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Linespace Oct 7
The first time my third eye opened, the world was horrifying to view.
I could see my entire life, each mistake glaring at me and pounding against my psyche.
Every good moment collided with the bad,
The future turned inside out and bathed me in a gory downpour of the viscera of moments to come.

Now, each time the sparks and fires start in my brain, it reopens
And with this golden eye of the blind gods, I'll stare into everyone's souls.
I'll watch all of you and judge you by the contents of your very essence.

I'll see you in the way you refuse to see yourself.
Because if people see what they want to see,
I've made it my duty to see the truth in all of it's slithering glory
As it encircles the apple, and beckons me forward.
KM Hanslik Sep 20
Always getting me high on your own supply;
in this lighting, feels like a crime to cry
upturned palms, holding conversation with the sky
over & over we keep asking ourselves "why?"
Too damaged to give up, too tired to try
but on our worst days we still look each other in the eye
Don't worry, we aren't trying to die
And I tell you it's okay, you don't have to lie
anymore, even with your train en route to a dead-end drive-by,
you still light up my world every time we say goodbye;
still got 12 text messages failed to reply,
leave the situation on standby in case somebody's looking for a good time,
keep your shoulders high & expectations low;
when you rat me out, your lips move so slow
crash-n-burn cuz we've got all this time to **** & nowhere to go,
so why don't you turn me down low
burn through my feelings like cigarette holes
on your last good jacket & don't tell me no,
I'm not a ******* sunflower with only 6 weeks to grow,
I'm just trying to make it on my own time
feeling like a burden every time I ring your line,
getting real tired of all this petty crime
inhaling character flaws like they're coke lines,
asking me for a dollar when I ain't got a dime
tired of you acting like all the bad scenes are mine,
but thanks for giving a **** about how my accomplishments are measuring up,
on the road to riches but seems I've broke down stuck
watch me dig myself out as I listen to how bad
your life *****.
A Simillacrum Sep 13
if I'm being honest, it was with virulence.
what did i do to myself that may have
caused the relationship to change?
well, she stopped doing.
most things.
well, what did i stop doing?
and did i stop doing?
i can't expect many things to make
any sense at all as a ******.
Blessed from birth,
knowing the grit of dirt
between my teeth,
Living the dream
where money means
Is it a paper cup, today?
Is it a ****** there
in the dirt with ***** in it?
My mom says if I could save,
I could make it work, easily -
but she's using my name
to evade her debts,
and when I finally
get gone, to get electricity,
I have to implicate
her as a criminal.
Steve Page Sep 3
Dive deep.
And push down
til you reach the dark.
Dust off the sea bed
and take hold of your bedrock.

If you don't
you'll sink anyway,
but without a tether
and without a way back.

So take a breath.
Dive deep.
And once you've got hold of
what lies there,
bring it to the surface,
scrape it off,
so it can be seen
and noone need wonder
what's down there.

Dive deep.
What choice do you have?
Self examination is followed by self acknowledgment.
B D Caissie Aug 30
Take those stumbling blocks and ****** build something...
Keiri Aug 20
Simple beauty is often complicated.
One who tries too hard isn't pretty.
But where exacly is it stated.
What defines beauty?

One is appealing to the eye.
But can be rotten inside.
It can all be one big lie.
One doesn't care and doesn't try.

One can be visually unappealing.
But a beauty within.
In the end, that one would win.
But one is sad, it's a sin.

Simple beauty is simple and short.
True and honest, yet humble.
One cares and repells the wrong sort.
It's the one that'll make you stumble.
F A Pacelli Sep 9
no matter how dark
    the abyss
no matter how weak
    the body
no matter how lost
    the mind
there is a way out
    to rebirth

you must believe
F A Pacelli Aug 19
when they insult you
smile back
when they hurt you
smile back
they don’t matter
you matter
so smile back
you will show them all
what you are made of
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