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Carlo C Gomez May 10
[begin transmission]

Little mean marble,
the grasshopper lies heavy,
riding storms
and trailing winds,
eating dystopia
right out of the box

suns and daughters
of the cataclysm
sit about a space
cadet's campfire,
hints of alien sand
in their voices

it so oddly resembles
vast outland libretto,
that breathe of menace,
inside sojourners
holding tickets to ride
tramlines on shuttle days

swarming with
Walter Mitty groupies
and econowives,
transporting ****, rapture,
and/or reproduction to worlds
of public domain

one day we'll settle here
one day, with bowed heads,
we'll kiss the splendor
of its red ruination

[end transmission]
Racquel Davis Dec 2020
I fatten the cow
And drink her milk
To wash down
Her baby's flesh
And she loves me even now
As I squeeze her *******
Her milk allows
It feels like silk
Because I fattened the cow
To drink her milk
Beckie Davies Nov 2020
I tasted the money in my mouth
A bitter transaction
A disgusting sensation
All problems can be solved with cash
What is your price?
What a sordid question
I tasted the money in my mouth
The sour taste of consumerism
the taste of consumerism
Mona Nov 2020
we are all sheep
in herds
cut oursleves into groups
jump through unnecessary hoops

oops we lost a fraction of da true self
what a shame
who cares, it's boujee to be lame

be a bot
new hype, it's ******* hot
be like us
or you'll be shot

it's popular
people approve
just follow the music, sway to the grooze

don't you dare attempt to move
stay stagnant
allow your identity to fragment
then sell it off

if your lucky part of it will sell
if not you may be reunited with it in hell

oh well
that's the tee
until next time hunny
hello consumerism
Homunculus Nov 2020

Upon thee I feast  
as your willing
thou art my bread's yeast!

Fill me with fear and with grief and doubt
Fill me with joy and with hope I may shout
From atop a tall mount of my own dissolution
And lull me to sleep with your grandiose illusion!



Help me make sludge into mead, crystal clear!
Tell me my roles and opinions and thoughts!
Sell me that which makes my deep emptiness naught!
Oh, you our greatest omnipotent seer!



See what you've so serendipitously wrought!
See how so boldly and wondrously you've taught!
For without your guidance, what would be bought?
What would be sold lest the gold you have brought?



What would become of mass cultural trends?
When means for themselves would desist and come ends?
How could we possibly live without you
When you are the arbiter of all that's True?
I don't know that this is finished. Also, don't read Debord the day before an election.
Perfection lies just a click away.
The day evaporates into an LED haze.

Models, actors, art, and junk;
why chase a husband
when I can stare at this hunk?

Are you online, or working remote?
Choose the red or blue pill,
use your voice, case your vote.

Consume to content, while the matrix devours.
We move far too fast -
rejecting creation with quality to last,
and chose the pixelated garden over fresh spring flowers.
Say "the man" has placed you in a box -
the nine to five barebones hustle;
this is called your job.
Tax and rent are due, so you'd better bustle;
the days melt together, into a formless blob.
Most do what they do just to stay alive.
Once the walls finally fall, we shall thrive.
So what say you, on matters of the heart?
From that soul ******* vacuum,
with what baggage would you part?
Preferably the trauma, we all assume,
based on the logic of a faulty start..
We never question the workings of an old system.
They said it never stopped raining, so wear the hat if it's ****** in.
Mask, phone, wallet, keys;
These are the bare necessities.
Tools to make slave of our own desire.
The ball and chain of memory set our own souls on fire.
Kyle Reeves May 2020
let’s blur truth behind
our forest of strings
teased by blocks, and below
they dance these real boy nows
                                                for the show
                                                 your lines
                                                   like me
                                                your queen
baubles like pebbles
shine my fingers please
watch the firewood gambol
**** the harvest, so languid
                                                   your hips
                                                    like me
                                                 they'll swoon
                                                      for you
please dance for the show
marionette toy!
oh sing these strings up high
what ballet they pull
                                                         a try
                                                     my turn now
                                                   the garrotes
you're kindling
                                                         to us
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