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You can't craft honor
Character a clear birthmark
Darkness a defect
I think you can pretend but ultimately we are either born with it and are naturally inclined to do the right thing or without it and are forever doomed to replicate those who are. Sometimes they are successful but most of them fail miserably.
The Kimbeaux Sep 8
I am just me.
A single being.
A beginning and an end.

I am just me.
An individual.
My character and personality and morality belong to myself.

I am just me.
A human alone.
My heart is mine alone to own.

I am just me.
A person all my own.
My worth terminates in myself alone.
Feeling the sense of self during meditation. It’s just me and nothing else matters.
I wanted to tell the character that I'm writing
That his story would not be a happy ending

And yet with his innocent smile
And joyful eyes

He follows the paragraph like a guide
He soon will know

What a heartbreak will feel like
How betrayal changes someone

But he will also know
What the author feels like
My Dear Poet Jun 2022
One may have knowledge
but not everyone will have skill

One may have a skill
but not everyone will have talent

One may have a talent
but not everyone will have a voice

One may have a voice
but not everyone has something to say

One may have something to say
but not everyone will listen.
As for you, like it is for me
We find our place, between
who we are and who we imagine to be
Zywa Mar 2022
In our character,

our convictions make imprints --

of unfree conduct.
Against the Epistle to the Ephesians 1:13-14

Character = Imprint

Collection "Imprints Masks"
I S A A C Jan 2022
I refuse to diffuse myself
I refuse to refuse myself of these bubbling feelings
you brought me to a boil
you tried to be my character foil
scrub and rub myself clean of your imprinted kisses
but my mind is still tattooed by all your smooth moves
I was too naive and you were too cool
made me question my reality, made me lessen my sexuality
walking the line for someone again like the fool
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2021
No power in the 'verse
can stop her,
her name is a channel
in all directions,
it's just an object,
it doesn't mean what you think.

"Two-by-two, hands of blue."

Simon says safe passage
is such a slender thread,
a watered-down exchange,
it streams into
the substance of things:
objects in space.

"Two-by-two, hands of blue."

A life of Serenity,
it’s not applicable…
cold and naked,
dipping her feet
into a pond of impossibilities
—what she sees is seldom what she gets.

"Two-by-two, hands of blue."
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