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Andreas Simic Jun 17
Lined up like soldiers

you stand tall and straight at attention

like them you guard humanity

by providing for us

through your shade and ever presence

sometimes in your dress of leaves

other times dormant, asleep but not

though no matter the season or the reason

whether as a heat source or inspiration

as a haven for insects or resting place for birds

the livelihood for a wood pecker or mushrooms

you’re there waiting to fulfill your destiny

Despite man’s insatiable hunger

to mow you down like blades of grass

yet it is the oxygen you provide

which allows us to live another day

the irony of it all

even for the tall

Andreas Simic©
GaryFairy Mar 21
We can be perfect. Maybe not by the imperfect standards of others. But they say nobody's perfect. They don't believe in perfection. They never watched a bird in flight, headed south. Perfect. A baby crying for food, perfect. Our consciousness can be perfect, if even for a minute. That means we can too. There are games that are impossible to be perfect at. Then there are parlor games such as pool, darts and bowling. You can be perfect at those sometimes, if you practice. The same goes with life. If we think we can't be perfect, then it is impossible. If we aspire to think perfect thoughts, then those thoughts aspire forever. Forever. I fail all the time, but it is my own fault, because I try things that are said to be impossible. Why not?
Just more consciousness stuff I put on Facebook.
Nigdaw Dec 2021
I looked up
and saw the meteors
in my daddies eyes
fiery dreams
that had been held up
by a wish and a prayer
I saw his disappointment
that the show ended too soon
but perhaps one day
there'll be a time
for us to shoot the moon
Dave Robertson Sep 2021
Aspiration? A tricky call.
I’m more than willing to give you a leg up,
but I can’t define where you’ll climb,
or I’ll be the *** who assumes

your *** might become an astronaut,
an assassin for hire,
or just gain enough cash to survive,
or be proudly working class,
or to clash with the establishment
and bring them crashing down
your *** might want to work
hard and fast
or be happy to rock up comfortably last
the amount of possibilities are vast
and equally valid and yours

I’ll lend a mind, some thoughts, some words to help
but for each self to realise themselves,
I’ll not assume,
we know what that would make us

It doesn't matter how long it took
before we
met each
other. What
matter most
was how well
we'd ever
stay together
longer. On
our journey
of trust,
honesty fuels the motion. Loving
you is a
mission with commitment
to bringing us
to a rightful
Baby you're my aspiration, my
dream in
whom lies
my whole vision.
I'll lay on my bed to dream again
Of that faraway land beyond
Where many say promises lay
I'll sleep to dream again

To what depth will I have to sleep
And dream again of the wondrous land
And to what height do I ascend
To behold your glorious deep

Oh you faraway land in keep
In my dream you are no more
To my reality I return, no more of you
A figment of thoughts, a dream in dream
The grass is greener here

Do not hope for anythang you desire; rather work for everythang you aspire.
Do not hope when you aren't doing anythang, only hope when you're working make fortune smile on you.  
Carl D'Souza Feb 2021
I feel
so many feelings
all the time.

I am
a feeling being.

I need
to feel
to understand
the meaning of my experiences
in comparison to my needs and aspirations.

my feelings
happen intuitively
and prior to careful evidence-based reasoning
and so my feelings are not philosophically reasonable
and so my feelings are dangerous
if I use my feelings to define what reality is.

I protect myself
from unphilosophical unreasonable feelings
by never enacting my feelings,
by never reacting motivated by feelings;
rather I use my feelings
only as information
that I am having feelings
and so my needs and aspirations
may be affected in some way
by my experiences
which led to my feelings;
then I reflect
on my experiences
to philosophically reasonably discover
how it is most useful for me to feel
to achieve my optimal joy an happiness.
Betty Dec 2020
Unborn plans to which we aspire
broken daydreams piled ever higher
one day when we finally expire
they end up on our funeral pyre
a few lost hopes to fuel the fire!
Descovia Dec 2020
In a realm of fallen angels.

We rebuild all through light, and love!  

All of which, the shadows have failed to consume in eternal darkness.
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