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Mose 3d
Your heart stays a summer breeze.
Setting a blaze to the tundra inside of other’s hearts.
Allow those icicle thoughts to melt.  
Float down a river beyond your self-doubt.
Reach me at the horizon.
Slime-God Sep 4
A quaint beginning,
marked by visions of grandeur.
What torment is this?
Lou Vaughn Aug 16
I wish I were as powerful and beautiful and mysterious as a storm.
I want to be the biting sting and soothing saturation in every drop of rain.
I want to exist as the current of electromagnetism that surges and scintillates through every bolt of lightning.
I want to be as elusive and unpredictable as the unsettled wind.
I want there to be no doubt I AM here, no doubt I WAS here, and absolute uncertainty of my return.
Open your wings and fly high in the boundless infinite expanse of opportunity’s sky.
But not you. You’re bed-bound.
Kyle Jul 2
The little bird wanted to fly;
But an accident occurred and it cried.
It got shotted and can't fly.
It nearly died and wanted to say goodbye.
It's dream was to soar high in the sky.
Will the little bird give up on its dream and say goodbye?
Or will it give all its best to soar high and make it's dream come true to life?
What if a mouse
Had the power of a human?
Would it do as a human does?
Or would it continue as a mouse?
What if a human
Had the power of a god?

We yearn for something greater,
Something that gives meaning
To our flesh and bone.
Answers to questions we desperately seek,
Only to find our ambition
Outweighs our ability.

We want something we don’t understand
With the hope that we will.
Should a man possess the power of a god,
That man will not be godly.
That man would still be a man,
But seen as a god to other men.
Who would teach that man to be a god
If no other man has been a god?

We shun the notion of a mouse
Being human,
Yet laugh at the challenge
Of being a god.
But what’s the difference?
Crystene Apr 24
I know you are always
Shining like a rainbow
A bridge for those
Who are passing by
To climb upstairs of life
Far away there is a sunshine
As my aspiration
I may not reach you
But I can look up and try
To shine like you
Believing in you
Pyassa Lias Apr 16
Tired flames
Still burn, though they struggle
Tired flames, The wind is to come thy way
And fight you shall, to keep thy light

To the heavens one cries for mercy
Only to be met with rain
Tired flames
Struggle, struggle
They come for your light
Every Man Has a Dream
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

Every man has a dream that he cannot quite touch...
a dream of contentment, of soft, starlit rain,
of a breeze in the evening that, rising again,
reminds him of something that cannot have been,
and he calls this dream love.

And each man has a dream that he fears to let live,
for he knows: to succumb is to throw away all.
So he curses, denies it and locks it within
the cells of his heart and he calls it a sin,
this madness, this love.

But each man in his living falls prey to his dreams,
and he struggles, but so he ensures that he falls,
and he finds in the end that he cannot deny
the hope that he feels or the tears that he cries
in the darkness of night for this light he calls love.

Keywords/Tags: Man, Dream, Love, Vision, Fantasy, Aspiration, Hope, Sin, Madness, Cell, Prison, Real, Reality, Touch, Tangible, Contentment, Comfort, Consolation, Prey, Trapped, Snared, Prisoner, Captive, Hope, Fears, Tears, Elusive, Elusiveness
Beowulf Mar 11
Oysters they're out there - somewhere,
as the oyster men slowly drift through the inlet.
Heaved by sail and oar;
sinews of sheets and sails stretched.

Driven by hope and anticipation
the patina of time etched in weatherbeaten faces;
Like a lure for life the longline stretches and dredges, expectant evermore.

Drifting from catch to catch where the ardent prosper;
Achieve and believe the addiction and alchemy of the aspirant,
"Dream big" of the world the unenviable oyster of youth,
Dictums of the desirous drifting from goal to goal,
and chore to chore.

Mantras of men mourning forgone missives of the masculine.
The dredges of disconnected men's minds to sea.
Destined for despair.
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