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It doesn't matter how long it took
before we
met each
other. What
matter most
was how well
we'd ever
stay together
longer. On
our journey
of trust,
honesty fuels the motion. Loving
you is a
mission with commitment
to bringing us
to a rightful
Baby you're my aspiration, my
dream in
whom lies
my whole vision.
I'll lay on my bed to dream again
Of that faraway land beyond
Where many say promises lay
I'll sleep to dream again

To what depth will I have to sleep
And dream again of the wondrous land
And to what height do I ascend
To behold your glorious deep

Oh you faraway land in keep
In my dream you are no more
To my reality I return, no more of you
A figment of thoughts, a dream in dream
The grass is greener here

Do not hope for anythang you desire; rather work for everythang you aspire.
Do not hope when you aren't doing anythang, only hope when you're working make fortune smile on you.  
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I feel
so many feelings
all the time.

I am
a feeling being.

I need
to feel
to understand
the meaning of my experiences
in comparison to my needs and aspirations.

my feelings
happen intuitively
and prior to careful evidence-based reasoning
and so my feelings are not philosophically reasonable
and so my feelings are dangerous
if I use my feelings to define what reality is.

I protect myself
from unphilosophical unreasonable feelings
by never enacting my feelings,
by never reacting motivated by feelings;
rather I use my feelings
only as information
that I am having feelings
and so my needs and aspirations
may be affected in some way
by my experiences
which led to my feelings;
then I reflect
on my experiences
to philosophically reasonably discover
how it is most useful for me to feel
to achieve my optimal joy an happiness.
I bought a hat which fit me
It was a hat was never worn

I loved every lass who kissed me
And had five children born

I told a lie will own me
Moment to moment to my last

I owed a debt that drove me
To regret my wasted past

I've drunk more bottles empty
Than written poems of worth

Counted friends aplenty
All cherished for their mirth

People say my Father made me
Happy the hat that finds a peg

People say my Mother braid me
Unhappy the noose that fits the head

The good I left behind me
May never see the light

Any bad which lives in memory
Is a hat was made too tight

Tommy Randell 07.01.2020
Betty Dec 2020
Unborn plans to which we aspire
broken daydreams piled ever higher
one day when we finally expire
they end up on our funeral pyre
a few lost hopes to fuel the fire!
Descovia Dec 2020
In a realm of fallen angels.

We rebuild all through light, and love!  

All of which, the shadows have failed to consume in eternal darkness.
Kyle Dec 2020
The sun rises;
The stars surprises;
Evening's glowing light;
Gardenias growing right.
Not really sure if this is about dreams.
KG Nov 2020
Today I left behind
The life of leisure theater
The cast plead with me to remain seated
Convincing speeches that I want to believe
I'm not
Conceited to dream past these shutters
Couldn't see the greener grass past the plummet
Now I'm Three less leaches to feed over the weeked, peace friend I'm leaving to seek the me I believe sleeps far off into the future
And I can't wait to meet him.
Slime-God Sep 2020
A quaint beginning,
marked by visions of grandeur.
What torment is this?
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