
How close did it come?
I fear I know the answer isn't far...

A poem about transiency and the preciousness of the lives we lead, but also the short time we have to achieve our dreams and aspirations. There is, though, no doubt an inherent beauty in this notion.
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