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colorfulSmoke Sep 11
Bare Heart beat down
By cinnamon on snake scales

Reddish beats in soil

SnakeFactoryⓇ grinds blood
To make finger painting kits
Ava Jul 1
O, Pity! O, Pity! O, Splendid Misery!
Deliver me! Deliver me! Set me free!
Let me see the fallen with my own eyes
so they may be remembered by someone
who's heart is open and wide.
Let the masses see how great loss can be,
carry them away from their comfortable fantasies.
There's a battlefield in every sweatshop,
a soldier in every seamstress,
and a casualty in every soul lost
to humanity's avarice.
Set them all free! Let us rejoice in their gain!
Human beings could stand up in arms,
together, to bring a new age rushing in.
Marla Jun 6
Green Light abounds the horizon
Every time a mortal life is lost
To a sea of miserable desperation
Perpetuated by Desire's cost.

Let go of thy less than humble whims
And instead find a new way to cope
With life's materialistic drive to win
A prize that will deprive you of all hope.
Bruce Demos Apr 5
Look here! No here!
Buy me! Want me! Use me!
Don’t you see? I make you happy!

Post. Scroll. Feed.
Dig. Carve. Feast!

Smiles. *******. Wealth. ***.
For you we only want the best!

Watch your friends. Watch your fans.
Watch someone you’ll never know.

Graff1980 Mar 10
Shop online now
to buy
all of these
little things,

Like portable
gaming devices
to distract you
from the sad view
of other who
are hurting,

Like t-shirts
that barely fit you
but look cool
and advertise
for your favorite

Like lite
wireless earbuds
so you can’t
hear us
when we yell

The internet sale
is better because
you don’t even
have to leave your house,
you don’t have to
go to a store
and see anyone
Emery Iler Feb 27
The sweet perfume of gardenias rise,
caress the senses with passive fragrance,
and at their presence my awareness festers-
not by sight, nor by soul, but rather
some subteranean desire

A tap! A stir of that trembling thing,
which lies trapped beneath the skin of man
And with vehemence it rises,
forgotten monster, lost to lore
Old histories that bubble in the blood
Primordial lineage, heritage of wild dawn

Brewing with passion, brood of nature and man,
so burning in the moment,
drunk on manufactured feelings,
With it awakened, all the universe seems to race, to pulse-
and so it sings;
"Spring is coming! The world is alive!"

The flowers blossom with buzzing splendor
Daisies, sunflowers, orchids, dahlias
Colors and hues of joy and delight,
Palette of new-born glee
The roses laying among them,
ruffling their layered scarlet dresses
In hypnotizing swirls all troubles dissolves to affection

Each sit pretty in perfect rows
Each blossom a near plastic complexion
Crafted, subdued, formed, pruned to exact mold
Cultivated to arouse an instinct,
and set illusion to the throbbing urge-
for life, exists within their black chambers
Those petaled maidens sitting in mirror of spring's designs

I feel an ache, my body trembles
to a realization it treats merely a poison to purge
These white walls who echo steady chatter, the rattle of shopping carts,
who have only passing use of Earth's fickle flesh,
who know how pointless all those other things become,
when all consumption awaits
They **** the tacit question, to cool the void of passion slayed;

"How much does it cost to buy spring?"
This was an interesting attempt at a large poem, and I would love some constructive feedback from anyone who has the time.
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