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She was degraded by her appearance
But being admired by her tolerance
She had proven herself once
And don't waste the time for every chance

She still remember where she stand
Still look back where, there's a helping hand
They gave me anything I want
Too much help that you can't even count like sand
Lee Carter Sep 27
Hypocrisy is its own critique.
The shadow of an argument that casts shade upon itself.
She wore endurance as a cloak.
Tried ever so sorely and wrongly,
She committed all to the Vindicator.
In her resolute quietness, she spoke volumes.

For her ardent disparagers,
Her payback was tireless hours of intercession.
As she stoically embraced undeserved tribulations,
She gained character, wisdom, and tranquility.

Who dares put out the brilliance of a star?
Her sublimity resonates evermore in the
darkest patch of the night.
Though seared with scars,
her stellar virtues are glaring,
illuminating hearts and inspiring minds.

She can’t feign ordinariness,
Even if she hides behind her own shadow.
Detached from a frenzied world,
She derived her essence from heavenly fire.

Oh, had they known the fount from hence she drank,
they would not have, in malignity,
ensnared their own souls
in a bid to put out her luminous radiance.
They have murdered sleep through their ignoble gestures.

Behold the star as she abides in the firmament!
Purified by the trials and tribulations,
she stoically endures and thrives.
The sky may be bespangled with twinkling stars,
but her brilliance stands out in luminary distinction.
Lili Sep 13
She is existing between life and death.
Most "waking" moments feel like a dream,
and days pass like coming of age movie montages.
Only she is not the main character.
She is a side character whose only purpose is to be in a scene to further the plot.
But where do characters go once they've served their purpose?
Are they doomed to a life frozen in time watching the main characters live their happily ever afters?
Or do they cease to exist the moment no spotlight is on them?
The answer eludes her.
Despite being in the best position to know who she is, she remains clueless.
She was forced into a flat character arc so early on that she felt that it was easier to comply rather than to experience more trauma trying to resist.
She serves her purpose being one thing.
The geek.
Or the nice girl.
Or the outcast.
Or the *****.
But never all at once.
Never can she exhibit more than one trait.
After all of the titles given to her by others she merely accepted them as who they are.
Why try to define yourself when others are going to do it for you, she thought?
Because she was one thing she could never develop further.
Her character arc was flat.
She wasn't allowed acquaintances, friends, or partners that weren't determined before her use expired.
She was forced into the place between life and death alone.
Forced to watch both life and death alone.
And forced to experience the numbness alone.
Maria Mitea Sep 5
I remember you!
Climbing grapevine!

In my childhood yard,
You were climbing,
every year, little by little,
towards the sun, and blue sky,
leaving me on the ground,

Watching you year after year,
Your dexterity as a free climber,
Your character attracted me
When one day your dark black grapes came,
I wanted to be you, the climber.

Only you,
climbed higher, and higher,
and your grapes grew higher,
and higher,
green little eyes
looking from down
at your black sweet grapes,
in the middle of the summer.

My mother's voice,
My mother's voice never lefts me;
"Darling, do you need the ladder?
I can set the ladder for you,
You can pick the grapes
If you want some fresh grapes?"

Oh, mother!
Don't you see it!?
I reach the grapes from the ground.

I remember you!
Climbing grapevine!
I remember you!

I see you today only as a picture,
You make me climb up again.
Missing Home!
peter Aug 31
speed it up,
faster faster FASTER FASTER!

i'm the main character,
speeding down the freeway.

hitting 200 on the speedo,
not caring where i even go.

no traffic, no lights, no laws,
who knew loneliness could be so fun.

no music, no talking, no one,
not even the police to outrun.

how can this get any better?
my friend tugged on my sweater,

"hey peter, get it together,
it's only first period."
i just don't want to work on my college work right now, so i wrote this
UA Slam Aug 30
For the pessimists you were born the day you hurt,
For the optimists you were born the day you survived,
For those unclassified you were born the day you decided to live,
For the realists you were born on the day you touched air,
For the dreamers you were born everyday,
For the independent you were born into your first thought,
For the hurting you were born on the day you died,
For the empathetic you died with them and you were born with a burden,
For the diplomatic you were born head first,
For the curious you were born skeptical,
For the brave you came out colored,
For the kind you were born battered,
For the lost your were born found,
For the found you were born lost,
For the new and untouched you were born fearful,
For the evil you were born most perfect,
For the forgiving you were born with an undeniable strength,
For the newly classified you were born to change the world,
Fate paves the roads ahead of us and obligated are we to follow,
except, why else did God build crossroads?
Norman Crane Aug 22
every day
in the mirror i see
what looks a little more
like me
David Jul 8
You'll never get to experience the depth of the still water until you're submerged.
The iceberg of the mind...
There are no mistakes, only lessons manifesting in various degrees of challenge.
Adversity is the crucible through which character is shaped.
Let my equanimity be mistaken for indifference,
as my tolerance is for acceptance.
Because the mountain piercing the heavens is actually a dormant volcano.
Akhiz Munawar Jul 30
The phrase might go like this
Between those flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder
It all became evident
So, he showed an axe to his hair and tossed them in flames
Flames of every bridge he just burned
Thus, allowing rationality to rendezvous with his mind and soul
It’s a reciprocal arrangement nurturing a moral endeavor
One that nullifies willful blindness with concrete truth
Restraining all those peculiar idiosyncrasies of the heart
Flatlining prospects of getting lost in the familiar
A newfound resolve to honor the obvious
No more niceties of showing a candle to the sun
* Got a Haircut after 6 months… just wanted to give it some meaning.
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